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The church of St. Mary, Plympton


W.J. Coppard

In Exeter Diocesan Architectural Soc. Trans. 1 ser, v. 5, (1856) illus. pp.22-39.

Prepared by Michael Steer

White's 1850 Directory names Rev W J Coppard as the incumbent of St Mary's Church. He was also Rural Dean of Plympton. Kelly's 1973 Directory indicates that the West window of the church is dedicated to his memory. The hamlets of Ridgeway, Underwood, Colebrook, Hemerdon, Sparkwell, Venton, and Lee Mill Bridge lie within the parish. His paper was read at the quarterly meeting of the Diocesan Architectural Society, May 12, 1853. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the University of Michigan Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Anselm, Archbishop 26
Avent, Tristram, Gent 29
Bateman, William 38
Beer, Mr 37
Bevington, Messrs 37
Britton, John 38
Brown-Willis 24
Chalons, Sir John de, Knt 32
Chalons, Peter 32
Chalons, Sir Ralph 32
Chichester, Bishop Robert 26
Colepress, Samuel 38
Cooke, Johannes 38
Coppard, William I, MA 38
Courtenay, Elizabeth 29, 35
Courtenay family 35
Courtenay, Hugh de 35
Courtenay, Sir P 35
Courtenay, Philip Esq 29, 35
Cromwell, Lord 29
Crossman, G 38
Cudlip, Stephen 29
Culme, Thomas 38
Dugdale 24
Edgar, King 24
Edward II 35
Edward III 24
Edward VI 29, 38
Farleigh family 37
Glyn, John 36
Goddard, William 38
Godwin 27
Grandisson, Bishop 32
Green, Justice 25
Gregory VII, Pope 24
Grosse, Alexander 38-9
Hayne, William MA 38
Hele family 37
Henry I 24-6
Henry III 24
Henry IV 33
Henry VII 36
Honey, J 29
Howell, Frances 38
Howell, William Gent 38
James I 39
Lacy, Bishop 35
Leland 24, 26, 35
Martin, Prior 31
Mayrow, Philip 38
More, Matthy 37
Morley, Countess of 34
Morley, Earl 29
Mychett, Thomas 38
Newenham, Melior 33
Newenham, Simon de 33
Oliver, Rev Dr 24, 27
Osbern, Bishop 26
Ourry family 37
Parker, Alice 39
Parker, Edmond Esq 39
Parker, Francis Esq 29
Parker, John Senior Esq 29
Parker, John Jnr Esq 29
Parker, Mount Esq 29
Paschal II, Pope 25
Pearse, John 29
Pomery, Andrew 38
Prince 35
Redvers, Earl Baldwin de 24
Sigebert 27
Slanning family 37
Slanning, Mr John 39
Snelling family 37
Stephen, King 26
Stokes, John 38
Strode, Elizabeth 29, 35
Strode family 31, 33, 36
Strode, Joes, Armig 35
Strode, John 33
Strode, M Marie 29
Strode, Melior 33
Strode, Richard Esq 29, 35
Strode, William Esq 29, 35
Strode, Sir William 35
Symons, Colonel 27
Tanner 24
Theobald, Archbishop 27
Treby, Miss Blanche 34
Treby family 37
Treby, Henry Hele Esq 34, 37
Trelawney family 37
Trenaman, Richard 29
Urban II, Pope 25
Victor III, Pope 25
Warlewast, Bishop Robert 26-7
Warlewast, Bishop William 24, 26, 30
Wayett, W 29
Westcote family 37
Wilcocks, John 38
Wilkins 25
William I 25-6
Woollcombe family 37
Worcester, William of 24, 26