Original Documents Relating to the Religious Houses of Plympton and Buckland


Edward Hailsone

In The Archaeological Journal, Archaeological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland, (1847), Vol 5. pp. 57-62.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland is a learned society, established in 1844, primarily devoted to the publication of the Archaeological Journal, a production of archaeological news that has been in print since that time. The institute's interests include all aspects of the archaeological, architectural and landscape history of the British Isles and former British Empire. The introduction to the journal article indicates that the original documents, in the possession of Mr Hailstone were unnoticed in Dugdale's Monasticon as well as in Dr Oliver's Monasticon Diocesis Devoniensis, and were offered in abstract form to journal readers in order to record their existence. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the University of California Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Alwinus 57
Anthony, Prior 58
Bastard, William 61
Bellewrdi, Hamelin de 61
Blakeston, Martin 60
Blakeston, Sewold 60
Bloyo, John 61
Bocland, Abbot John 59
Bocland, Abbot Olyver 59
Bocland, Thomas, Abbot of 59
Bonenfont, Benedictus 62
Brenton, William de 58
Breteville, Wido de 62
Chamberlene, Richard de 61
Clautona, Walter de 60
Cnolle, Robert de 62
Curteis, Richard 61
Deningntona, Humphrey de 61
Despenser, John 61
Dugdale 57-8
Edward I 58
Edwin 57, 61
Eustachii 61
Exeter, Thomas Bishop of 58
Exeter, Walter Bishop of 59
Ferrers family 59
Ferrers, Gilbert de 57, 60
Godfrey filius Sewold 60
Hailstone, Edward 57
Henry II 58
Henry V 59
Henry VII 59
Insula, Baldwin de 58
Lega, Helias de 62
Langewis, William de 62
Lenfont, Andreas 62
Lopez, Sir Ralph, Bt 58
Marchep, Richard 61
Mathias, Prior 59
Mewi, Gilda 57, 61
Mewi, Walter de 57, 61
Mewi, Wido 57
Mewi, William de (also Meavy) 57, 61
Odimer, Roger 59
Oisun, Hugo 62
Oliver, Dr 57, 59
Ortiay, Henry de 61
Osbert 61
Paganus, filius Serlonis 58
Pin, Sibilla del 57-8, 60
Polwhele 58
Pomeroy, William 59
Pyne family 58
Redvers, Baldwin de 58
Robert filius Eustachii 60
Ripariis, Margaret de 58
Robert, the Prior 57, 61
Samson, priest 62
Serlonis 58
Siward 57, 61
Siwold 60
Strewold 57, 61
Talebot, William 62
Verrer, Thomas de 61
William, abbot of Bocland 58