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Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Letters of Administration 1620-1630

by J.H. Morrison (London, 1935)

Extracted by Jean E. Harris


The following is an index of Devonians appearing in this Morrison volume. It is advisable to read Morrison's preface but this is a brief quote from his book to clarify the source of these PCC administrations:

"The original Acts and Bonds, constituting (in effect) the "Letters of Administration" issued by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in respect of the estates of persons dying intestate within its jurisdiction, are not extant before the year 1714 in the official archives, now preserved at Somerset House. But an almost unbroken series of Administration Act Books, beginning in 1559, records the gist of these departed documents; and the contents of four of these Act Books form the basis of the present volume... The Act Books are written entirely in Latin (except for the Commonwealth period)."

Where Morrison has preserved at Somerset House, these documents will now be held at the National Archives, Kew, London.
Surname Forename Place Admin. Granted to Relationship Sworn Before Date Folio
& #
Additional Notes
ACHIM als GORGES Lady Mary Plymouth Sir Fras. FULFORD kt & John BERRYMAN brother & kin John GEE & Wm LAMBERT clks 1 Aug 1623 f 45 husband Sir Ferd.GORGES renounced
ACKLAND John Exeter John ACKLAND son   14 April 1630 f 162 consent of relict Joan ADAMS
ADAMS Thomas Dartmouth Joan ADAMS relict Mich.THOMPSON clk 10 June 1626 f 88  
ALLEN Thomas Uplyme Al(ice) ALLEN relict Sam.NORRINGTON clk 16 Mar. 1628/9 f 83  
ALSOP John Exeter Wm FILL kin   4 Nov.1624 f 128 17th Mar 1621/2 prob. of nunc. Will to Judith ALSOPP als SHAPCOTT
AMY Samuel Exeter Rob. SPARROWE of Tiverton, merchant creditor Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 21 Dec. 1621 f 153  
ANDREWE als MORRIS John Plymouth Al. BARKER als CAPELL kin   22 Nov 1620 f 95  
ANTHONY John Diocese of Exeter decd abroad unmarried Tho. SPURWAY husband of Lucy SPURWAY maternal aunt   19 Apr 1620 f91 during minority of Susan CHESSON & Lucy ANTHONY sisters of decd
ARSCOTT Charles esq Budley Fras. ARSCOTT Esq brother Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 31 Jan 1628/9 f 71  
AUSTEN John Dartmouth Mary AUSTEN relict Wal. WILSHAM clk 21 Oct 1629 f 201  
AVERY Thomas Braunton Elizabeth AVERY relict Roger BOWCHER clk 6 April 1629 f 87  
BAKER Arthur Barnstaple Thomazine HARRIS, wid. sister   13 Jan 1619/20 f 52  
BAKER Francis gent Exeter Modestie WELDON als BAKER relict   22 Sept 1627 f 169  
BALL Christopher Kingskerswell PentHecost BALL relict John HAYCROFTE clk 1 June 1622 f 183  
BALL Thomas Tormoham Wm BALL son Hen. BATTEN & John TROSSE clks 18 June 1625 f 172  
BARNACOTT Lancelot Orston, Plymouth Pru. BARNACOTT relict Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 28 Oct 1630 f 195  
BARNEBROOK als PENNEY Henry Plymouth Wm. BARNEBROOK als PENNEY brother Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 17 May 1626 f 84  
BARRET William Harpford Ellen FARRANT als HELLIER next of kin John DYNHAM rector of Chagford 7 Feb 1622/3 f 10  
BARRET William Harpford Geo. BARRET brother Tho. HALL clk 16 Aug 1623 f 44 grant to Ellen FARRANT als HELLIER annulled
BATTERSBIE Frances Plymouth Lady Eliz. SLINGSBY maternal aunt Dr BATES 28 Nov 1622 f 205  
BEARE Thomas Huntsham Mary BEARE relict   Sent 1631 f 158 pending lite. between said Mary BEARE & Thomazin COLLINS sister
BERRY Mary Berrynarber Pru. BERRY mother Wm HEARLE clk 25 Oct 1621 f 143  
BERRY Prudence Berrynarber Pru. BERRY mother Wm HEARLE clk 25 Oct 1621 f 141  
BERRY Richard Berrynarber Pru. BERRY & Catherine BERRY als BURLACE mother & sister Tho. COLMER Vic of Newton 4 Oct 1621 f 139  
BERRYMAN William Northam Joan BERRYMAN relict   15 Jan 1619/20 f 53  
BIGGLESTON Philip Exeter Rob. BIGGLESTON son Tho. IRISHE clk 20 Oct 1621 f 144 relict Joan BIGGLESTON renounced
BLACKALLER John Dartmouth Margaret BLACKALLER relict Wal. WILSHAM Vic of Townstall 1 Oct 1622 f 199  
BLACKMORE William St Mary Downe John BLACKMORE nephew Hugh CHOLMELEY rector of Tiverton 17 Nov 1623 f 62  
BLAGDON Richard Clawton Anthony BLAGDON next of kin Wm BATTISHILL clk 11 Sept 1628 f 48  
BLAGUE Cornelius esq Plymouth Alice BLAGUE relict   18 May 1627 f 149  
BLANCH Dorothy spinster Widworthy Maurice BLANCH brother Hump. JENKINS clk 6 Nov 1630 f 202  
BOROUGH John St Pancras Exeter Pru. BOROUGH relict Wm SHEARES clk 9 Mar 1625/6 f 75  
BOWDICH George Chardstock George BOWDICH son   8 Apr 1624 f 86 will proved June 1624
BRADFORD Nicholas Clayhidon Bridget BRADFORD relict Wm LEE Rector of Claydidon 23 Aug 1623 f 44  
BRAGG Robert Colliton Anne BRAGG relict Wm HULL Vic. of Crediton 26 Oct 1624 f 122  
BRANTON John Northam Alice PUGSLEIGH als BRANTON ?daughter   18 Jan 1619/20 f 52  
BRAWNE George Highhampton Grace (sic) BICKELL als BRAWNE nephew ex brother Art. SNELL & Hugh HILL clks 21 Dec. 1629 f 138  
BRIGS Thomas Aldeburgh in Suffolk died in Plymouth Elizabeth JUDE als BRIGS relict   25 May 1630 f 118  
BRIMSCOMBE Clement Plymstock Rich. BRIMSCOMBE next of kin   4 July 1622 f 190 in forma pauperis
BRIMSCOMBE Humfry Plymstock Richard BRIMSCOMBE next of kin   4 July 1622 f190 in forma pauperis
BRIMSCOMBE William Plymouth Richard BRIMSCOMBE nephew on father's side   29 Jan 1621/3 f 158 in forma pauperis May 1619 to son John BRIMSCOMBE now decd
BULLAS Thomas Tavistock Godfrey CROSWICKE of Bristol creditor   22 Aug 1628 f 44 relict Alice BULLAS renounced
BURGOYN Robert South Tawton Wm & Rob. BURGOYN sons Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 13 Dec 1628 f 63 relict Mary BURGOYNE renounced
BURGYNE William St Mary Church Joan BURGYNE relict   1 Feb 1620/1 f 108  
BUTTON Sir William kt Parksgate, Devon Lady Martha BUTTON relict   2 Mar 1624/5 f 150  
CADBURY John Uffculme Catherine CADBURY relict Tho. PEAR Vic. Of Minehead 22 Dec 1625 f 40  
CADE Simon St Nicholas John CADE brother Hen. WALLIS vic. of Plymouth 13 Sept 1624 f 114  
CALL Richard Topisham Judith CALL relict Rob. WOLCOMBE clk 26 Jan 1628/9 f 71  
CANSE Richard Seaton Alice CANSE relict Hen. PAYNTON clk 5 Sept 1623 f 49  
CARSWELL Leonard bach decd abroad at Rochell, France Nicholas HARRIS of Plymouth, merchant creditor   12 July 1630 f 176  
CHALDON als DOWNEMAN John Fremington, mariner Catherine CAHLDON als DOWNEHAM relict Wm. BLANCHARD clk 25 Oct 1628 f 53  
CHAMPERNOWNE Sir Richard Modbury Lady Elizabeth CHAMPERNOWNE relict Fras. TORKINGTON clk 20 Sept 1622 f 196  
CHAPPELL Elianor widow Exeter Peter TAYLOR & Joan his wife     12 Feb 1620/1 f 109 mother of children- John, Giles, Elianor & Wm. during their minority; revoked by Sentence 1621
CHAUNCELLOR Thomas Colliton Charity CHAUNCELLOR relict Jos. HALL clk 9 July 1629 f 106  
CHASE William Stockland Charity CHASE relict Alex. SKYNNER clk 18 Oct 1630 f 195  
CHAWNER John Pancraswicke but decd in St George, Southwark John CHAWNER son   27 June 1626 f 87 consent of relict of relic Edna CHAWNER
CHICHESTER Robert bach Rawleighe, Pilton Mary SIDENHAM mother   28 Sept 1629 f 116  
CHISWELL Ambrose Lodgewell decd abroad unmarried Christopher CHISWELL father Clement ELLIS & Jas KINGE clks 13 June 1630 f 171  
CHOPE John Townstall Alice CHOPE relict John PRINCE clk 5 June 1621 f 127  
CHUGG Anthony Biddiford Emma CHUGG relict Phil. ISAACKE clk 20 Dec 1626 f 125  
CHURCHWARD John Kingsweare Joan CHURCHWARD relict John TRAVERS clk 7 Mar 1628/9 f 83  
CLOODE William Ottery St Mary Henry HARTWELL of Long Burton, Dorset, clk nephew Abr. FORRESTER clk 1 June 1624 f 100  
CLOWBERY John Bradstone John HUNKIN husband of Grace HUNKIN als CROWBERRY nephew ex sister   8 Nov 1624 f 127 during minority of Jos HUNKIN dau (sic) of said Grace HUNKIN decd
CLOTWORTHY Bartholomew Meshaw Hugh PRUST gent & Chris.OSMOND gent creditors Thos. DOVE clk, curate of Hartland & John BRADFORD clks 4 Dec 1626 f 125  
CODNER Edward Teignmouth Judith CODNER relict   15 Jan 1621/2 f 157  
CODNER John Totnes John CODNER father   30 June 1623 f 32  
CODNER Peter Coffinswell Elianor CODNER relict Jas. RICHE clk 16 Aug 1621 f 135  
COLBY John Budleigh Richard COLBY next of kin   25 May 1625 f 162 new grant March 1630/1
COLE Thomas Tiverton Catherine COLE relict Wm, SHARPE clk 23 Apr 1625 f 156  
COLLYN Oliver Plymouth Christian COLLYN relict Hen. WALLIS vic. of Plymouth 18 Oct 1627 f 173  
COLLOPER Joan Townstal Pru. COLLOPER mother Nathl. MORE & Otho MORCOMBE clks 20 Jan 1626/7 f 130  
COLWILL als COLLINS John Alwington Jacketta COLWILL als COLLINS relict Rob. SPARKES clk 27 June 1621 f 127  
CONDITT Nicholas Brixham Jane CONDIT daughter John TRAVERS & Tho. LOVEYS clks 19 April 1625 f 158  
COMYNS John Morchard Bishop Peter COMYNS son John DYNHAM clk 9 Nov 1621 f 149  
CONNATT Josias St Nicholas Charity CONNATT relict Chris. WEARINGE & John BIRCHILL clks 2 Sept 1623 f 50  
COPPLESTON Thomas Exeter Elizabeth COPPLESTON relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 24 April 1630 f 164  
CORNISHE John Tavistock Elianor CORNISHE relict Ric. ADAMS clk 10 Jan 1625/6 f 44  
CORTER Robert Buckland Monachorum Thomas CORTER brother Lewis LAND clk 12 Oct 1630 F 195  
COTTON John widr St Mart. Vintry, London but decd at Plymouth Thomas COTTON nephew ex brother   5 Mar 1628/9 f 80 during minority of Jane & Elizabeth COTTON daus
COULTON Peter Exeter unmarried decd abroad Ursula COULTON mother Thos. BAKER clk 26 Nov 1630 f 203  
COUNSELL William Stockland Anges COUNSELL relict Alex. SKYNNER Vic of Stockland 1 June 1625 f 172  
COURTNEY William Blackawton decd at Exminster Mary MONCKE spinster creditor Sam. NORRINGTON clk 21 Mar 1629/30 f 158 relict renounced
COWELL Henry Bishops Tawton Elizabeth COWELL relict Hen, GRADDON clk 18 Oct 1621 f 144  
COWSE Thomasin widow West Teignmouth John COWSE ?son Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 27 May 1625 f 166 revoked 12th May 1627
CRANGE Peter Abbotsham Joan CRANGE relict Wm EAST rector of Bideford 21 Jan 1622/3 f 4  
CROBERD Robert Kingsweare Anne CROBERD relict John TRAVERS clk 18 June 1630 f 173  
CROMPTON Edward bach Gampton cum Greneway Thomas CROMPTON esq next of kin   24 Oct 1629 f 124  
CROOTE Peter Brixham Margaret CROOTE relict John TRAVERS clk 22 June 1626 f 92  
CROSSE John Colyton John CROSSE son Rob. PERRY clk 30 Sept 1627 f 170  
CROSSE Thomas Bickleigh Joan BUNBURY daughter Ric. FOSTER rector of Bickleigh 13 Oct 1624 f 119  
CROSSINGE Hugh Exeter Fras. CROSSINGE son Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 26 Apr 1622 f 172 New Grant 1639
CULLYFORD John Plymouth Elizabeth CULLYFORD relict Hen. WALLIS clk 27 Sept 1621 f 137  
CUTTIFORD Edward St Mary Church Isott CUTTIFORD relict   17 Feb 1619/20 f 57  
DABYNOT Thomas Chardstock Tho. DABYNOT son Roger KELLEY clk 11 June 1625 f 173  
DAVY Richard Pynney, Axmouth Hellen DAVY relict Ric. HARVEY clk 21 Jan 1625/6 f 48  
DAWKINS William Exeter Wm DAWKINS son John MAYNE clk 4 Aug 1621 f 134  
DEACON Jonas Plymouth Edward DEACON brother   12 Feb 1622/3 f 9  
DENNYNGE Robert Membury Wm. DENNYNGE son Wm KNOLLES Vic of Axminster 24 Mar 1625/6 f 75  
DENNIS Richard Braunton John DENNIS son Wm. CHALMER Vic of Braunton 4 Jan 1622/3 f 4  
DEUBAND als BURNARD Thomas Ashberton Avery DUBAND als BURNARD son Tho. IRISH clk 16 Apr 1625 f 156  
DOWNE John Witheridge Pollimore STUCKIE als DOWNE relict Fred. CARPENTER clk 5 Sept 1626 f104  
DOWNING Henry Stoke Gabriel Mary DOWNING relict   24 Apr 1622 f 172  
DRILLER Tobias Beare Ferrers Julian DRILLER relict Henry WALLIS Vic of Plymouth 7 Jan 1622/3 f 4  
DUNNS Michael Plymouth John DUNNS father   23 Apr 1628 f 20  
DYMOND Thomas Tarrington Henry BROWNE creditor   20 May 1626 f 84  
EASTMAN Edward Barnstaple Grace EASTMAN relict Wm COMPTON clk 31July 1630 f 179  
EASTON John widr Easton, Devon Tho. NASHE of Exeter, draper creditor Tho. BAKER clk 7 Aug 1630 f 182  
ELLIOTT Richard Dunsford Joan ELLIOTT relict   19 May 1620 f 69 Sentence valid will 1626
ELSTON William Washfield Joan ELSTON als HOOPER relict EMAN. MAXIE clk 2 June 1623 f 32  
ELWORTHY Mary Crediton Wm ELWORTHY brother   1 May 1623 f 23  
EMME John Brixham Alice EMME relict John TRAVERS & Tho. LOVEYS clks 19 Apr 1625 f 158  
FABREY James Marcellis, France. decd at Dartmouth Gedion de LAWNE creditor   17 Apr 1626 f 70  
FAIRCHILD John Clavelley Emma FAIRCHILD relict John TRYNDER clk 2 Mar 1623/4 f 82  
FEILD Caleb Plymouth - decd abroad or at sea Judith FEILD relict Henry WALLIS clk 10 Apr 1629 f 85  
FELLS William mariner decd at Plymouth Catherine FELLS relict   16 Sept 1630 f 189  
FITZ Sir John kt Tavistock Ladt Mary HOWARD als FITZ daughter   20 Oct 1628 f 50 Sept 1611 to Lady Bridget FITZ & John LANGFORD both now decd
FLARE Thomas Plymouth Agnes FLARE relict Henry WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 30 May 1627 f 152  
FLAVELL John S.T.R. Rector of Talleton Elizabeth FLAVELL relict Wm ORFORD clk 18 Dec 1623 f 67  
FLETCHER William Plymstocke Rose FLETCHER relict Ric. FRANKLIN clk 16 Mar 1623/4 f 84  
FOLLINGER Thomas Plymouth Hester FOLLINGER relict Hen. WALLIS clk 1 Oct 1621 f 144  
FOWELLS George Plymouth decd abroad or at sea Jane FOWELLS als AXWORTHIE relict Theophilus WOODNETT clk 2 June 1630 f 172/2  
FRAUNCIS Robert Marlborough Elizabeth FRAUNCIS relict Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 15 May 1626 f 81  
FRENCH George Tiverton Joan FRENCH relict Hugh CHOMELEY clk 7 Nov 1623 f 62  
FULFORD als LACY Elizabeth Dunsford Thomas FULFORd husband Jas.CALTHROPP LLB 13 July 1630 f 178  
FURSDON Petronell widow Chardstock Alex. HOLLOCKE creditor   28 June 1629 f 101 son Wm FURSDON renounced
GALHAMPTON Francis Tiverton Richard GALHAMPTON brother   6 June 1628 f 33  
GARNISH George Instowe Elizabeth GARNISH relict John DOWNE rector of Instowe 10 June 1625 f73  
GAYER Richard Plymouth Isabel GAYER relict Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 29 Apr 1628 f 20  
GENTELL als DRAKE Emlin Kenton John GENTELL husband   15 Nov 1630 f 203  
GIBBS John Malborough Agnes GIBBS relict Hen. WALLIS clk 12 July 1627 f 162  
GIFFORD John Lancrasse (Landcrosse) Elizabeth GIFFORD relict Geo. ALLEN clk 9 April 1625 f 156  
GILL James Swymbridge Joan GILL relict   12 Jan 1620/1 f105  
GITTENS John Barnstaple Thomas EDWARDS   John TRYDEN Vic of Barnstaple 26 Feb 1621/2 f164 maternal gndfather of John & Henry GITTENS during minority (Jan 1618/9 to brother Chris. GITTENS now decd
GOOD James St Mary Church John GOOD father Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 1 Mar 1629/30 f 154  
GOODMAN Peter Plymouth Abr. JENNINGS creditor Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 15 Mar 1622/3 f 14  
GOODRIDGE Arthur Dartmouth Anne GOODRIDGE relict   11 Aug 1620 f 82  
GOODRIDGE Joan Kentisbeare John PACYE brother John DYHAM rector of Chagford 6 Dec 1624 f 135  
GROVE Rebecca spinster Barnstaple & decd at Crewkerne, Somerset John WALL of Barnstaple, blacksmith uncle Roger BOWCHER clk 3 Apr 1630 f 160  
GUNNE Robert Exeter Jane GUNNE relict Nic. DONNEY clk 1 May 1624 f 94  
HAGLEY Abraham Tiverton Catherine HAGLEY relict Hugh CHOMELEY clk 13 Oct 1623 f 55  
HALLETT Nicholas Uplyme Elizabet HALLETT relict John TOOMER rector of Offwell 30 Apr 1625 f 157  
HALES Martin widower Chardstock Bridgit wife of Tho. CLARKE aunt of Elizabeth HALES daughter of decd Gamliel CHASE clk 30 Nov 1630 f 197 during minority of Elizabeth HALES daughter
HAMLYN John Clist Honiton Mary HAMLYN relict Wm KNOLLES clk 2 Nov 1629 f 129  
HAMMOND John Plymouth decd abroad John HAMMOND relict Hen. WALLIS clk 16 Feb 1628/9 f 75  
HANDCOCKE William Mount Radford & decd at Eggham, Surrey Judith HANDCOCKE relict   10 May 1626 f 80  
HARDINGE Jonas Landkey Margaret HARDINGE relict Wal. COWLINGE clk 9 Dec 1628 f 64  
HAREWOOD Henry Southmoulton Jane HAREWOOD alleged exor   28 July 1630 f 179 pend. Lit between Jane HAREWOOD & Sir Geo. GREENVILL kt (Sentence 1630)
HARRIS Sir Chris. kt Radford,Devon John HARRIS next of kin   15 Feb 1625/6 f 54  
HARRIS William Plymouth Elizabeth HARRIS relict Jas. BACHE clk 16 Dec 1630 f 209  
HART Hugh Axminster Wm BELLAMY nephew ex sister   22 May 1620 f 67  
HART Walter Zeale Monachorum Joan HART relict Tho. IRISH clk 3 Sept 1624 f 113  
HARTNOLL John Tiverton John HARTNOLL father Wm SHARPE & Alex. MARSHALL clks 25 May 1627 f 152  
HAYCROFT Henry Sidmouth Mary HAYCROFT relict Wm HULL vic. of Colliton 13 Jan 1623/4 f73  
HAYNE William Exeter Mary HAYNE relict Wm STREATE clk 3 Apr 1626 f74  
HELE William Katterne Devon Christian HELE relict Martin KAYE S.T.B. 29 Apr 1628 f 21  
HICKES John Plymouth Agnes HICKES relict   1 Aug 1621 f 135  
HILL Benjamin Dadbrooke Wilmott HILL relict   15 Sept 1623 f48  
HILL Edward Shilston Edward FITZRANDOLPH creditor   8 July 1625 f 175  
HILL John West Teynemouth Richord HILL relict Hen. WALLIS clk 13 Dec 1621 f 153  
HILL als PERRY John Clayhanger Joan HILL als PERRY relict Ric. SWEETE & Alex. MARSHAL clks 19 Mar 1626/7 f 139  
HOLE John Woodberry Ursula GLANVILL & Joan GOVE sisters Ric. EVELEIGHE & Edw. ELLIOTT clks 25 Jan 1621/2 f 157  
HOOKE John Branscombe Grace HOOKE relict Hen. PAYNTER clk 17 Oct 1627 f174  
HORDEN William Braunton Agnes HORDEN als LANGDON daughter   12 Oct 1621 f 144  
HUBBART Richard Stokeinteign head Elizabeth HUBBART relict John TRAVERS clk 7 Oct 1626 f 113  
HUNT Alan bach Mary Downe Tho. LYDE of Sowton husbandman nephew ex sister   26 Sept 1629 f 116 renounced 1629
HUNT Gregory Exeter Nicholas HUNT son   24 May 1622 f 177 Feb 1590/1 to relict Dor. HUNT now decd
HURLEWYN Walter Dartmouth Margaret HURLEWYN relict John TOOKER clk 15 Jan 1624/5 f 140  
HURLEY William Moorebath Andrew HURLEY brother   12 Mar 1623/4 f 82  
HURRELL Isabel Woodley Walter HURRELL son Clem. ELLIS & Ric REYNOLDS clks 8 June 1627 f 156  
HUXTABLE Richard Filleigh Lewis TURNER of same husbandman   Lewis DYER clk 21 Oct 1621 f 144 during minority Thomas & Richard sons of decd
HYNAM Dewnes widow Hockworth Thomas PALMER brother Wm. SHEARES clk 3 Sept 1630 f 189  
HYNAM Edward Hockworth Dewnes HYNAM relict Tho. NEEDES clk 24 July 1630 f 178  
HYNAM Edward Hockworth John HYNAM brother Wm. SHEARES clk 3 Sept 1630 f 189 relict Dewnes HYNAM decd
JACOBS John senior Tavistock Mary JACOBS relict Jos. SHUTE clk 7 Nov 1626 f 117  
JESSOP Peter Tamerton Folliott Christopher JESSOP brother Hen. WALLIS clk 5 Apr 1630 f 163 during minority of Richard & Elizabeth JESSOP children
JOHNSTON John Plymouth Elizabeth JOHNSTON als STREAMER sister Jas. BACHE clk 9 Dec 1628 f 64  
JONES William Chardstocke Margaret JONES relict   25 Feb 1619/20 f 56  
JORDAN Thomas Topsham Jane JORDAN relict John BANCKS clk 9 May 1623 f 23  
KINGDON John North Molton Jasper KINGDON father John TRYNDER clk 6 Nov 1622 f 206  
KINGDON Richard St Sativole (?Exeter) Alice KINGDON relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 30 Dec 1626 f 125  
KINGDON Samuel North Molton Catherine KINGDON relict Bart. MOORE clk 5 July 1628 f 41  
KINGE Charles Paynton Elizabeth KINGE relict David DAVIES Vic. there 23 May 1626 f 84  
KNIGHT John Membury Thomazine KNIGHT relict Nic. BAGBERE curate of Membury 29 Dec 1624 f 135  
KNIGHT Thomas Plymouth Julian KNIGHT relict Hen. WALLIS vic there 14 Oct 1626 f 113  
KNOWLES Henry Ottery St Mary Elizabeth KNOWLES relict Wm KNOLLES clk 30 Nov 1627 f 179  
KNOWLES Thomas East Budleigh decd abroad George COLBY of St Len., Shoreditch, gent. creditor   2 Aug 1624 f 108  
KNOWLES Thomas East Budleigh decd abroad Robert ALDEN of St Mich. Bass., London; citizen & salter creditor   15 June 1636 f 157 George COLBY decd. (admon excused 15 June 1636)
LAMBLEY Thomas bach Burlescombe Margaret LAMBLEY mother Ric. HILL & Robert HARRIS clks 17 Aug 1636 f 185  
LATYMER Thomas mariner Bristol decd Plymouth Thomas LATYMER son Ric. TOWGOOD clk 23 May 1629 f 94  
LAWE Mary Exeter Robert LAWE clk husband Sam. TIDBOLL clk 6 Jan 1628/9 f 79  
LEAKY William Barstaple Lordesneere LEAKY relict John DOWNE rector of InstoNe 20 May 1622 f 178  
LEAR Richard Totnes Mary LEAR relict Mich. THOMASON clk 24 Mar 1625/6 f 68  
LEERE George Manaton Robert LEERE brother Hen. WALLIS vic. of Plymouth 5 Oct 1630 f 191  
LEIGHE Anthony bach Plympton John TALBOT esq creditor   12 Mar 1629/30 f 155  
LEIGHE John Plymouth John LEIGHE father   5 Jan 1620/1 f 105  
LETHERMORE John senior Exeter John LETHERMORE son Wm SHEARES clk 15 Apr 1626 f 70  
LUPPINCOTT George Axminster Nazar LUPPINCOTT relict Wm. KNOWLES clk 26 Feb 1623/4 f 79  
MACE Roger Exeter Wm MACE son   24 Mar 1625/6 f 66  
MACOMBER Thomas Exeter Jane MACOMBER relict Tho. IRISH clk 2 Nov 1622 f 206  
MANNYNGE Agnes Yarcombe Roger TURNER nephew ex. brother Alex. SKYNNER clk 19 Oct 1627 f 174 revoked 1628
MAPOWDER Narcissus bach Holsworthie Gedeon MAPOWDER uncle Rob PARSONS clk 17 Nov 1630 f 203 uncle of Anth., Jane, Mary & Cath. Bros & sis of decd (new grant June 1640)
MARCH George Brixham Elianor MARCH relict John TRAVERS clk 8 Nov 1628 f 59  
MARTEN Christopher Filleigh Thomas, John, Hugh & Henry MARTEN sons Lewis DYER rector of East Buckland 5 July 1623 f 38  
MARTEN Richard Kingesteynton Catherine MARTEN relict Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 31 Aug 1630 f 185  
MARNYN Michael Plymouth Sam. BARNES of St Martin in Fields, Middx & Hugh BULL of Plymouth, merchant     30 Aug 1628 f 99 during minority of Abraham MARNYN, son of decd
MATTHEWE Alice widow Cockington Richard CLIFFE senior father of Richard CLIFFE junior Chris. FURNEAUX clk 15 Aug 1626 f 99 during minority Richard CLIFFE jr nephew ex dau.
MATTHEWE William Cockington Elizabeth MATTHEWE relict Dan. DAVIS clk 29 Apr 1624 f 89  
MAYNARD John clk Goodleigh Sarah wife of Thomas LEA sister   8 Feb 1627/8 f7  
MOORE Elizabeth spinster St Thomas the Appostle, Exeter Catherine LUCCOMBE grandmother John DOUGHTIE clk 11 Nov 1626 f 117  
MOORE George Axminster Loria MOORE relict   18 Apr 1620 f 64  
MOORE Robert Sidmouth Joan MOORE relict Randolph MANWARING clk 10 Apr 1622 f 172  
MORRIS Laurence West Putford Wm MORRIS brother Anth. SHORTE clk 7 Jan 1624/5 f141  
MOXSAY John Plymouth Joan MOXSAY relict Mr WALLIS vic. of Plymouth 2 Jan 1625/6 f 44  
MUDGE Anthony Kingsteignton Christian MUDGE relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 8 Oct 1630 f192  
MURCH William Bradninch Sibil MURCH relict John DEANE clk 5 Sept 1630 f 190  
NEALE William Dartmouth Mary NEALE relict John TOOKER clk 10 Nov 1624 f 128  
NEILD Arthur Barnstaple Mary NEILD relict John TRINDER clk 13 June 1623 f 52  
NEWLAND Christopher Totnes Margaret KIDDIER daughter   22 Oct 1621 f 144 (May 1617 to relict Margaret NEWLAND decd)
NICHOLL John Northam Willimot NICHOLL relict John BANTE clk 4 June 1623 f 32  
NICHOLLS Matthew bach Plymouth Geo. HAWKES creditor   11 Apr 1628 f 17  
NICHOLLS Philip clk Honiton Wal. REYNOLDES next of kin Geo. HOLGRAVE clk 2 June 1630 f 173 Aug 1614 to relict Joan BEAUMONT als NICHOLLS decd
OFFALL John Maker Mary OFFALL relict Hen. WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 8 Jan 1626/7 f 130  
OSBORNE John junior Christowe Anne OSBORNE relict Hen WALLIS vic of Plymouth 14 Nov 1627 f 180  
OSBORNE William Abbotsham Wethen OSBORNE relict Ric. OXENHAM clk 30 Dec 1628 f 64  
OSMUND Alexander Tiverton Anne OSMUND relict   10 Feb 1627/8 f 11  
PARKER Nicholas Lympstone Edith PARKER relict   17 Aug 1622 f 193  
PARROT Roger Whimple Nicholas PARROT son   5 July 1630 f 178  
PAWLYN Robert Exeter Margaret PAWLYN relict Thos. IRISHE clk 22 Sept 1621 f 137  
PAYNE Richard Tiverton Mary PAYNE relict Hugh CHOLMELEY clk 20 Mar 1620/30 f 158  
PAYTON Giles Bromscombe John PAYTON son Wm. SHEERES clk 25 Oct 1628 f 53  
PEARSE als LEWIS George St Mary Bowe, London Geo FRENCH of Tiverton, clothier creditor   1 Feb 1619/20 f 84 brother Lewis PEARSE als LEWIS renounced
PEARD John Barnstaple John PEARD father   18 Aug 1620 f 81  
PEARDEN William Exmouth Mary PEARDEN relict   15 June 1628 f 36  
PEDDOCK Leonard Plymouth Elizabeth PEDDOCK relict   16 Oct 1630 f 194  
PEEKE James Plymstocke Florence PEEKE relict Hen/ WALLIS vic of Plymouth 4 Aug 1623 f 45  
PENFOULD Honor West Putford Degory PENFOULD son   14 May 1621 f 121  
PENROSE Stephen Cleyhidon Helen PENROSE relict Wm. LEE rector there 6 June 1628 f 33  
PETER Odes Marreldon Johan PETER relict Hen. WALLIS vic of Plymouth 5 Sept 1623 f 50  
PHILLIP John Georgeham Thomas & Richard PHILLIP & Win. wife of John LUCKYS sons & sister Wm CULME clk 26 Mar 1622 f168  
PHILLIP Robert Crediton Joan PHILLIP relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 27 July 1625 f178  
PHILLPE John Northam Emma PHILLPE relict   17 Jan 1619/20 f 53  
PHILLIPE William Kingsweare Margaret PHILLIPE relict Wal. WYLSHAM clk 15 Dec 1628 f 63  
POTTES Mary spinster Stoke Fleming John POTTES brother   6 Feb 1626/7 f 134  
PRATT John Clisthidon Anastatia PRATT relict Wm. ORFORD & Tho. PAYNE, clks 18 July 1621 f 131  
PRESTON Leonard Aisherton John PRESTON next of kin   22 Jan 162P-1 (sic) f 105  
PRIDHAM William Chevelston Gabriel PRIDHAM brother Edw. PORTER clk 12 Aug 1629 f 112  
PROWSE John Tiverton Mary PROWSE relict   28 Jan 1620/1 f 105  
PUGSLEIGH Mathew Northam Alice PUGSLEIGH relict   18 Jan 1619/20 f 53  
PYNE Margery Axmouth John PYNE son   14 Feb 1623/4 f 78  
PYNE Philip East Downe Joan PYNE relict Ric. RICHARDS clk 11 June 1623 f 33  
RANDALL Hugh Salcombe deceased abroad Mary RANDALL relict Otho MORCOMBE clk 18 Dec 1628 f 63  
RANDALL Humphrey Salcombe Anne QUAPLE late relict now wife of Ric. QUAPLE   12 Feb 1626/7 f 134  
REAPE Samuel Beere Ferres Joan REAPE relict   1 May 1620 f 70  
ROBERTS John Combe Martin Richard ROBERTS son Wm. HEARLE clk 29 Sept 1622 f 197  
ROBINS John Membery Alice ROBINS relict Nic. BAGBEARE clk 16 Sept 1622 f 197  
ROWE John Topsham Margaret ROWE relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 19 Jan 1628/9 f 68 admon with will March 1629/30
RUDE Thomas Fremyngton Elizabeth RUDE relict Wm. BLANCHARD clk 24 Oct 1628 f 52  
SACHELL als SOWTHEY Agnes Holcombe Rogus Humfrey SACHELL husband Geo. TREVILLIAN clk 21 Feb 1626/7 f 136  
SALE Edmund sailor Plymouth Geoffrey SALE brother   16 July 1628 f 40  
SALMON Nicholas Maker Mary SALMON relict Hen. WALLIS vic of Plymouth 19 Mar 1626/7 f 139  
SALMON Stephen Maker Jane SALMON relict Hen. WALLIS vic of Plymouth 19 Mar 1626/7 f 139  
SALTER Edward Cullompton Alice BAKER als SALTER daughter Hump. STURRE vic. of Uffculme 3 May 1625 f 125  
SALTER William Kentisbeare Alice SALTER relict Ric. CARPENTER vic of Colliton 6 Dec 1620 f 68  
SALTERNE George Huntshawe   nephew ex sister John PHIPS rector of Torrington 23 Jan 1626/7 f 130 exsister Joan wife of Hen. CLEVERDON
SEAWARD Richard Topsham deceased abroad John SEAWARD brother   24 Mar 1620/1 f 115  
SHEERE Henry Plymouth Wm ROWE, merchant     22 Mar 1620/1 f 114 during minprity Simon ROWE nephew ex sister of decd
SHEERS Grace Hawkchurch Mary wife of Tho. DENNYNG daughter Jas. FORDE clk 17 June 1626 f 89  
SHERLOCKE Anne widow Exeter Priscilla wife of Timothy SHUTE daughter   3 Dec 1628 f 37  
SHERLOCKE Roger Shute Joan SHERLOCKE relict Alex. SKYNNER clk 10 June 1628 f 33  
SKYNNER James St Mary the Great, Exeter Alice SKYNNER relict   15 May 1626 f 83  
SKYNNER als BOOCHER Thomas Broadhembury Ellen SKYNNER als BOOCHER relict Tho. THOMPSON vicar there 21 Aug 1624 f 109  
SKYNNER William Exeter Susan SKYNNER relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 25 June 1625 f 173  
SLANNINGE Nicholas Warley Henry CHAMPERNOWNE & John CROCKER next of kin Rob. HOLSWORTHY vic of Modbury 24 July 1623 f 38 relict Phil. SLANNINGE renounced
SLEMAN John Tamerton Foliott Joan SLEMAN als REEPE sister Edw. ELLIOTT clk 2 May 1626 f 84  
SMART John bach Topsham Thomas FORDE creditor   1 Apr 1620 f 63  
SMITH Alice Yarcombe Elizabeth SMITH sister Wm LEE clk 20 July 1626 f 96  
SMITH Predie bach Hawkchurch Elizabeth SMITH mother Rob. BOWDEN clk 27 Apr 1630 f 163  
SMITH William Pilton Mary SMITH relict   23 Nov 1620 f 95  
SNOSDALL Thomas decd at Plymouth Sir Peregrine BERTY kt creditor   18 Dec 1627 f 184 Capt. of ship Merchant Royal
SNOWE Richard West Anstey Joan SNOWE relict John HUSSEY clk 11 Oct 1624 f 122  
SOMERS Walter Plymouth Frances PERYAN of Plymouth, spinster   Hen. WALLIS vicar there 24 Aug 1629 f 112  
SORRELL John Plymouth decd abroad unmarried Mary wife of John WOODGREENE of Dover, Kent, sailor sister   18 Dec 1627 f 183  
SPECOTT Edmund Anderton, Devon Elizabeth SPECOTT relict   13 June 1620 f 73  
SPRAKE William Thorncombe John SPRAKE son John WYATT clk 25 Nov 1626 f 121  
STARR Thomas Tingemouth Joan STARR relict John MARKER clk 22 Feb 1625/6 f 60  
STEPHENS Thomas Seaton decd abroad Agnes STEVENS (sic) relict Hen. PAINTER vic. there 3 Mar 1624/5 f 152  
STEVENS als TALBOT als JESOPP Barbara Tamerton Foliott Bartholomew STEVENS als TALBOT als JESOPP late husband Hen. WALLIS vic of Plymouth 22 Feb 1629/30 f 151  
STIDSTONE Richard Tamerton Anne STADDON daughter Edw. ELLIOTT vic. of Tavistock 23 Sept 1622 f 198  
STIDSTONE Richard Tamerton Folliott Chrisopher STIDSTONE of Formay, co. Cork, Ireland. gent. nephew ex daughter Richard STADDON   15 Mar 1626/7 f 137 grant to Anne STADDON now decd anulled
STONE John East Ogwell decd abroad Avery STONE brother John STEPHENS clk 18 Dec 1625 f 41 revoked July 1626
STREEKE Robert Stonehouse Catherine STREEKE relict Henry WALLIS Vic. of Plymouth 4 April 1622 f 171  
SWEETE Lewis Brixham Jane SWEETE relict Hen. WALLIS clk 24 May 1624 f 95  
SWEETE Thomas Brampton Agnes SWEETE relict Wm CHALONER clk 11 Aug 1629 f 110  
TAPLEIGH Gregory Dartmouth John NEWMAN creditor Hen. WALLIS vic of Plymouth 13 Aug 1623 f 44  
TAYLER James Plymouth Joan TAYLER relict Hen. WALLIS vic. there 29 Nov 1621 f 149  
TAYLER Stephen Topsham Joan TAYLER relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 19 June 1629 f 100  
TAYLER William Chudley Edward TAYLER brother Tho. OSBOURNE clk 12 Nov 1624 f 127  
TOOKER William Combe Martin Anne THOMAS als TOOKER nephew ex brother Ric. RICHARDS clk 17 Apr 1627 f 145  
TOWSE Richard Dartmouth decd abroad Nicholas TOWSE brother   14 July 1620 f 78  
TREVILIAN Anthony Yarnescombe Hugh TREVILIAN son   6 June 1623 f 29 revoked 1624
TREVOR Richard Barnstaple Joan TREVOR relict John TRENDER clk 20 Oct 1628 f 52  
TUDNAM Robert bach Exeter Wm TUDNAM brother   19 Jan 1627/8 f 3  
TUMELS John Biddeford Anne TUMELS relict Jos. SMITH clk 15 Mar 1628/9 f 84  
TURNER Nicholas Rawridge, Halberton Phineas MAY & John BROOKE alleged exors   8 Aug 1629 f 112 pend. lite. between said execs. & Nich. TURNER senior, Abr. TURNER, Thomazin WEBBER & Abr. WEBBER
TURNER William Stockland Alice TURNER relict Robt. ROWDON clk 16 June 1623 f 33  
UNDERHAY Gilbert Kingsteignton Margaret UNDERHAY relict Jas. CALTHROPP LLB 8 Oct 1630 f 192  
VEASEY Cicilia Tutchings, North Molton Lewis VEASEY son Tho. IRISHE clk 11 June 1625 f 100  
VEASEY Philip North Moulton Lewis VEASEY son Tho. IRISH clk 11 June 1624 sic f 100  
VICARY John Rose Ayshe als Ashalfe Frances VICARY relict   7 Sept 1620 f 83  
WACKHAM Andrew Dartmouth John CHAPPELL of Exeter, merchant creditor   24 Nov 1627 f 178 with consent of relict Catherine WACKHAM
WAYES Robert Plymouth Anne WAYES relict Hen. WALLIS clk 29 June 1622 f 184  
WEARE Nicholas Exeter Elizabeth WEARE daughter John HUSSEY clk 18 June 1625 f 172 Oct. 1610 to Henry ISACK senior & Henry ISACK junior during minority Nich. & Frances WEARE children of decd. Said Elizabeth now of age
WEBB als MOORE Margery Dartmouth Wm WEBB late husband Wal. WISHAM clk 9 Nov 1629 f 132  
WEBBER John Northam Paschaw WEBBER relict John BANT clk 16 Feb 1625/6 f 54  
WEBBER Walter Topsham Grace WEBBER relict   7 April 1620 f 63  
WEEKES Michael Hevitree Joan wife of Nathaniel RICHARDES sister   8 May 1629 f 91 procurator John CADE not pub. (revoked 1630)
WESTCOMBE John Northam George & Justinian WESTCOMBE nephews on father's side John TRINDER vic. of Barnstaple 9 Nov 1622 f 206  
WHEATON Peter Brixham Elizabeth WHEATON relict John TAVERS vic. there 28 May 1626 f 84  
WHEELER George Dartmouth decd abroad Anne WHEELER relict Wal. WILSHAM clk 10 Mar 1626/7 f 140  
WHITE George St Mary Church Mary WHITE relict   15 May 1626 f 80 in forma pauperis
WINCHESTER John junr & Robert junr Dartmouth Vincent WINCHESTER father Ben. CLELAND clk 24 July 1628 f 41  
WINCHESTER William junr & Vincent junr Dartmouth Vincent WINCHESTER father Ben. CLELAND clk 24 July 1626 f 41  
WITHIALL William Topsham Embline WITHIALL relict John MAYNE clk 18 Dec 1624 f 134  
WOODLEIGH John bach Exeter Mark WOODLEIGH brother John DINHAM rector of Great St Mary, Exeter 6 Apr 1621 f 114 & f116  
WOONSON John Thorverton Mary WOONSON relict Roc. HOOPER clk 5 Apr 1627 f 146  
WOONTON Nicholas Seaton Elizabeth WOONTON relict Hen. PAINTER vic. there 3 Mar 1624/5 f 152  
WYETT John Tyverton Joan WYETT relict   14 Apr 1620 f 63