William Strode, of Newnham

Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries vol. VII, (1912-1913), Exeter: James G. Commin. 1913, p.106.


George S. S. Strode

Prepared by Michael Steer


Note 72 relates to a query by Mrs Rose-Troup that appeared as Note 39, p.64 of this volume. For the reader’s convenience her submission is as follows: "Note 39. WILLIAM STRODE, OF NEWNHAM. - In the account of Thomas Bennett, alias Dusgate, who was martyred in Exeter in 1531, given in Foxe's Book of Martyrs (v. 25), it is stated that William Strode of Newnham had been placed in the Bishop's prison for heresy and that Dusgate wrote to him letters of comfort. Can anyone give further information concerning this William Strode and the charge of heresy against him?"
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Note 72. WILLIAM STRODE, OF NEWNHAM (VII., par. 39, p. 64). - In the year 1531 the William Strode, of Newnham, was the eldest son and heir of Richard Strode, of Newnham. He was born 16th June, 1504; married 25th Oct., 1523, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Philip Courtenay, of Loughtor, in the parish of Plympton St. Mary, at whose wedding John How, the last Prior of Plympton, celebrated Mass. William Strode died 5th May, 1579.

Philip Courtenay, of Loughtor, was the second son of Sir Philip Courtenay, of Molland, who was the third son of Sir Philip Courtenay, of Powderham.

I regret I can give no information about the prison episode. 

                      George S. S. Strode.