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Plymouth and Devonport, in times of war and peace


Henry Francis Whitfeld

E. Chapple: Plymouth. Hiorns & Miller, Devonport, Fore Street (1900) 560pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

According to the author the book represents the first attempt that has been made to blend the histories of Plymouth and Devonport. It was his aim to present the story in chronological sequence, and to trace the effect of changing circumstances in each epoch-making era, upon high art, popular education, religious evolution, dramatic development, and general culture. An original copy is held at the Toronto University Library and a complete electronic copy may be accessed at:
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Traditionary Survivals and Romantic Legends, In Anglo-Saxon Times, Romans and Normans in the West, Rule of the Priors in Sutton, Civil and Ecclesiastical Enquiries : 1292-1409, Plymouth as a Naval Centre: 1287-1403, Incorporation Granted: 1440 Early Plymouth Mayors: 1440-1466, During Wars of the Roses: 1462-1483. Pages 1 to 26.


Through the Spanish Alliance : 1501-1534, Catherine of Aragon's Visit, Suppression of the Monasteries: 1535-1539, Commocion Time: 1547-1548, View of Elizabethan Plymouth, John Hawkins as Adventurer : 1564, Firing on the Spanish flag in Catwater : 1567, Hawkins and Drake Entrapped 1568, Piratical Plymouth: 1568-1572, Voyage of Circumnavigation : 1577-1580 , Raleigh, Gilbert, Grenville and Frobisher : 1578-1586, Drake Gives Philip 'a Cooling': 1585, Singeing Philip's Beard: 1587, Defeat of the Armada: 1588, Drake Bringing in the Water : 1591, Watching and Fortifying Plymouth : 1590-1595, Death of Hawkins, Drake and Frobisher: 1596, Failure of the Second Armada: 1597-1599. Pages 27 to 65.


The Merchant of Plymouth; or, Murder of Master Page : 1590. Pages 66 to 76.


James I. and his relations with Plymouth, Raleigh's Last Voyage and Execution, Sir John Eliot and the Western Pirates: 1615-1624, Plague, Plunder and Mutiny at Plymouth: 1625, Renewed Horrors at Plymouth: 1627, Rising Hatred of the Stuarts: 1633-1642, Pilgrim Fathers and Commercial Development: 1620-1642, Commencement of the Struggle: 1642-1643, Early Miseries of the Siege: 1643, Fall of Mount Stamford and Sabbath Day Fight: 1643, Charles Before Plymouth : 1644. Pages 77 to 108.


First Dutch War and Condition of the Town, Battles off Plymouth : 1650-1656, Plymouth During the Commonwealth, The Happy Restauration: 1661, The Ejected Ministers : 1661-1667, Fights with the Dutch off Plymouth : 1665, Charles II. Opens the Citadel: 1671, Emasculating Plymouth's Charter : 1683, Pages 109 to 127.


Plymouth during the Revolution : Its Commerce and Architecture, Some West-country Ballads, Memorials and Epitaphs in St. Andrew's Church, Natural Phenomena and Superstition, The Stake and Gallows at Plymouth: 1675. Pages 128 to 143.


Naval Panic off Plymouth: Fleet runs for Hamoaze : 1688-1692, Construction of Plymouth-Dock, When Anne was Queen, Jacobite Symptoms and Service Customs at Plymouth : 1714-1770, Military and Commercial Expansion : Early i8th Century, The Eddystone Lighthouses : 1696-1759, Halfpenny Gate and Locomotion: 1760-1767, Municipal and Parliamentary Episodes : 1696-1784, Reconstruction of Stoke Church : 1730-1750, Arian Controversy at Plymouth: 1710-1780, Whitfield and Wesley at Plymouth: 1744-1787, Men and Manners: Early 18th Century. Pages 145 to 180.


Attempts by various spies to Fire the Dockyard : 1762-1785, Hostile Fleets in Cawsand Bay: 1779, Plymouth in an Uproar: 1779, Growth of Plymouth-Dock: 1770-1780, The War Panorama: 1700-1784, Social Life and Customs : 1750-1780, Launching the Wooden Walls: 1760-1787, Visit of George III : 1789. Pages 181 to 199.


The Glorious First of June: Howe's prizes at Plymouth: 1794, Loss of the Dutton and the Amphion : 1796, The Fleet in Mutiny at Plymouth : 1797, Escapes of Prisoners : 1799, Naval and Other Disasters: 1798-1799, Escorting Treasure from Plymouth: 1798-1800, The Invasion Scare : 1799-1800, Nelson at Plymouth: 1800-1801, Famine Riots at Plymouth : 1801, Celebrating the Peace of Amiens : 1802. Pages 200 to 219.


Press-gangs at Work and general panic in Plymouth : 1803, Cochrane's Triumphs and Nelson's Death: 1804-1805, Engagements off the Port: 1805-1808, Tension at Plymouth: 1808-1809, The Survivors of Corunna at Plymouth: 1809, Suspense and Rejoicings at Plymouth: 1809-1813, Escapes, Uprisings and Habits of Prisoners; 1809-1813, Napoleon in Plymouth Sound : 1815. Pages 220 to 250.


Scenes in Port : Sailing, Paying Off, Etc., Auction of Prizes, Dockyard Abuses and Uprisings, Murder, Mutiny, Executions and the Cat, Smuggling Devices and Encounters: 1776-1840, Ben Brace and the Cawsand Smugglers, Some Famous Tragedies: 1760-1822, Duels and Duelling: 1769-1837, Superstitions and the Superstitious Lawless Customs and Memorable Crimes : 1800-1899. Pages 251 to 303.


Plymouth and Dock Theatres: Scenes and Episodes: Old Play Bills: 1728-1899, Music and Musicians : 1823-1899. Pages 304 to 325


Wrestling Encounters in the West: Cann and Polkinghorne : 1815-1870, Regattas, Yachting, Etc.: 1823-1899, Racing, Hunting, &c. : 1825-1899, Shows and Showmen at Plymouth Fair : 1820-1845. Pages 326 to 344.


Commercial Depression in Plymouth and Dock : 1815-1821, The Dartmoor Railway : 1823, The Breakwater and Great Storms: 1812-1880, New Victualling Yard, Diving Bell and Launches: 1820-1828, The Spirit of Recovery: 1828, From Plymouth- Dock to Devonport : 1820-1828, The Plymouth Naval Club: 1816-1835, Navarino and After : 1827-1835, Visits of Don Miguel and Duke of Clarence : 1828, Approaches Gates and Bridges: 1768-1835, From Coach to Steam: 1800-1840, Visits of Victoria to Plymouth and Devonport : 1837-1856, Advent of the Railway : 1845-1891, Plymouth Mayoral Contests: 1802-1835, Plymouth Reformed Council, 1834; Devonport Incorporation, 1837, Cholera, Small-pox and Insanitation : 1827-1899, Plymouth Water: Through the Courts to Burrator : 1830-1899, Devonport and Stonehouse Water: 1793-1899, Some Disastrous Fires: 1810-1897, From the Russian War to Keyham Extension: 1853-1899, Recent Municipal Events : 1863-1899. Pages 345 to 438.


Pre-Reform Plymouth Elections, Customs and Entertainments : 1792-1831, Plymouth and the County Elections: 1790-1831, Plymouth and the Pocket Boroughs: 1769-1831, Plymouth's First Reformed Elections: 1832, Devonport's First Parliamentary Election: 1832, Lord John Russell and South Devon : 1832, Lord John Russell rejected for South Devon: 1835, Plymouth, Devonport and South Devon : 1837, John Bright at Plymouth and Devonport : 1846, Liberal Cohesion Broken at Plymouth and Devonport : 1847-1859, Bully Ferrand's Devonport Fights, The Stuart Lane Episode at Plymouth : 1861-1868, The Advent of Mr. Edward Bates (Plymouth): 1871-1874, Childers Cheeseparing at Devonport: 1874-1880, Plymouth and the Bates Petition : 1880, Home Rule: Mr. Gladstone at Plymouth : 1885-1897. Pages 439 to 490.


Developments, Characteristics and Habits of Worshippers: 1759-1899, Stoke Church Controversies : 1825-1837, Sale of St. Andrew's and Charles's Advowsons : 1832, Evangelical Plymouth and Bishop Phillpotts : 1842-1845, Anti-Tractarian Outburst: 1845-1849, The Orphans' Home Enquiry: 1849, Plymouth's Protest against the Diocesan Synod : 1851, Escapes from the Orphans' Home : The Confessor : 1852 The Bradlaugh Prosecution : 1860, Recent Activities and Down-to-date Differences : 1822-1899. Pages 491 to 511.


Plymouth and Devonport Journalism: 1808-1899, Professional and Commercial Worthies: 1800-1899. Pages 552 to 560.


Topographical Significations and Street Nomenclature (additional pages) 1 to 29.


Alger, W. H., The Manor House, Stoke Damerel.
Arber, W. H., 25, Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London. (Five copies.)
Athenaeum, Plymouth.
Atwill, Mrs. J., 3, Buckland Terrace, Yelverton.
Barber, R., Avondale Terrace, Plymouth.
Barratt, Francis Layland, 68, Cadogan Square, London. (Two copies.)
Barrett, George R., Drakesleigh, Plymouth.
Bayly, R., Torr, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Bellamy, George D., Burrow Lodge, Lipson Road, Plymouth.
Bellamy, J. A., Hartley, Plymouth.
Bennett, John, M.A., 15, Woodland Terrace, Plymouth.
Bewes, Cecil E., Hillside, Plympton.
Bewes, Mrs. Reginald, Braeside, Mannamead.
Bickle, John W., 9, Queen's Gate, Plymouth.
Bird-Davis, C. H., Lipson, Plymouth.
Birdwood, Sir George, India Office, London.
Birdwood. H., care of Col. Bayly, Stoborough Grange, Littledown Road, Bournemouth.
Birdwood, H.M., care of Messrs. H. S. King and Co., 45, Pall Mall, London, S.W., Birmingham, W., 9, Whimple Street, Plymouth.
Blanchard, John, 33, Bedford Street, Plymouth.
Blandford; Mrs., 22, Elmsdale Road, TyndalPs Park, Bristol.
Blight, W.V., 73, Durnford Street, Stonehouse.
Blundell, C. W., Whiteford Road, Mannamead, Plymouth.
Bond, J. Kinton, 13, The Crescent, Plymouth. (Six copies.)
Bond, J. T., Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Bond, P. G., M.R.C.V.S., 105, Union Street, Plymouth.
Boolds, Andrew W., 42, Portland Road, Stoke, Devonport.
Boolds, C.C., i, Queen Anne's Gate, Plymouth.
Boolds, E. A., Albemarle Villas, Stoke, Devonport.
Bowden, C. H., 59, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport.
Bowen, Alderman, St. Budeaux.
Bowering and Co., Messrs., George Street, Plymouth.
Brooks, C. J., 3, Sussex Street, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Brooming, S. D., St. Stephen's School, Devonport.
Brown, J. P., 2, Houndiscombe Villas, Plymouth.
Bulteel, Thomas, Naval Bank, Plymouth.
Burnard, Robert, F.S.A., 3, Hillsborough, Plymouth.
Burnard, Charles F., Chatsworth Lodge, Plymouth.
Burns, John F., 6, Argaum Villas, Stoke, Devornport.
Campbell, Mrs., 1, Donegal Terrace, Stoke, Devonport.
Carr, Rear Admiral, H.M. Dockyard, Devonport.
Carlton, Arthur, Metropole Theatre, Devonport.
Chappie, Edwin, George Street, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Cheves, Dr. J. T., Anderton, Plymouth.
Clarke, Sir Edward, 37, Russell Square, London.
Cocks, James, 8, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse.
Coles, A. N., South Lipson Terrace, Plymouth.
Collins, George, 8, Windsor Terrace, Plymouth.
Co-operative Library, 4, Radford Place, Market, Plymouth.
Cornish, J. E., 16, St. Ann's Square, Manchester.
Crealock, John James, 45, Torrington Place, Plymouth.
Cummings, Samuel, 9, Werter Road, Putney, S.W.
Darke, R., 15, Cranborne Avenue West, Plymouth.
Davies, E. Aitken, Walker Terrace, Plymouth.
Davy, Albert J., 23, Fleet Street, Torquay.
Dawe, W. H., 17, Clifton Place, Plymouth.
Debnam, A. R., St. James Villa, Plymouth.
Debnam, A. W., Surveyor, East Stonehouse.
Derry, W., Houndiscombe House, Plymouth.
Doidge, Messrs, Union Street, Plymouth. (Two Copies.)
Down, John, 8, Limerick Place, Plymouth.
Drake, H. H., 43, St. George's Avenue, Tufnell Park, N.
Duke, H. E., i, Paper Buildings, Temple, London.
Duke of Cornwall Hotel Company, Plymouth, per F. B. Westlake (Chairman).
Earwaker, Edwin, n, Grimstone Terrace, Plymouth.
Ede, Henry, 5, Revelstoke Terrace, Beaumont Road, Plymouth.
Ellis, J. H., Woodhaye, Ivybridge.
Faull, Arthur C., Albemarle House, North Road. Plymouth.
Firks, George, 10, Old Town Street, Plymouth.
Fisher, Miss, Lindores, Glasgow.
Foot, Isaac, 10, Notte Street, Plymouth.
Ford, William, 3, Tamar Terrace, Stoke, Devonport. (Three copies.)
Foster, Richard, Lanwithan, Lostwithiel.
Fouracre, John T., 16, Portland Square, Plymouth.
Fox, Charles A., Bank Chambers, Plymouth.
Fuge, Mrs. E. P., 3, Earl's Acre, Plymouth.
Full, W., Ker Street, Devonport.
Gameson, J. Herbert, Solicitor, Bodmin.
Gardner, R. H., 46, Chapel Street, Devonport.
Geake, T. H., 6, Athenaeum Terrace, Plymouth.
Genoni, A., Swiss Cafe, Plymouth.
Goodman, Charles, 1, Fitzroy Terrace, Stoke, Devonport.
Goodhart, MacCormick.
Green, M., Market Arcade, Plymouth.
Greenway, John, 2, Shaftesbury Villa, Ford Park, Plymouth.
Grigg, G., Caim House, Tamerton.
Hand, Thomas W., City Librarian, Free Public Libraries, Leeds.
Harris, A. Saunders, 5, Gascoyne Place, Plymouth.
Harvey, T. H., Cattedown, Plymouth.
Hedger, Edwin Henry, 8, Saltash Street, Plymouth. (Six copies.)
Hedley, Captain, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Helson, George, 11, Salisbury Place, Plymouth.
Hems, Harry, Fair Park, Exeter.
Hill, H. S., Western Morning News, Plymouth.
Hill, W. A., 8, Beyrout Place, Stoke, Devonport.
Hine, James, F.R.I. B. A., Lockyer Street, Plymouth.
Hingston, C. Albert, M.D., 3, Sussex Terrace, Plymouth.
Hocking, C. F., 117, Fore Street, Devonport.
Holloway, Elphinstone, Major, Worsley Lodge, Southsea.
Holman, R. C., D. and C. Bank, Mutley, Plymouth.
Hornbrook, W., Garfield Villa, Devonport. (Two copies.)
Hosking, W. O., Commercial Rooms, Plymouth.
Hunt, F. W., Librarian, Devonport Free Library.
Hurrell, John S., The Manor House, Kingsbridge.
Inskip, George H., Captain R.N., 22, Torrington Place, Plymouth.
Jackman, W., Caprera Terrace, Plymouth.
Jago, Chas. S., Public School, Cobourg Street, Plymouth.
James, C. Hamilton, Woodside Cottage, Plymouth.
James, John B., Holland House, Plymouth. (Twenty copies).
Jarvis, H., Marlborough Street, Devonport.
Jeffery, Arthur W., F.R. Met. Soc., etc., Board of Trade Office, Glasgow.
Jewson, E. M., Duke of Cornwall Buildings, Plymouth.
Jillard, George, Truro.
Jolliffe, 6, Clarendon Terrace, Devonport.
Jones, Harry, Leigham Terrace, Plymouth.
Kearley, Hudson E., M.P., 41, Grosvenor Place, S.W.
Kegan Paul, French, Trubnerand Co., Limited, Paternoster House, London.
Keily, M. D., 16, Caprera Terrace, Plymouth.
Keys, W., Whimple Street, Plymouth.
King, Wm., 59, Southside Street, Plymouth.
Kirton, M. A., Stoke, Devonport.
Layland-Barratt, Francis, D.L., 68, Cadogan Square, S.W. (Two copies.)
Lamble, J. A., 44, Portland Road, Stoke, Devonport.
Lancaster, Edward S., 1, Windsor Terrace, Plymouth.
Lane and Cottier, 8, Frankfort Street, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Lemann, F. C., Blackfriars House, Plymouth.
Levy, Asher, 190, Union Street, Plymouth.
Ley, H. F., 38, Springfield Terrace, Plymouth.
Littleton, W., Morice Town, Devonport.
Lockie, John, Stonehall, Stonehouse, Devon.
Luff, Henry George, 64, Chapel Street, Devonport.
Luke, Chas., 8, Bedford Street, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
MacCormick-Goodhart, F. E., 2, Clifton Crescent, Folkestone.
Madge, Mrs., Leigham Street, Plymouth.
Martin, John, (late Hon. Sec. Devonians in London), n, Thorngate Road, W.
Martin, W., 6, Windsor Terrace, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Mason, J.. Librarian, St. Martin's Public Library, 115, St. Martin's Lane, London.
Maton, T., 63, George Street, Plymouth.
Matthews, Henry, n and 12, Bedford Street, Plymouth.
May, T., 33, Cobourg Street, Plymouth.
McArthur, W. A., M.P., 4, Third Avenue, Hove, Sussex.
Me Donald, C, 23, Abingdon Road, Plymouth.
Moon, James, Brixton House, Brixton.
Morton, Miss H. C., Herrn Hut, Boscombe, Hants. (Two copies.)
Mountsteven, Francis Hander, Major, 3rd Devon Regt., Craythorne House, S.E.
Mudge, Arthur T., Sydney, Plympton.
Newcombe, A., Thomas's Hotel, Devonport. (Two Copies.)
Nicholls, Walter J., Tregarne Terrace, St. Austell
Norrington, C., Abbotsfield, Mannamead.
Northey, E. A., Auctioneer, Plymouth.
Olver, T. R. Ellis, 7, Portland Villas, Plymouth.
Organ, Charles, 16, Victoria Terrace, St. Budeaux.
Organ, Charles Alfred, B.A., Froebel House, Stoke, Devonport.
Page, James H., 20, Portland Villas, Plymouth.
Page, S. J., 42, Woolster Street, Plymouth.
Park, Chas. J., M.P.S., Mutley Plain, Plymouth.
Parkhouse, Edward, Old Town Street, Plymouth.
Pawley, W. H., St. James Place, Plymouth.
Pearce, Percy T., Princess Square, Plymouth.
Penberthy, R. H., 20, Marlborough Street, Devonport.
Penny, Edward L., Rev., D.D., R.N., Coryton, Pentillie Road, Plymouth.
Perkins, George, 33, Emma Place, Stonehouse.
Pethick, John, Down Park, Yelverton. (Two copies.)
Phillipps-Treby, P.W., Major-General, Goodamoor, Plympton.
Phillips, Frank, 7, West Hoe Terrace, Plymouth.
Phillips, Sydney H., Mannamead, Plymouth.
Phillips, W. W. H., Westwell Street, Plymouth.
Pike, W. H., 66, Park Hill Road, Haverstock Hill, N.W
Pilling, A. B., Hopwood, Devonport.
Piper, F. J., Merivale, Yelverton. (Eight copies.)
Pitcher, R. W., 6, Marlborough Street, Devonport.
Plimsaul, F., 37, St. Mary Axe, London.
Plymouth Library, Cornwall Street.
Plymouth County Council (for Muniment Room)
Pocock, Henry, London, E.G. (Twelve copies.)
Ponsonby, S. G., Rev., Stoke, Devonport.
Pope, Horace K., 7, Gloucester Square, Southampton.
Popplestone, R. W., 37, Bedford Street, Plymouth.
Pole, W. H., 47, Fore Street, Devonport.
Prance, William Henry, 12, The Crescent, Plymouth.
Pridham, Edmund, 4, Balmoral Place, Plymouth.
Pryor, W., Westwell Street, Plymouth.
Quinn, J. Henry, Chelsea Public Libraries, S.W.
Radford, C. H., 2, Queen's Gate Villas, Plymouth.
Radford, John Heynes, Uppaton, Buckland Monachorum.
Ray, C. H., St. Michael's Terrace, Plymouth.
Rider, Alonzo J., High School, Devonport.
Risdon, Geo., 35, Marlborough Street, Devonport.
Roberts, A. G, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport.
Roberts, Harold, Caroline Place, Stonehouse.
Roberts, Samuel, sen., Mount Pleasant, Plymouth.
Roberts, S., jun.. Mount Pleasant, Plymouth.
Rodd, R. Robinson, 81, Durnford Street, East Stonehouse.
Rodda, R. C. T., 2, Carlisle Terrace, Plymouth.
Rowe, J. Brooking, Castle Barbican, Plympton.
Rowbotham, Albert E., Glenside, Clayton Bridge, Manchester.
Roy, David, 5, Windsor Villas, Plymouth.
Royal Western Yacht Club, Plymouth.
Ryder, J. W., Tamar Terrace, Devonport.
Sale, David, Fore Street, Devonport.
Sanders, William Sedgwick, Moor View Lodge, Exeter.
Sansom, Louis, 5, Houndiscombe Villas, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Scott-Tucker, H., Belvedere, Mannamead.
Seale-Hayne, C., M.P., Pill House, Chudleigh.
Shannon, Alfred, 18, St. Hilary Terrace, Stoke, Devonport.
Shannon, Hugh, 21, Fore Street, Devonport.
Shellabear and Son, 27, Mutley Plain, Plymouth.
Shellabear, George, Chubb's Hotel, Plymouth. (Three copies.)
Shepherd, D. Davies, Ford, Devonport.
Sleep, Fred, L.D.S., Queen Anne Terrace, Plymouth.
Snawdon, J., Trafalgar House, Plymouth.
Snell, H. J., 6, Grimstone Villas, Plymouth.
Sowerby, J. I)., Chief Constable, Plymouth.
Spooner, Edwin Chas., Raventor, Bridestowe.
Spry, W. J. J., (late H.M. Royal Yacht Alberta), 66, St. Andrew's Road, Southsea.
Square, J. Eliott, 22, Portland Square, Plymouth.
Stanbury, C. H., Outlands, Devonport.
Stanbury, G., 30, Woolstone Road, Catford, London, S.E
Stanbury, H., 13, Hobart Terrace, Plymouth.
Stancombe, R., Athenaeum Hotel, Plymouth
Stephens, R. \V., 34, Catherine Street, Devonport.
Sydenham, E. Dickerson, R.N., Malta.
Sydenham, F. W., R.N., Malta.
Sydenham, L. G., 4, Portland Villas, Plymouth.
Sydenham, L. J., Portland Villas, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Tangye, Richard, Sir, Gilbertstone, Kingston Vale, Putney, London, S.W.
Tattersall, Thomas, Municipal Offices, Devonport.
Tozer, J. C., Mount Edgcumbe Terrace, Devonport.
Trelawny, J. Jago, Major-General, Coldrenick, Liskeard.
Trist, G. S., Secretary London Anti-Vivisection Society.
Tucker, Henry, Belvedere, Mannamead, Plymouth.
Varnier, Alex. H., i, Whiteford Road, Mannamead, Plymouth.
Wade, W. Cecil, Victoria Chambers, Plymouth.
Wakeling, H. H., 26, Wyndham Square, Plymouth.
Walford, Colonel, Warlegh, Tamerton Foliott.
Ward, John, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport.
Ward, Miss Marion, 3, Buckland Terrace, Yelverton.
Watkins, A., 2, South Lipson Terrace, Plymouth.
Watson, G. F., 14, Smeaton Terrace, Plymouth.
Watts, John W., Seaton Place, Ford, Devonport.
Watts, R. I., Princess Square, Plymouth.
Waycott, William J., Clarendon Terrace, Stoke, Devonport.
Westlake, F. B., George Street Chambers, Plymouth.
Westlake, W. C., Oakenhayes, Tavistock.
White, Sir William H., K.C.B., 39, Roland Gardens, London, S.W.
Willcocks, H. S., 32, Wyndham Square, Plymouth.
Wildman, A. C., Cornishman Office, Parade Street, Penzance.
Williams, Richard S. J., Noah's Ark, Plymouth.
Williams, Thomas H., 1, Gibbons Street, Plymouth.
Willoughby, Joseph, Central Foundry, Plymouth. (Two copies.)
Willoughby, Samuel, 63, Finsbury Pavement, London.
Wilson, James, Hutton House, Birmingham.
Winnicott, J. F., Rockville, Mannamead.
Wood, Charles, Carlton House, St. Lawrence Road, Plymouth.
Woodley, Jno. L. C., Plymouth Proprietary Library, Cornwall Street, Plymouth.
Woods, W. Herbert, 50, Bedford Street, Plymouth.
Woolley, Samuel, Devon and Cornwall Bank, Devonport.
Wright, W. H. K., Public Library, Plymouth.
Yeo, H. R., 68, Lisson Groove, Mutley, Plymouth.
Yeo, A., Sticklepath House, Plymouth.