Extracted by Jean E. Harris

Some testators had connections with other counties in England and, given the tremendous loss of the Devon probates in WW2, the following relate to places or people in Devon. These names appear in the volumes published by the Index Library, British Record Society.

(abbreviation <O.W.> - Original Will)

Vol 89 Part I (1363-1649)
BORANEJnchaplainSt And. Hol1414   1318
 Exeter dioc(ese)nun cup 
 (St Andrew, Holborn) 
EDGCOMBEPeers [in margin Wm.]gentSt Bot. Alders.1628733
 Maker, Devon <O.W.> [644v]
 (St Botolph, Aldersgate) 
 NOTE: A large part of this parish was in Devon 
 until it was transferred to Cornwall in 1844.  
RANSOMERd.cit(izen) & armor(er)St And. Hol.16035370
 Normanstown (Northmoston), Devon 
 (North Molton) <O.W.> [4215]
 (St Andrew, Holborn) 
RONDELLTho. <O.W.>1617[570]
 nephew Philip R., principal of Hart Hall, Oxford. 
 St M.M.; St Mich.; St Pet.-in-the E.;St Mart.; 
 St Giles(field names);St Aldate,in Oxford; 
 E.Woolvercott; Kidlington; "Hawkwell the Lynch" 
 & "Little Close"; Northam nr Oxford. 
 (Nich. R., unc(le). dec'd of Lamerton, Devon; 
 bequests to Wm R. k., Milton Abbot, Devon, 
 & Jn R. unc(le). Cornwall) 
TYREREdw.Westminster, d(ied) in Exeter 1643 
 adm./nun.cup. <O.W.> [17137]
 W to Anne OAGLE als T(YRER) m(other); 
 no exor names 
Vol 98 Part II (1661-1700)
LOVEWmSt Jas Cls. 168915107
 d(ied) in ship "Success" at Plymouth 
 Eliz. rel(ict) ren(ounced) adm. 
 (St James, Clerkenwell) 
POLLEXFENJudith, spin.St Ste. Wa.<O.W.>167810388
 d(ied) in Elsdon   [124v]
 (either Elston, Churchstow, or Elston, 
 Crediton) Devon. adm/W to bro(ther) Jn P. 
 (St Stephen Walbrook)