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Help and advice for Plymouth - Pigot, pre-1830

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Name Listing from the Plymouth Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Byrtt, Thos: Academy                                            Brunswick Terrace
Hayne, Joseph: Academy                                          George Street
Visick, Wm: Academy                                             Little Hoe Lane
Butter, Kezia: Academy (Ladies)                                 Gasgoyne Place
Paynter: Academy (Ladies)                                       George Street
Squire, E: Academy (Ladies)                                     George Street
Squire, M: Academy (Ladies)                                     George Street
Tythe: Academy (Ladies)                                         George Street
Moyes, W W: Agent                                               Hampton Buildings
Birdwood, Peter: Agent (East India Co)                          Exchange
Paddon, Jn: Agent (General)                                     17 Foxhole Street
Schow, Peter I: Agent (General & Ship)                          Foxhole Quay
Hawker: Agent (General & Ship & Hamburg U.W.)                   Britonside
Collier, John: Agent (General & Ship & Lloyds)                  55 South Side Street
Chanter: Agent (Ship)                                           Woolster Street
Perrin: Agent (Ship)                                            Woolster Street
Symons: Agent (Ship)                                            Britonside
Scott, Geo: Agent (Ship & Commission)                           Old Town Street
Stevens, James: Agent (Ship & Commission)                       Parade
Teed, Henry Cowd: Agent (Ship & London Coasting Office)         Smart's Quay
Blewitt, John Ed: Agent (Steam Packets & Gas Co)                Exchange
Burnett, Ths: Anchor Smith                                      Water Lane
Foulston, John: Architect                                       George Street
Hamlyn, Miss: Artist                                            King Street
Harris, James: Artist                                           Orchard Place
Norrington, Josh: Artist                                        Frankfort Place
Ponsford, John: Artist                                          Union Street
Worsley, Henry: Artist                                          9 Nut Street
Baron, Geo Stone: Attorney                                      Church Lane
Burt, Wm: Attorney                                              Britonside
Corydon, Geo: Attorney                                          Little Church Lane
Dove, Wm Henry: Attorney                                        Mill Street
Eastlake, G: Attorney                                           23 Frankfort Street
Eastlake, W: Attorney                                           23 Frankfort Street
Gibson, H Mands: Attorney                                       2 Whimple Street
Gregg, Wm: Attorney                                             Old Town Street
Hunt, Geo: Attorney                                             George's Terrace
Hyne, Nicholas: Attorney                                        1 Orchard Place
Jacobson, Wm: Attorney                                          33 Frankfort Street
Jago: Attorney                                                  13 George Street
Kelly, Saml: Attorney                                           17 Foxhole Street
Luxmore, Jonathan: Attorney                                     Westwell Street
Marshall, Henry: Attorney                                       4 Cornwall Street
Moore, John: Attorney                                           Foxhole Street
Newton, Thomas Duncan: Attorney                                 15 George Street Lane
Prideaux, George: Attorney                                      27 South Side Street
Pridham, Joseph: Attorney                                       Frankfort Place
Robins, John: Attorney                                          Higher Broad Street
Rowse, Saml: Attorney                                           6 Frankfort Place
Squire, Richd Jago: Attorney                                    Hoe House
Tocker, Henry: Attorney                                         Lower Broad Street
Whiteford, Joseph: Attorney                                     George Street
Williams, Samuel: Attorney                                      Parade
Woollcombe: Attorney                                            13 George Street
Baron, Wm: Auctioneer                                           Whimple Street
Hill: Auctioneer                                                22 Old Town Street
Paddon, John: Auctioneer                                        17 Foxhole Street
Pridham, John: Auctioneer                                       Union Street
Skardon, Jas: Auctioneer                                        9 Frankfort Place
Taperel: Auctioneer                                             22 Old Town Street
Worth, Edwd: Auctioneer                                         17 Tavistock Street
Anthony, Wm: Baker                                              3 Britonside
Baker, James: Baker                                             17 Parade
Batchelor, Joseph: Baker                                        1 Jubilee Street
Carter, Nich: Baker                                             22 St Andrew Street
Courtis, Richard: Baker                                         Parade
Fone, Francis: Baker                                            39 South Side Street
Frean, George: Baker                                            26 Lower Broad Street
Hake, Samson: Baker                                             1 Higher Street
Hodge, Hy Catty: Baker                                          49 South Side Street
Holme, John: Baker                                              3 Old Town Street
Holmes, Walter: Baker                                           22 Old Town Street
Kent, John: Baker                                               Little Market Street
Pearce, Thos: Baker                                             11 Frankfort Place
Redford, Daniel: Baker                                          12 Frankfort Street
Rennell, Peter: Baker                                           46 South Side Street
Screech, Wm: Baker                                              Treville Street
St John, Saml: Baker                                            10 Batter Street
Venecombe, Geo: Baker                                           Old Town Street
Williams, Michael: Baker                                        30 Pike Street
Wills, George: Baker                                            14 Old Town Street
Hingston: Banker (General)                                      Lower Broad Street
Prideaux: Banker (General)                                      Lower Broad Street
Harris: Banker (Naval)                                          Whimple Street
Rosdew: Banker (Naval)                                          Whimple Street
Elford, William Sir: Banker (Plymouth Bank)                     Whimple Street
Purchase: Banker (Plymouth Bank)                                Whimple Street
Tingcombe: Banker (Plymouth Bank)                               Whimple Street
Bird, Charles: Barrister                                        Gascoyne Terrace
Gullet, John: Barrister                                         Frankfort Street
Tonkin, P: Barrister                                            Old Penny Lane
Cole, Wm: Basket Maker                                          9 South Side Street
Jenkins, Philip: Basket Maker                                   8 Cat Street
Munford, Thos: Basket Maker                                     5 Bull Hill
Spiller, Wm: Basket Maker                                       6 Frankfort Place
Smith, Philip: Block & Pump Maker                               South Side Street
Smith, Ralph: Block & Pump Maker                                New Street
Bond, Robert: Bookbinder                                        14 Whimple Street
Williams, John: Bookbinder                                      1 Old Town Street
Bond, Philip: Bookseller & Stationer                            31 Market Street
Bulley, Chas: Bookseller & Stationer                            18 Market Street
Creagh, H C: Bookseller & Stationer                             74 Whimple Street
Curtis, Wm: Bookseller & Stationer                              Whimple Street
Glanvill, Elizabeth: Bookseller & Stationer                     76 Whimple Street
Haviland, Wm: Bookseller & Stationer                            2 Frankfort Place
May, Daniel: Bookseller & Stationer                             2 Lower Broad Street
Nettleton, Edwd: Bookseller & Stationer                         57 Market Street
Rowe, J B: Bookseller & Stationer                               7 Whimple Street
Rowe, S: Bookseller & Stationer                                 7 Whimple Street
Wills, Edward: Bookseller & Stationer                           26 Market Street
Ash, James: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   24 South Side Street
Bennett, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                53 Market Street
Cole, Abraham: Boot & Shoe Maker                                61 Old Town Street
Dann, Geo: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    36 Treville Street
Edwards, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                11 Exeter Street
Ellacott, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 8 Higher Broad Street
Gay, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                      32 Higher Broad Street
Gill, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     2 Whimple Street
Jenkins, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  5 Treville Street
King, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   42 Market Street
Lillicrap, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                              81 Whimple Street
Morrell, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                20 Pike Street
Squire, Rebc: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 18 Higher Broad Street
Thorn, James: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 2 Whimple Street
Walling, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  South Side Street
Wingett, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                4 Whimple Street
Brittan: Brewer                                                 Broad Hoe Lane
Headon, James: Brewer                                           Foxhole Street
Howell, Wm: Brewer                                              23 Howe's Lane
Hyett, John: Brewer                                             Pike Street
King: Brewer                                                    Nut Street
Nicholson, Rd: Brewer                                           30 Higher Broad Street
Scott: Brewer                                                   Broad Hoe Lane
Bellman, James: Broker                                          Foxhole Street
Blewett, John Edward: Broker                                    Exchange
Manning, John: Broker                                           Pike Street
Phillips, Stephen: Broker                                       3 Tavistock Street
Steer, John: Broker                                             Parade
Stevens, Jas: Broker (Insurance)                                Parade
Wills, Chas: Brush Maker                                        Treville Street
Corser, Wm: Builder                                             George Street
Drew, Wm: Builder                                               3 Frankfort Place
Fowler, Robt: Builder                                           St Andrew's Street
Glanville, Rd: Builder                                          South Side Street
Menhenitt, John: Builder                                        4 Old Town Without
Oldrey, Edwd: Builder                                           Norly Place
Symons, John: Builder                                           43 St Andrew's Street
Beer, Wm: Butcher                                               South Side Street
Bennett, John: Butcher                                          Exeter Street
Butland, Benjamin: Butcher                                      Old Town Street
Cambers, Wm: Butcher                                            Old Town Street
Clements, Jas: Butcher                                          Market Street
Good, John: Butcher                                             Parade
Harris, John: Butcher                                           Duck's Lane
Lang, Nicholas: Butcher                                         East Street
Luscombe, John: Butcher                                         South Side Street
Moore, Simon: Butcher                                           Britonside
Baron, Wm: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                          Whimple Street
Besley, Robt: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       Exeter Street
Burgoyne, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                     2 Colmore Lane
Holland, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      8 Whimple Street
Skardon, Joseph: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                    22 Broad Street
Sutherland, Alexander: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer              14 Frankfort Street
Wyatt, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        Frankfort Place
Arscott: Carrier                                                Old Town Street
Baker, J: Carrier                                               Old Town Street
Broad: Carrier                                                  Old Town Street
Brooke, E: Carrier                                              Higher Broad Street
Builder: Carrier                                                Old Town Street
Chadder, Simon: Carrier                                         Higher Broad Street
Chudwell, James B: Carrier                                      Colmore Lane
Cotton, R: Carrier                                              Old Town Street
Edgcumbe: Carrier                                               Higher Broad Street
Featherstone, John: Carrier                                     Old Town Street
Fishley, J: Carrier                                             Old Town Street
Furzen, J: Carrier                                              Old Town Street
Gidley, Hercules: Carrier                                       Higher Broad Street
Gill, F: Carrier                                                Old Town Street
Gortley, James: Carrier                                         Higher Broad Street
Heyne, T: Carrier                                               Old Town Street
Jory, G: Carrier                                                Frankfort Place
King, H: Carrier                                                Old Town Street
Lake, J: Carrier                                                Old Town Street
Lane, W: Carrier                                                Frankfort Place
Levers, Robert: Carrier                                         Treville Street
Martin, Robert: Carrier                                         Higher Broad Street
Mingle, Samuel: Carrier                                         Treville Street
Mumford, J: Carrier                                             East Street
Northmore, J: Carrier                                           Drake Street
Northway, J: Carrier                                            Old Town Street
Parker, J: Carrier                                              Old Town Street
Richards, S: Carrier                                            Old Town Street
Richards, T: Carrier                                            Lower Broad Street
Roberts, John: Carrier                                          Old Town Street
Russell: Carrier                                                Frankfort Place
Sparkes, J: Carrier                                             Old Town Street
Tozer, John: Carrier                                            Old Town Street
Woolcott: Carrier                                               Colmore Lane
Rogers, Robt: Carver & Guilder                                  5 Frankfort Street
Algar, Wm: Chair Maker                                          11 Cornwall Street
Prinn, Robt: Cheese Monger                                      Lower Broad Street
Robinson, Wm: Cheese Monger                                     39 Treville Street
Brooking, Jas: Chemist & Druggist                               34 Treville Street
Cookworthy: Chemist & Druggist                                  Nutt Street
Cookworthy: Chemist & Druggist                                  33 Old Town Street
Cookworthy: Chemist & Druggist                                  75 Whimple Street
Fox: Chemist & Druggist                                         Nutt Street
Moore, Jas: Chemist & Druggist                                  Exeter Street
Prideaux, John: Chemist & Druggist                              8 East Street
Rendle, Reuben: Chemist & Druggist                              4 East Street
Rowe, John: Chemist & Druggist                                  8 Cornwall Street
Rowse, Nichs: Chemist & Druggist                                22 Higher Broad Street
Webb, Rd: Chemist & Druggist                                    24 Old Town Street
Dickins: China & Glass Dealer                                   Parade
Edge, Wm: China & Glass Dealer                                  24 Market Street
Patey, Wm: China & Glass Dealer                                 26 Lower Broad Street
Warrick: China & Glass Dealer                                   Parade
Channens, Thos: Clothes Broker                                  38 Treville Street
Husband, Robt: Clothes Broker                                   14 Whimple Street
Reed, John: Clothes Broker                                      Coleman Lane
Luxmore, Wm: Coach Maker                                        Britonside
Marshall, Chas: Coach Maker                                     Frankfort Place
Rogers, John: Coach Maker                                       15 Lower Broad Street
Bate: Coal Merchant                                             Parade
Beer, Gabriel: Coal Merchant                                    14 Foxhole Street
Behenna, Ed Hawis: Coal Merchant                                Parade
Edgecumbe: Coal Merchant                                        Parade
Moyes, W W: Coal Merchant                                       Hampton Buildings
Neave, Moses: Coal Merchant                                     Mill Prison Lane
Skardon, Joseph: Coal Merchant                                  Sutton's Wharf
Stevens, J L: Coal Merchant                                     Parade
Stevens, Jas: Coal Merchant                                     Parade
White, T A: Coal Merchant                                       George Street
Clase, Wm: Confectioner                                         5 Frankfort Place
Eyres, John: Confectioner                                       17 Exeter Street
Ford, John: Confectioner                                        12 Higher Broad Street
Saunders, Jas: Confectioner                                     19 Market Street
Wallace, George: Confectioner                                   24 Old Town Street
Fox, Thos W: Consul                                             Barbican
Hawker: Consul                                                  Britonside
Schow, P I: Consul                                              Foxhole Quay
Symons: Consul                                                  Britonside
Lockyer, Edmund: Conveyancer                                    George's Terrace
Alger, John: Cooper                                             1 Tin Street
Smith, Wm: Cooper                                               East Street
Stoyle, Humphrey: Cooper                                        8 Treville Street
Turner, Wm: Cork Cutter                                         40 Stonehouse Lane
Collier, John: Corn & Flour Factor                              New Street
Collier, Wm: Corn & Flour Factor                                New Street
Pearce, Thos: Corn & Flour Factor                               11 Frankfort Place
Putt, Thos: Corn & Flour Factor                                 Broad Hoe Lane
Treffry, Joseph: Corn & Flour Factor                            21 Tin Street
Baylis, Thos: Corn Miller                                       Stonehouse Mill
Gibbins, Wm: Corn Miller                                        Old Town Mill
Underhill, Geo: Corn Miller                                     Providence Mill
Chalker, John: Currier & Leather Seller                         27 Higher Broad Street
Creagh, Wm: Currier & Leather Seller                            12 Old Town Street
Dicker, Wm: Currier & Leather Seller                            4 Old Town Street
Miall, Rd: Currier & Leather Seller                             Higher Broad Street
Steer, John: Customs (Coast Waiter)
Tatam, Thomas: Customs (Coast Waiter)
Arthur, John: Customs (Collector)
Baskerville, John: Customs (Collector's Clerk)
Crocker, Zachariah: Customs (Collector's Clerk)
Goodyear, Nicholas: Customs (Collector's Clerk)
Napton, Robert: Customs (Collector's Clerk)
Lockyer, Wm: Customs (Comptroller)
Julian, John: Customs (Landing Surveyor)
Foot, Isaac: Customs (Landing Surveyor's Clerk)
Luscombe, Rd: Customs (Landing Surveyor's Clerk)
Luscombe, Nicholas: Customs (Landing Waiter)
Page, Thomas: Customs (Landing Waiter)
Potbury, Charles: Customs (Landing Waiter)
Watts, William: Customs (Landing Waiter)
Butteris, Henry: Customs (Searcher)
Curgenven, Peter: Customs (Tide Surveyor)
Higham, James: Customs (Warehouse Keeper)
Dyer, Daniel: Cutler                                            40 Old Town Street
Manson, Mark: Cutler                                            9 Frankfort Place
Price, Chas: Cutler                                             Pike Street
Coates: Distiller                                               South Side Street
Fox: Distiller                                                  South Side Street
Williams: Distiller                                             South Side Street
Collom, Philip: Dyer                                            1 Lower Broad Street
Mortimer, John: Dyer                                            2 Treville Street
Trickett, Geo: Dyer                                             2 Lower Broad Street
Alsop, Wm: Earthenware Manufacturer                             Catdown
Hellyer, Josiah: Earthenware Manufacturer                       Coxside
Colley, John: Engraver & Copper Plate Printer                   4 Union Street
Colley, Thos: Engraver & Copper Plate Printer                   4 Union Street
Walton, John: Engraver & Copper Plate Printer                   54 Old Town Street
Tanner, I N: Fellmonger                                         Old Town Without
Young, John: Fellmonger                                         Old Town Without
Paddon, J: Fire Office Agent (2)                                17 Foxhole Street
Stevens, J L: Fire Office Agent (2)                             Parade
Collier, Jno: Fire Office Agent (Albion)                        South Side Street
Squire, R J: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)                          15 Hoe House
Newton, T D: Fire Office Agent (Beacon)                         15 George Street Lane
Smart, Richd: Fire Office Agent (Eagle)                         25 Higher Broad Street
Williams, Sl: Fire Office Agent (Guardian (& Life))             Parade
Jacobson, W: Fire Office Agent (Hope)                           33 Frankfort Street
Moore, John: Fire Office Agent (London Union)                   Foxhole Street
Lamport, H: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)                   Whimple Street
Eastlake, G: Fire Office Agent (Phoenix)                        Frankfort Street
Eastlake, Wm: Fire Office Agent (Phoenix)                       Frankfort Street
Hunt, G: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)                     George's Terrace
Hele, John: Fire Office Agent (Salamander)                      84 Whimple Street
Pridham, Josh: Fire Office Agent (Sun)                          Frankfort Place
Courtis, W: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                 Frankfort Place
Marshall, H: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                Cornwall Street
Eliott, Robert: Fish Curer                                      Barbican
Hodge, Hy Cotty: Fish Curer                                     49 South Side Street
Chubb, Thos: Fruiterer                                          23 Market Street
Cuming, Richd: Fruiterer                                        How's Lane
Cummings, John: Furniture Broker                                Tin Street
Hearder, Caroline: Furniture Broker                             15 Lower Broad Street
Moon, Thos: Furniture Broker                                    Treville Street
Parker, Edw: Furniture Broker                                   11 Treville Street
Peace, John: Furniture Broker                                   10 Treville Street
Skardon, Jas: Furniture Broker                                  9 Frankfort Place
Skardon, Josh: Furniture Broker                                 7 Lower Broad Street
Skardon, Mary: Furniture Broker                                 Britonside
Harris, James: Glass Warehouse                                  4 Parade
Hellier, John: Glass Warehouse                                  Tin Street
Branscombe, Wm: Glue Manufacturer                               Frankfort Street
Tanner, J N: Glue Manufacturer                                  Old Town Without
Nathan, Jacb: Goldsmith                                         3 Treville Street
Acford, Wm: Grocer                                              8 Whimple Street
Baker, John: Grocer                                             31 Old Town Street
Benians, Wm: Grocer                                             52 Market Street
Burlace, Wm: Grocer                                             5 Old Town Street
Burnell, Wm: Grocer                                             4 Britonside
Carill, Wm: Grocer                                              25 Treville Street
Chaff, Thos: Grocer                                             55 Old Town Street
Chaff, Thos: Grocer                                             56 Old Town Street
Clarkson, John: Grocer                                          6 Drake Street
Copplestone, Jacob: Grocer                                      46 Old Town Street
Courtis, Robert: Grocer                                         12 Cornwall Street
Eliott, Robert: Grocer                                          2 Barbican
Granger, John: Grocer                                           6 Tin Street
Hinton, John: Grocer                                            9 Old Town Street
Hookins, Robert: Grocer                                         22 Treville Street
Hyne, Henry: Grocer                                             17 Treville Street
Johnson, Robert: Grocer                                         South Side Street
Kelly, Nicholas: Grocer                                         3 East Street
Miles, Thomas: Grocer                                           18 Pike Street
Plimsaul, J: Grocer                                             20 Old Town Street
Plimsaul, T: Grocer                                             20 Old Town Street
Saull, William: Grocer                                          Old Town Street
Saunders, John: Grocer                                          48 South Side Street
Shellabeer, Joseph: Grocer                                      13 Cornwall Street
Shepheard, Wm: Grocer                                           10 Whimple Street
Shepherd, Chas: Grocer                                          31 Lower Broad Street
Shepherd, Thomas: Grocer                                        9 Frankfort Place
Skardon, Andrew: Grocer                                         Britonside
Snow, Robert: Grocer                                            2 East Street
Steer, William: Grocer                                          43 Market Street
Stettaford, James: Grocer                                       1 Whimple Street
Treeby, Samuel: Grocer                                          Higher Street
Tucker, William: Grocer                                         13 Exeter Street
Underhill, Richard: Grocer                                      54 Market Street
Wills, George: Grocer                                           14 Old Town Street
Wyatt, Francis: Grocer                                          How's Lane
Wyatt, Francis: Grocer                                          36 Market Street
Allen, Edw: Gunpowder Dealer                                    18 Jubilee Street
Boolds, Andrew: Haberdasher                                     15 Higher Broad Street
Douglass, Ann: Haberdasher                                      7 Cornwall Street
Douglass, Fanny: Haberdasher                                    7 Cornwall Street
Douglass, Harriet: Haberdasher                                  7 Cornwall Street
Petherbridge, Eliz: Haberdasher                                 26 Old Town Street
Thomas, John: Haberdasher                                       82 Whimple Street
Burnell: Hat Dealer                                             27 Lower Broad Street
Skinner: Hat Dealer                                             27 Lower Broad Street
Beckford, Samuel: Hat Manufacturer                              21 Old Town Street
Hill, William: Hat Manufacturer                                 8 Whimple Street
Nugent, Luke: Hat Manufacturer                                  22 Lower Broad Street
Terrell, William: Hat Manufacturer                              23 Market Street
Thomas, Wm Cook: Hat Manufacturer                               11 Lower Broad Street
Voisey, Robert: Hat Manufacturer                                11 Whimple Street
Willoughby, Benj: Hat Manufacturer                              79 Whimple Street
Beckford, Saml: Hosier                                          21 Old Town Street
Norrington, Geo F: Hosier                                       80 Whimple Street
Dicker, William: Iron Founder                                   Charlotte's Row
Mare, John: Iron Founder                                        2 George Street
Mare, Thomas: Iron Founder                                      2 George Street
Mare, William: Iron Founder                                     2 George Street
Beer, John: Iron Monger                                         36 Old Town Street
Bodiner, Erastus: Iron Monger                                   Foxhole Quay
Cater, Thos: Iron Monger                                        16 Higher Broad Street
Frost, Robert: Iron Monger                                      1 East Street
Harris, Samuel: Iron Monger                                     28 Market Street
Harris, Wm: Iron Monger                                         1 Exeter Street
Heathman, Wm: Iron Monger                                       4 Whimple Street
Hele, Jno: Iron Monger                                          84 Whimple Street
Rowse, Christ: Iron Monger                                      3 Whimple Street
West, John: Iron Monger                                         12 Lower Broad Street
Rattenbury: Iron & Tin Plate Dealer                             Guy's Quay
Wright: Iron & Tin Plate Dealer                                 Guy's Quay
Bastow, Thos: Jeweller                                          5 Finewell Street
Parsons, John: Jeweller                                         Frankfort Street
Sanford, Fred: Jeweller                                         14 Frankfort Place
Adams, John: Joiner & Carpenter                                 Richmond Hill
Edgland, John: Joiner & Carpenter                               Ebenezer Place
Evens, Richard: Joiner & Carpenter                              Britonside
Jarvis, Richard: Joiner & Carpenter                             10 Lower Broad Street
Rich, Nicholas: Joiner & Carpenter                              Colmore's Lane
Symons, John: Joiner & Carpenter                                4 Tin Street
Glanville, Eliz: Lace & Baby Linen Warehouse                    76 Whimple Street
Browne, E: Lace Maker                                           7 Higher Broad Street
Harvie, Abraham: Leather Seller                                 12 Treville Street
Bishop, Robt: Linen & Woolen Draper                             26 Higher Broad Street
Chown, Elizabeth: Linen & Woolen Draper                         83 Whimple Street
Curgenven, Wm: Linen & Woolen Draper                            83 Whimple Street
Derry, David: Linen & Woolen Draper                             28 Old Town Street
Evens: Linen & Woolen Draper                                    4 Higher Broad Street
Harvey, Thos: Linen & Woolen Draper                             8 Old Town Street
Hern, Wm: Linen & Woolen Draper                                 60 Market Street
Hicks: Linen & Woolen Draper                                    4 Higher Broad Street
Joseph, Nathan: Linen & Woolen Draper                           9 Higher Broad Street
Pick, Edwin: Linen & Woolen Draper                              7 Whimple Street
Plimaoll, Joseph: Linen & Woolen Draper                         27 Old Town Street
Revell, Richard: Linen & Woolen Draper                          16 East Street
Saul, James: Linen & Woolen Draper                              1 Higher Broad Street
Smart, Rd: Linen & Woolen Draper                                25 Higher Broad Street
Smith, Mary: Linen & Woolen Draper                              44 Old Town Street
Brittan: Maltster                                               Broad Hoe Lane
Pitts, William: Maltster                                        Seven Star Lane
Rogers, Caleb: Maltster                                         Lower Broad Street
Scott: Maltster                                                 Broad Hoe Lane
Bird, E: Marine Store Dealer                                    Treville Street
Davis, Christopher: Marine Store Dealer                         South Side Street
Galsworthy, John: Marine Store Dealer                           10 Dock Wall
Macdonald, Donald: Marine Store Dealer                          South Side Street
Bloye, John: Mason & Hellier                                    Lower Street
Dwelley, William: Mason & Hellier                               Holy Cross Lane
Phillips, William: Mason & Hellier                              Little Church Lane
Bayly, George: Merchant                                         Barbican
Brodrick, James: Merchant                                       Coxside
Chanter, Perrin: Merchant                                       Woolster Street
Collier, John: Merchant                                         55 South Side Street
Fox: Merchant                                                   Barbican
Hawker: Merchant                                                Britonside
Ridley: Merchant                                                Foxhole Quay
Schow, Peter J: Merchant                                        Foxhole Quay
Symons: Merchant                                                Britonside
Treffry, Joseph: Merchant                                       21 Tin Street
Ashweek: Milliner                                               1 Whimple Street
Carter: Milliner                                                1 Whimple Street
Cross, Eliz: Milliner                                           14 Frankfort Place
Jones, Ann: Milliner                                            15 Cornwall Street
Richardson, A: Milliner                                         6 Frankfort Place
Rowe, E: Milliner                                               9 Frankfort Street
Rowe, M: Milliner                                               9 Frankfort Street
Newspaper (Devonshire Freeholder)                               14 Whimple Street
Newspaper (Plymouth & Dock Weekly Journal)                      57 Market Street
Pontey, John: Nurseryman                                        17 Cornwall Street
Harris, Jas: Oil & Colourman                                    4 Parade
Alger, Thos: Painter & Glazier                                  9 Cornwall Street
Ash, Saml: Painter & Glazier                                    Little Church Lane
Baynard, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                  11 Frankfort Place
Bulley, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                   Jubilee Street
Essery, Anthy: Painter & Glazier                                6 Frankfort Place
Harris, John: Painter & Glazier                                 4 Parade
Hooper, George: Painter & Glazier                               Gascoyne Street
Rowland, George: Painter & Glazier                              25 South Side Street
Winsford, J W: Painter & Glazier                                16 Frankfort Street
Yalland, John: Painter & Glazier                                Higher Street
Rowse, Chris: Patten Maker                                      3 Whimple Street
Sarah, John: Patten Maker                                       9 Exeter Street
Winter, John: Patten Maker                                      34 Market Street
Bodiner, Steph: Pawnbroker                                      14 Higher Broad Street
Drewitt, Stephen: Pawnbroker                                    South Side Street
Hall, Rd: Pawnbroker                                            46 Market Street
Hyman, Samuel: Pawnbroker                                       Barbican
Levy, Abraham: Pawnbroker                                       41 South Side Street
Natham, Jacob: Pawnbroker                                       3 Treville Street
Palmer, Wm: Pawnbroker                                          6 Old Town Street
Richards, Susannah: Pawnbroker                                  10 Exeter Street
Shepheard, Joseph Cole: Pawnbroker                              2 Britonside
Veale, Jacob: Pawnbroker                                        1 White Cross Street
Willmot, John: Pawnbroker                                       2 Pike Street
Macoun, Robt: Perfumer                                          75 George Street
Saunders, Thomas: Perfumer                                      15 Frankfort Place
Bellamy, George: Physician                                      George Street
Bookworthy, Joseph: Physician                                   Frankfort Place
Cutter, John: Physician                                         George Street
Magrath, G: Physician                                           Union Street
Remmett, Robt: Physician                                        Eastwell Street
Stewart, Thos: Physician                                        3 Pike Street
Yonge, James: Physician                                         6 George Street
Saunders, Edmund: Pitch & Tar Maker                             Coxside
Beer: Plumber                                                   Lower Broad Street
Harris, Samuel: Plumber                                         28 Market Street
Hearle, James: Plumber                                          23 Tin Street
Isaac: Plumber                                                  Lower Broad Street
Toms, Reuben: Plumber                                           5 Lower Broad Street
Wells, Joseph: Plumber                                          21 Lower Broad Street
Rivers, Miss: Post Mistress                                     Lower Broad Street
Bond, Robt: Printer (Letter Press)                              14 Whimple Street
Creagh, H C: Printer (Letter Press)                             74 Whimple Street
Glanvill, Geo: Printer (Letter Press)                           76 Whimple Street
Haviland, Wm: Printer (Letter Press)                            2 Frankfort Place
May, Daniel: Printer (Letter Press)                             2 Lower Broad Street
Nettleton, Edw: Printer (Letter Press)                          57 Market Street
Rowe, J B: Printer (Letter Press)                               7 Whimple Street
Rowe, S: Printer (Letter Press)                                 7 Whimple Street
Williams, John: Printer (Letter Press)                          1 Old Town Street
Netherwood, Mrs: Proprietor, Ship - Dove
Clark: Proprietor, Ships - Nelson, Dimond, Jubilee
Row: Proprietor, Ships - Nelson, Dimond, Jubilee
Collier, John: Provision Importer                               New Street
Collier, Wm: Provision Importer                                 New Street
Popplestone, Wm: Provision Importer                             Parade
Whitfield, A G: Public Notary                                   2 Whimple Street
Bird, Eliza: Rag Dealer                                         16 Treville Street
Edwards, John: Rope Maker                                       6 Treville Street
Gill, John: Rope Maker                                          Barbican
Nicholls, Ambrose: Rope Maker                                   Teat's Hill
Peake: Rope Maker                                               King Street
Rodd, John: Rope Maker                                          Mill Prison Lane
Wyatt, John: Rope Maker                                         Barbican
Furneaux, Thos: Saddler                                         30 Old Town Street
Gray, Adam: Saddler                                             13 Higher Broad Street
Moysey, Thos: Saddler                                           17 Old Town Street
Moysey, Ths: Saddler                                            2 Higher Broad Street
Phillips, George Edward: Saddler                                4 Lower Broad Street
Shepheard, Philip: Saddler                                      50 Old Town Street
Walke, Thos: Saddler                                            28 Lower Broad Street
Hammett: Sail Cloth Manufacturer                                Old Town Street
Prance: Sail Cloth Manufacturer                                 Old Town Street
Welsford, Peter: Sail Cloth Manufacturer                        Westwell Street
Davies, Christopher: Sail Maker                                 South Side Street
Gambell, John: Sail Maker                                       Parade
Heale, John: Sail Maker                                         South Side Street
Mckeever, Henry: Sail Maker                                     South Side Street
Northmore, George: Sail Maker                                   Catdown
Saunders, Edward: Sail Maker                                    Catdown
Smith, John: Sail Maker                                         South Side Street
Scott, Edward: Salt Refiner                                     Britonside
Codd, Saml: Serge Maker                                         16 Old Town Street
Kerswill, Wm: Ship Builder                                      Coxside
Moore, Joseph: Ship Builder                                     Friery Street
Odgers, Richard: Ship Builder                                   Teat's Hill
Shilston, John: Ship Builder                                    China House Yard
Bayley, T S: Ship Chandler                                      8 Barbican Quay
Bodner, Wm: Ship Chandler                                       Foxhole Quay
Cole, Wm: Ship Chandler                                         40 Market Street
Johnson, Robert: Ship Chandler                                  South Side Street
Kerswell, Wm Smith: Ship Chandler                               12 Barbican
Bayly, George: Ship Owner                                       Barbican
Broderick, James: Ship Owner                                    Coxside
Bulsteel, John: Ship Owner                                      Catdown
Chanter: Ship Owner                                             Woolster Street
Collier, John: Ship Owner                                       South Side Street
Cummings, Chas: Ship Owner                                      Hewer's Row
Cummings, Richd: Ship Owner                                     How's Lane
Dickins: Ship Owner                                             Parade
Hawker: Ship Owner                                              Britonside
Hodge, Henry C: Ship Owner                                      49 South Side Street
Hooper, John: Ship Owner                                        56 South Side Street
Kerswill, Wm: Ship Owner                                        Coxside
Perrin: Ship Owner                                              Woolster Street
Ridley: Ship Owner                                              Foxhole Quay
Soper, Joseph: Ship Owner                                       Woolster Street
Stevens, John: Ship Owner                                       Parade
Teed, Henry C: Ship Owner                                       Smart's Quay
Warwick: Ship Owner                                             Parade
Dunsford, William: Silversmith                                  56 Market Street
Lamport, Henry: Silversmith                                     Whimple Street
Rowe, W: Silversmith & Jeweller                                 3 Whimple Street
Gill, Thomas: Soap Boiler                                       Mill Bay
Eveleigh, Ths: Spirits Dealer                                   Pike Street
Howells, Wm: Spirits Dealer                                     4 Pike Street
Welsford, W A: Stamp Distributor                                11 George Street
Henwood, John: Statuary                                         Britonside
Perkins, Wm: Statuary                                           Exeter Street
Quick, Wm: Statuary                                             Frankfort Street
Shepheard, John: Statuary                                       25 Tin Street
Ashweek, Harriet: Straw Hat Manufacturer                        6 Cornwall Street
Ashweek, Sarah: Straw Hat Manufacturer                          6 Cornwall Street
Baldy, Wm Patey: Surgeon                                        13 Higher Broad Street
Banks, Anthy Collings: Surgeon                                  5 Drake Street
Bowden, Steph: Surgeon                                          6 French Lane
Churchill, John: Surgeon                                        29 Higher Broad Street
Fortesque, Robt: Surgeon                                        4 George's Terrace
Freeman, Richd: Surgeon                                         10 Little Church Lane
Fuge, Jn Hele: Surgeon                                          7 George's Terrace
Fuge, Saml: Surgeon                                             22 Frankfort Street
Luscombe, John: Surgeon                                         1 George Street
Moore, Edwd: Surgeon                                            4 Lower Broad Street
Richardson, Thos: Surgeon                                       Woolster Street
Seccombe, Nathl: Surgeon                                        4 Gascoyne Place
Taylor, Charles: Surgeon                                        Little Hall Lane
Tracey, Wm Moore: Surgeon                                       3 Gascoyne Place
Tripe, Thos: Surgeon                                            Woolster Street
Williams, Thos Amphlett: Surgeon                                Parade
Wills, Robt Thos: Surgeon                                       Frankfort Place
Symons, John: Surveyor                                          43 St Andrew's Street
Oldrey, Edward: Surveyor (House & Land)                         Norley Place
Elliott, S: Surveyor (Land)                                     Orchard Place
Taperell, John: Surveyor (Land)                                 22 Old Town Street
Ball, T J: Tailor & Mercer                                      11 Higher Broad Street
Bennett, Solomon: Tailor & Mercer                               10 Frankfort Street
Burnell: Tailor & Mercer                                        27 Lower Broad Street
Dickie: Tailor & Mercer                                         77 Whimple Street
Gordon: Tailor & Mercer                                         20 Market Street
Hall, Richd: Tailor & Mercer                                    84 Whimple Street
Husband, Robt: Tailor & Mercer                                  15 Whimple Street
Jullyan, Wm: Tailor & Mercer                                    32 Market Street
Lucock, John: Tailor & Mercer                                   20 South Side Street
Mann, Wm: Tailor & Mercer                                       5 Drake Street
Millman, Wm: Tailor & Mercer                                    5 Barbican
Peagram, Wm: Tailor & Mercer                                    5 Whimple Street
Pearse: Tailor & Mercer                                         20 Market Street
Pearse, Wm: Tailor & Mercer                                     2 Cornwall Street
Pike, Richard: Tailor & Mercer                                  Pike Street
Scorey: Tailor & Mercer                                         77 Whimple Street
Skinner: Tailor & Mercer                                        27 Lower Broad Street
Bennicke, Rachael: Tallow Chandler                              20 Treville Street
Haddock, John: Tallow Chandler                                  13 Old Town Street
Rowse, Samuel: Tallow Chandler                                  Chapel Lane
Whipple, Charlotte: Tallow Chandler                             10 Cornwall Street
Branscombe, Wm: Tanner                                          Frankfort Street
Dove, Wm Henry: Tanner                                          Mill Street
Martin, Richard: Tanner                                         Portland Place
Tanner, J N: Tanner                                             Old Town Street
Taylor, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Admiral Mcbride)                        Barbican
Cowles, W: Tavern/Inn (Alexander & Roxana)                      5 Higher Street
Worrall, John: Tavern/Inn (Anchor & Hope)                       New Street
Webber, Willm: Tavern/Inn (Barbican House)                      Barbican
Jeffery, J: Tavern/Inn (Bedford Inn)                            Old Town Street
Julyan, Saml: Tavern/Inn (Black Bull)                           Britonside
Pardew, John: Tavern/Inn (Blue Anchor)                          37 Treville Street
Hore, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Boot)                                     Frankfort Place
Cox, Chs: Tavern/Inn (Bowling Green)                            Union Street
Bennett, P: Tavern/Inn (Breakwater)                             Catdown
Bickham, John: Tavern/Inn (Brittannia)                          35 Market Street
Bunter, Ed: Tavern/Inn (Burton Boys)                            Exeter Street
Elliott, E: Tavern/Inn (Butcher's Arms)                         East Street
Westlake, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Carpenter's Arms)                   Nut Street
Thompson, Rasmus: Tavern/Inn (Castle)                           Castle Street
Webber, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (Coach & Horses)                     Frankfort Street
Beckford, J: Tavern/Inn (Coal Exchange)                         Parade
Hannaford, John: Tavern/Inn (Commercial)                        Old Town Street
West, Isaac: Tavern/Inn (Cooper's Arms)                         Lower Pomery, Conduit Street
Neighbour, John: Tavern/Inn (Cornish Inn)                       59 Old Town Street
Behenna, E H: Tavern/Inn (Cross Oars)                           Parade
Sinclair, E Thomson: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Anchor)                Barbican
Gambell, J: Tavern/Inn (Custom House)                           Parade
Mitchell, John: Tavern/Inn (Dartmouth Inn)                      Treville Street
Bateman, M: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)                                Old Town Street
Dyer, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)                                  Barbican
Bickell, John: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of Wellington)                  0 Lambhay Hill
Hursk, P: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of York)                             Finewell Street
Kellond, John: Tavern/Inn (East & West Country House)           New Street
Ham, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Elephant & Castle)                     6 Bull Hill
Markham, R: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                             Exeter Street
Kimber, John: Tavern/Inn (Fishing Smack)                        South Side Street
Teppett, W: Tavern/Inn (Fortune Of War)                         Mill Bay
Casey, Saml: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)                              Castle Street
Cross, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)                            Mill Bay
Bate, John: Tavern/Inn (Four Castles)                           10 Old Town Street
Netherton, John: Tavern/Inn (Fox & Goose)                       Whitecross Street
Reed, William: Tavern/Inn (Foxhole Brewery)                     Sutton's Wharf
Cleave, W: Tavern/Inn (George)                                  17 Old Town Street
Baggs, Wm: Tavern/Inn (George & Dragon)                         3 Exeter Street
Murch, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                               Frankfort Place
Stevens, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                                 45 Market Street
Cowen, John: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                           Colmore's Lane
Wherry, J: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                             Frankfort Place
Jallard, William: Tavern/Inn (Green Dragon)                     Richmond Street
Western, W: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)                              Old Town Street
Rowse, Susannah: Tavern/Inn (Hood's Defence)                    Castle Dyke Lane
Congdon, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (Jolly Young Waterman)              Castle Street
Cheese, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Jubilee)                               1 Jubilee Street
Neals, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Jubilee)                                 Frankfort Place
Morris, J: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                             Britonside
Full, S: Tavern/Inn (King's Head)                               Colmore Lane
Isaac, T: Tavern/Inn (King's Head)                              Lower Broad Street
Harwood, Chas: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)                          Tin Street
Bridgman, J: Tavern/Inn (Lope's Arms)                           Basket Street
Hammett, William: Tavern/Inn (Lord Exmouth)                     Drake Street
Morris, T: Tavern/Inn (Lord Nelson)                             Millbay Green
Stevens, John: Tavern/Inn (Maritime)                            Parade
Walton, Jonas: Tavern/Inn (Masonic Inn)                         Higher Broad Street
Rogers, R: Tavern/Inn (Modbury Inn)                             Friary Green
Wingett, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Morley Inn)                            Little Market Street
Driscoll, J: Tavern/Inn (Navy)                                  Barbican
Templeman, John: Tavern/Inn (Nelson's Victory)                  Storehouse Lane
Jenkins, Philip: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                           7 Cat Street
Downing, John: Tavern/Inn (New London Inn)                      Lower Broad Street
Mackay, Mary: Tavern/Inn (New Market Inn)                       15 Cornwall Street
Menheir, Wm: Tavern/Inn (New Town Inn)                          York Buildings
Short, T: Tavern/Inn (New Tree)                                 Frankfort Place
Counter, Richd: Tavern/Inn (Noah's Ark)                         Tin Street
Cuddeford, John: Tavern/Inn (Noah's Ark)                        Old Town Without
Andrews, My: Tavern/Inn (North Country Pink)                    Barbican
Willcocks, R: Tavern/Inn (Pack Horse)                           Higher Broad Street
Rowden, William: Tavern/Inn (Pike Street Inn)                   10 Pike Street
Hardy, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Plough)                                 East Street
Glass, J: Tavern/Inn (Plymouth Arms)                            South Side Street
Maddock, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Post Office)                         47 Old Town Street
Foot, Eliza: Tavern/Inn (Potter's Arms)                         Coxside
Call, B: Tavern/Inn (Prince George)                             Foxhole Street
Plymen, Jno: Tavern/Inn (Prince Of Wales)                       Barrack Street
Elford, P: Tavern/Inn (Prince Of Waterloo)                      38 New Street
Whitford, G: Tavern/Inn (Prince Regent)                         5 Ker Street
Mansell, F: Tavern/Inn (Prospect Inn)                           Prospect Row
Millman, James: Tavern/Inn (Queen's Head)                       Parade
Haddy, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Recruiting Serjeant)                     Colmore Lane
Manning, J: Tavern/Inn (Red Cow)                                Frankfort Place
Ratcliffe, Alex: Tavern/Inn (Regent)                            Exeter Street
Crimp, John: Tavern/Inn (Richmond Inn)                          Richmond Hill
Davey, J: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                            Woolster Street
Paramore, Geo: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                       25 Old Town Street
Elford, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Rising Sun)                             Castle Street
Hoppins, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Robin Hood)                            New Street
King, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Rose & Crown)                             Old Town Street
Whiddon, John: Tavern/Inn (Royal)                               George Street
Stowe, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Royal Oak)                           43 South Side Street
Parsons, J: Tavern/Inn (Seventeen Stars)                        Castle Street
Crute, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (Shakspeare's Head)                   7 Basket Street
Oram, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Shipwright's Arms)                   14 Lower Street
Anderson, Peter: Tavern/Inn (Strap & Block)                     Castle Street
Rambridge, Ann: Tavern/Inn (Strap & Block)                      Castle Street
Buckingham, Danl: Tavern/Inn (Three Crowns)                     Parade
Williams, Sarah: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)                       St Andrews Street
Yeo, P: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                                 Old Town Street
Davie, Silas: Tavern/Inn (White Lion)                           90 Old Town Without
Howe, M: Tavern/Inn (White Swan)                                St Andrews Street
Page, Rd: Tavern/Inn (York Inn)                                 30 Treville Street
Adams, Thos Hayward: Tea Dealer                                 6 Whimple Street
Worsley, H Mrs: Teacher (Dancing)                               9 Nut Street
Bowden, Jno: Teacher (Music)                                    8 Frankfort Place
Rowe, Ths: Teacher (Music)                                      9 Frankfort Street
White, Saml: Teacher (Music)                                    Tavistock Street
Bayley, Richard: Timber Merchant                                Coxside
Collier: Timber Merchant                                        55 South Side Street
Ham, David: Timber Merchant                                     Coxside
Hingston, Joseph: Timber Merchant                               26 Lower Street
Pengilly, John: Timber Merchant                                 Newtown
Schow, Peter J: Timber Merchant                                 Foxhole Quay
Turner, Thomas: Timber Merchant                                 Tin Street
Chevel, Thomas: Tin Plate Worker                                21 Treville Street
Cole, William: Tin Plate Worker                                 40 Market Street
Harris, Samuel: Tin Plate Worker                                28 Market Street
Jones, Jonathan: Tin Plate Worker                               Treville Street
Randall, John: Tin Plate Worker                                 6 Old Town Street
Toms, Reuben: Tin Plate Worker                                  5 Lower Broad Street
Woolland, John: Tin Plate Worker                                7 Frankfort Place
Plimsaul, F: Tobacconist                                        20 Old Town Street
Plimsaul, J: Tobacconist                                        20 Old Town Street
Whitfield, A G: Tobacconist                                     2 Whimple Street
Francis, Wm: Umbrella Maker                                     21 Higher Broad Street
Frost, Wm: Umbrella Maker                                       16 Foxhole Street
Hearder, John: Umbrella Maker                                   10 Higher Broad Street
Smith, John: Upholsterer                                        5 Frankfort Street
Garland, Rd: Watch & Clock Maker                                21 Market Street
Gendle, Thos: Watch & Clock Maker                               19 Lower Broad Street
Godfrey, Thos Dove: Watch & Clock Maker                         16 Frankfort Place
Godfrey, Wm: Watch & Clock Maker                                59 Market Street
Halse, John: Watch & Clock Maker                                55 Old Town Street
Lamport, Henry: Watch & Clock Maker                             Whimple Street
Macey, Robt: Watch & Clock Maker                                South Side Street
Spiller, Henry: Watch & Clock Maker                             Stonehouse Row
Stephens, Thos: Watch & Clock Maker                             23 Treville Street
Wyatt, Robt: Watch & Clock Maker                                27 Treville Street
Burt, John: Wheelwright                                         1 Old Park Street
Pawley, Roger Hayman: Wheelwright                               Exeter Street
Gills, Thos: Whitesmith                                         Frankfort Street
Mare, T J: Whitesmith                                           George Street
Mare, W: Whitesmith                                             George Street
Wills, Wm: Whitesmith                                           14 St Andrews Street
Collier: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                 32 Old Town Street
Collier: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                 55 South Side Street
Dunsford: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                32 Old Town Street
Dunsford: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                55 South Side Street
Fillis, Rd: Wine & Spirit Merchant                              Foxhole Street
Hawker, Wm Hy: Wine & Spirit Merchant                           Britonside
Nicholson, Rd: Wine & Spirit Merchant                           30 Higher Broad Street
Sanders, Joseph: Wine & Spirit Merchant                         17 Whimple Street
Watton, John: Wine & Spirit Merchant                            7 Old Town Street
Whitfield, A G: Wine & Spirit Merchant                          2 Whimple Street
Winter, John: Wire Worker                                       34 Market Street
Foster, Jn: Woolcomber                                          7 Treville Street
Sloman, Ts: Woolcomber                                          18 Treville Street
Gill, Thomas: Worsted Dealer                                    6 Britonside
Sloman, Thos: Worsted Dealer                                    Treville Street

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999