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Help and advice for Plymouth - The stranger's handbook to the Western metropolis (1841) - index

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The Stranger's Handbook to the Western Metropolis

containing a concise and familiar description of Plymouth, Devonport, Stonehouse and neighbourhood
including the government establishments

A Naval Officer (Ed.).

Devonport: W Wood & Son. (1841) 96 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Plymouth, from the 18th century, lacking the infrastructure and hinterland of Bristol and Liverpool, began to decline. From this period its economy became dominated by its connections with the navy, With the new royal dockyard and naval base in 1691, Devonport, known until 1824 only as Plymouth Dock, grew up entirely on the back of the dockyard and naval auxiliary industry. Although Plymouth benefited from remaining the major metropolis in the west - the railway arrived in 1844, shortly after this guide appeared, and the port was designated as an official emigration terminal two years earlier - the dockyard and the navy assumed a position as by far the largest employer of labour, and the relationship situated Plymouth and Devonport within the national economy in a unique way. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers
Ackland, W 95
Aylward, William Esq 89
Balfour, Captain George 82
Bathurst, Captain 86
Blake 87
Boger, J H Esq 31
Burnet, R Esq 38
Boscawen, Admiral 80-1, 83
Boyne, General 86
Briggs, Rev John 89
Charles I 6
Charles II 18, 84
Chatfield, Mr Charles 89
Clue, de la 81
Codrington, Sir Edward, MP      38
Collingwood, Captain 84
Cornwallis, Admiral 84
Dawson, Mr James 35
Delaval, Sir Ralph 84
Dent, Douglas Esq 89
Devonshire, Earl of (Courtenay) 5
Digby, Colonel 7
Drake 38
Drake, Captain F 83
Drake, Sir Francis 6
Edward, Black Prince 5
Edward I 5
Edward II 5
Edward III 22, 85
Edwards, William Corbet Esq 89
Elizabeth I 6
Elliott's Hootel 35
Essex, Earl of 7
Exmouth, Viscount 77, 87
Franklyn's Prince George Hotel 35
Gandy, Henry Esq 89
George II 18, 33
George III 51, 58, 82, 84
George IV 14
Gibson's 95
Godsalve, Captain 79
Gordon, Sir James Alexander, KCB 85
Grasse, Count de 80, 82
Graves, Lord 80
Grenville, Sir Richard 7
Grey, Sir George, Bt 34
Griffiths, Captain 81
Hardy, Sir Charles 81-2
Harris, Harris & Co 10
Harwood, Messrs J & F 96
Hawke, Lord E 81-2
Hawkes, Thomas F Esq 87
Henderson, James Esq 89
Henry II 5
Henry III 5
Henry IV 5-6
Henry VI 5
Henry VIII 6
Hodge & Norman 35
Home, Captain Roddam 79
Hood, Lord 80
Hoppner 14
Hoste, Sir William 85
Huss, Mrs 95
Howe, Lord 81-2, 84
Hyde, Admiral 81
Jervis, Sir John 84
Jessep, Elizeus Esq 89
Johnson, Commodore 79
Keppel, Admiral 80-1
Lambert, Captain Henry 80
Langford, Lord 80
Leland 5-6
Littlejohn, Captain 81
Lloyd, Captain William 81
Lumsdale, Alexander Esq 89
Macready 12
McIntosh, High 25
Marks, Mr 10
Mathews, Charles 15-6
Matthews, Admiral 79, 81
Maurice, Prince 7
Maxwell, Sir M 85
Morely, Earl of 21
Morice family 33
Morice, Sir William 45
Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of 22, 24
Murray, Captain George 83
Nelson, Admiral Lord 77, 81-5, 87
Newman, Charles D A Esq 89
Paget, Captain the Hon Sir William 79
Parker, Captain Sir Hyde 81, 84
Parker, Captain William 83
Pellew, Sir Edward 83
Pellew, Captain Israel 82
Pococke, Sir George 83
Reid, Walter Esq 89
Rennie, Sir John 22
Reynolds, Captain 83
Richard II 5
Richards, Philip Esq 22
Rickard, Mrs 39
Riou, Captain 83
Rodney, Admiral Lord George 80-3
Rooke, Admiral Sir George 82
Ross, Captain C B H, CB 76
Rowley, Admiral 81
Saunders, S 92
Shovel, Sir Cloudesly 83
Smeaton 20
Spiller, William Esq 89
St Aubyn family 33
St Leo, George Esq 47
St Vincent, Earl 86
Thompson, Captain 80
Tobin, Richard Esq 89
Townshend's London Inn 35
Trevenion, Sir Nicholas 33
Tufnell, Henry Esq 34
Walker, Sir Hovendon 83
Warren, Rear Admiral Superintendent 44, 89
Watson, Captain G 81
Weakley's Hotel 35
William III and Mary 45, 47
William IV 22, 38, 86
Wood, W 95-6