1841 CENSUS of PLYMTREE, East Devon

PRO Ref: HO 107/1864; Registration District: 280 HONITON;

Registration Sub-District: 2

Ottery St Mary; Parish: Plymtree.

(6/7 June 1841: 82 households: 439 persons)

Transcribed by Tony Eames


NOTES: The enumerator seems to have gone back & forth around the "parish, as houses recorded consecutively are often far apart."
MS = 'Male Servant': FS = 'Female servant': Ap. = 'Apprentice'.


AddressParish NameAge maleAge femaleOccupationBorn in
RectoryPlymtree Joseph Dornford47 Rector of PlymtreeN
Rector's householdPlymtree William Dyer17 MSY
Rector's householdPlymtree Sarah Goodhind 50FSY
Rector's householdPlymtree Elizabeth Brookland 33FSY
Beech CottPlymtree Anne Veysie 70IndN
Beech CottPlymtree Mary Veysie 30IndY
Beech CottPlymtree Gertrude Veysie 30IndY
Beech CottPlymtree Charlotte Richards 25FSY
Beech CottPlymtree Susan Elmsleigh 20FSY
Pencepool CottsPlymtree John Lake40 Ag LabY
Pencepool CottsPlymtree Elizabeth Lake 40 Y
Pencepool CottsPlymtree Sarah Ann Lake 10 Y
Pencepool CottsPlymtree Eliza Lake 8 Y
Pencepool CottsPlymtree Emma Lake 3 Y
Pencepool CottsPlymtree William Clarke45 MasonY
Knights CottPlymtree Mark Hartnoll38 BakerY
Knights CottPlymtree Mary Hartnoll 38 Y
Knights CottPlymtree Tamsin Hartnoll 13 Y
Knights CottPlymtree Mark Hartnoll9  Y
Knights CottPlymtree William Hartnoll3  Y
?Plymtree Giles East35 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Jane East 35 Y
?Plymtree John East12  Y
?Plymtree Elizabeth East 4 Y
?Plymtree Jane East 1 Y
Bonds BridgePlymtree Richard Knight27 ThatcherY
Bonds BridgePlymtree Ann Knight 64 Y
Bonds BridgePlymtree John Knight15  Y
Bonds BridgePlymtree Francis Knight6  Y
Bonds BridgePlymtree Henry Farley30 Ag LabY
Bonds BridgePlymtree Elizabeth Farley 50 Y
Bonds BridgePlymtree Mary Farley 7 Y
Bonds BridgePlymtree Ann Farley 4 Y
Leat CottagePlymtree John Salter48 Ag LabY
Leat CottagePlymtree Mary Salter 49 Y
Leat CottagePlymtree James Salter12  Y
Leat CottagePlymtree William Salter9  Y
Redgate CottsPlymtree William Scovern65 Ag LabY
Redgate CottsPlymtree Betsy Scovern 62 Y
Redgate CottsPlymtree Louisa Scovern 30 Y
Redgate CottsPlymtree Mary Hole 81IndY
?Plymtree Abraham Potter29 ThatcherY
?Plymtree Ann Potter 26 Y
?Plymtree Sarah Potter 2 Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree James Fouracre67 ShoemakerY
Blampins CottagePlymtree Elizabeth Quick 38GrocerY
Blampins CottagePlymtree Joseph Quick12  Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Charles Quick10  Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Elizabeth Quick 8 Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Edmund Quick4  Y
Fordmore Lane CotPlymtree William Woodbury30 Ag LabY
Fordmore Lane CotPlymtree Sarah Woodbury 25 Y
Fordmore Lane CotPlymtree John Woodbury3  Y
Fordmore Lane CotPlymtree Marianne Woodbury 2 Y
RedgatePlymtree John Leaman77 Ag LabY
RedgatePlymtree William Woodbury60 Ag LabY
RedgatePlymtree Mary Woodbury 63 Y
RedgatePlymtree James Woodbury18 Shoe Mkrs AppY
?RedgatePlymtree Joseph Thomas45 Ag LabY
?RedgatePlymtree Elizabeth Thomas 40 Y
?RedgatePlymtree John Thomas10  Y
?RedgatePlymtree Mary Thomas 8 Y
?RedgatePlymtree Henry Thomas5  Y
?RedgatePlymtree Elias White45 Ag LabY
?RedgatePlymtree Mary White 45 Y
?RedgatePlymtree Sarah White 9 Y
?RedgatePlymtree Ann White 5 Y
?RedgatePlymtree Jane White 2 Y
ColliersPlymtree William Voiysie36 CarpenterY
ColliersPlymtree Mary Voiysie 33 Y
ColliersPlymtree Elizabeth Voiysie 10 Y
ColliersPlymtree Mary Voiysie 8 Y
ColliersPlymtree Emma Voiysie 5 Y
ColliersPlymtree Susan Voiysie 1 Y
ColliersPlymtree Robert Crocker12 AppY
Penspool CottagePlymtree Robert Cook35 ButcherY
Penspool CottagePlymtree Mary Cook 12 Y
Penspool CottagePlymtree Henry Cook4  Y
Penspool CottagePlymtree Jane Buckley 20FSY
?Plymtree William Farnell40 B/SmithY
?Plymtree Mary Farnell 35 Y
?Plymtree Thomas Farnell13  Y
?Plymtree Francis Farnell2  Y
?Plymtree Mary Farnell 7 Y
?Plymtree Emma Farnell 4 Y
TyesPlymtree John Salter52 FarmerY
TyesPlymtree Elizabeth Salter 48 Y
TyesPlymtree John Salter25  Y
TyesPlymtree Elizabeth Salter 22 Y
TyesPlymtree Thomas Salter19  Y
TyesPlymtree William Salter15  Y
TyesPlymtree Thomas Vinnicombe20 Ag AppY
TyesPlymtree William Vinnicombe10 Ag AppY
TyesPlymtree Ann Jones 20Ag FSY
TyesPlymtree Emma Turpin 3VisitorY
?Plymtree Thomas Harris50 ButcherY
?Plymtree Susanna Harris 46 Y
?Plymtree John Harris12  Y
?Plymtree Francis Harris9  Y
?Plymtree Henry Harris8  Y
Penspool CottagePlymtree William Hockey55 ShoemakerY
Penspool CottagePlymtree Dorothy Hockey 75 Y
Penspool CottagePlymtree John Davey25 ShoemakerY
Penspool CottagePlymtree Ann Davey 25 Y
?Plymtree Sarah Smith 50--Y
?Plymtree Elizabeth Stiling 75--Y
?Plymtree Susan Venn 52--Y
Mayors AlleyPlymtree Edward Quick45 B/SmithY
Mayors AlleyPlymtree Elizabeth Quick 45 Y
Mayors AlleyPlymtree Henry Quick19  Y
Mayors AlleyPlymtree Mary Quick 15 Y
Mayors AlleyPlymtree John Quick14  Y
Mayors AlleyPlymtree James Blackmore25 MSY
Knights CottagePlymtree John Richards42 GardenerY
Knights CottagePlymtree Elizabeth Richards 19 Y
Knights CottagePlymtree Harriet Richards 13 Y
Knights CottagePlymtree Henry Richards11  Y
Knights CottagePlymtree Charlotte Richards 7 Y
Knights CottagePlymtree Eliza Richards 4 Y
?Plymtree Henry Canniford (?)91 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Mary Canniford 65 Y
?Plymtree John Dimond67 IndY
?Plymtree Ann Dimond 64TailorY
Clarkes CottPlymtree Joseph Stoaks60 TailorY
Clarkes CottPlymtree Mary Stoaks 62 Y
RedgatePlymtree Thomas Clarke41 Ag LabY
RedgatePlymtree Elizabeth Clarke 46 Y
RedgatePlymtree Mollina (?) Clarke 8 Y
RedgatePlymtree Marianne Clarke 5 Y
Green End FarmPlymtree John Hole47 FarmerY
Green End FarmPlymtree Ann Hole 34 Y
Green End FarmPlymtree John Hole12  Y
Green End FarmPlymtree Mary Hole 10 Y
Green End FarmPlymtree William Hole8  Y
Green End FarmPlymtree Eleanor Hole 6 Y
Green End FarmPlymtree Thomas Hole2  Y
Green End FarmPlymtree Charles Hole2m  Y
Green End FarmPlymtree Sarah Salter 20IndY
Green End FarmPlymtree Ann Lake 20Ag FSY
Green End FarmPlymtree Harriet White 15Ag FSY
Green End FarmPlymtree Elias White15 Ag MSY
Green End FarmPlymtree William Vinnicombe15 Ag MSY
Green End FarmPlymtree John Lake15 Ag MSY
Blampins CottagePlymtree Robert Stiling33 Ag LabY
Blampins CottagePlymtree Elizabeth Stiling 32 Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Mary Stiling 9 Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Elizabeth Stiling 7 Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Thomas Stiling4  Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree Robert Stiling2  Y
Blampins CottagePlymtree John Stiling32 Ag LabY
VillagePlymtree William Salter40 Ag LabY
VillagePlymtree Mary Salter 36 Y
VillagePlymtree Henry Salter11  Y
VillagePlymtree John Salter9  Y
VillagePlymtree Peter Salter7  Y
VillagePlymtree William Salter5  Y
VillagePlymtree Isaac Salter2  Y
VillagePlymtree Elizabeth Salter 77IndigentY
VillagePlymtree Thomas Cross40 Ag LabY
VillagePlymtree Henry Auton30 Ag LabY
VillagePlymtree Rachel Auton 30 Y
VillagePlymtree Agnes Auton 6 Y
VillagePlymtree William Auton4  Y
VillagePlymtree Henry Auton2  Y
VillagePlymtree Sarah Clarke 36LodgerY
VillagePlymtree Marianne Clarke 4 Y
Hill CottagePlymtree Joseph Linton25 Basket makerY
Hill CottagePlymtree Rebecca Linton 30 Y
Hill CottagePlymtree Harriet Petters 15 Y
Hill CottagePlymtree Thomas Petters10  Y
Hill CottagePlymtree Samuel Petters5  Y
Hill CottagePlymtree Joseph Linton1  Y
Hill CottagePlymtree John Mugford (?)40 MSY
Hill CottagePlymtree Jane Dymond 30FSY
Hill CottagePlymtree Thomas Dymond1  Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree William Brice68 FarmerY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Elizabeth Brice 39 Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree John Brice37  Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Thomas Brice34  Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Edward Brice32  Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Mary Brice 30 Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Sarah Brice 22 Y
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Mary Finnimore 70IndY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Ann Sainter 17Ag FSY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree William Thomas19 Ag MSY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Robert Brewer18 Ag MSY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Charles Clarke11 A g. MSY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Charles Clarke11 Ag MSY
Pencepool FarmPlymtree Ann Farnell 12Ag FSY
?Plymtree Elizabeth Hellings 45IndigentY
?Plymtree Elizabeth Sanders 88IndigentY
?Plymtree James White25 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Mary White 23 Y
?Plymtree John Tarland25 J. CarpenterY
?Plymtree Rebecca Tarland 25 Y
?Plymtree Jane Tarland7  Y
?Plymtree Elizabeth Lewis 65IndigentY
?Plymtree John Lane35 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Susannah Lane 45 Y
?Plymtree Eliza Lane 6 Y
?Plymtree Harriet Lane 4 Y
Mots Lane CotPlymtree William Loman40 Ag LabY
Mots Lane CotPlymtree Melony Loman 50 Y
Mots Lane CotPlymtree William Loman16 Shoem AppY
Mots Lane CotPlymtree Henry Loman8  Y
?Plymtree William Richards48 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Dinah Richards 47 Y
?Plymtree Annah Richards 16 Y
?Plymtree Deannah Richards 9 Y
?Plymtree George Richards6  Y
Knights CottagePlymtree John Richards73 Ag LabY
Knights CottagePlymtree Ann Richards 60 Y
Knights CottagePlymtree Mary Denham 50IndY
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Thomas Pearce55 Ag LabY
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Mary Pearce 50 Y
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Samuel Hockings30 Ag LabY
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Ann Hockings 24 Y
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Mary Hellings 70IndY
WoodbearPlymtree Henry Rugg29 Ag LabY
WoodbearPlymtree Mary Rugg 24 Y
WoodbearPlymtree Sarah Ann Rugg 4 Y
WoodbearPlymtree John Aplin Rugg2  Y
?Plymtree Edmund Middleton28 --Y
?Plymtree Elizabeth Middleton 23 Y
?Plymtree Sarah Middleton 4 Y
?Plymtree Edmund Middleton2  Y
Cooks FarmPlymtree John Squire40 FarmerY
Cooks FarmPlymtree Elizabeth Shepherd 50Ag FSY
Cooks FarmPlymtree John Baker20 Ag MSY
Normans Green HsePlymtree James Dowell45 FarmerY
Normans Green HsePlymtree Henry Dowell20  Y
Normans Green HsePlymtree Elizabeth Dowell 23 Y
Normans Green HsePlymtree Sarah Brookes 17Ag FSY
Normans Green HsePlymtree Henry Woodbury15 Ag MSY
Orchard CottagePlymtree John Sanders28 B/SmithY
Orchard CottagePlymtree Marianne Sanders 28 Y
Orchard CottagePlymtree Hannah Sanders 3 Y
Orchard CottagePlymtree Sarah Sanders 1 Y
Orchard CottagePlymtree Samuel Connet14 MSY
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Simon Vinnicombe44 Ag LabY
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Sarah Vinnicombe 34 Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Samuel Vinnicombe7  Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree George Vinnicombe3  Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Emmanuel Vinnicombe1  Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree John Vinnicombe45 Ag LabY
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Lydia Vinnicombe 42 Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Harriet Vinnicombe 5 Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Mary Vinnicombe 1 Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Joseph Vinnicombe1  Y
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree John Vinnicombe74 Ag LabY
Perhams Grn CotPlymtree Robert Vinnicombe42 Ag LabY
Clyst WilliamPlymtree George Pratt45 Ag LabY
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Sarah Pratt 45 Y
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Charlotte Pratt 10 Y
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Sarah Pratt 6 Y
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Henry Pratt70 IndY
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Charlotte Pratt 65IndY
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Charlotte Breadbear 10FSY
Clyst WilliamPlymtree Henry Pratt5 VisitorY
Moor CottagesPlymtree Thomas Lovering35 Ag LabY
Moor CottagesPlymtree Elizabeth Lovering 30 Y
Moor CottagesPlymtree Henry Lovering6  Y
Moor CottagesPlymtree Elizabeth Lovering 5 Y
Moor CottagesPlymtree John Lovering2  Y
Moor CottagesPlymtree Ann Lovering 2 m Y
Moor CottagesPlymtree James Stamp30 ShoemakerY
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Joseph Clarke40 MasonY
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Ann Clarke 40 Y
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Joseph Clarke10  Y
Hayne CottagesPlymtree George Clarke7  Y
Hayne CottagesPlymtree William Clarke21  Y
Hayne CottagesPlymtree Lucy Clarke 8 Y
Fordmore DairyPlymtree John Petters55 CarpenterY
Fordmore DairyPlymtree Anne Petters 55 Y
Fordmore DairyPlymtree Anne Petters 25 Y
Fordmore DairyPlymtree John Petters7  Y
Hayne HousePlymtree Charles Harward51 Clerk-
Hayne HousePlymtree Eliza Harward 45 -
Hayne HousePlymtree Hannah Alway 30FSY
Hayne HousePlymtree Richard Blanchford35 GardenerY
Hayne HousePlymtree Rebecca Blanchford 30FSY
Hayne HousePlymtree Charles Moxey18 MSY
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree John Dimond40 FarmerY
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree Grace Dimond 35 Y
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree Ann Dimond 17 Y
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree Sarah Dimond 15 Y
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree John Dimond12  Y
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree Harriet Dimond 8 Y
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree Isaac Westlake24 Ag MSY
Little Clyst WilliamPlymtree William Salter16 Ag MSY
Herne FarmPlymtree William Pearcy55 FarmerY
Herne FarmPlymtree Ann Pearcy 45 Y
Herne FarmPlymtree Mary Pearcy 25 Y
Herne FarmPlymtree Sarah Pearcy 24 Y
Herne FarmPlymtree John Pearcy22  Y
Herne FarmPlymtree Samuel Pearcy20  Y
Herne FarmPlymtree Richard Pearcy18  Y
Herne FarmPlymtree George Pearcy15  Y
Herne FarmPlymtree Thomas Pearcy13  Y
Herne FarmPlymtree William Pearcy11  Y
Herne FarmPlymtree Henry Dunn12 Ag MSY
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree William Brice40 FarmerY
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree Mary Brice 45 Y
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree Ann Glanvil Brice 20 Y
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree William Brice20  Y
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree John Shiles Brice15  Y
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree Mary Brice 15 Y
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree Harriet Brice 10 Y
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree John Richards15 Ag MSY
Middle Clyst Wm.Plymtree John Salter10 Ag MSY
?Plymtree Robert Boutcher20 ButcherY
?Plymtree Harriet Boutcher 15 Y
?Plymtree William Boutcher15  Y
?Plymtree Marianne Boutcher 15 Y
?Plymtree Samuel Bickley12  Y
?Plymtree William Bickley9  Y
?Plymtree Eliza Bickley 8 Y
?Plymtree Charles Bickley5  Y
?Plymtree Hermon Bickley3  Y
?Plymtree Thomas Pratt25 MSY
?Plymtree James Osmond15 MSY
Moor CottsPlymtree William Vinnicombe35 Ag LabY
Moor CottsPlymtree Mary Vinnicombe 30 Y
Moor CottsPlymtree John Vinnicombe8  Y
Moor CottsPlymtree James Vinnicombe5  Y
Moor CottsPlymtree Thomas Vinnicombe3  Y
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Henry Shiles65 FarmerY
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Ann Shiles 65 Y
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Henry Shiles13  Y
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Henry Lane12  Y
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree John Vinnicombe15 Ag MSY
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree William Richards20 Ag MSY
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Samuel Wood20 Ag MSY
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Elizabeth Richards 20Ag FSY
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Sarah Potter 20Ag FSY
Woodbeare CourtPlymtree Sarah Richards 13Ag FSY
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree Benjamin Parris58 FarmerY
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree Elizabeth Parris 47 Y
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree Eliza Parris 30 Y
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree Ann Parris 18 Y
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree Charlotte Parris 16 Y
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree William Parris11  Y
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree John White20 Ag MSY
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree Thomas Cross19 Ag MSY
Middle WoodbeerPlymtree George Hine14 Ag MSY
?Plymtree Charles Rumsey44 FarmerY
?Plymtree Frances Rumsey 29 Y
?Plymtree Amie Hutchinson 56IndY
?Plymtree Edward Troward (?)33 IndY
?Plymtree Elizabeth Holmes 25FSY
?Plymtree Simon Vinnicombe14 Ag MSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree William Cook60 FarmerY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Ann Cook 50 Y
Lower WeaverPlymtree William Cook23  Y
Lower WeaverPlymtree Ann Cook 20 Y
Lower WeaverPlymtree John Cook19  Y
Lower WeaverPlymtree Daniel Bird13 Ag MSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Elizabeth Clark 15Ag FSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Charlotte Bastin 12Ag FSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Elisha Berry35 FarmerY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Ann Berry 60 Y
Lower WeaverPlymtree Ann Tatchell 25Ag FSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Isaac Salter25 Ag MSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Mary Adgland 20Ag FSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Henry Searls15 Ag MSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree William Lawrence30 FarmerY
Lower WeaverPlymtree Elizabeth Lawrence 25 Y
Lower WeaverPlymtree Marianne Kelly 15Ag FSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree James Daw25 Ag MSY
Lower WeaverPlymtree James Thomas15 Ag MSY
?Plymtree Sarah Brice 40IndY
?Plymtree Elizabeth Brice 35IndY
?Plymtree Jane Brice 23IndY
?Plymtree Amelia Brice 1 Y
?Plymtree Henry Tarlor76 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Melony Tarlor 75 Y
Stockland HeadPlymtree Samuel Granger35 MasonY
Stockland HeadPlymtree Charlotte Granger 34 Y
Stockland HeadPlymtree Eliza Granger 11 Y
Stockland HeadPlymtree Charlotte Granger 6 Y
Stockland HeadPlymtree Thomas Harris20 MSY
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Richard Persey48 FarmerY
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Elizabeth Persey 45 Y
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Elizabeth Persey 13 Y
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Robert Persey12  Y
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Mary White 10 Y
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Thomas White4  Y
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Frances Hart 18Ag FSY
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Ann Clark 16Ag FSY
Lower WoodbearePlymtree Robert Vinnicombe15 Ag MSY
? Colliers CourtPlymtree William Hine38 Ag LabY
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Sarah Hine 38 Y
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Mary Hine 9 Y
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Mark Hine9  Y
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Esau Hine7  Y
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Daniel Hine5  Y
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Matilda Hine 3 Y
? Colliers CourtPlymtree Matthew Hine1  Y
?Plymtree Robert Bastin38 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Ann Bastin 6 Y
?Plymtree George Bastin4  Y
FordmorePlymtree Thomas Griffin45 FarmerY
FordmorePlymtree Susan Griffin 40 Y
FordmorePlymtree Alice Griffin 15 Y
FordmorePlymtree Susan Griffin 14 Y
FordmorePlymtree Eliza Griffin 12 Y
FordmorePlymtree John Griffin75 IndY
FordmorePlymtree Robert Eveleigh15 Ag MSY
FordmorePlymtree Elizabeth Vinnicombe 15Ag FSY
FordmorePlymtree William Vinnicombe10 Ag MSY
FordmorePlymtree Sarah Jane Griffin 11VisitorY
Bowling GreenPlymtree John Ireland57 CarpenterY
Bowling GreenPlymtree Sarah Ireland 60 Y
Bowling GreenPlymtree Jane Ireland 24 Y
Bowling GreenPlymtree William Ireland22 ShoemakerY
Bowling GreenPlymtree Henry Ireland17 TailorY
Shell CottagePlymtree Thomas Churley40 Ag LabY
Shell CottagePlymtree Ann Churley 40 Y
Shell CottagePlymtree Mary Churley 13 Y
Shell CottagePlymtree Thomas Churley11  Y
Brewers CotPlymtree Robert Eveleigh35 Ag LabY
Brewers CotPlymtree Lucy Eveleigh 35 Y
Brewers CotPlymtree Susan Eveleigh 12 Y
Brewers CotPlymtree Sarah Eveleigh 7 Y
Brewers CotPlymtree Robert Eveleigh4  Y
Brewers CotPlymtree Ann Eveleigh 1 Y
Redgate CottsPlymtree William Veysie53 CarpenterY
Redgate CottsPlymtree Elizabeth Veysie 71 Y
Redgate CottsPlymtree William Veysie9  Y
Redgate CottsPlymtree James Alway28 TailorY
Redgate CottsPlymtree Benjamin Dimond28 MSY
?Plymtree Henry Clark50 Ag LabY
?Plymtree Rebecca Clark 50 Y
Danes MillPlymtree Elenor Sparkes 35MillerY
Danes MillPlymtree Robert Reed20 MSY
Danes MillPlymtree Rebecca Batstone 15FSY
Danes MillPlymtree Henry Brooks15 MSY
RedgatePlymtree Thomas Stiling55 Ag LabY
RedgatePlymtree Mary Stiling 60 Y


Brian Randell, 14 Aug 2008