The poetical works of William Strode (1600-1645)

Now first collected from manuscript and printed sources, to which is added The Floating Island, a tragi-comedy,
now first reprinted from the original ed. of 1655,
ed. by Bertram Dobell, with a memoir of the author.

William Strode

London: The Editor, (1907), lvi, 270 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

William Strode (c.1602-1645) was a poet, Doctor of Divinity and Public Orator of Oxford University, one of the Worthies of Devon of John Prince (d.1723). He was born in Devon and baptised on 11 January 1602/3 (probably at the age of one) at Shaugh Prior, about 4 miles north of Newnham, the ancient seat of the Strode family. He was the only son of Philip Strode (d.1605) by his wife Wilmot Hoghton, daughter of William Hoghton (alias Houghton) of Hoghton Tower, Lancaster. Philip Strode was the 4th son of William III Strode (1512-1579), of Newnham, by his wife Elizabeth Courtenay, daughter and heiress of Philip Courtenay of Loughtor, a younger son of Sir Philip I Courtenay (d.1488) of Molland in North Devon. He was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford. He began writing English and Latin verse at an early age. His first published work was a Latin poem in the collection Annae Funebria Sacra (1619). He remained at Christ Church for the rest of his life, taking his B.A. in 1621 and his M.A. three years later. Although he was one of the most popular poets of his time, Strode's 'I saw faire Cloris walke alone' was probably the most popular poem of the century - his poetical works remained uncollected until Bertram Dobell published the present edition in 1907; this, being based on unreliable manuscripts, was inaccurate and incomplete and has been generally ignored by scholars This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the University of Minnesota Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.



Contents, pp vii to xi

Anwill, Catherine 57, 128
Arkwright, Mr Godfrey E P liii, 54
Arthur, King 24
Augustus, Emperor 260
Barrye, Francis lvi
Bayning, Lady Penelope 77
Bayning, Lord Viscount 77, 80
Bembo, Peter 266
Bridgeman, Mr 87
Brooke, N 137
Browne, Mr William xxvii, 247-8
Bullen, Mr Arthur H xiv, lii, 246
Bunyan, John xliv
Burton, R 80
Cæsar, Sir Julius 250
Cæsar, Lady 80, 250
Campion, Thomas xiii, xxx
Carew, M of Antony xxxi, 6, 32, 100, 269
Cartwright, William xxvii, 80
Castilio, Balthazar 266-7
Charles I xviii, xx, xxiii, xl, xlii-iii, lvi, 257, 259, 262
Charles II 263
Chaucer, Geoffrey xv
Chesterton, Mr G K xxxv
Chichester, Baron 270
Clark, Andrew lv
Cleaveland, J 33
Clifford, J 54
Coke, Sir Edward 259
Collier 107-8, 251
Corbet, Alicium 269
Corbet, Richard xix-xx, 110, 244, 255, 269-70
Corbet, Vincent 270
Corbett, Benet 269
Cotgrave 257
Cottington 252
Cotton, Sir Rowland 75-6, 250
Courtenay, Elizabeth xvi, 268
Courtenay, William xvi
Coxe lvi
Crashaw xiii, xxxvi
Davies, Richard xxiv
Dawson, John 110
Dobell, Bertram v
Donne xxxvi, liv, 100, 252, 255
Drury, Mr Thorn lii, 243, 255
Durer, Albert 27, 244
Edward I xv
Elizabeth, Princess 129
Fairholt, F W 107-8, 251
Ferrers, Sir John 88
Fishborne, Mr Richard 82, 84-5, 248
Fitzgerald xxxvii
Fletcher xxxvii-ix, 123
Ford xxxvii
Frith, Mary 253
Fulman, W 121
Gardiner, Dr xxiv
Garnett, Father 256
Gent, R V 47
Gibbons 246
Gibbs, Richard 54
Godwin, William 270
Gollancz, Professor lii
Goodwin, Mr Gordon liii
Gower, John xv
Griffith, Dr 96-8
Grosart, Dr xxxii-iii, li, 57-8, 122, 129
Guiney, Miss Louise Imogen lii
Hannah, Rev John 246
Hanton, Wilmot xvi
Hele, Sir John 140, 255
Henri IV King of France 256
Henrietta, Queen xx
Henry III xv
Henry, Prince 250, 269
Herbert, William xiii, 269
Herrick, Robert xxx-i, xxxvii
Hodgson, Messrs xlv
Hotten 247
Hutton, Dr Leonard 269
Isham, Thomas 80
Jonson, Ben xlvi, l, 257-8, 270
Kilboei, Richard 270
Kinaston 268
King, Dr Henry 51, 246
Knighton, Lady 94
Lancton, Dr 68, 70
Langley, Henry MA xxiii
Laud, Archbishop xxv-vi, xl
Lawes, Henry xxxix, 122, 129, 137, 243
Lea, Sir Thomas 71, 249
Leo, Pope 266
Ling, Sir Edmond 93
Livingstone, Mr R W, BA lii
Llewellin, Martin 80
London, William Bishop of 269
Lucas, Mr E V 57, 128
Macray lvi
Macrobius 245
Malone xxxvii, xxxix-xl
Mary, Queen lvi
Mayne, Jasper 80
Milton, John xxxix
Mulsacke 252
Neudham, Mrs Mary (also Nedham) xxxiii-iv, 57-8
Noel, Henry 122, 129
Oxford, Bishop of xix
Pater, Walter xlv
Peltham, Sir Thomas (also Pelham) 64-5
Pembroke, Earl of 243, 245, 255
Percy 107
Phillipps l
Place, J 137
Plummer, Rev Charles MA lii
Portman, Baronet 66
Prideaux, Mrs Anne 248
Prideaux, Dr John 247-8
Prideaux, Mistress Mary xxxii-iv, 58, 246-9
Prince, Rev John xvi-vii, xxiv
Prior, Sir James xxxviii
Prynne, William 256, 259, 262
Raleigh, Sir Walter 56
Randolph xxxi
Ravaillac 256
Rawlinson 63, 116-8
Rawley, Dr 270
Rice, Richard 269
Rimbault, Edward F xxxix
Rives, Mr 95, 97-8
Rudyard, Sir Benjamin (also Ruddier) 243, 245, 255
Sackvill, R 269
Sambourne, Mr 118-9
Saunders, Richard lvi
Savil, Henry 270
Savill, Sir Thomas 86
Shakespeare, William xxviii, xlv-vi, 31, 262
Shaw, Mr Bernard xxxv
Shute, Nathaniel 85
Simpson, Dr xxiii
Simpson, Percy MA v, li-ii, 19, 243, 249
Sloane 98
Somerset, Lord Protector 257
Stafford, Lord 123
Stanhope, Sir John 268
Strada xxxvi, 264
Strode, Adam Esq xv
Strode, Elizabeth xvi
Strode family xv
Strode, Philip xvi
Strode, Ralph xv
Strode, Sir Richard xvi
Strode, William (also Stroud) throughout
Strode, Sir William 120-1
Strode, Wilmot xvi
Swayne, Richard 269
Swedenborg 42
Taylor, Mr Tom 27, 114, 252
Tourneur, Cyril xxxiii
Traherne xiv, xxix, l
Trundle, John 107
Turner, Cecill xxxii
Twiford, H 137
Van Otton, Mr James 85, 96
Vaughan xiii
Waller xxxi
Walter, Sir John 73, 249
Webster, John 253
Wood, Anthony xvi, xx, xxiv, lv-vi
Worcester, Bishop of 247
Wordsworth xxxi
Wotton 129
Wright, Dr Barnard 97-8
Wycliffe, John xv