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Essays and Letters with a Short Memoir of the Author


John Kitto, DD, FSA.

Plymouth: E Nettleton (1825) xxi, xiii 210 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The author was born, in very humble circumstances, at Plymouth in 1804. His early life was spent among scenes of misery and degradation. He was early admitted to the Plymouth Workhouse. In 1823 he left, and was employed at the Plymouth Library, He then went to Exeter as assistant to a dentist, and then to London, as a printer in connection with the Church Missionary Society. In 1827 he was sent to Malta by the Society, to disseminate tracts in various languages. Then to Russia, Turkey and Egypt, and returned to England in 1833. Acting with Mr. Charles Knight, the well-known publisher of cheap serials, he assisted in compiling the Penny Magazine and the Penny Cyclopaedia. The only memorial to Kitto in his native town of Plymouth is a tablet on a stone on the site of his birth place, Seven Stars Lane. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Acland, Sir Thomas D, Bt, MP
Algar, Mr John
Arthur, Captain RN
Baldy, W P Esq, MD
Balkwill, Mr D
Ball, Mr John
Ball, Mr T G
Balle, Mr Thomas
Banks, Mr George
Barnikel, Mr F
Baron, G S Esq
Baron, Mr W
Barter, Rev R S
Barter, Rev W B
Bartlett, Mr James
Barton, John Esq
Barton, W H Esq
Bastard, E P Esq, MP
Bastard, Hon Mrs
Baumer, Mr George
Bayley R Esq
Baynard, Mr W
Baynham, Mr H
Beedell, Mr
Beer, Mr Gabriel
Beniams, Mr W
Bennett, Mr J
Bennett, Mr John
Bernard, Viscount
Bernard, Viscountess
Bewes, Thomas Esq
Binns, Mr Thomas
Birkhead, Mr
Birt, Mr Josiah
Blackmore, E Esq, MD
Blewett, Mr J E
Boger, Deeble Esq
Bond, Mr R
Bone, Mr Allan
Boswara, Mr John
Boulderson, Mr James
Boulter, Mr James
Bowden, Captain RN
Bowden, Mr
Boyles, Mrs
Boyles, Rev C G
Brett, Captain RN
Brodrick, Hon Miss
Bromley, R Esq
Brooking, Admiral
Brown, Rev. Thomas
Brown, Mr W
Buller, James Esq
Bulley, Mr C
Bullocke, B Esq
Bulteel, John Esq
Burnell, Mr W Jnr
Burt, William Esq
Butter, John Esq, MD
Calmady, Mrs
Calthorpe, Hon Arthur
Calthorpe, Hon Frederick
Calthorpe, Hon Miss
Calthorpe, Lady
Calvert, Mr
Cameron, Sir John KCB
Cameron, Lady
Carden, James Esq
Carpenter, Mr W
Carwithen, Rev G T
Chanter, J Esq
Chegwin, Mr Richard
Clarke, J W Esq
Coffin, Rev J
Cole, Mr
Coleridge, Colonel
Coleridge, Rev Edward
Collier, J Esq
Collins, George Esq
Collinson, Rev J
Collinson, Mrs
Congdon, Mr L
Congreve, Sir W Bt MP
Cookworthy, Mr Joseph
Coppard, Rev W J
Cornish, Rev S W
Coryndon, G Esq
Cox, Mr J P
Crees, Mr W
Creagh, Mr H C
Crozier, H Esq
Cruickshank, Mr J
Culme, Miss
Danby, W Esq
Davis, Richard Hart Esq, MP
Davis, Richard Vaughan Esq
Dawe, Mr W
Dickens, Mr John
Dodd, ___ Esq
Douglas, Captain, RN
Drake, ___ Esq (Ipplepen)
Drake, Mr
Drewitt, S Esq
Dunning, Mr
Dunsford, Mr J N
Dunsterville, B Esq
Dymond, Mr G
Eastlake, George Esq
Eastlake, William Esq
Easton, Mr
Edmonds, R Esq
Elford, Sir William Bt
Ellicombe, Rev W
Evans, Mr W H
Fanshawe, Miss
Fenwick, Mr F
Fillis, W Esq
Fletcher, Rev J R
Fortescue, Robert Esq
Fowle, Mrs
Fowle, Miss
Fownes, J Y Esq
Fox, ___, MD
Fox, Alfred
Fox, Charles
Fox, Charlotte
Fox, Elizabeth
Fox, Elizabeth T Fox
Fox, Mrs G
Fox, George
Fox, Lucy
Fox, S S
Fox, S Jnr
Frampton, Lady Harriet
Frampton, James Esq
Frazer, Alexander
Freeman, Mr R
Fuge, J H Esq
Fuge, S Esq
Gandy, Rev J
Gandy, Mrs
Gandy Henry Esq
Gant, Mr J
Garland, Mr R
Geare, John Esq
Gibbons, Miss Elizabeth
Gibbons, Mrs
Giles, Mr G
Gill, Thomas Esq
Glencross, W Esq
Golding, Rev B B
Gosling, Thomas Esq
Grabbe, Rev J
Grady, Mr R
Gray, Mr W
Grigg, Mr M
Groves, A N Esq
Gullett, ___ Esq
Halliday, Rev Evan
Harcourt, Countess of
Hardyman, Mrs
Harris, Rev J L
Harris, William Esq
Harris, Mr W S
Hartley, Rev Mr
Harvey, Mr
Haviland, Mr W S
Hawker, Captain RN
Hawker, Mrs Edward
Hawker, John Esq
Hawker, Lieutenant Colonel
Hawkins, Miss
Hawker, Mrs
Hawker, W H Esq
Haydon, Mr James
Henderson, Mr
Heinzelmann, Mr
Hennah, Rev R
Hennah, Rev W B
Hicks, Mr R
Hill, Mr James
Hillyar, Mrs
Hingston, Joseph Esq
Hingston, Mr, Jne
Hitchins, T M Esq
Hoare, Hugh
Hoare, Mrs Hugh
Hodson, Mrs
Hollyoak, ___ Esq
Holmes, Rev J J
Hook, Captain
Horndon, Rev D
Howard, N Esq
Hoxland, Mr
Hunt, George Esq
Isbell, Dr
Jackson, Mr
Jacob, Rev Dr
Jacobson, Mrs P
Jacobson, William Esq
Jago, Edward Esq
Jarvis, Mr Richard
Jeffery, Mr M
Jervoise, Lady Clarke
Jessep, T P Esq
Johns, H J Esq
Keen, Mr A
Kendall, ___ Esq
Kingdon, Miss
Kerswill, S Esq
Kerswill, Mr W
Knighton, Lady
Knighton, Miss
Knighton, Miss M F
Knighton, W W Esq
Lampen, Mrs
Lampen, Rev R
Lane, Mr James
Langmead, Mrs
Lee, Mr W
Lewis, Captain, RN
Ley, Rev J H
Lillicrap, Mr
Little, Robert Esq
Livingstone, Lady
Lockyer, Edmund Esq
Lockyer, Mr N
Lockyer, Nicholas
Lockyer, William Esq
Lowe, Captain
Luscombe, J L Esq
Luscombe, Miss
Luscombe, Miss (Devonport)
Luscombe, Mr R
Luxmoore, J Esq
Macaulay, J H Esq
Mallock, ___ Esq
Manley, Mrs
Marriott, Rev J
Markes, Mr C
Marsh, Rev William
Marshall, Mr C
Marshall, H Esq
Marshall, Mrs
Martin, Mr Joseph
Maxwell, Miss A G
May, Mr John
May, Mrs
May, Mrs Major
McKeever Mr
Metzler, Miss
Middleton, Lady
Moore, John Es
Moore, Mr Joseph
Moore, W, Esq RN
Morant, Mrs George
Morant, George Esq
Morely, Earl of
Morely, Lady
Morris, Lieutenant W, RM
Morshead, H Anderson Esq
Mountfort, J Esq
Mundy, Rev Mr
Murray, Sir A Bt
Nares, Francis Esq
Nettleton, Miss C G
Nettleton, Mr E
Newcombe, Mr G
Newton, John Esq
Nicholls, Major
Norman, R Esq
Norrington, Mr G F
Ommanney, Sir F M
Osborn, Miss
Osborn, Mrs
Ord, Miss
Paget, Miss
Paris, ___ Esq
Parrott, Robert Esq
Parsons, Mr C J Esq
Patch, James Esq
Payne, George Esq
Payne, Miss
Payne, Miss E
Payne, Mrs
Pell, Miss
Pell, Miss E
Pell, Mr Serjeant
Pellew, Hon Captain, P, RN
Perfect, Mr W
Perfect, William Esq
Pilgrim, Mr
Pitman, Major
Plimsoll, Mr John
Polexfen, Mr John
Poole, Mr Thomas
Price, Mr
Prideaux, E W
Prideaux, Walter Esq
Prideaux, William Esq
Pridham, J D Esq
Pridham, Mr John
Pridham, Joseph Esq
Purday, Mr Z T
Pyle, Rev S
Pym, Captain, RN
Radcliffe, Miss
Raleigh, Mrs
Raynor, Rev J
Reed, Miss
Rendle, Mr J W
Rexford, Mr R W
Richards, Rev J L
Richards, Rev Joseph
Robinson, Mr H
Rodd, R Esq
Rolle, Lord
Rowe, Mr
Rowe, Mr W
Rowe, William Carpenter
Saumarez, Sir James
Schreiber, Captain
Scott, Mr E
Scott, Miss
Scott, Mrs
Seabrooke, Rev W
Seale, John Henry Esq
Seccombe, N Esq
Semive, Mr
Seymour, Lady
Seymour, Miss
Seymour, Miss F
Seymour, Miss D
Seymour, Sir Michael, Bt
Shepheard, Mr William
Shiells, T C Esq
Shiells, Mrs
Shirley, Horatio Esq
Shirley, Miss
Shirley, Miss Emily H
Shirley, Miss Fanny
Shirley, Mrs
Shortland, Miss
Sillifant, J Esq
Skinner, James Esq
Smith, Major C H
Smith, Edward Esq, FRS
Smith, Mr R
Sole, W D Esq
Soper, Dr
Soper, Mr George J
Sparkes, Mr H
Spragg, Mr G
Stevens, Mr J L
Stewart, T Esq, MD
Stocker, Mr W D
Strickland, General, RM
Suffield, Lady
Suffield, Lord
Swiney, Mr
Symons, Ann
Symons, John Y Esq
Tanner, Mr C
Taylor, Mr T
Taylor, W Esq
Terrell, William Esq
Terrell, W T Esq
Thicknesse, Captain RN
Tingcombe, John Esq
Tolcher, Christopher Esq
Tolcher, Edward Esq
Tolmer, Monsieur
Tonkin, Mrs
Tower, Mrs
Tozer, Rev J S
Tracey, Mr W
Treffry, Mr Joseph, Jnr
Tregelles, Elizabeth
Tripp, Rev R
Tubby, Mr
Tucker, Dr
Tucker, Mrs
Upham, Mr
Vinicombe, Colonel, RM
Walker, Rev J
Wallace, T A, Esq RN
Ward, Mr G H
Warren, Mr R
Warrick, Mr
Waring, S Esq
Welsford, H Esq
Welsford, W A Esq
Welsh, Miss Maria
Welsh, Mr J H
White, James Esq
White, Mr S
Whitfield, Mr H G
Williams, C M Esq
Williams, Mr John
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Mrs C M
Williams, Samuel Esq
Williams, William Esq, MP
Willis, Mr John
Wilson, Major, RN
Wise, Captain, RN
Wise, Rev G
Woollcombe, H Esq
Woollcombe, Rev J
Woollcombe, Thomas Esq
Woolmer, Mr E
Woolmer, Mr Samuel
Worth, J F Esq
Wotton, Mr H