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Commissioners for Inquiry into Charities:

Returns made to the Honourable the House of Commons of Charitable Donations for the Benefit of Poor Persons within the County of Devon,

Containing the Hundreds of Ermington, Lifton, Plympton, Roborough, Tavistock, Black Torrington and Winkleigh,
and the Boroughs of Barnstaple, Ashburton, Dartmouth and Totness.

Plymouth: John Commins. Extracted from the large Work, printed by order of the House (1817), 60 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Poverty, homelessness and unemployment are not exclusively the product of the modern age. References to these problems can be found as far back as the Middle Ages, where responsibility for dealing with them lay mostly with religious houses or individual parishes. In 1818, as a result of debates and arguments that even now remain obscure, Parliament launched an elaborate investigation into the activities of charitable trusts in England and Wales called The Charity Commission or The Brougham Commission. This first inquiry lasted 19 years, and 32 reports were published. Traditionally, charities have been actively involved in poor relief. Some charities were operated by parishes, others through donations or trusts laid down by wealthy individuals. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Abraham, Isaac29
Ackerman, Captain12, 14
Ackland, ___50
Ackland, Edward44
Ackland, Sir H Bt46
Ackland, John58
Ackland, Sir John6, 12, 38, 40, 52
Addis, John18
Addis, Mrs10
Addis, Samuel18, 24
Alcock, Rev Thomas13, 27
Anderson, Philip10
Andrews, Robert46
Apley, Robert42, 48
Archer, Addy3, 23
Arscot, Moses6, 8, 32
Arscott, Edmund32
Arscott, John36
Asheton, Dr Roger13
Atkins, J52
Atwill, Hugh48
Audian, Alexander52, 56
Ayres, John48
Babb, Richard34
Bagiholl, Mary44
Ball, Henry58
Bampfield, Rev W44
Barber, Dennys Rolle55
Barbor, George43
Barker, Pentecost18
Barnes, Phillis44
Baron, George42
Bass Stephen22
Bastard, J3
Batt, William24
Bayham, Lord11
Beaple, James48
Beaple, Richard40
Beaple, Roger48
Bear, John (also Beare)34, 58
Beavis, Henry45, 47
Beckford, Hugh10
Beckly, Robert38
Bedford, John Duke of30
Belton, Mr39
Bennet, Joan26
Bennet, Walter34
Bent, William36
Berell, Able36
Berryman, John48
Bickford, Arscot33
Bickford, John60
Bickford, William32
Bickham, John50
Bickle, John6
Bickle, T5
Blackhall, Christopher58
Blinsham, Theophilus36, 56
Boger, Thomas16
Boodle, Robert24
Boon, John52
Bordier, Rev Jacon18
Boucher, Bridget18
Bound, John14, 50
Bourne, James24
Bovey, Edward50
Bradey, Elizabeth16
Bradlin, John (also Bradeline)9
Brent, Samuel24
Broad, P5
Brock, Grace6, 34
Brock, Mark35
Brock, Richard4-6, 34,
Brock, Simon5, 34
Brooking, Nicholas60
Brooking, Samuel18
Brown, S32
Buckinghamshire, Earl of11
Buller, Mary18
Bulley, J52
Bulstrode, Richard58
Burgh, Edmund44
Burgh, Rev William46
Burrard, George18
Burroughs, John14
Butcher, Robert29, 31
Butcher, Thomas31
Byng, Sir George18
Call, John29, 33
Calmady, Josias10
Calmady, Warwick11
Canford, W, alias Cranford, alias Cranworthy40
Cann, Thomas6
Carkeete, Walter4
Carlisle, William33
Carpenter, Ann46
Carpenter, John27
Carpenter, J P27
Carter, John29
Carter, Samuel13, 29
Cary, Henry5
Cary, Lancelot6
Castleman, Richard48
Caunter, Thomas50
Ceane, Henry18
Ceely, John & F20
Channell, ___57
Chapman, Mr38
Chappell, Roger43, 47
Charles II29
Chichester, Sir John46
Clapp, John36
Clapp, Robert36
Clark, William (also Clarke)11, 13, 27
Clarke, Mary13, 27
Cleveland, ___35
Clinton, Hugh Lord46
Cocker, William5
Cockey, John51
Cole, Philip39
Cole, S Jnr3
Cole, S, Snr3
Cole, Stephen3
Colley, Henry41, 43, 47
Colley, William60
Collier, Joseph27
Collings, Mrs22
Collins, Mrs24
Colmer, Abraham16
Colstone, Edward24
Connick, Mrs2
Cornish, A33
Cornish, Richard42
Cornish, William29
Cottle, George6
Counter, John51
Courtenay family30-1
Courtenay, Sir William28
Cozens, Elizabeth56
Crabb, John18
Crocker, John3
Crocker, Petronell10
Cross, John36
Cross, Samuel18
Cross, Trevil27
Crosse, Richard (also Cross)16, 22
Cudlip, R C29
Cudmoore, Margaret6
Cullam, John (also Culm, Culme)3, 21, 23, 25, 27
Dambrell, Jacob22
Darrell, Sarah18, 24
Davis, William18
Davy, Joseph29
Dawes, Captain54
Dawes, James24
Deane, Mary26
Deeble, Margaret24
Delbridge, John40
Dennis, Nicholas46
Docton, William46
Dodderidge, John48
Doidge, John9
Dolbeare, J51
Down, Christian34
Down, Rev M34
Dowse, Walter58
Doyle, Margaret8
Drake, Elizabeth44
Drake, Sir F H13
Drake, Mary8
Dukes, George48
Dunn, J39
Durrant, Thomas35
Dyer, Rabbage54, 56
Eales, Richard51
Eales, William51
Easton, Jonas11
Easton, W3
Eburne, Mary44
Eddy, John34
Edgcombe, G29
Edgcombe, J3, 29
Edgecumbe, R29
Edwards, Stephen26
Edwards, T3
Elford family12
Elford, J26
Elizabeth I36, 58
Ellacott, John6
Elliott, John2
Ellis, John6, 22
Emmett, Ann24
English, Walter58
Ernesettle, J12
Facie, Antony48
Fairchild, Edward46
Fairchild, Rebecca44
Fairweather, John3
Fanshawe, Charles23, 25
Ferris, George48
Ferris, Richard42
Ferris, Richard Snr48
Field, Mary6
Field, Nicholas58, 60
Finne, Rev S34
Fisher, Henry37
Floude, N Y55, 58
Follett, ___54
Foote, John11
Ford, John J29, 50
Forrest, Priscilla24
Fortescue, Faithful35
Fortescue, John37, 54
Fowell, John16
Fowell, Sir John4
Fowler, Andrew56
Fraine, Joseph41
Frowde, James5
Fownes, John20
Francis, Philip16
Fubyan, William51
Gandy, Rev John23, 25
Garland, J29
Gay, William48
Gayer, John16
Gayer, Sir John14, 18, 20
Gendle, Thomas19
Gibbons, Lawrence48
Gidley, ___38
Gilbert, Rev Canon22
Giles, Robert56
Gilt, John3
Glanville, Sir J, Knt28
Gliddon, John34
Glysson, Mrs24
Gould, Edward50
Greek, George43, 47
Greenslade, Renatus44
Grigg, Nathaniel24
Gurney, Robert56
Gynys, J, MD24
Hale, John55
Ham, David5
Hammond, Edmund44
Harding, R43
Harper, Alexander46
Harragrow, Richard6
Harris, Sir Christopher10
Harris, John11, 12
Harris, Richard (also Marris)48, 50
Harris, Ruth6
Harris, Thomas40, 44
Harry, John26
Harvey, Richard34
Harvey, Roger4, 34
Hatch, Alice2
Hawker, Rev Robert23, 25
Hawkins, David25
Hayman, Joice54
Hayman, Robert50
Hayne, John (also Haynes)52, 54, 58
Hayne, Samuel37
Heisfel, John34
Hele, Elizeus Esq10, 17, 20
Hele, Sir John10
Hele, Sir Warwick, Knt8, 10
Henry VIII32
Hern, William51
Herring, John10, 24
Hewer, Robert14
Horwood, Alice42
Heywood, J M27
Hicks, Mary18
Hiern, James45
Hill, Hugh35
Hill, John12, 14
Hill, Thomas2
Hill, W12
Hine, Elizabeth53, 57
Hodge, ___53
Hodge, Elias Jnr10-1
Hodge, Elias, Snr11
Holdsworth, A53, 55
Hole, John34
Hole, Peter34
Hole, Thomas7
Honey, Richard57
Hooker, W Jnr37
Hooker, W Snr37
Holdsworth, Arthur52, 54, 58-9
Hooper, Jerom36
Hooper, Sir N, Knt46
Hornbrook, J29
Horsham, Hugh42
Horswill, William2
Horwood, Thomas42
Houlditch, Walter4
Houndle, Edward43, 47
How, George24
Hughes, R27
Hunt, W53, 55, 58
Hurness, Rev S9
Hurst, William6
Hutchings, Arthur39
Hutchings, J39
Hutchings, Mary (also Hutchins)16, 22
Huthnance, Henry34
Ibert, Catherine12
Ilbert, William Elford13
Incledon, Benjamin43, 47
Incledon, N47
Incledon, Robert46
Jago, Walter52, 54, 58
Jeffery, Roger42
Jenkins, John46
Jetsom, Rebecca60
Jewell, Nicholas28
Johnston, Rev Mr35
Jordain, Henry6
Jory, Joseph24
Kelly, John52
Kelway, Henry16, 22, 24
Kerly, Joseph26
King, John22
Kingdon, Richard37
Kingdon, Roger32, 36
Kirkham, J & T4
Kitson, T3
Kitson, W3
Knighton, Joanna12, 26
Knowling, Alice10
Knowling, George50
Labdon, Tibet34
Lake, Robert39
Lang, Samuel29
Lang, Thomas31
Langdon, ___52, 58
Langdon, John54-5
Langdon, Richard60
Langford, Sarah32
Langmead, W13
Lantrow, Martin46
Lanyan, Mr10
Lanyon, John12, 20, 26
Lanyon, Philip12
Larkin, George44
Lavers, Henry58
Lavington, John22
Law, John43
Lea, W52
Leach, George11, 13
Ledstone, R3
Lee, Mr2
Lethbridge, John (also Lethridge)34, 39
Ley, Philip52, 56, 60
Lock, ___57
Lockey, John51
Lockey, Peter51
Lome, James2
Lovering, John Jnr54
Lovering, John54
Lucas, Richard34
Lugg, Adam40
Lung, Thomas29
Luscombe, John56
Luxmoore, John7, 9
Lymbear, William7
Macey, Hilary6
Macey, Richard58
Maddock, James16
Manly, J53
Manly, Rev William27, 55, 58
Marriott, Daniel46
Marshall, C43, 47
Marshall, W3
Martin, John56
Martin, Robert56
Martin, Thomas60
Martyn, Rev R39
Mather, Francis4
Maynard, Sir John10
Maynard, Oliver28
Medland, William35
Miller, Ann16
Mills, Roger18
Moddiford, Lady Elizabeth10, 26
Modyford, J11
Modlin, Mary2
Morcombe, Thomas35
Morrice, Mr Humphry (also Morice)37-9
Morrish, ___36
Morrish, Hon Mr36
Morrough, Dorcas22
Morshead, A24
Morshead, John3, 12, 22, 24
Morshead, P23
Morsley, J53
Moule, John43
Moule, Simeon41, 43, 47
Moulton, Mary8
Munyon, Joan24
Musgrave, S, MD24
Newcomb, John36-7
Newcombe, Thomas6
Newman, H53, 55, 58
Newman, L53, 55, 58
Nicholls, John27
Norman, Hugh26
Norris, John, Jnr58
Northcott, John34-5
Northmoore, John6
Nosworthy, John36
Nott, T47
Oliphan, Stephen48
Oliver, Stephen22
Opie, Mary22
Paige, Elizabeth42
Paige family57
Paige, Captain John16, 18
Paige, Thomas52, 56
Palk, William51
Palmer, Abraham6
Palmer, Dorothy48
Palmer, Henry6
Palmer, John31
Palmer, Joseph16, 22
Palmer, William42
Parson, Thomas29
Patterson, Mrs24
Pearse, C3
Pearse, S W3
Pearse, Rev William2-3
Peere, Mr L48
Pengelly, John Francis18, 26-7
Penrose (Almshouses)40-2, 44
Penrose, John40, 48
Penwarden, John35
Pepper, Miss Elizabeth22
Peters, John52, 56
Pett, Richard18, 24
Phillip, Roger18
Phillips, Elizabeth24
Phillips, Joan60
Phillips, John42, 46
Phillips, Mary18
Phipps, Mr50
Pine, Rev E43
Plumleigh, John52, 56
Plumleigh, W52
Porter, Anthony24
Pollexfen, Edmund16
Praed, W M3
Praed, Wm Jnr3
Prestwood, George56, 60
Prideaux, J3, 29
Prideaux, Lady36
Prideaux, Thomas50
Radcliffe, Rev Cop.27
Radcliffe, Walter27
Rawlings, Captain8, 14, 26
Rawlins, Robert (also Rawlings)12, 26
Reed, John22
Reed, R W13
Revel, John8
Richards, John56
Richardson, Thomas19
Ridgate, Philip Esq46
Ridout, Deborah24
Ridout, George24
Ridout, Jane24
Risdon, Anthony32
Robins, John (also Robbins)29, 43, 47
Roche, Mounier43, 45, 47
Rodd, Mrs35
Rogers, Dame H2, 22
Rogers, Sir Frederick L Bt3
Rogers, Sir John16
Rogers, Thomas3
Rolle, Denys Esq44
Rolle, Isabella C44
Rolle, Margaret46
Rooke, George18
Rooke, Samuel18
Row, Rev J27
Row, Joseph29, 35
Row, Margaret16
Row W, Jnr37
Row, William16, 26, 37
Rowe, Elizabeth60
Rowell, Edward4
Rowley, John46
Runcawal, Joan (also Rounceval)52, 56
Sage, Edith36
Sampson, Robert37
Sargent, David, Jnr29
Saunders, John3
Score, Mary46
Seale, John53, 57-8
Seccombe, Mr38
Shellibeer, Henry58
Shampfield, Sir C26
Shapleigh, John54
Shepard, N (also Shephard)5, 43, 46-7
Shepard, R3
Sherenbeck, Joseph Jacob18
Sherwell, Thomas & N18, 20
Shilstone, Christian (also Shilston)6, 34
Shilstone, Widow36
Short, Luke58
Shute, Thomas37
Skinner, Ephrain42
Skinner, John29
Sleeman, Peter26
Smale, H Jnr30, 36
Smale, Humphry30, 36
Smale, Richard30, 36
Smith, John44
Smith, Lewis48
Somers, Edwin16
Somers, Elizabeth18
Somers, Rev Mr44
Soper, Richard51
Soper, Walter51
Spark, James51
Sparke, William18
Specket34, 36
Spettigue, Thomas34
Stanbury, Jean (also Jean, also John)44, 46, 48
Stapleton, A13
Stawell, William50
Steere, G3
Stenlake, J33
Stevens, Hugh48
Stevens, John44
Stevens, H39
Stukelyy, Hugo32
Stukelyy, T, Knt32
Sullock, G5
Sumpter, John58
Sunter, Joseph51
Sunter, William51
Swete, John4
Sydenham, Philip, Jnr41, 43
Symkin, John18
Symons, John44
Sympkin, Gilbert (also Symkin)16, 18, 22, 24
Tapson, R9
Tatershall, John35
Teakle, Nicholas48
Thomas, Abraham38
Thorne, J de4
Tolcher, Henry3, 23
Tolcher, Joseph21
Tooker, S Jnr13
Tozer, Moses51
Trebes, ___50
Trelawney, Rev Sir H27
Trelawny, Major General18, 22
Tremayne, A, Yngr5
Tremayne, Arthur eldr5
Trenow, Thomas24
Trevil, Richard26
Trout, Elizabeth2
Tumbles, William34
Trick, Thomas39
Tripe, Nicholas51
Tucker, F47
Turtliff, John18
Twist, Mrs8
Underdowne, Jane6
Underhill, Richard30
Ustick, Richard16
Uxbridge, Earl of11
Vallack, James27
Vallack, Sarah27
Veal, A27
Vincent, Mrs Admiral11
Vinson, Charles16
Vivian, Rev T3
Wakeman, Bartholomew44
Walter, Roger34
Warren, Ann16
Warren, William16
Watkins, John38
Watson, Elizabeth44
Watts, Mr29
Watts, Nicholas28
Watts, Richard39
Waybard, Agnes46
Webber, John32
Webber, Rev S32, 36
Webber, Sarah16
Welsford, G37
Welsford, J37
Welsford, R37
Welsh, James48
Wend, Robert22
Westcombe, Thomas48
Westlade, Agnes48
Westlake, Catherine40
Westlake, Nicholas34
Westlake, Simon35
Westlake, Thomas48
Wheeler, Lawrence54
White, John14
Whitrow, Barnard6, 46
Widdecombe, T51
Widger, Joseph51
Widger, W51
Wilcocks, James27
Willcocks, Joseph18
Wilcocks, W27
Willesford, R V29, 31
Williams, Joshua7
Williams, Thomas2
Windeatt, J29
Windeatt, T29
Winsor, George51
Winsor, John51
Winsor, William51
Wise, Elizabeth58
Wise, J58
Wise, Samuel5
Wivell, Richard35
Woolcombe, J3
Wotton, William56
Yeo, Richard25