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This was a church court of appeal and the archives still held at the Lambeth Palace Library are quite extensive. The following is the quote from their web site:

"The Court of Arches, the court of appeal of the Archbishop of Canterbury, dates back to the 13th century, but with the exception of a dozen volumes, the extensive archive dates from the Restoration. In its heyday the court exercised an extensive jurisdiction over marriage, probate and testamentary disputes, defamation, church property (rates, tithes, fabric of churches), and morals of the clergy and laity. The archive is very extensive. It includes over 2000 process books, transcripts of proceedings in the lower court sent up on appeal, and exhibits, including mediaeval title deeds (Fineshade cartulary), court books, probate accounts, churchwardens' accounts, rate books etc."

Given that the Court of Arches resolved many disputes regarding probates, it is reasonable to assume that copies of the wills were provided to this court to determine the rights of either the plaintiffs or the defendants. There is a book that has an index to all the cases in these Court of Arches records:

Index of cases in the records of the Court of Arches at Lambeth Palace Library 1660-1913, - J. Houston, ed. [British Record Society, Index Library, Volume 85]

The Toronto Reference Library has a copy of this volume and from this I have extracted Devon names for which there is a reference to either a legacy or a will. Also here is a summary list giving the definitions of the abbreviations. The Latter Day Saints (Mormons) has filmed some of these records and the film numbers can be found at their web site by entering "Church of England Court of Arches of Canterbury".


A 1-41 Act Books, 1635, 1660-1773: a brief chronological record of business transacted by the court
Aa 1-99          Acts of Court, 1679-1818: drafts for the Act Books. The Acts of court are included in the index only for periods not covered by the act books.
Aaa 1-50 Assignation Books 1663-1875: rough record of steps assigned in each suit for the use of officials. This series has not been included in the index as the information is duplicated in the act books.
B 1-19 Sentences, 1560-1561, 1622-1623, 1639-1640, 1661-1797.*
Bb 1-106 Decrees 1634-1638, 1664-1799: files of orders addressed to local apparitors and returned on execution of the instructions. The decrees include citations to appear, monitions to carry out instructions, and inhibitions to lower courts*
Bbb 1-1598 Commissions 'in partibus', 1662-1805: commissions to local officials to take evidence of parties or witnesses unable to come to London. The commisssions were returned with the evidence (see also E-Eee).
C 1-6 Appeals, 1661-1803
D 1-2351 Process Books, 1660-1893: copies of acts and documents relating to the conduct of the suit in the lower court.
E 1-48 Libels, Articles, Allegations and Interrogatories, 1660-1799
E 1-11 Personal Answers, 1661-1798: answers of the principal parties to articles set out in E.
Eee 1-81 Depositions 1664-1855: answers of witnesses to interrogatories set out in E.
F 1-12 Muniment Books 1554-1815: copies of documents produced in evidence and not retained by the court.*
Ff 1-296 Original Exhibits, 1554-1915: documents produced in evidence and retained by the court.
G 1-178 Papers exhibited, 1660-1799: documents produced during the prosecution of a case, including petions, penances, and curations, 1660-1677 (# 0-02); excommunication schedules, 1666-1725 (#1-4); letters of request, 1701-1713 (# 5); royal monitions 1683-1713 (#6); royal writs of prohibition, 1662- 1709 (#7-15); proxies, 1668-1714 (#16); testamentary inventories and accounts, 1661-1710 (#17-59); copies of wills and codicials, 1701-1719 (#60-71, 98, 103); miscellaneous documents, 1700-1800 (#72-156); exhibits by cases 1728-1799 (#157-178).
H 1-996 Nineteenth Century case papers, 1800-1880
Hh 1-51 Nineteenth Century case papers, 1869-1913
Hhh 1-11 Nineteenth century administrative papers
J 1-35 Bill of Costs, 1663-1909: accounts of expenses often including those incurred in the lower court.
Jj 1-9 Bonds, 1662-1796: bonds to pay legacies, to observe covenants and sentences.
Jjj 1-11 Financial Documents, 1702-1898: miscellaneous accounts by officials.*
K 1-22 Books relating to Proctors, 18th-19th Centuries.*
Kk 1-15 Papers relating to Proctors, 18th-19th Centuries.*
Kkk 1-20 Commission for the admission of Advocates and Proctors, 1701-1862.*
Ll 1-20 Records of Other Courts, 1635-1824.*
M 1- Records of cases heard from 1914 onwards.*
N 1-6 Statutes, precedents, and forms.*
O 1-13 List and Indexes.*
*Only the records from 1660 are entered in the list of cases. For details of the earlier records refer to the catalogue of the Court of Arches at Lambeth Palace Library


    legacy of Giles VINICOMBE of Crediton, Devon (Exeter)
    (see also WINICOMBE v ADAMS)
ADAMS v SAWLE 1731 Mary A. v Agnes S.
    will of Nich. Rook. R. of Dartington, Devon
    sentence 15 Feb 1732 (Exeter)
    A28; B15/208; D6; E 30/13; J 14/37
ANDREWES v ANDREWES & LUX 1713 Judith A. v Danl A. & Wm L.
    legacy of Gideon ANDREWES of Kenton, Devon
    (Archdnry of Exeter)
    A26; D34,36,1325
APPLING v HORE & CARSLAKE 1788 Wm Bernard A. v Wm H. & Bampfield C.
    legacy of Wm APPLING of Branscombe, Devon
    Aa82/87; Aa84/2,14,19; Aa85/2,10; Aa86/23, 48;
    Bbb 1557-9,1561; E47/32; G154/27,51
ARTHUR v LANYON 1678 Danl.A. v Phil & Hester L
    legacy of Jn LANYON of Plymouth, Devon
    A13 ff/58,70,80,119,186
ASHFORD v ASHFORD 1792 Jn A. v Grace A.
    will of Bart ASHFORD of Alphington, Devon (Exeter)
    Aa86/49; C5/141; D54; E45/75; G155/20
ASKIN v LACEY 1678 Mercy A. als COPLESTON v. Wm L.
    legacy Mercy HOALE of Upton Pyne, Devon
ATKINS v HAYMAN 1706 Susan A. v Geo. H
    will of Mary LARE of Ottery St Mary, Devon
AUSTIN v SOWTON 1703 Florence A. v Mary S.
    legacy of Jonathan SOWTON of Stockland, Dorset
    A24; G62/4
BATTIN v EDMONDS 1707 Abraham B. v Wm E.
    will of Agnes YEABSLEY of Doddiscombleigh, Devon
    (Archdnry of Exeter)
BAYLY v HELE 1684 Jn B v Joan H. of Ashreigney, Devon
    will of Richd. BAYLY of Winkleigh, Devon (Exeter)
BEARE v IVY & BEARE 1671 Wm B. v Jn I. & Peter B.
    will of Jn BREWER of Tiverton, Devon
    sentence 27 Jan 1673 (Exeter)
    A8 f141;A9 ff13,23,31,36,45,52,79,89,124;
    A10 ff134,16,22,34,38,52,74,104,113,114,121.
    142,171,180,189,194; B8/122;
    Bbb301,303; C1 f300; D1118; G 01/2,3
BELTON v RIGSBY 1714 Cath B. of Gt Torrington, Devon v. Mary R.
    sentence 4 Feb 1715
    Aa 21/223, 248, 258, 272; B14/274; J8/34
BICKFORD & COCK v BROWNE 1699 Eliz. B.& Eliz.c. v Agnes B.
    will of Thos. BROWNE of Stoke-in-Teignhead, Devon
    sentence 18 June 1700 (Archdnry of Exeter)
    A23; B13/92; C3 f5; D168A,283; J5/52
BISHOP & BARTER 1740 Eliz. B. v Robt. B.for Mary Scott
    legacy of Mary MOSES of Exeter (Exeter)
    A30; E36/89
BLACKALLER v BLACKALLER 1681 Sarah B. v Ralec B.
    legacy of Thos. BLACKALLER of Churston Ferrers, Devon
BLACKMORE v BURROUGH 1686 Jane B. als HEIFER v Hannah B.
    inventory of goods of Thomas HEIFER of Harpford, Devon
    sentence 13 Dec 1686
BRIANT v SEARLE 1667 Mary B. als SEARLE v Jn S.
    will of Jn SEARLE of Kings Teignton, Devon (Exeter)
    A5; D294
BROWNE v BICKFORD & COCK 1699 Agnes B. v Elias B & Eliz. C
    will of Thos. BROWNE of Stoke-in-Teignhead, Devon
    (Archdnry Exeter)
    D168A 283
BULLER v MILLES 1784 Wm B. (D(ean) of Exeter) v Jeremiah & Thos M.
    (will of Jeremiah MILLES, late D.)
    Aa79/20; E46/44, E47/3; G151/49; G152/52
BUTSON v SPARKE 1669 Jn B. v Jn S.
    legacy of Agnes BUTSON of Exeter
    A6, A7; Bbb179,187,193
CAREW v KEED 1667 Peter C. v Mary K,
    will of Eliz. COOKE of Alphington, Devon
    sentence 5 July 1667 (Exeter)
    A5, B5/35; B7/49; C 1ff 148/9
CHIDLEY v BARKHAM & ALLEN 1670 Sir Geo.C. bt v Jn B. & Wm A.
    legacy of Wm STRODE of Mempe, Devon
    A7; A8ff 19,27,34
CHURCHWARD v CHURCHWARD 1790 Robt. C v Charity C.
    will of Jn CHURCHWARD of Totnes, Devon
    (Archdnry of Totnes - Exeter)
    Aa 85/37; D411; E45/68; G154/94,97
CLAP v CLAP 1691 Deborah C. v Wm C.
    will of Hester CLAP of Salcombe, Devon
CLIFFE v CLIFFE 1671 Rich. C. v Weymond C.
    legacy of Thos CLIFFE of Curriton, Devon
    A9 ff2,13,24; A11; A13 ff2,72
COLES v COLES 1672 Jn C. v Wm C.
    will of Robt COLES of Willand, Devon (Exeter)
    A9 f142; A10 ff 72,98,117,132,156; D446
COOKE v FARR 1763 Mich. C. v Jn F.
    will of Mich. COOKE of Bicton, Devon (Exeter)
    sentence 1 Dec 1763
    A34; B18/29; B19/40; D467; E40/87; J19/32
COPPLESTON v TOMPKINS 1676 Jn C. S.T.P., Chancellor of Exeter Cathedral
    v Jn T.
    will of Thos. TOMPKINS, late Chancellor
CROSS v WEBBER 1772 Rich. C. v Fra W.
    will of Chas WEBBER farmer of Topsham, Devon
    A35 ff203,205,211,215,216,221,222,234;
    C6/72; D528; E41/118
DAVY v FREAGLE & DELVE 1663 Ann D. v Ursula F. als DELVE & Mary D.
    legacy of Jn DAVY of Medland, Devon
    A2 ff174,196,209,232,241
DESAUNES v DECUS 1786 Clarissa, Fra. HARDY & Eliz. D. v Marianna D.
    legacy of Jn SELLON of Exeter
    Aa 81/29-31; Bbb 1545-7; E47/11,13,14;
    F12 f69; G152/70-5
EDWARDS & LEWES v STOCKARD 1710 Cath E.& Frances L. v Henrietta S.
    will of Thos. BERRIE of Berrynarbor, Devon
    (Archdnry of Barnstaple)
    legacy of Jn HOLWELL of Woodbury, Devon
    sentence 24 May 1754
    A33; B17/219; D671; E 38/1; J18/72
ELLIS v LAND 1663 Marg. E. als LAND v Richd.L
    legacy of Marg. WEARE of Holbeton, Devon
    A2 f207; G18/5
EMETT v MICHELMORE 1661 Eliz E. v Jn M,
    legacy of Jn MICHELMORE of Harberton, Devon
    A2 ff19,23,34,40,56,72,78,82,89,108;F7 f232
EVANS v EATON 1783 Maria Sophia E. v Hannah Sophia E.
    legacy of Jn EATON of Bradninch, Devon
FORD v STEVINS 1681 Jn F. Joan S. als HURRELL
    will of Wm HURRELL of Matborough, Devon
    sentence 21 Nov 1682 (Exeter)
    A 15 A 16; B10/79; Bbb519
    (see also HURRELL v FORD)
FRIEND v LEY 1720 Arthur F. v Sarah L.
    will of Sarah COLES of Huish, Devon
    sentence Feb 1722
    Aa 27/111; B15/45; D782; J10/20
FRY v MELHUISH 1788 Mary F. v Eliz M.
    will of Thos FRY of Cullompton, Devon (Exeter)
    Aa 83/1
FUGARS v FUGARS 1718 Robina F. v Jas F.
    will of Wm FUGARS of Ponghill, Devon
    sentence 16 May 1718
    Aa 24/207,222,232; Aa 25/6,13,24,28,36,61,68;
    Aa 26/37; B15/3; D794; F10 f33(will); Ff250; J8/97
GENTOT v DECUS 1786 Susanna Ann G. v Marianna D.
    legacy of Jn SELLON of Exeter
    Aa 81/10, 46; Bbb 1548; E47/15; F12 f71
GILL v RICHARDS 1666 Eliz G. als RICHARDS v Thos R.
    legacy of Jane RICHARDS of Rewe, Devon
    sentence 5 July 1667 (Exeter)
    A5; B5/36; B7/50; C1 ff121-2; D1741
GLUB v CRADOCK & LANGDON 1742 Emlyn G. v Wm C. & Thos L.
    will of Jasper TOWNSEND of Huntshaw, Devon
    (Archdnry of Barnstaple & Canterbury s.v.Exeter)
    A 31
    [s.v. - sede vacante]
GOODYEARE v LANYON 1678 Moses & Aaron G. v Phil & Hester L.
    legacy of Jn LANYON of Plymouth, Devon
    A14; Bbb 446, 454
HAMMOND v LETHEREN 1683 Simon H. v Richd L.
    will of John HAMMOND of Winkleigh, Devon
    sentence 25 Feb 1685 (Exeter)
    A16, A17; B10/201; Bbb 558,593;D 926,927; E7/90
HARRIS v FORTESCUE 1666 Phil H. v Bart F.
    will of Arthur HARRIS of Norton, Devon (Exeter)
    A5; D768
HARRIS V HARRIS 1771 Jos H. v Jn & Grace H.
    will of Robt HARRIS of Crediton, Devon
    A35 ff167,172,174,177,182,191,196,200,206,213,217,
    219,225,236,245,246; D962; E41/106; G140/69,73; J21/7
HARWAR v DOWNMAN 1663 Ann, Jn, Wm, Ann, Prudence, Ralph & Saml H.
    v Edw & Jas D.
    legacy of Judith SIMMONDS of Plymouth, Devon
    receipt 31 July 1663
    A 2 ff225
HOARD v SAVERY 1725 Wm H. chwdn of Cornwood, Devon v Waltham S.
    legacy of Wm SAVERY
HOLE v DOLMAN & WELLINGTON 1736 Rebecca H. v Robt D. of Northam, Devon & Peter W.
    will of Jeffery FOLLET (Archdnry of Barnstaple & Exeter)
HONEY v HONEY 1836 Eliz H. v Wm, Rich H.
    legacy of Mary HONEY of Plympton St Mary, Devon
HUNT v SARELL 1753 Wilmot H. v Rich S.
    legacy of Jn HUNT of Chagford, Devon
    sentence 17 June 1754
    A33; B18/1; B19/1; E38/6; J18/70
HURRELL v FORD 1681 Joan H.als STEVENS v Jn F.
    will of Wm HURRELL of Marlborough, Devon
    (see also FORD v STEVINS)
HUTCHINGS v SPARKE 1787 Hannah & Mary H. v Robt S.
    legacy of Hy SPARKE of Dartmouth, Devon
    As85/3; E47/24, 25; G153/27,28
JENNINGS v BRERETON & RHODES 1791 Oliver J. of Clyst Honiton, Devon, v
    Maria, Philipa B. & Geo R. clk - tithes
    will of Jn SLEECH, late R. (?Rector)
    Aa 86/3, Aa 87/1,3,15,23, Aa 89/2; D1144;
    E45/72, E47/55; G154/108, G155/14; J23/4
JOPE v COURTENAY 1730 Ann J. v Geo C.
    will of Eliz COURTNAY of Walreddon, Whitechurch, Devon
    sentence 1 Mar 1731 (Archdnry of Totnes, Exeter)
    A27; B15/190, B16/54; D1159; E29/130, E31/44
LEY v JORDAN 1712 ---L. v Thos J.
    will of Hugh JORDAN of E(ast)Ogwell, Devon
LEWIS & MOULTON 1688 Geo L. v Lucy M.
    will of Jn LEWIS of Newton Bushell, Devon
    sentence 9 Dec 1690 (Archdnry of Totnes)
    A19, A20; B5/211, B11/150; B12/7; Bbb750; C2 f382;
    Eee 7ff150-1; J 5/52
LYDE v DATE 1744 Jn L v Hugh D.
    will of Jas BUCKLEY, farmer of Churstow,tithes, Devon
    sentence 24 May 1745 (Exeter)
    A31; B16/210, B17/165; C5 f96; D1328; E36/181; J17/28
MADDAFORD v SMERDON 1760 Steph M. v Jn S.
    will of Arthur MADDAFORD of Tavistock, Devon
    sentence 2 May 1761 (Archdnry of Totnes)
    A34; B19/36; D1914; E40/48; G133/146; J19/44
MANLY v MANLY 1707 Jn M. v Alex M.
    will of Robt MANLY of Tiverton, Devon
    sentence 9 Dec 1707 (Exeter)
    A25; B14/125; Bbb 943; D1345; F9 f146; J7/31
MARWOOD v STREETE 1667 Thos M. for Jn & Wm STREETE v Robt S.
    will of Wm STREETE of South Pool, Devon (Exeter)
    A5; D1365
MASON v REYNOLDS 1853 Wm M. v Hy Revell R. solicitor for H.M.Treasury
    will of Robt NICHOLLS of Tamerton Folliott, Devon
    Inter. decree 15 April 1854 (Exeter)
MASTER v BARKHAM & ALLEN 1671 Rich M. for Robert COLE v Wm B. & Jn A.
    will of Wm STRODE of ?
    (place name not stated ? Mempe, Devon as @ CHIDLEY etc)
    A9ff 15,20
MAYNE v CEELY 1699 Chris M. v Jn C., clk
    will of Jn MAYNE of Exeter (Salisbury)
    A22, A23; Bbb 844, 850, 857; C2 f794;
    F9 f93;G 60/1 (will)
MEDFORD v HORWOOD 1663 --- M. v Alice H.
    will of Jas COOKE of Branstaple, Devon
    A2 ff235,275,277
MORGAN v MORGAN 1838 Ann M. v Thos French M.
    will of Jn MORGAN of W. Appledore, Devon (Exeter)
    H558/1-12 (w.process book); Hhh 13pp164-8 (will)
MOULTON v LEWIS 1690 Lucy M. v Geo, Ann & Sybil L.
    will of Jn LEWIS of Newton Bushell, Devon
    A19, A20; Bbb720; D1445
MOXHAM v STARR 1732 Mary M. v Prudence S.
    will of Jn MOXHAM of Topsham peculiar, Devon
    sentence 3 Nov 1732 (D. & C. of Exeter)
    A28; B15/216, B16/73; D1446; E30/84; J14/28
MUNDY v SHEPPARD 1770 Thos M. v Martha S.
    will of Jas SHEPPARD of Ottery St Mary, Devon
    sentence 1 Dec 1770 (Exeter)
    A35 ff87,91,94,99,101,103,106,108,114,116,119,123;
    B19/58; D1458; E41/82; F11 ff1440;J20/15
NELFIELD v HENNING 1701 Alice N. v Jane H. als WILLIAMS
    legacy of Paul PULLEYN of St Mary, Plympton, Devon
    A23; Bbb 861; E13/50; G60/3
NORTHEY v COCK 1821 Emmanuel N. v Richd C.
    admon of goods of Mary ROW of Broadwoodwiger, Devon
    H355/1-40; Hhh13 ff 33-37
NOSWORTHY v GOULD 1683 Rebecca N. v Joan G. als HINGSTON
    will of Jn HINGSTON of Exeter
    A16; D1503
OPY v PARRE 1668 Cath O. als CROCKER v Sibly P.
    will of Peter PARRE of Exeter
    A5; E2/276-83,286-7; E3/227
OSBORNE etc v REYNELL etc 1682 Hugh O., Mary SEAWARD als OSBORNE,
    Marg RYDER als OSBORNE etc
    v Thos R. Martin R. & Fra CHICHESTER
    legacy of Sir Jn FOWELL bt of Fowlescombe,Devon
    sentence 13 July 1682
    A15, A16; B10/73
PARKER v DURANT 1684 Agnes P. v Mary D.
    legacy of Thos DURANT of Plymouth, Devon
    Receipt 16 Feb 1685
    A17; Bbb616; F8 f204
PHILLIPS v STEVENS 1748 Mary P. v Wm S.
    legacy of Geo PHILLIPS of Exeter
    A32; E37/55
POOKE v POOKE 1740 Leo P. als POCOCKE als PEACOCK v Geo P.
    will of Geo POOKE of Kentisbeare, Devon (Exeter)
    A30; D1655
RANDLE v STEVENS 1696 Bridle R. v Ann S.
    legacy of Alex CORNELIUS of Dalwood, Dorset
    A21, A22
RENDELL & HEARN v WINSOR & BENNETT   1818 Samuel R. & Wm H. v Phil W. & Wm B.
    inventory of goods of Jn FOLLAND of Bovey Tracey, Devon
    H244/1-10 (Exeter)
ROOPE v ROOPE 1663 Edw R. v Nich R.
    will of Nich ROOPE of Dartmouth, Devon
    A2 ff216,261,305
ROWE v BLIGHE 1754 Wm R. v Alice B.
    will of Wm ATKINS of Hartland, Devon (Exeter)
    A33; D1803; E38/30; G128/22/39
ROYSTERNE v LANYON 1678 Heater R. v Phil L.
    legacy of Jn LANYON of Plymouth, Devon
    A14; Bbb 446,454
SAMSON v HARKER 1830 Amelia S. v Thos H.
    legacy of Wm HARKER of Exeter
SCOTT v ROBERTS 1764 Dorothy S. v Edm R.
    will of Jos MARTIN of Upton Pyne, Devon (Exeter)
    A34; Bbb/1470,1473; D1850; E40/96, E42/22; F11 f120;
    G134/81,82 (will)
SEARELL v BRADRIDGE 1762 Agnes S. v Peter B.
    legacy of Jacob SEARELL of Staverton, Devon
    sentence 23 Feb 1763 (Exeter)
    A34; B18/28; Bbb 1468; D 1855; E40/77; Jj 8/49
SEARLE v LONG 1683 Eliz S. v Thos L. clk
    will of Phil SEARLE,late R(ector) of Whimple, Devon
    A16 (Exeter)
SKINNER v SOMMERS & WEBBER 1734 Sarah S. v Nich S. & Wm W.
    will of Joan DOUNTON of Exeter
    sentence 4 Feb 1735 (Archdnry of Exeter)
    A28, A29; B16/99, B17/33; D1899; E30/160;
SMERDON v WHITEWAY 1711 Eliz S. v Jn W.
    will of Bridget WREYFORD of Ipplepen, Devon
    sentence 14 June 1711 (Exeter)
    A26; B14/193; C3 f247
  of the GOSPEL v ATKIN    
    legacy of Penelope SAFFIN of Exeter
    A31; E36/199; G119/2,15
    inventory of goods of Thos SOUTHCOMBE
    of Crediton,Devon
    sentence 30 June 1762 (Exeter)
    A34; B18/27, B19/39; C6/45; D1936,1945; E40/72
    G133/39,40; J19/28,29
STREETE v STREETE 1668 Wm S. & Jn S. p.c. v Dorothy S.
    will of Wm STREETE of S. Pool, Devon
    sentence 21 Nov 1670 (Exeter)
    A5, A6; A8 ff9,18, 19, 25, A9 f11, A10 f44; B 8/4
STRELLEY v STRELLEY 1677 Peter S. v Ann S.
    legacy of Geo STRELLEY of Plymouth, Devon
    A12, A13 f7
STRONG v STRONG & HART 1747 Jn S. v Wm S. & Thos H.
    will of Chas STRONG of Pinhoe, Devon
    will of Jn MATHEW of Rockbeare, Devon (Exeter)
    A14; D2013
SYNDERCOMBE v COMB 1733 Ann S. v Bennett C.
    will of Ruth BENNETT of Catstock, Devon
    receipt 21 July 1733
    A28; Bbb 1255; E 30/125; F10 f123; G105/5; Jj7/25
THORNE v THORNE 1679 Wm T., p.c. v Hy T.
    will of Hy THORNE of Bishop's Nympton, Devon
    A14, A18; Bbb462; E6/148
TRENEMAN v SAVERY 1726 Wm T. chwdn of Cornwood, Devon v Waltham S.
    legacy of Wm SAVERY of Slade (Cornwood, Devon)
    E28/71; G96/21
TRIPE v TRIPE 1815 Wm Dunning T. v Cornelius T.
    legacy in will of Eliz LUGGAR of Exeter
TUCKYR & PEARSE v SMITH & ROWELL 1669 Jn T. & Wm P. for Walter TUCKYR v Wm S. & Jn R.
    will of Walter SUCKLER of Lydford, Devon
TYRRELL v AYSH 1671 Moses T. v Ann A.
    legacy of Wm TYRRELL of Pinhoe, Devon (Exeter)
    A9 ff 10,45,51,82b; A10 f6; D21,32
VOYSEY v COLES 1695 Jn V. v Edw C.
    will of Wm HIDGE of Harberton, Devon
    sentence 15 Feb 1696 (Exeter)
    A21; B12/123;C2 f632; D2152; J4/7
WARHAM v WARHAM 1702 Thos W. v Thos. W
    legacy of Nich. WARHAM of Shute, Devon
    A23; G61/4 (will)
WAYE v EWENS 1736 Rich W. v Rich E.
    will of Mich MARDON of Bishop's Teignton, Devon
    sentence 21 June 1737 (Exeter)
    A29; B16/138, B17/69; D708; E33/50; F10 f158(will);
    G111/48, G113/40, G116/8; J15/69
WESTERN v POPE 1671 Eleanor & Ann W. v Jn P.
    will of Ambrose POPE of Cruwys Morchard, Devon
    sentence 28June 1672
    A8 ff113,137, A9 ff1,14,22,37,57,66,71,80,84,94,
    111,119128;B5/68, B8/108; D1656
WHITEWAY v FIELD 1842 Mark W. v Mary F.
    legacy of Wm MUDGE of Torquay, Devon
    (Archdnry of Totnes)
    D2295; H644/1-17
WINICOMBE v ADAMS 1670 Thos & Giles W. v Frances A. als WINICOMBE
    will of Giles WINICOMBE of Crediton, Devon
    sentence 26 Jan 1671
    A7; A8 ff12/33,39,47,51,66,70; B 8/8
    (see also VINICOMBE v ADAMS)