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Help and advice for Plympton St Maurice 1861 Census - Enumeration District 7

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PLYMPTON ST MAURICE 1861 CENSUS, RG09/1431, Enumeration District 7

Transcribed by Vivian Bonis, checked and provided byWayne Shepheard

County of Devon, Parish of Plympton St. Maurice
SRD Plympton St. Mary, RD Plympton, ED #8,
All that part of the Parish of Plympton Maurice which comprises the Back Lane from the Higher Cottage,
Fore Street side, Longbrook Street both sides and Church Street East side to the Brewhouse
The last House enumerated in this District is the Castle Inn which was built on the site of the Brewhouse mentioned above.
No. of
Road, Street, etc.,
and No. or Name of
Houses Name and Surname of each
to Head
of Family
Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Disability
Inhab. Uninhab. Male Female
1 1 Back Lane 1   Edward Smith Head Widr 65   Proprietor of Houses Plymouth Devon  
2 2 Fore Street 1   James Brooks Head Widr 68   Labourer Plympton Devon  
3 3 Fore Street 1   Thomas Rhodes Head Mar 60   Grenwich Pensioner NK Stafford  
          Mary A. Rhodes Wife Mar   60   Egg Buckland Devon  
4 4 Fore Street 1   John Tozer Head Mar 68   Proprietor of Houses Shaugh Devon  
          Ann Tozer Wife Mar   68   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          John Tozer Grnson Un 4   Scholar Stoke Dameral Devon  
5 5 Fore Street 1   Hannah Doidge Head Wid   87 No occupation Devonport Devon  
          Emma Doidge Dau Un   55 Annuitant Devonport Devon  
      1   Lauretta Doidge Dau Un   54 Annuitant Devonport Devon  
6 6 Fore Street     William Lavers Head Mar 48   Landed Proprietor Plympton Devon  
          Mary Lavers Wife Mar   55   Wembury Devon  
          Mary Bassett Boarder Un   27 No occupation Ashwater Devon  
          Charles Rockett Visitor Un 8   Scholar Stoke Devon  
          David Rockett Visitor Un 2   Scholar Stoke Devon  
          Josepha Delver Visitor Wid   31 Dressmaker Plymouth Devon  
7 7 Fore Street 1   George Smith Head Mar 60   East India retired Luit. Col. BS East Indies  
          Mary Ann Smith Wife Mar   52   Stoke Devon  
          Annie Smith Dau Un   27   BS East Indies  
          Rosalind Smith Dau Un   20   BS East Indies  
          Mary Smith Dau Un   18   BS East Indies  
          Madeline Smith Dau Un   17   BS East Indies  
          Amy Smith Dau Un   11   Plypmton Devon  
          Caroline Braene Sislaw Un   43   Westminster London  
          Mary Louisa Tolhill Serv Un   17   Teignmouth Devon  
    Fore Street     Phillippa Tom Ser Un   31 Cook St. Mabyn Cornwall  
          Sarah Ann Sanders Ser Un   18 Housemaid Cornwood Devon  
8 8 Fore Street 1   Hannah Pode Head Wid   60 Gentlewoman and Shareholder Liverpool    
          Ann Pode Stepdau Un   23   Plympton Devon  
          Charlotte Pode Stepdau Un   21   Plympton Devon  
          Charles Pode Stepson Un 20   Undergraduate Oxford University Plympton Devon  
          Edward Pode Stepson Un 18   Teacher at Private School Plympton Devon  
          Frances A. Pode Stepdau Un   15 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth Penwill Ser Wid   27 Cook Modbury Devon  
          Elizabeth Gillard Ser Un   23 Housemaid Sherford Devon  
          Mary A Cowlyn Ser Un   16 Parlour Maid   Cornwall  
9 9 Fore Street 1   Maria Jones Head Un   70 Gentlewoman Plympton Devon  
          Mary Hansford Ser Un   37 House Servant Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth Roberts Ser Un   13   South Brent Devon  
10 10 Fore Street 1   William Rowe Head Mar 61   Landed Proprietor Brixton Devon  
          Henrietta M. Rowe Wife Mar   51   South Brent Devon  
          Sarah J. Gould Ser Un   17 House Servant Plymstock Devon  
          William H. Ford Nephew Un 14   Scholar Brixton Devon  
          Mary R. W. Irving Visitor Un   53 Fundholder Armagh Ireland  
11 11 Fore Street 1   James Warren Head Mar 44   Miner   Cornwall  
          Caroline Warren Wife Mar   38   Plymouth Devon  
          Henry W. Warren Son Un 2     Plympton Devon  
          Martha Wells Visitor Un   66 Dressmaker Plymouth Devon  
12 12 Fore Street 1   James Turpin Head Mar 25     Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary Turpin Wife Mar   22 Timber Drawer Harberton Devon  
    Fore Street     James R. Turpin Son   6 mths     Plympton Devon  
          Maria Turpin Sister Un   30 Houskeeper Plympton Devon  
          Samuel Turpin Brother Un 22   Timber Drawer Plympton Devon  
          Philip Turpin Brother Un 16   Timber Drawer Plympton Devon  
          Barthomew Frost Ser Un 35   Carter Plymouth Devon  
          Maria Bickford Visitor Un   16   Harbeton Devon  
13 12 Fore Street 1   Samuel Miller Head Widr 44   Labourer Newton Ferris Devon  
          Samuel R. Miller Son Un 12   Labourer Plympton Devon  
14         John Jordan Head Mar 53   Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Jordan Wife Mar   36   Sherborne Dorset  
          Elizabeth Jordan Dau Un   11 Scholar Frome Somerset  
          Sarah Jordan Dau Un   10 Scholar Sherborne Dorset  
          Mary A. Jordan Dau Un   8 Scholar Frome Somerset  
15         John Hingston Head Widr 41   Labourer Staverton Devon  
          Mary A. Hingston Dau Un   19   Staverton Devon  
          Sabina Hingston Dau Un   9 Scholar Staverton Devon  
          William Hingston Son Un 7   Scholar Staverton Devon  
          Charlotte Hingston Dau Un   4 Scholar Plympton Devon  
16 13 Fore Street 1   Sarah Andrews Head Wid   78 Supported by Friends Shaugh Devon  
          Susanna Stephens Grandau Un   22   Plympton Devon  
17         Samuel Murch Head Mar 68   Builder West Allington Devon  
          Mary A. Murch Wife Mar   66   Plympton Devon  
          Thirza Murch Dau Un   29   Plympton Devon  
18 14 Fore Street 1   Henry Crews Head Mar 47   Malster & Brewer employing 7 Labourers      
          Ann B. Crews Wife Mar   47   Malborough Devon  
    Fore Street     Sarah Foal Crews Dau Un   22   Plympton Devon  
          Ann F. Crews Dau Un   20   Plympton Devon  
          Walter H. M. Crews Son Un 9   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Frederick H. E. Crews Son Un 11   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Agnes B. J. Crews Dau Un   5 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Susan Worth Hambly Ser Un   30 House Servant Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary James Ser Un   20 Cook Plympton Devon  
19 15 Fore street 1   Dorethea Robins Head Wid   61 Fundholder South Brent Devon  
          Jane Deighton Visitor Un   9 Scholar Buckfasleigh Devon  
20 16 Fore Street 1   John Walter Head Widr 80   Retired Purser RN Bridestow Devon  
          James J. Walter Nephew Mar 40   Mariner Lasedrake? Cornwall  
          C. V. Walter Niece Mar   37   Cork Ireland  
          S. Baskerville Visitor Un   10     Suffolk  
          E. Chapple Ser Un   21 House Servant Cornwood Devon  
          A. Gullett Ser Un   28 House Servant Plympton St. Mary Devon  
21 17 Fore Street 1   Sarah Thomas Head Mar   41 Wife of Jas.Thomas Surgeon absent in Wales Great Alne Warwick  
          Mary Thomas Dau Un   22   Ledon Monmouthshire  
          Harriet Thomas Dau Un   20   Ledon Monmouthshire  
          Sarah H. Thomas Dau Un   16   Ledon Monmouthshire  
          Richard Crews Head Mar 69   Clerk of Brewery Plympton Devon  
          Mary A. Crews Wife Mar   52   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          William Alfred Crews Son Un 13   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Margaret M. Crews Dau Un   11 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Charles H. Crews Son Un 8   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          William Sendey Head Widr 54   Brewer Plympton Devon  
    Fore Street     Ambrose Sendy Son Un 20   Mason Plympton Devon  
          Nicholas H. Sendy Son Un 18   Shoemaker Plympton Devon  
          Jane Sendy Dau Un   16   Plympton Devon  
24   Fore Sreet     Margaret White Head Wid   77 Pauper Plympton Devon  
25   Fore Sreet     William Luscombe Head Mar 47   Mason Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Elizabeth Luscombe Wife Mar   46   Ivybridge Devon  
          Henry Luscombe Son Un 17   Mason Plympton Devon  
          John Luscombe Son Un 12   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Mary A. Luscombe Dau Un   10 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Thomas Luscombe Son Un 7   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          George Luscombe Son Un 4     Plympton Devon  
26 20 Fore Street 1   John Stevens Head Mar 50   Labouring Tanner Mortonhamsted Devon  
          Mary Stevens Wife Mar   49   Chistow Devon  
          Richard Stevens Son Un 20   Cabinet Maker Plympton Devon  
          William Stevens Son Un 15   Carpenter Plympton Devon  
          Florence Stevens Dau Un   9 Scholar Plympton Devon  
27 21 Fore Street 1   William Anderson Head Mar 85   Cooper Plympton Devon  
          Mary Anderson Wife Mar   72   Milbrook Cornwall  
          Sarah Anderson Grandau Un   21   Deptford Kent  
28   Fore Street     Mary Warn Head Wid   82 Receiving Parochial Relief Yealmpton Devon  
          William Warn Granson Un 20   Mason Plympton Devon  
29   Fore Street     Sarah Creber Head Wid   66   Shaugh Devon  
          Sarah Creber Dau Un   23 Dressmaker Plympton Devon  
30   Fore Street     Frances Pitwood Head Mar 45   Tanner Sanford Devon  
          Elizabeth Pitwood Wife Mar   42   Crediton Devon  
    Fore Street     John Pitwood Son Un 16   Labourer Crediton Devon  
          Sturm Pitwood Son Un 7   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Emily Pitwood Dau Un   5 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Thomas Pitwood Son Un 3   Scholar Plympton Devon  
31 22 Fore Street 1   Thomas Brown Head Mar 60   Tanner employing 9 men Hollicombe Devon  
          Elizabeth Brown Wife Mar   56   Colbrook Devon  
32 23 Fore Street 1   Joan Revell Head Wid   69 Fundholder Totnes Devon  
          Caroline J. Revell Dau Un   37   Brixton Devon  
          Susanna Revell Dau Un   33   Brixton Devon  
33 24 Fore Street 1   Elizabeth Pawley Head Wid   46 Grocer Plympton Devon  
          Mary A. Pawley Dau Un   15   Plympton Devon  
34   Fore Street     James Mitchell Head Mar 40   Miner Tin Redruth Cornwall  
          Grace Mitchell Wife Mar   35   Hillsborough York  
          Emily Mitchell Dau Un   7 Scholar Hillsborough York  
          Elizabeth Mitchell Dau Un   5 Scholar Buckfastleigh Devon  
          John H. Mitchell Son Un 7   Scholar Plympton Devon  
35   Fore Street     James Roberts Head Mar 44   Agr. Labourer Wensbury Devon  
          Eliza E. Roberts Wife Mar   24   Meavy Devon  
          James Roberts Son Un 10   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Ann Roberts Dau Un   5 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          John Roberts Son Un 2   Scholar Plympton Devon  
36   Fore Street     William Hooper Head Mar 51   Labourer at Mine Tavistock Devon  
          Elizabeth Hooper Wife Mar   53   Oakhampton Devon  
          James Hooper Son Un 17   Labourer at Tin Mine Tavistock Devon  
          Richard Hooper Son Un 15   Labourer at Tin Mine Tavistock Devon  
          Mary A. Hooper Dau Un   11 Scholar Tavistock Devon  
          Elizabeth Hooper Dau Un   9 Scholar Tavistock Devon  
          William Hooper Gdson Un 3   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
37 25 Fore Street 1   George Start Head Un 30   Labourer in Gardens Rilly Devon  
          Mary A. Start Wife Mar   29   Plympton Devon  
          Frederick G. Start Son Un 4     Plympton Devon  
          Blanch Start Dau Un   3   Plympton Devon  
          Phily Willamott Sislaw Un   15 Assistant Brixton Devon  
          Ida E. Start Dau Un   8 mths   Plympton Devon  
          George Dann Boarder Un 44   Shoemaker Plymouth Devon  
38 26 Fore Street 1   Henry Hockaday Head Un 37   Railway Labourer Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Jannesphis? Hockaday Mother Wid   67   Plympton Devon  
          Lucy Peck Niece Un   4 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
39   Fore Street     Thomas Worth Head Mar 57   Butcher Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Ann Worth Wife Mar   45   Mouce Town Devonport Devon  
          Richard W. Worth Son Un 15   Assistant Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          William Walter Worth Son Un 9   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
40   Fore Street     Ellen Ford Head Wid   28 Receiving 1/2 Pay from G. Ford on St--- abroad Leith Scotland  
          Ann Ford Dau un   8 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
          George Ford Son un 6   Scholar Plymouth Devon  
41 27 Fore Street 1   Jonathan Pudavin Head Mar 50   Agr. Labourer Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Ann Pudavin Wife Mar   50   Modbury Devon  
          Elizabeth Pudavin Dau Un   21 Dressmaker Plympton Devon  
          William Pudavin Son Un 20   Mason Plympton Devon  
          Samuel Pudavin Son Un 18   Carpenter Plympton Devon  
    Fore Street     James Pudavin Son Un 16   Blacksmith Plympton Devon  
          Henry Pudavin Son Un 15   Painter Plympton Devon  
          Louisa Pudavin Dau Un   4 Scholar Plympton Devon  
42   Fore Street     James Mortimore Head Mar 28   Mason Brixton Devon  
          Caroline J. Mortimore Wife Mar   28   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary Elizabeth Mortimore Dau Un   1   Plympton Devon  
43   Fore Street     John Julian Head Widr 63   Sawyer Plympton Devon  
44   Fore Street     William Cannon Head Mar 43   Labourer Tanner Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Maria Cannon Wife Mar   41   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Emma Cannon Dau Un   10 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          John Cannon Son Un 2   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Jane Cannon Mother Wid   71   Collumpton Devon  
45   Fore Street     John Pote Head Mar 40   Agr. Labourer Plympton Devon  
          Mary W. Pote Wife Mar   35   Plympton Devon  
          Mary W. Pote Dau Un   2   Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth J. Pote Dau Un   1   Plympton Devon  
46   Fore Street     William Hanney Head Mar 45   Agr. Labourer Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Isabella Hanney Wife Mar   42   South Brent Devon  
          Isabella Hanney Dau Un   19 Dressmaker Plympton Devon  
          George Hanney Son Un 12   Working at a mine Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth Hanney Dau Un   8   Plympton Devon  
          John Hanney Son Un 7     Plympton Devon  
          Ann Hanney Dau Un   9 mths   Plympton Devon  
47 28 Fore Street 1   James Clarke Head Mar 72   Major General Royal Marines London Middlesex  
          Anne Mary Clarke Wife Mar   58   London Middlesex  
    Fore Street     Mary Shopia Clarke Dau Un   15   Stonehouse Devon  
          Frances J. Clarke Dau Un   11   Stonehouse Devon  
          Martha Barnett Serv Un   23 Cook Colebrook Devon  
          Elizabeth Lugg Serv Un   23 Housemaid Modbury Devon  
48 29 Fore Stree     John Long Head Mar 50   Farmer's Labourer Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Elizabeth Webb Long Wife Mar   42 Schoolmistress Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          John Mattacott Brthlaw Un 22   Agr. Labourer Plympton Devon  
          Mary Smith Visitor Un   5 Scholar Gosport    
49 1 Longbrook Street     Jane Brooks Head Wid   53 Laundress Avetongifford Devon  
          James Brooks Son Un 22   Railway Labourer Plympton Devon  
          Robert Brooks Son Un 22   Railway Labourer Plympton Devon  
          Maria Brooks Dau Un   17 Servant Plympton Devon  
50   Longbrook Street     Phebe Samson Head Mar   34 Wife of William Samson abroad Shaugh Devon  
          Jane Samson Dau Un   11 Scholar Horrabridge? Devon  
          William Samson Son Un 9   Scholar Tavistock Devon  
          James Samson Son Un 7   Scholar Meavy Devon  
          Sabina Samson Dau Un   5 Scholar Meavy Devon  
          Walter Samson Son Un 2   Scholar Plympton Devon  
51   Longbrook Street     Antony Prior Head Mar 38   Sawyer Helstone Cornwall  
          Caroline A. Prior Wife Mar   36   Plympton Devon  
          John H. Prior Son Un 7   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Antony Prior Son Un 3   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Mary Prior Dau Un   5 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          William Thomas Prior Son Un 1     Plympton Devon  
52 2 Longbrook Street     Mary Ann Hurrell Head Wid   64 Laundress Plymouth Devon  
53   Longbrook Street     Jane Champlin Head Un   74 Receiving Parochial Relief Plympton Devon  
54   Longbrook Street     Sarah Hunt Head Wid   86 Receiving Parochial Relief Parish Wk Cornwall  
          Elizabeth Wheeler Daulaw Wid   40 Receiving Parochial Relief Plympton Devon  
55   Longbrook Street     Ann Clements Head Wid   88 Receiving Parochial Relief Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Sarah Clements Dau Un   50 Receiving Parochial Relief Plympton Devon  
56   Longbrook Street     Caroline A. Sutherland Head Wid   50 Laundress Newton Ferres Devon  
          Temperence Sutherland Dau Un   26 Assistant Plympton Devon  
          Sarah M. Sutherland Dau Un   24 Dressmaker Plympton Devon  
57 3 Longbrook Street 1   Elizabeth Coates Head Wid   55 Dressmaker Plympton Devon  
          Mary J. Coates Dau Un   23 Assistant Plympton Devon  
58   Longbrook Street     Elizabeth Webber Head Mar   56 Wife of Edward Webber abroad Ermington Devon  
          Benjamin Webber Son Un 17   Carpenter Plympton Devon  
59   Longbrook Street     Henry Goodman Head Mar 41   Servant to Surgeon Plympton Devon  
          Jane Goodman Wife Mar   38   Plympton Devon  
          William Goodman Son Un 9   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Magaret Goodman Dau Un   7 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Henry Goodman Son Un 5   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Richard Goodman Son Un 3   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Joseph Goodman Son Un 1     Plympton Devon  
60   Longbrook Street     William Hanaford Head Widr 58   Shoemaker Plympton Devon  
          Samuel Hanaford Son Un 28   Labourer Jersey Channel Islands  
61   Longbrook Street     Thomas Mumford Head Mar 23   Farmer's Labourer Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary A. Mumford Wife Mar   21   Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth J. Mumford Dau Un   3   Plympton Devon  
    Independent Chapel                        
62 4 Longbrook Street 1   James Parnell Head Mar 67   Mason Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Elizabeth Parnell Wife Mar   60   Plymstock Devon  
          Phillippa Daily Boarder Wid   64 Proprietor of Houses Ugborough Devon  
63   Longbrook Street     William Evans Head Mar 65   Agr. Labourer Morley Devon  
          Mary Ann Evans Wife Mar   52   Plymstock Devon  
          Edward Watkins Boarder Widr 84   Receiving Parochial Relief Plympton St. Mary Devon  
64   Longbrook Street     John Shepherd Head Mar 68   Miner Walkhampton Devon  
          Ann Shepherd Wife Mar   58   Ashburton Devon  
65   Longbrook Street     Samuel Jerman Head Mar 67   Postmaster Ashburton Devon  
          Ann E. Jerman Wife Mar   54   Plymouth Devon  
          Emma Watts Niece Un   8 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
66   Longbrook Street     William Palmer Head Mar 56   Agr. Labourer Bovey Tracey Devon  
          Elizabeth Palmer Wife Mar   53   Bovey Tracey Devon  
67 5 Longbrook Street 1   Elizabeth Turpin Head Wid   53 Nurse Plympton St. Mary Devon  
68   Longbrook Street     Charlotte Cook Head Mar   35 Wife of George Cook abroad Henley Oxfordshire  
          Elizabeth Cook Dau Un   9 Scholar Bodmin Cornwall  
          Henry Cook Son Un 7   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Charlotte Cook Dau Un   1   Plympton Devon  
69   Longbrook Street     William Townsend Head Mar 54   Gardener Drewsteinton Devon  
          Joanna Townsend Wife Mar   40   Tavistock Devon  
          James Townsend Son Un 15   Labourer Plymouth Devon  
          Charles Townsend Son Un 2   Scholar Stoke Damerell Devon  
70   Longbrook Street     John Weeks Head Mar 28   Labourer Torquay Devon  
          Elizabeth Weeks Wife Mar   27   Plympton Devon  
          Ruth Weeks Dau Un   7 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Charles Weeks Son Un 5   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          William Weeks Son Un 2   Scholar Yealmpton Devon  
71 6 Longbrook Street 1   Richard Baglow Head Mar 39   Servant, Coachman Buckland Brewer Devon  
          Jane Baglow Wife Mar   35   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary J. Baglow Dau Un   13 Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Sarah A. Baglow Dau Un   10 Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Richard Baglow Son Un 6   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Fanny E. Baglow Dau Un   1   Tavistock Devon  
72 7 Longbrook Street 1   Charles R. Buller Head Mar 54   County Magistrate Stover Newton Abbott Devon  
    Erle Hall     Emma Buller Wife Mar   58   Dublin Ireland  
          Mary A. Baskerville Serv Un   24 Cook Cornwood Devon  
          Sarah Ann Palmer Serv Un   22 Housemaid Newton Abbott Devon  
          Harriet Tozer Serv Un   16 Kitchenmaid Plympton Devon  
73 8 Longbrook Street 1   Richard Roberts Head Mar 34   Gardener Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Louisa Roberts Wife Mar   30   Yealmpton Devon  
          Frederick Roberts Son Un 4   Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Thomas Roberts Son Un 2     Plympton Devon  
          Charles Roberts Son Un 1     Plympton Devon  
74 9 Longbrook Street 1   Richard L. Burnard Head Mar 50   Naval Instructor Plymouth Devon  
          Margret Burnard Wife Mar   47     Mauritius BS  
          Richard W. Burnard Son Un 10   Scholar Stoke Damerell Devon  
          Margret W. Burnard Dau Un   6 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
          Martha Cudlipp Serv Un   15 General Servant Lifton Devon  
75 10 Longbrook Street 1   Eleanor Eveleigh Head Wid   66 Proprietor of Houses Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth Eveleigh Dau Un   26 Assistant Plympton Devon  
76   Longbrook Street     Edward Woodforde Head Mar 61   Fundholder Bath Somerset  
          Mary Woodforde Wife Mar   70     London  
77 11 Longbrook Stree 1   Mary White Head Un   65 Landed Proprietor Woodleigh Devon  
          Ann White Sister Wid   63   Woodleigh Devon  
78         William Denbow Hart Head Mar 59   Dealer in Cattle Ladswill Devon  
          Mary A. Denbow Hart Wife Mar   61   Plymstock Devon  
79 12 Longbrook Street 1   John Beare Head Widr 73   Fundholder Ugborough Devon  
          Mary Beare Dau Un   36   Ugborough Devon  
          Elizabeth Trout Serv Un   49 Housekeeper Ugborough Devon  
80 13 Longbrook Street 1   William Stephens Head Mar 53   Farmer Shaugh Devon  
          Mary Stephens Wife Mar   50 Assistant Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth C. Stephens Dau Un   24 Assistant Egg Buckland Devon  
          William Stephens Son Un 20   Farmer's Son Plympton Devon  
          Rhoda J. Stephens Dau Un   10 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Emma Stephens Dau Un   10 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Robert Stephens Son Un 8   Scholar Plympton Devon  
81 14 Longbrook Street 1   George Jones Head Mar 56   Independent Dissenting Minister & Schoolmaster St. Mary Arc? London  
          Elizabeth Jones Wife Mar   50   Portsea Hants  
          Charlotte Burgh Governess Un   31 Governess Callington Cornwall  
          Mary J. Havell Boarder Un   16 Scholar Stonehouse Devon  
          Esther Havell Boarder Un   15 Scholar Stonehouse Devon  
          Ann Maria Penwill Boarder Un   14 Scholar Holbeton Devon  
          Sarah Vivain Boarder Un   13 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Sarah Ward Serv Un   18 Servant Edgeleigh Devon  
82 15 Longbrook Street 1   John Olver Head Mar 32   Manager of Clay Works employing 9 men, 1 boy, 4 women St. Austel Cornwall  
    Longbrook Street     Mary Olver Wife Mar   32 Manager's Wife St. Austel Cornwall  
          Ellen Olver Dau Un   6 Scholar St. Austel Cornwall  
          Fanny Olver Dau Un   3 Scholar South Brent Devon  
          John Olver Son Un 1     Plympton Devon  
83 16 Longbrook Street 1   Stephen H. Pode Head Mar 53   Member of the Royal College of Surgeons London St. Dominick Cornwall  
          Mary Ann Pode Wife Mar   52   Plympton Devon  
          John Spurrell Pode Son Un 17   Articled Clerk to Attorney Plympton Devon  
          Jane Arscott Pode Dau Un   15 No Occupation Plympton Devon  
          Mary Ann Aylwin Niece Un   19 No Occupation St. Dustan's London  
          Elizabeth Fezzey Serv Un   16 General Servant Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Emerline Kerson Serv Un   21 General Servant Buckland Monachorum Devon  
84 17 Longbrook Street 1   Elizabeth A. Clements Head Mar   26 Wife of Daniel Clements working abroad Marylebourne Middlesex  
          Charles A. Clements Son Un 1     Plympton Devon  
          Elizabeth Kate Clements Dau Un   6 Scholar Shore Ditch London Middlesex  
          Fanny Runk Serv Un   21 General Servant Plymouth Devon  
85 1 Church Street Grammar School 1   George Paley Head Widr 63   Clergyman Curate of Sheepstor , Master of Plympton Grammar School Stoke Damerel Devon  
          Grace Shaddock Serv Un   58   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
86 2 Church Street 1   Richard Repath Head Mar 57   Carpenter Beer Ferres Devon  
          Jane Repath Wife Mar   58   Plymstock Devon  
          William Repath Son Un 17   Carpenter Plymstock Devon  
          Tryphina Repath Dau Un   25   Egg Buckland Devon  
          Richard Repath Son Un 1     Plymouth Devon  
          Emily Repath Dau Un   13 Scholar Farrington Street London  
87         William Rowse Head Mar 49   Coachman Servant Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary Ann Rowse Wife Mar   50   Plympton Devon  
88 3 Church Street 1   Emma Barry Head Mar   30 Milliner NK Middlesex  
          Mary Ashley Sister Un   22 Dressmaker NK Middlesex  
          Nora Barry Dau Un   5   Guernsey Channel Islands  
89 4 Church Street 1   John Hodge Head Mar 39   Groom Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth Hodge Wife Mar   39   Pumphill Cornwall  
          John Hodge Son Un 7   Scholar Plymouth Devon  
          Ann Maria Hodge Dau Un   5 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth Hodge Dau Un   2 Scholar Plympton Devon  
90 5 Church Street 1   Margret Venner Head Wid   49 Dressmaker Beer Ferres Devon  
91 6 Church Street 1   Thomas Phillips Head Mar 43   Excise Officer Ashburton Devon  
          Julia Phillips Wife Mar   44   Mounce town Devon  
92 7 Church Street 1   Samuel Hamley Head Mar 47   Licensed Victualler Calstock Cornwall  
    Castle Inn     Sarah Hamley Wife Mar   38   Walkhampton Devon  
          Sarah Hamley Dau Un   15 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          William Hamley Son Un 12   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Samuel Hamley Son Un 9   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Ann Maria Hamley Dau Un   8 Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary Hamley Dau Un   1 Scholar Plympton Devon  
          Mary A. Denton Cole Serv Un   36   Walkhampton Devon  
          Robert Darney Boarder Un 29   Cattle Dealer Plympton St. Mary Devon