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The tything of Compton Gifford

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 28, (1896), illus. pp. 714-770.


R.N. Worth

Prepared by Michael Steer

Compton Gifford was a tything and a civil parish to the north of the Borough of Plymouth. It was originally in the Plympton Saint Mary Union for Poor Law purposes. It was formed into an ecclesiastical parish in 1871, with an addition from the civil parish of Charles. The tything included the small villages of Compton, Mannamead, Mutley, and Hyde-Park-Terrace, comprising a number of fine residences. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Adams, Mr Andrew Lidstone747, 762, 767
Adams, Thomas763
Albemarle, Robert of721
Aldham, Byam763
Alford, Mr Israel732
Alford, Mrs Elizabeth732
Alger, John767
Anne, Queen730
Appleton, Mr CE751-2
Arthur, John739
Austin, Joseph Thomas744
Avery, William760
Badcock, Jane758, 763
Baker, Ann733
Baker family740
Balhatchett family734, 740, 759, 769
Balhatchett, Henry733
Barons, Margaret738
Barons, George738
Bassett, Arthur Knt728
Bastard, Mr John Pollexfen740
Bastard, Robert the722
Baton, John732
Batten & Hubbard, Messrs747
Bayly, Mr Robert731
Baysley family758
Beaudon family727
Beaudon, Joan de726
Beaudon, Margaret de727
Beaudon, Sir Robert de726-7
Bennett, Mr E A726
Bennett, Mr Ellery A752
Bennett, Mr John Nicholas747
Bennett, William758, 765
Berney family739
Berney, Thomazine739
Berry, Rev G B743, 753, 766
Bewes, C T767
Bewes, R A767
Bewes, Mr Thomas739, 757
Bickham family740, 769
Bigbury family736
Bigbury, Margaret736
Blatchford family740, 763, 769
Blewett, S J752, 767
Bligh, Mary737
Bligh, Nevill737
Body, Messrs749
Boringdon, Lord John729, 762
Bottokysyd, Thomas727
Bragington, G752
Bremer, Captain Gordon RN (later, Sir)742, 746
Bremer, Sir John James Gordon758, 763, 765
Bridgland, Robert767
Browse, G767
Buckthought, G753, 767
Bulcock family763
Bulcock, Mr Robert746, 758, 761
Bullock, R Esq746
Burnard, C F752, 767
Burthogg, Richard737
Burthogg, Sarah737
Buscombe, R E767
Butler, T767
Butt, F W767
Butter, Dr John747, 757, 765
Call, Mr Benjamin740, 748
Callaway family731, 765, 769-70
Carkett family731, 758, 762-3, 769-70
Carswell, Simon736
Cary, Lieutenant General754
Cary, Robert727
Charles I725
Charles II750
Chesewell family (also Chiswell)731-2, 746, 762
Cicestria, Bishop John726
Cicestria, Bishop Robert of726
Claringbull, Joshua757-8, 764
Clarke, Henry Esq733, 744
Cleave family740, 769
Cleeve, Mr George733, 740
Clements, James760, 764
Clements, S C766
Cleverton, Mr F W752
Clowter, Jonathan758, 765
Coade, Walter732
Cockram family740
Cockram, Martin740
Cocks, John763
Cole, Joan737
Cole, Thomas730
Cole, William724, 737
Collacott, F759
Colyn family740
Colyn, John724
Colyn, William724
Compton, Aluric of726
Compton, Seric of726
Compton, William of726
Compton, William of (2)726
Comyng, Johan724
Comyng, Nicholas724
Cook, Rev764
Coram, Mr Thomas (also Corham)761, 763
Corham, Mr Francis742, 761
Cornish family732, 740, 762, 769
Cornish, William732-3
Cornysh, John732
Courtney, Rev764
Cox, John759
Crews, James761, 763
Crossman, James732
Crossman, John732, 758, 764
Crossman & Luce, Messrs732
Crossman, Thomas732
Crossman, the widow732
Crowl, A C766
Crozier, F H737
Crozier, Frances Margaret737
Crozier, Rawson John737
Crozier, Richard737
Crozier, William Pearson737
Cuddeford, Edward759, 764-5
Cuddeford, Edward jnr766
Cuddeford, James761, 763
Cuddeford, Thomas765, 766-7
Culling, Elizabeth739
Culling, John739
Culme, Anthony738
Culme, Elizabeth Lean738, 758
Culme family738
Culme, Frances738
Culme, John738
Culme, Thomas738
Curben, Ben764
Dabyll, John724
Dabyll, William724
Damant, Mr747
Darton, John724, 732
Darton, John jnr724
Davy, Mr742
Daykin, Mr William Philip759, 747, 764
Denbow, W761, 764
Dennis, Mr James757, 764
Densham, J B767
Drake, Sir Francis Knt728-9
Drury, George766
Dunn family740, 769
Durnford family736
Durnford, James736
Durnford, Joan736
Durnford, Margaret736
Edgcombe, Peter728
Edgcumbe family736, 738
Edgcumbe, Joan736
Edgcumbe, Peter737
Edgcumbe, Sir Peter736
Edgcumbe, Piers736
Edgcumbe, Sir Piers736
Edgcumbe, Richard736
Edlin, Mr G H752
Edmund, John760
Edward I750
Edward II726
Edward VI730-1
Elford, Jonathan762
Elford, Sir William Bt762
Elizabeth I727-731, 737-8, 750
Ellery, Mr Edward Crisp747, 767
Ellis, John Henry Esq744
Evans, John761, 764
ffish, Bennet732
ffytz, John727
Flashman family740, 761
Fletcher, Rev G H743
Flinn, Elizabeth759
Foale, Mr William765-7
Ford family740
Foulstone, John729, 746, 758, 763-4
Fowler, Mr Francis747
Fownes family738
Fownes, Theophila738
Fownes, Thomas738
Fox, Charles732
Freeman family750
Freeman, Joseph737
Freeman, Richard737, 750
French, Mr764
Friend, James758, 764
Fry family759, 770
Fuge family731, 746, 753, 759, 762-3, 770
Gale, John764
Gallie, J L767
Geake, E752
George III741
Gewe, Richard736
Gibbs family731-2, 747, 761, 763, 769-70
Gibbs, Henry733
Gibbes, Richard733
Gibson, Rev767
Giffard arms750
Giffard family722, 744
Giffard, Osbern726
Gifford, Alice736
Gifford, John736
Gifford, Thomas736
Gloyn, F F767
Gloyne, John764
Gloyne, W758
Gothicusm Claudius720
Govett, Elizabeth759
Grenville family727
Grey, S T767
Greynfylde, Syr Rychard727
Gryffyn family724
Gryffyn, William724
Gyffard, Robert726
Hake, Richard764
Hall-Parlby, Rev J730
Hals family727
Hals, Joan727
Hals, John727
Hambly, Hugh757
Hammett family740, 746-7, 759, 762-3, 769-70
Hancock, Sarah744
Harger, Frank767
Harker, Mr (Parker?)733
Harvey, Edward Lyne Esq744-5
Harvy, Thomas727
Hatchard, Rev764
Hawker, Miss Anne759
Hawker, Captain753
Hawker, J S767
Hawkins, William740
Heale, John759
Hele, John Esq728, 744, 764
Hele, Mary728
Hender family762
Henry I726
Henry VI727
Henry VII723, 736
Henry VIII727, 731, 738
Henwood, F B767
Herring, Mr763
Hicks, Francis767
Higginson, Mary737
Higginson, Captain Richard737
Hill, Mr753
Hitchens, Elizabeth737
Hitchens family738
Hitchens, Grace737
Hitchens, Joan737
Hitchens, Mary737
Hitchens, Richard736-7
Hitchens, William738
Hodge, Mr J L752
Hodson, Mary Glanville759
Holman, Henry767, 770
Holmes, Rev Dr743
Hoop, Raph732
Hooper family731, 762, 765
Hopper, J H753, 766-7
Hopton, General725
Horne, William750
Horswill, John727
Horswill, Richard761
Hosken, Dan757
Howard, William Esq746, 759, 764-5
Hubbard, C767
Hugo, Thomas761, 764
Hull family739
Hutchens, William Thomas Esq744-5
Hyne family745
Hynes, John736, 758, 764
Inglis, Mr J C752
Inskip, Captain George Hastings, RN744
Isaacson, Mary739
Isaacson, Robert739
Jackson, Mr G752
Jackson, S766
Jackson, Mr Samuel752, 767
Jeffery, Mr Richard732
Kallaway family (Kellaway)740, 745, 763
Karkeet family740
Kent, Mrs764
King, Charles Esq744
Kingcombe, John762
Kingdon, George Boughton759, 765
Kitt family770
Kittow, Jonathan757
Knight, John764
Lake, G J752
Langford, J767
Lansdown, T W752, 767
Laurence, Henry739
Laurence, William739
Lavis, Richard759
Law, W752
Lawrence, Paul759, 764
Leach, Mr George729, 739, 742
Legh, Thomas724
Lidstone, W H766-7
Lighe, Barye732
Linzee, John764
Lockyer, Mr E729, 748
Lockyer, Rev Edmund Leopold729, 758
Long, C753, 766-7
Loye, Philip767
Luscombe, John759, 764
Makepowder, Humphrey728
Mangles, Mrs Elizabeth729, 746, 758, 764
Mason, Mary737, 760
Mason, Richard737
Matthewe, Thomas724
Matticott, Ambrose758-60, 764
Mayhow family728
Mayhow, Frances728
Mayhow, Katherine728, 731
Mayhow, Richard armig727, 731
Mayow, Burthogg737
Mayow, Jerome (also Mayhow)727-8, 737
Mayow, Mary737
Mayow, Philip737
Mayow, Thomas737
McKellar, Major767
Mears, Mr Reuben766
Melhuish, Edward765-7
Miller, John767
Mills, Edward767
Mills, Mr Nicholas732
Monke, Anthony Esq728
Moore, Simon764
Morley, Earl of726, 728
Morshead, Mrs Jane759, 764
Mortain, Count of721, 736
Moule, Mr J752-3
Moule, Mr Thomas (also Moles)726, 752, 759-60, 764, 766-7
Norrington, Joseph757-8
Oats, Thomas733
Oates family731-2, 740, 746, 759, 762-3, 769-70
Page, James767
Page, Thomazine730
Page, William730
Pain, Susan758
Parker, Edmund728
Parker, Frances728
Parker, John728
Parlby, Rev J H724
Partridge, J753, 766-7
Payn, Rev764
Pearn, Mr Edward Alonzo744-5, 752, 767
Pearse, George733
Pethick, Mr John740, 748
Peverell, Robert727
Pillman, J752, 767
Plympton, Prior of716, 722
Pode, Thomazine739
Pode, Mr W739
Pole, Sir William726
Pollard, Anthony728, 737-9
Pollard family737
Pollard, Sir Hugh738
Pollard, Walter737
Pollard, Walter (2)737
Pontey, Alexander760, 764, 766
Pontey, John766
Popplestone, J753, 767
Prance, Mr W H726
Predyaux, John724
Pridham, Mr A752
Pridham, Edmund Esq744-5
Prowse, A P767
Radcliffe, Mr C752
Radmore, G F767
Raleigh, Sir Walter741
Rawlyn, Captain Robert743
Ray, James767
Reed, Joseph767
Rendle, Edmund731, 766
Rendle, J E762
Rendle, John William731, 766
Rendle, Mrs765
Rendle, Reuben731, 760
Rendle, Reuben Spry731, 766
Rendle, Thomas752, 767
Rendle, Mr William, gent731, 760, 762, 765
Renney, James767
Restorla, John730
Restorla, Matthew730
Restorla, Thomazine730
Revell, Dr726
Revell, family748
Revell, John762
Revell, Matthew762
Revell, Miss729, 747, 753
Revell, Mr765
Revell, Mr Richard Carter728-9, 742, 758, 762
Revell, Mr Richard Carter (2)729, 760, 762-3
Revell, Mr Sampson729, 762-3
Revell, William765
Reynold, Richard727
Rigby, Colonel740
Roffe, Salaman de726
Rogers, H752
Rowe, William760
Russell, John727
Russell, William730
Ryder, John (also Rider)757-8, 765, 766
Saunders, Richard730
Saw, James767
Searle, Steven733
Selwood, Humphrey728
Serpell, R C752, 767
Seymour, Elizabeth738
Seymour, Sir John Hobart Culme738, 761
Shakespeare, William750
Shaw family740
Shaw, Mr Jacob732
Shaw, John732
Shaw, Rebecca744
Shepherd, John (also Shepheard)765-6
Shepherd, William758
Sherill, Tryphena761, 765
Sherwill, Nicholas739
Sherwill, Thomas739
Sherwill, Thomas (2)739
Silvestre, Peter739
Smith, Mr J S751-2, 765
Soltau, Frances738
Soltau, Mr George William738, 761, 766
Soper, John759, 765
Southwood, William760
Sparrow, J W766-7
Spearman, W766-7
Squier, John733
Stapledon, Bishop726
Stapledon, William760, 765
Stapledon, William the younger765
St Aubyn, Edward Esq744
Stephen721-2, 726
Stephens, Matthew765
Stephens, Peter759-60
Stephens, William Trevor757
Stephenson, Mr George751-2, 767
Stidstone, S C752, 766-7
Stonehouse family736
Stuttaford, Mr766
Suffolk, Duke of727
Tapson, Elizabeth737
Tapson, William737
Tavistock, Abbot of726
Taylor, Mr715
Tetricus the younger720
Thomas, S T724, 766-7
Toms, Mr742
Tonkin, Peter738
Totnes, Judhel of721-2, 726, 734
Totthyll, Geoffrey727
Towl, William760, 765
Tozer, Thomas733
Treffry, Joseph Thomas744
Trelawny, Robert738
Trevill, Andrew737
Trevill, Stephen737
Turney, Robert732
Tyacke, Mr732-3
Udy, Elizabeth731
Udy family (Vdes; Eudes)735, 740, 763-4
Udy, John731
Udy, Richard731
Udy, Thomas731-2
Vacy, Francis732
Valletort family716, 722
Valletort, Reginald de721, 736
Vancouver, George749
Veal, Edward761-3, 765-7
Veal, George761, 765-6
Veale, W E L752-3, 766-7
Vele, Richard snr724
Vele, Richard jnr (Vde)724
Venning, John James Edgcumbe744, 767
Vodden, Edmund767
Wadbrook, Mr766
Waddon, James737
Waddon, Joan737
Wainwright, Joseph767
Walters, Richard733
Walters, Widow732
Warren, Mrs Rachel732
Watson, G752
Watt, E767
Werrie, Oliver733
Wevyll, John730
Wathyman, Robert724
Whearey, Ollyver733
Wherring family731, 759, 762, 769
White, Jenny744
White, Martin739
White, Mr Nicholas732
Whiteford, Mr C C729, 752, 766-7
Whiteford family763
Whiteford, Mr Hamilton752
Whitlegh, Margaret727
Whitlegh, Roger727
Whitleigh family (Whitley)727-8
Whitleigh, Ismanna727
Whitleigh, Richard727
Whitleigh, Richard (2) (Whitley)727
Whitley, Margaret727
Whytelegh, Joan727
Whytelegh, Richard727
Whytlegh, Walter armig727
Wilkey, John761
Wilkinson, William765
Williams family739
Williams, Thomas767
Willoughby, S767
Wills, R H767
Wills, Robert767
Wills, T G G767
Wills als fferneworthie, William731
Wise, Grace737
Wise, Richard737
Wolferstan, James767
Wolferstan, Mr T753, 755, 767
Worth, Mr R Handford752
Worth, R N752-3, 755, 767
Wreford, W W766
Wyvill, John740
Yockney, W Augustus767
Yonge family732, 740, 763
Yonge, Miss Cordelia Anne740, 758
Yonge, Rev Duke740
Young family740-1, 763, 769