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Help and advice for Devon names in Canadian Wills 1859-1900

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Devon Names


Surrogate Court index of Ontario, Canada, 1859-1900

By June Gibson (compiler) and Elizabeth Hancocks (indexer)

Generation Press, 172 King Henrys Blvd., Agincourt, Ontario M1T 2V6

Extracted by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by permission of Elizabeth Hancocks of Generation Press

These names are of individuals who are known to be from Devon - there may well be others who also came from Devon, but this cannot be determined from the indexes. Those entries in the listings below that are marked "(trans)" are ones for which Elizabeth Howard has transcriptions of the actual probate records. In other cases, further information is available only from the actual records.
Ontario Archives provides a research guide that describes how to find a will that was filed in an Ontario court, which are available on microfilm at the Archives.

Volume 4 - Northumberland & Durham Counties

BRAND;Charlotte, Hope, #3681, 1895
BRAND; Daniel, Hope, #757, 1871
BRAND; Jonathan, Hope, #1315, 1878
BRAUND; John, Port Hope, #117, 1861 (trans)
BRANIAN; John, Darlington, #352, 1866
BRANTON; Elizabeth, Darlington, #1801, 1883 (trans)
BRANTON; Lucille Grace, Newcastle, #3779, 1895
BRENTON; Henry, S Monaghan, #1252, 1877
BRENTON; Philip, Percy, #2093, 1885
BARKWELL; infants, (and Wm) Hamilton, #2891, 1891
BARKWELL, Wm, Port Hope, #3299, 1893
ELLIOTT; Alexander, Billings, Cramahe, #2048, 1885
ELLIOTT; Arthur, Cramahe, #3181, 1892
ELLIOTT; Edward, Cavan, #1484, 1880
ELLIOTT; George, Clarke, #2389, 1888
ELLIOTT; James, Percy, #1073, 1876
ELLIOTT; James the elder, #768, 1872 (trans)
ELLIOTT; John Charles, Hope, #2370, 1887 (trans)
ELLIOTT; Robert, Percy, #1129, 1876
ELLIOTT; Rosannah, Cramahe, #3850, 1896
GLIDDON; James, Port Hope, #3886, 1896
GLIDDON; Mary, Port Hope, #1953, 1884
GLOYN; John, Hope, #5111, 1868
JEWELL; John, Darlington, #2387, 1888
JEWELL; Joseph, Haldimand, #2288, 1887
MOUNTJOY; Richard, Darlington, #2335, 1887
MOUNTJOY; Thomas, Darlington, #2918, 1891
ROBINS; Rev Paul, Bowmanville, #2756, 1890 (trans)
ROBINS; Mary Ann, Bowmanville, #3319, 1893
YEO; Frederick Westaway, Port Hope, #3582, 1894
VANSTONE; John, Port Hope, #741 and 2, 1871 (trans)

Volume 25 - Huron County

BARKWELL;Hugh, gent, Exeter, #468, 1875
BARKWELL; James, yeoman, Usborne t'p, #150, 1871
BARKWELL; Mary, widow, Exeter, #1937, 1889
BARKWELL; Richard, gent, Exeter, #278, 1873
BARKWILL; Richard, gent, Clinton, #3222, 1897
BAWDEN; Elizabeth, a married woman, Exeter, #1150, 1883
BAWDEN; Infants, G, Exeter, #359, 1883
BRAIND; Lewis, tailor, Seaforth, #2612, 1893
CHING; James, farmer, Stephen t'p, #482, 1876
CHING; Thomas, yeoman, Hay t'p, #2172, 1891
CREWS; Wm, yeoman, Colborne t'p, #2227, 1891
ENYON; John Hicks, gent, Exeter, #172, 1888
ENYON; Ann, Usborne t'p, #1789, 1888
PRIDHAM; Albert Edward, merchant, Goderich, 1892
PRIDHAM; John, cooper, Goderich, 1894
QUICK; John, labourer, Goderich, 1862
QUICK; infants, Goderich, 1862
RODD; Wm and Mary, Exeter, 1897 and 1898
SHUTE; Thomas, gent, Exeter, #3291, 1897
TREMEER; William, yeoman, Tuckersmith t'p, #1449, 1885
TREMERE; Titus, yeoman, Usborne t'p, #372, 1865
VANSTONE; Richard, farmer, Colborne t'p, #554, 1876
VANSTONE; Thomas, yeoman, Colborne t'p, #235, 1872
VANSTONE; William, gent, Brussels, #2056, 1890