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Cottage Scenes During The Cholera

Being Extracts from a Diary Written in July and August 1832

By the

Rev. William I. Coppard M.A.

Incumbent of Plympton St Mary, Devonshire and Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Morley

London: Rivington 1848

Index prepared by Gillian Perkins

The cholera epidemic which had been wreaking havoc in Plymouth arrived in the parish of Plympton St Mary on July 13th 1832 when a woman named Mellonia Thorn arrived in Underwood to visit her daughter. A few hours after her arrival she became the first cholera death recorded in Plympton. The incumbent of St Mary Plympton was William Isaac Coppard. During the next two and a half months William Coppard kept a diary to record the progress of the cholera epidemic. He was in constant attendance upon sick, dying and convalescent patients and assisted Mr Langworthy, the medical officer, in administering treatments as well as offering spiritual comfort to his parishioners. All of this was done whilst carrying out his normal duties at St.Mary's and performing burial services for the 30 parishioners that died from cholera between July 13th and Aug 27th. He became unwell himself but thankfully recovered and was able to resume his tireless work with the sick.

The diary was published in 1848 after some 'highly valued friends' had suggested that offering the extracts to the public would be of great value in understanding the 'history of this mysterious disease.' Nearly 175 people subscribed to the book including a number of those whose family members had been afflicted by the outbreak.

The table below is an alphabetical list of individuals and families who were affected by the cholera outbreak and recorded in the published extracts of William Coppard's diary. Additional information from the Plympton St. Mary burial records are given in italics.

Surname Forename   Age Abode Survived cholera Died of cholera Page nos
ANDREWS Female child Dau. of John & Peggy   Underwood Yes   27-8
ANDREWS John Husband of Peggy   Underwood     27-8, 91-2
ANDREWS Mary Ann Dau. of John & Peggy 6yrs Underwood   27th Aug 91,93
ANDREWS Peggy Wife of John   Underwood     91-2
ARTHURS Female child Dau. of William   Underwood Yes   87-91
ARTHURS William     Underwood Yes   86-91, 94
BLAKE Elizabeth (Ezekial in burial index)   1 yr In hospital   18th Aug 70
BROWN Mary Assistant at hospital 56 yrs     13th Aug 57-8
CHAPMAN Mary Gave half a pint of blood for Susan Taylor   Plympton, Neighbour of Mary Taylor   William 64
COCKER Elias Son of Mrs Cocker   Underwood     72
COCKER Jenny Daughter in law of Mrs Cocker 45yrs Underwood   18th Aug 68-70
COCKER Mrs Jane Mother in law of Jenny 76yrs Underwood   20th Aug 69, 72-6, 83
CORK Mr. Josias   48yrs From Devonport   Buried 18th Aug 70
CREWE Mr Employer of unnamed servant   Plympton St Maurice     85-6
DUNN Emma Dau. Of Richard 2yrs     27th Aug last death in parish of St Mary 92-3
DUNN Richard Father of Emma         92-3
GULLETT Richard   72yrs Underwood   7th Aug 33,35
GULLEY John   53yrs Underwood   27th July 16,18
GULLY Sarah Sister of William         55
GULLY Susan Sister of William         52
GULLY William       Yes   51-7, 109
HEARD Betty   72yrs Underwood Yes   71
HICKS Elizabeth     Underwood Yes   83-4, 94
HIGGINS Ann (Anna) Dau. of Ellen & Sergeant Higgins 1yr From Plymouth, Taken ill at Plympton   14th Aug 84
HIGGINS Ellen Widow of Sergeant Higgins 35yrs From Plymouth, Taken ill at Plympton Died in hospital   10th Aug 42-4, 51
HIGGINS Sergeant 22nd Regiment   Died in the citadel at Plymouth   7th Aug approx 41-2
HILL Elizabeth   10yrs Underwood   15th Aug 58,66
HONEY Daniel Child of Mrs E. Honey 9yrs, 4yrs Underwood   Buried 10th Aug 37-8
HONEY Mrs E. Mother of Daniel   Underwood Yes   24, 37-8
HURL(E) Richard   18mth
Underwood   21st Aug 83-4
HURL(E) Thomas   6yrs Underwood   6th Aug 27-8
HURRELL Jane Wife of John 27yrs Underwood Yes   26-7, 33-5
HURRELL John Husband of Jane 27yrs Underwood Yes   26-7, 33-5
JOB Elizabeth Attended to Mary Taylor         78
MARTIN Mary Mother in law of William Arthurs     Yes   87,94
MARTIN Mary       Yes   96
McKENNY Michael     Underwood Yes   24
MOON Jane   28yrs Colebrook Yes   57
PADDON Jane   75yrs Underwood   10th Aug 40,48, 56
PAGE Children unnamed       Yes   71
PARSONS Ann Wife of William   Underwood     35-9
PARSONS Edward Son of William & Ann 8yrs Underwood   11th Aug 51,56
PARSONS (TAYLOR in Burial index) James   2yrs Underwood   15th Aug 66
PARSONS Jane Dau of William & Ann 10yrs Underwood   9th Aug 37-9
PARSONS Mary   69yrs
visiting Underwood
  10th Aug
PARSONS Richard Son of William & Ann 18mth Underwood   14th Aug in hospital 58
PARSONS Sarah Dau. of William &Ann 3yrs Underwood, Died in hospital   16th Aug 66-7
PARSONS William Husband of Ann 39yrs Underwood   7thAug 28-32, 36
PEPPERALL Mary Dau. of Mellonia Thorn   Underwood Yes   13, 32-3, 35
POTE Mary Mother in law of William Parsons 77yrs Underwood   9thAug 36-7
SMALDRIDGE Richard       Yes   83
TARR George   44yrs In Hospital   24thAug 84
TAYLOR Charles Husband of Susan Taylor assisted with nursing the sick   Underwood, Shared cottage With Parsons   10th Aug 45-6, 51
TAYLOR Louisa Dau. of Charles & Susan 1yr From Underwood visiting Plympton   14th Aug, buried at St Maurice 57-8
TAYLOR Male adult Husband of Mary Taylor   Plympton Yes   78
TAYLOR Maria Mother   Underwood     90-1
TAYLOR Maria Elizabeth Dau. of Maria 6mths Underwood   26th Aug 86, 90-1
TAYLOR Mary Sister of Susan Taylor 31 Plympton   21st Aug, buried at St Maurice 48-9, 60-1, 65-6, 77-82, 109
TAYLOR Sarah Sister of Charles         46
TAYLOR Susan Wife of Charles assisted with nursing the sick   Underwood visiting Plympton Yes   30-1, 46-9, 58-67, 77,83, 94-6, 109
THORN Mellonia Mother of Mary Pepperall 64yrs From Plymouth visiting Underwood   13th July, First cholera death in parish of St Mary 13-5, 32
TOOPE Mrs Mother of Stephen   Underwood Yes   56-7
TOOPE Stephen Son   Underwood Yes   57
TRETHEWAY Ann Dau. of Edward 10yrs Underwood   28th July 16-20
TRETHEWAY Edward Father of Ann   Underwood Yes   16-21
UNNAMED Female A servant of Mr Crewe   Plympton St.Maurice   26th Aug 85-6
VEALE Elizabeth Gave half a pint of blood to brother in law William Gully         55
WEBB William An ostler assisted Ellen Higgins   George Inn Plympton   18th Aug Buried at St Maurice 41
WEST Male adult     Underwood Yes   27-8
WILLIAMS William   39yrs Underwood   4th Aug 21-3, 27
WILLS Betty     Underwood Yes   93
WOODS Richard       Yes   40-1, 48

Medical Staff in Attendance

Mr Robert Langworthy - Medical Officer for Plympton St Mary parish
Mr Richard Langworthy - medical student and brother of above
Mr Osmond - surgeon
Mr Hook - surgeon
Dr Cookworthy of Plymouth

Also assisting the sick

Rev William I.Coppard
Mr Deeble Boger


Rev. William I. Coppard incumbent of Plympton St. Mary parish
Rev. Joseph Rosdew - stood in as preacher and assisted at morning and afternoon services.
Rev Edward Beauchamp St. John - read prayers at morning and afternoon service.
The Bishop - took a Confirmation service on Aug 9th.

Members of the Plympton St Mary Board of Health

George Strode Esq., Richard Rosdew Esq., Capt. Woolcombe, R.N., Henry Hele Treby Esq., George William Soltau Esq., Augustus Granville Stapleton Esq., Rev. Edward Beauchamp St John., Robert Langworthy Esq., Benjamin Crocker Esq., Mr William Delville, Mr Joseph Pearse, Mr Cork, Mr Day, Mr Richard Worth, Mr Pollard, Mr Hilson, Mr J. Yolland, Mr Willing, Mr Olver, Mr Brewer, William I. Coppard, Chairman.

Also present at meeting of parishioners

William Langmead Esq.