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Plympton: The borough and its charters

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 19, (1887), pp. 556-648.


Joshua Brooking Rowe

Prepared by Michael Steer

The earliest surviving documentary reference to Plympton is as Plymentun in Anglo-Saxon charter S380 dated to around 900 AD. In 1216 William, the youngest son of Baldwin the Sheriff, 6th Earl of Devon, granted Plympton its first charter of incorporation. The Town was already sending two members to Parliament by 1295. In 1602, Elizabeth I granted the Town a Royal Charter which stated that 'the borough town of Earls Plympton should remain forever a free borough town with a corporation consisting of Mayor, Bailiff and Burgesses. As well as its focus on early charters, the paper presents the 1522 Lay Subsidy Roll and a complete list of Plympton's mayors (1602-1860). Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Albermarle, Christopher Duke of603
Albemarle, Countess of559-60, 563
Albemarle, John de560
Albamara, Sir Ralph de557-8
Albemarle, Robert de560
Aldwin, William642
Anderson, Thomas629, 632
Anderson, Thomas Becket629
Anderson, William628
Andrew, Thomas603
Armstrong, Mr Nathan634
Arscott, Rev John643
Arscott, John Strode Esq643, 647
Avent, John603, 609, 642
Aylwin, Robert643
Baldwin the Sheriff555, 558-9
Baldwin, jnr559
Baron, William566
Bastard, Nicholas the560
Bath & Wells, Robert Bishop of561
Bath, John Earl of600, 602-4
Batting, John627
Bawdyn, Thomas567
Beare, George566
Beare, John566
Beare, William568
Bello Campo, William de561
Benet, John567
Bevis, William632
Blacke, Fardinand604
Blake, Roger626-8
Blakewyll, John567
Blakewyll, William565
Boger, Deeble629, 643
Boger, John629, 643
Bookeler, Andrew568
Bookeler, John566
Bounde, John566
Brett, Timothy642-3
Bretyn, Bartholomew a566
Bretyn, Johan a566
Bretyn, Richard568
Briteville, Sir Wydone de557-8
Brokyng, Benett568
Brooking, Henry572, 586, 604
Brooking, James627, 634
Browne, John567
Browne, Nicolas566
Browne, Water567
Bryant, Robert632, 638
Budge, Edward632
Burnell, Emanuel628
Bygod, Roger le561
Bykham, John566
Call, Rogger567
Carterett, George, Lord603
Cawse, John567, 632, 634
Chalans, Richard565
Chalons, Sir Ralph de557-8, 560
Chamberlayne, Admiral Charles Esq632, 643
Charles II599
Charles V565
Churchstile, Nicholas604
Churchstile, Richard627
Clare, Amicia de556
Clare, Gilbert de556, 561
Clynch, John566, 571, 585
Clynch, Robert566
Clynche, William566
Cobley, James629
Coleford, William de560
Cope, Joshua gent603
Copleston, John Esq612
Coppard, Rev William Isaac643
Cornwall, Edmund, Earl of561
Cornysshe, John565
Courtenay, Edward de569, 584
Courtenay, Nicholas Esq604
Cowling, John627
Cranford, William566
Crase, John566
Croad, Abel627
Crocker, Elias604
Croker, Courtenay Esq612
Dave, John566
Davy, William566
Davys, Andrew612
Davyn, Roberte567
Deeble, Mr Edward633, 642
Delacombe, Anthony643
Delacombe, Francis628, 642
Delafield, Daniel629
Denford, Thomas snr572, 586, 598
Devon, Baldwin, 7th Earl of556
Devon, William, 6th Earl of556
Deyman, John567
Doddridge, William628
Doram, Richard566
Dorloo, Hugh568
Downe, David566
Drake, Thomas598
Dunalmen, Antonio561
Edgcumbe, Hon George642
Edgcumbe, Richard642
Edgcumbe, Thomas632
Edward I561-3, 641
Edward IV562, 564
Edward VI564
Edwards, Thomas629, 643
Edwards, Thomas jnr627
Elford, Edward629
Elford, Jonathan643
Elford, William629
Elizabeth I565, 568, 584, 599, 605, 608, 619
Engleborn, Robert de641
Erle, Thomas568
Eveleigh, William627-8, 632, 638, 641
Eveleigh, William the younger632
ffoster, Andrew567
ffoster, John567
ffoterell, William568
ffoxford, John568
Forster, Admiral Samuel Peter643
Fortescue, Charles642
Fortescue, Edward Esq612
Fortibus, Isabella de556, 559-61, 563, 565, 568
Fortibus, William de559
Frynke, John566
Furse, John603
Garde, Richard568
George I647
George II647
Ginne, Nicholas603
Gonett, John567
Gosse, John567
Grandisson, Otto de561
Greenvile, John Esq603
Gregory, Thomas566
Grenehyll, John567
Grenville, John599
Grey, Reginald de561
Grey, William567
Guynte, William568
Gye, John566
Hake, John gent572, 586
Halgawill, William de (Halwill)557-8
Halse, Thomas gent572, 586
Ham, Anthony603, 606, 612, 642
Ham, Robert565
Hamblyn, Nolly634
Hamblyn, Richard627-8
Harris, Mr Christopher634
Harris, Thomas Esq646
Harry, John567
Harrys, Cornelys567
Harvey, Ralph572, 586, 642
Harvey, Thomas598
Hayes, Benjamin Esq632-3, 643
Hayes, Treby Hele643
Haynes, William629
Hele, Serjeant John575, 586-7
Hele, Richard599
Hele, Simon603
Hele, Thomas Esq603
Hele, Walter603
Hele, William627
Hellyer, John628
Hemerdon, Alexander de557-8
Henry I556
Henry II563
Henry III556-7, 561
Henry IV562-3
Henry V562-3
Henry VI562-3
Henry VII562, 564
Henry VIII564
Hetchyn, Water566
Hethfyld, Symon567
Holditch, John629
Hoper, Ricardus le641
Horseman, John611-2, 626
Horsman, Arthur627
Horsman, Captain John642
Horsman, John jnr627, 642
Horsman, Nicholas642
House, Stephyn565
Huchyn, John567
Hyllond, Roger568
Hyne, Richard568
Jagge, Harry567
Jagge, Robert567
James I590
James II599-601, 608-9
Jellard, John566
Jellard, William565
Jenkinson, James603
John, King557
John, William566
Johns, Jonah604
Jon, John567
Kempston, Richerd566
Keygyll, Willyam567
Lacy, Earl Henry de561
Lang, Roger627-8
Langdon, John567
Langworthy, Mr634
Lansdowne, Lord603
Lavers, John628, 635
Layn, Pastow568
Lesewyll, John567
Ley, George604
London, Richard Bishop of561
Lowde, George567
Lowter, Thomas567
Luscombe, Elisha jnr627
Luscombe, J H629
Lux, Thomas the elder604
Lybbe, William567
Lyell, Nicholas567
Lyneham, Ralph560
Lyneham, Walter de560
Macks, Richerd566
Mareis, Richard de641
Marshall, George Esq628, 632-5, 642-3
Martyn, Christopher642
Martyn, John gent565, 612, 642
Martyn, John jnr566
Martyn, Robert566
Mary, Queen564
Mayowe, John567
Melton, Robert566
Meules, Baldwin de555
Michelmore, John629
Molesworth, Walter Hele643
Molton, Edward566, 568
Molton, Sir Robert de557-8, 565
Moon, Alice634
Moore, Alice633
Moore, John629
More, Harry566
More, John565
Morley, John Earl of559, 645
Morrish, Edmond627
Morrish, Richard627-8
Mortimore, John629
Moulton, Edward642
Moulton, William598, 642
Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of644
Murch, Jonas628
Mursay, George629
Nehou, Lord of556
Northcote, J599
Norwich, William Bishop of561
Oliver, Dr562
Ourry, Paul Henry628, 642-3
Ourry, Paul Treby643
Owen, Nicholas604
Palmer, John641, 643
Palmer, Robert642
Palmer, Robert jnr628, 634-5, 642
Parker, George609, 635
Pawle, John568
Pearse, Joseph629
Pearse, Nicholas603
Perryman, Thomas642
Peverel, Sir Hugo de557-8
Pode, John Duke Esq647
Pode, Thomas Julian643
Polixfen, Robert Esq603, 609
Prideaux, Mr635
Pyke, Thomas565
Pyers, Richard566
Pyne, Robert566
Raddysh, John566
Radford, William Abbot of560
Rashleigh, Charles643
Readell, William632
Redvers, Amicia556
Redvers, Baldwin de557, 559, 561, 563, 565, 568
Redvers family556
Redvers, Margaret559
Redvers, Richard de556
Reynolds, Sir Joshua643, 646
Rhodes, Ambrose, MD642
Rhodes, Rev George642
Richard II562-4
Richards, William628
Robyns, John571, 585, 642
Ronell, John566
Roseveare, William632
Ruffo, Ralph560
Ruggeman, Richard567
Rundle, John629
Russel, Robertus641
Saunders, Joseph632-3
Sendey, George632
Sendey, John629
Sheffield, John604
Shepeherd, Robert568
Shere, Water567
Slanninge, Nicholas Bt603
Smale, John566, 568
Smale, William566
Snelling, Emanuel599
Snellyng, Raffe567
Snellyng, William567
Som, Richerd567
Soper, John567
Sowton, Crystofer566
Sparke, Edward633, 642
Sparke, Elford642
Sparke, Jewell627
Sparke, Nicholas the elder603, 612
Sparkes, John603, 612, 642
Sperte, John565
Squire, Robert628
Stacy, John599
Standon, John603
Stephyn, Robert568
Stert, William627
Stodert, Thomas632
Strode, Richard Esq602-4, 606, 609, 642
Strode, William603
Stubbs, Bishop555
Sunderland, Earl of601
Symon, William567
Thomas, Richard635
Thomas, Telemachus Shakespeare632-3
Thorn, Thomas629
Throckmorton, Alexander572, 586, 599, 642
Toker, Philyppe568
Toll, William628
Toope, Jonathan632
Torre, Water568
Torway, Thomas603
Tozer, John612, 642
Treby, Colonel George (and Captain)635, 642
Treby, George627-8, 642
Treby, Sir George Knt609, 616, 626-7
Treby, Henry Hele Esq629, 643, 646
Treby, John gent567, 621, 626, 628, 642
Treby, Mr635
Treby, Paul Ourry629, 643
Treby, Paul Treby Esq628, 632-3, 643
Treby, Peter628
Treueman, John566
Trewayth, John566
Trickey, Benjamin629
Trickey, Samuel632
Turbill, George642
Turn, Robert567
Tyacke, Nicholas gent604
Tybetot, Robert561
Valence, William de561
Valletort, Richard Lord Viscount632-3, 643
Veale, John the elder603
Vivian, Mr Richard635
Vivian, Thomas Esq604
Vyell, Robert567
Waddon, John627, 642
Waddon, Richard603, 642
Walke, Andrew629
Warren, Walter603
Warenne, John Earl de561
Water, John568
Watkins, James628
Watts, Jacob642
Watts, John599
Watts als Gage Snr, John572, 586
Watts, Nicholas628, 635
Watts, Philip603
Watts, Richard599
Watts, Roger603
Watts, Thomas als Gage572, 586
Watts, William568, 603
Webb, George629, 632
Weekes, Joseph629
Weryng, Richard567
Weylaunde, Thomas de561
William III & Mary599, 609, 630
Williams, Rev Charles Kevern, DD643, 646
Williams, John628
Windsor, James604
Winsom, Robert604
Wolrige, John642
Woolcombe, William627, 642
Woollcombe, John642
Wotton, John566
Wren, Christopher, Knt603
Wyborn, William629
Wyott, Richard565
Yoman, Harry566