Heirs At Law 1845-1846

From Trewman's Exeter Flying Post

Prepared by Lindsey Withers

Established 1822

S. DEACON, AGENT TO THE LONDON, EDINBURGH, AND DUBLIN GAZETTES, AND FOR EVERY LONDON AND PROVINCIAL NESPAPER, respectfully informs the Public he has in his possession a perfect copy of the London Gazette, from 1665, and the Daily London Newspapers for upwards of one hundred years past. The English Provincial Papers from every County, and a variety of Scotch and Irish, are regularly filed for the inspection of Advertisers. From these sources, he has at great expense collected and formed an Index to upwards of Sixty Thousand Notices to HEIRS, NEXT OF KIND, and Persons entitled to Property; the charge for examining the Index is Five Shillings, provided the application is not made personally in London. This charge for examining the Index is Five Shillings, provided the application is not made personally in London. This charge is for the trouble of looking for the Advertisement required, and answering letters, &c.: a further charge (from one to five pounds), is made for a full copy of the Advertisement, if found, or a reference to the party by whom it was inserted, with the date, &c. The Five Shillings must be sent by a Post-Office Order with the instructions. The BANK, EAST INDIA, and SOUTH SEA COMPANY'S Unclaimed Dividend Books are also kept at the above Office. Letters to be post paid.
Applications may be made to the Proprietor of the EXETER FLYING-POST, or S. DEACON.

The following are Extracts from the Register for Devon and Cornwall, &c.

Thursday, October 2, 1845; Issue 4162
Gale Document No. Y3200675947

AXON, William, formerly of Cullompton, Devon, Saddler, who in 1815 married Mary Ann Skakel, and afterwards kept a shop in Westminster, may hear of something to their advantage.
ANDERSON, John, who left Exeter in 1786 and died in New South Wales 1816, supposed to have left Relatives of the name of Page in South Mims - His Heir at Law wanted.
ARUNDELL, Richard, late of Simonward, Cornwall, who died Nov. 10, 1832. - His Next of Kin Wanted.
AUSTWICK, Joseph, late of Budleigh Salterton, Devon, Esq., deceased - His Heirs at Law wanted.
ALFORD, Lawrence, formerly of Wear Gifford, Devon - Any of his family are requested to come forward.
ANDREWS, Margaret, supposed daughter of Roger and Margaret of Leigh, Dorset - Her Next of Kin wanted.
BEEDLE, Thomas, formerly of Tiverton, Devon, Sergemaker, deceased 1802 - The issue of his Grandsons, F. and T. COSWAY, wanted.
BENNETT, Jean, late of Plymouth Devon, Widow, deceased - The Children of Nicholas Bennett, to claim under her Will.
BROWN, James, who died in London, stated have left property to his daughter, Elizabeth Brown, of Penzance, Cornwall - Information of that fact wanted.
BOND, John, late of Oak, Somerset, Yeoman, deceased - His Next of Kin wanted.
BOWRING, Benjamin, late of Dorchester, Dorset, deceased - His Heir at Law wanted.
BURD, John, son of William Burd, of Chapel Farm, Bovey Tracey, Devon - May hear of something to his advantage.
BROWN, Samuel, late of Banwell, Somerset, deceased - His sons John and James Brown, wanted.
BAKER, Charles, formerly of Poole, Dorset, Mariner, &c. - May hear of something to his advantage.
BARROW, Edith, of Wincanton, Somerset, where she was married to Roger Thomas in 1750 - Her Next of Kin wanted.
BULLEN, John, of Bath, died in Cuba, either Intestate or without known Relations.
BRUMWELL, John and William, entered the Merchant Service in 1835, who are brothers of Isabella Buckball, Walcot, Somerset, deceased, wanted.
BARTLETT, Samuel, of Wimborne, Dorset, Farmer, deceased 1820 - His Next of Kin wanted.
BURN, Sarah, widow of Archibald Burn, late of Sidmouth, Devon - Her next of Kin wanted.
BURNARD, John, of Murtock, Somerset, deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
BARROW, John Palmer, late of West Camel, Somerset, Esq., deceased - Issue wanted.
BRYANT, Henry R., of Bristol, died about 1842 in South Australia - Heirs wanted.
BRIGHT, Mary, late of Yeovil, Somerset, Spinster, deceased 1810 - Heirs at Law wanted in a Chancery Suit.
CORFIELD, John, formerly of Portman Square, Middlesex, also of Wilton House, Taunton, deceased 1825 - His Next of Kin wanted.
COOPER, Richard, of Banwell, Somerset, in 1816 - Information of his family wanted.
CLARK, Elizabeth, daughter of William Clark, of Totnes, Devon, afterwards married to Thomas Dolbeare, of Jamaica - Her Children wanted.
CREWYS, Samuel, of Devon or Cornwall, and in 1734 of London - £5 for proof of his burial.
CRAPP, Thomas, late of Devonport, deceased 1829 - His Next of Kin wanted.
COURTNEY, John, Legatee of Richard Travers, Esq., of Uploders, Dorset, deceased, wanted.
CLARKE, John Were, late of Tiverton,. Devon, Esq., deceased - His Children wanted.
COBLEY, Elizabeth, Legatee of Mark Robinson, late of Freshford, Somerset, wanted.
CONNETT, Eleanor, or NORNETT, (formerly STEPHENS) of Kenton, Devon, Widow, deceased 1816 - Legatees wanted.
COLLINGS, Mary Ann, married to Richard Parkhouse in 1818, at Plymouth - Reward for information of him.
CLARK, Thomas, of Barnstaple, Devon, after of India - Information of his Will wanted.
CHILCOT, John, son of Daniel Chilcot, who was boatswain in West Indies in 1803, after of Bristol - Next of Kin wanted.
CHARNLEY, John, formerly a Grocer at Plymouth Dock, wanted.
CROSS, Sarah, afterwards MARSDEN, of Broderip, Somersetshire, wanted.
CRADDOCK, Richard, (son of Capt. C.) formerly a Tea Dealer in Bristol.
CURTIS, John, late of Bristol, deceased 1832 - Heir at Law wanted.
CORRALL, Ann, late of Bath, Widow, deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
CAMPBELL, Miss Colin, formerly of Perthshire, late of Taunton, Somerset, deceased 1827 - Next of Kin wanted.
DUNSTONE, James, Native of Falmouth, Commander of the Schooner "Stanley", lost in 1813 - His Representatives wanted.
DEWAR, Caroline, daughter of Lydia Vernon, of Bath - Her Issue wanted.
DURNFORD, Jane, widow of William Durnford, of Bristol, deceased - Her children wanted.
DALLY, Edward, Legatee of R. Travers, of Uploaders, Dorset, wanted.
DAWSON, John, son of John Dawson, of Bristol, Mariner, supposed to have gone to sea 1804 - May hear of something to his advantage.
DOUGLAS, James, late of Devonport, Mariner, deceased abroad - Relations wanted.
DURBIN, Henry, late of Bristol, Chemist, deceased 1798, and ALICE DURBIN, of Long Ashton, Somerset, Spinster, deceased 1834 - Heirs at Law wanted.
DAVEY, Thomas, who in 1828 was a Tailor at Bath, son of John Davey, of Rackenford, Devon, Carpenter, to claim £100.
DENNIS, John, Surgeon, formerly of Barnstaple - Information of his Death wanted.
DAVYS, Ann, of Ashbrittle, Stawley, or Luxborough, Somerset, Widow - £52 10s. reward for information of her Marriage with James Moses Langdon, about 1836.



Thursday, October 30, 1845; Issue 4166
Gale Document No. Y3200676002

ESSERY, Mary, (formerly Palmer) Wife of Joseph Essery, of Launceston, Cornwall, deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
ELMES, Margaret, (maid name Andres, born at Leigh, Dorset) Wife of William Elmes, Captain of an Indiaman, after married John Steygold - Her Next of Kin Wanted.
ELLIOTT, Mary, late of Dorchester, Spinster, deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
EYRE, Daniel, of Sheffield, after of Bath - £5 reward for information of him.
EDWARDS, Richard of Bristol, married Elizabeth Williams in 1821 - His Next of Kin wanted.
EASTON, William, formerly of Bristol, late of Cork - His Next of Kin wanted.
ELWORTHY, Samuel, late of Whimple, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
FORTESQUE, Sarah Bridget, of Avishays, Caffcombe, Somerset, deceased - Creditors wanted of her Niece, Sarah Chaundy, a Lunatic.
FRANKS, John, formerly of Quebec, deceased 1794 - Children by his Wife Apollonia, who died at Bristol 1816.
FAULKNER, Samuel, of Bath, died 1803 - Next of Kin wanted.
FORDYCE, James, formerly of Milton, Southampton, late of Bath, D.D., deceased 1796 - Next of Kin wanted.
FLINN, John, late of Stoke Damerel, Devon, Lieut. R.N., deceased 1810 - Legatees wanted.
FORSTER, Elizabeth, late of Sherborne, Dorset, deceased 1827, Second Cousins of the name of Slade wanted.
FITZER, Alice, Daughter of Peter Warren, of Flushing, Cornwall, died in London between 1824 and 1828 - £3 reward for Burial Certificate.
FRILL, Hugh, late of Plymouth Devon, formerly of 22nd Foot Regiment - Relations wanted.
FOWLER, Mr., of Bodmin, Cornwall - Next of Kin wanted. He died in London within 50 years.
FRENCH, Mary, (maiden name Slade) Wife of James French, of Holton Heath, Dorset - Heir at Law wanted.
GREENWOOD, John, of Belsford, Harberton, Devon, deceased - The Children of his Brother and Sisters, William, Anne, and Elizabeth Greenwood, wanted.
GIBBS, Henry, Legatee of R. Travers, Esq., of Uploaders, Dorset - Wanted.
GALLER, James Gordon, born at Plymouth 1794, deceased at Fernando Po - Next of Kin wanted.
GETHINGS, Anne, Legatee of William Meulth, of Taunton, Somerset - Next of Kin wanted.
GRIFFITHS, Edward, formerly of Bristol, late of Glo'ster, Baker, deceased 1826 - Heir at Law wanted.
GEORGE, GHeorge Chapman, formerly of Penryn, Cornwall, late of London, deceased 1830 - Next of Kin wanted.
GRAVES, Frances Catherine, (formerly Hunt) late Wife of GEORGE GRAVES, of Bristol - Next of Kin wanted.
GREENSLADE, Mary, Daughter of William Greenslade, of Barnstaple, who married Charles Price 1827 - Her Children wanted.
GREEN, Richard, late of Melcombe Regis, Dorset, died 1819, and Richard his Son, who died at Trinidad, 1827 - Their Representatives wanted.
GEMPTON, George, of Exeter, 1720 - £1 reward to Certificate of his Burial.
GORDON, Henry, late of Stoke Court, Somerset, deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
GREAVES, Dorothy, late of Bath, Spinster, deceased 1838 - Next of Kin wanted.
GASCOIGNE, Major William, of South Devon, in 1760 - Certificate of Baptism of his Daughter Harriewtt and his Wife Elizabeth wanted.
HAWKINS, Thomas, of Goathurst, Somerset, Husbandman - His Issue wanted.
HEESOM, Christopher, formerly of St. Neotts, Cornwall, or Elizabeth his Daughter - May hear of something to advantage.
HILES, William, formerly of Carrington, Somerset, after of Ramsgate - Wanted.
HAY, James, formerly of Tiverton, late of Calcutta, deceased 1821 - Notice to his Creditors.
HARRISON, Clement, late of Bathwick, Somerset - Legatees wanted.
HENEY, Mary, of Bristol, Spinster - Heirs at Law wanted.
HUMPHREYS, John, died t sea 1814, previously resided at Wales - Next of Kin wanted.
HARRIS, Dorothy, late of Georgeham, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
HORN, Samuel and Nathaniel, Sons of William and Mary, of Sidbury, Devon - Wanted.
HOLLOWAY, Ann, (formerly WRENTMORE) late of East Budleigh, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
HARRIS, John, in 1741 of Crediton, Devon - £10 reward for proof of his Death.
HARRIS, William and Sister, born at Feniton, Devon - Personal Representatives wanted.
HAWKINS, Robert, formerly of Bristol, after of New South Wales, died about 1837 - Heirs wanted.
HARRIS, Elizabeth and Sarah, Daughters of James, of Yeovil - May hear of advantage.
HARRISON, Sarah, (afterwards Richardson) whose Brother John died at Plymouth about 40 years ago - Next of Kin wanted.
HICHINS, James, late of Helstone, Cornwall - Next of Kin wanted.
HOGG, Thomas, late of Appledore, Devon - Heirs at Law wanted.
HIGMAN, John, Shoemaker, of Launceston, Cornwall - Wanted.
HOSKING, Charles, of Helstone, Cornwall, Esq., deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
HEW, Henry Woodward, late of Paulton, Somerset, Baker, - Wanted.
HEPPER, Grace - To claim £100 left by Mrs Bellringer, of Sherwill, Devon - deceased.
I'ANS, Thomas Rawleigh, Captain, died at Ceylon - Next of Kin wanted.
IRWIN, Eyles, formerly of Clifton, Gloucestershire - His Legatees wanted.
JAMES, Benjamin, Son of John, of St AUSTELL, Cornwall, married Ursula Newman in 1785, and went to America in 1796 - Next of Kin wanted.
JANES, Eddy, late of Combe Martin, Devon, Widow, deceased 1833 - Nephews and Nieces wanted.
JAYNES, Mary, of Stinsford, Dorset - Her Daughter, Mary Weller, wanted.
JONES, Joan (maiden name Pratt), of Broadhembury, Devon - May hear of something to her advantage.
JAMES, Herbert Jarrett, of Jamaica, died at Bristol 1840 - Next of Kin wanted.
JOSEPH, Joseph, formerly of Plymouth, Devon - May hear of something to advantage.



Thursday, December 4, 1845; Issue 4171
Gale Document No. Y3200676085

KELWAY, Henry, of Saltash, Cornwall - Notice to his poor Relations of that name.
KEVERN, William, late of Plympton, Devon, Gent., deceased 1798 - Next of Kin wanted.
KINGDON, Edward, of Sandford, Devon, in 1754 - Next of Kin wanted.
KENDALL, William, late of Exeter, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
KENWORTHY, Charles, of Highbridge, Somerset - Heir at Law and Next of Kin wanted.
KIBBY, John, who left Plymouth in 1833 for America - Wanted.
KEY, Harriett, late of Newent, Gloucester - Next of Kin wanted.
LOVELACE, John, formerly of Aylesbeare, Devon, late of Spain, deceased 1803 - Next of Kin wanted.
LOVELL, Mary Jersey, late of St George's, Somerset - Next of Kin wanted.
LOVELL, Elizabeth, of Gloucestershire - Legatees wanted.
LINDSAY, Martha, late of Taunton, Somersetshire, Widow, Next of Kin wanted.
LEMAN, Clement, of Bristol, died 1810 - His Next of Kin wanted.
LAW, Margaretta Charlotta, formerly of Piddletrenthide, Dorset, who died at Lambeth, Surrey, in 1803 - Nephews and Nieces wanted.
LEMAN, Sir Joseph, of North Cadbury, Somersetshire - Notice to Claimants of Title and Estates.
LANGMAN, Thomas, and Mary his Wife, of Shepton Mallett - Notice to his Heirs.
LANGFORD, William, formerly of Bristol - in 18287 of Hobart Town - May hear of something to his advantage.
LOCK, Joanna, of Axminster, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
MITCHELL, Hannah, of Lyme Regis, Dorsest, Sister of above J. Lock.
MASON, William, formerly of Halberton, Devon - To claim a Legacy left by his late Uncle, Henry England, of London.
MUSSON, Rebecca, late of Great Canford, Dorset - Wanted.
MILWARD, Mary, Sister of Rev. Buntin Wilkes, Rector of Constantine, Cornwall - Children wanted.
MACMULLAN, Thomas, late of Launceston, Cornwall, Gardener, deceased - Next of Kin wanted.
MARSHALL, James, Son of John, and Matthew Marshall, Son of Matthew, of Chudleigh, Devon - May hear of some advantage.
MOORE, Thomas, formerly of Plymouth, Devon, deceased 1798 - Next of Kin wanted.
MILLANY, Mrs., Sister of Wm. Harris, of Feniton, Devon - Representatives wanted.
MORROW, John, Son of Thomas, of Bristol - Wanted.
MITLCHELL, George, formerly of Melcombe, Dorset, went to America - Something to his advantage.
MEAGHER, James, died at Torquay, April 1840 - His Will wanted.
MARSDON, Sarah, Wife of Joseph M., of Brordwip, Somerset - May hear of something to her advantage.
MAYBURY, Henry Alsop, formerly of Bristol - Wanted.
MOSEY, Leonard, of Plymouth Dock, Tide Waiter, died about 20 years ago - His 3 Daughters wanted.
NEWMAN, Ursula, Wife of Benjamin James, of St Austell, Cornwall - Her Issue wanted.
NEWTON, Charles, Native of Old Cleeve, Somerset, after of London - He or Representatives wanted.
NEWMAN, Mrs Frances, of Bath - £5 reward for information of her.
NICHOLAS, John, Son of Edward Nicholas, of Bristol, Merchant, in 1802 - Information of him wanted.
NOON, Maria, late of Wimborne, Dorset - Something to her advantage.
NEEDS, Ann, Wife of Richard Needs, of Exeter, Serge Maker - Next of Kin Wanted.
NORTHCOTE, Christopher, late of Bristol - Witnesses to his Will wanted.
NIVEN, Hugh, died intestate in Australia - His Heirs wanted.
OSMENT, Isaac, of Sutton Pointz, Dorset, Millwright - May hear of advantage.
OLIVER, Sarah Louisa, late of Teignmouth, Devon, deceased 1830 - Next of Kin wanted.
ORME, Sophia, afterwards Falls, late of Bristol - Next of Kin wanted.
PINFIELD, Mary Ann, of Bath - Next of Kin wanted.
PAXTON, Errington, formerly of Long Ashton, Somerset - Wanted.
PHILLIPS, Nathaniel Thompson, late of Kingsdown, Somerset - Next of Kin wanted.
PAINE, James, formerly of Plymouth, after of Merchant Serve - Wanted.
PURDON, Margaret (maiden name Sweeney) late of Plymouth, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
PARSONS, William, born 1780 at Pilton, Somerset - Wanted.
PRANGLEY, Philip, Richard, and Hannah, of Plymouth - To claim Legacies.
POUNSBERRY, John, of Taunton, left England 40 years ago - Heir at Law wanted.
PEARSE, Robert, of South Tawton, Devon - Next of Kin wanted.
PEARKES, Mary, of Bridport, Dorset - Next of Kin wanted.
PUCKEY, Thomasine, late of Liskeard, Cornwall, Widow - Next of Kin wanted.
PENHALLA, John, born at Llantegloss, Cornwall, in 1743 - Next of Kin wanted.
PALMER, William Cook, of Queen Camel, Somerset - Next of Kin wanted.
PERKS, William, late of Walcot, Somerset, deceased 1825 - Next of Kin wanted.
PEARSE, Sally, (afterwards Arnold) Native of Devonshire - Next of Kin wanted.
PEARCE, Nicholas, John, and Francis, Brothers of Eleanor Connett, of Kenton, Devon - Their Children wanted.
QUINTON, Cornelius, of Bishop's Teignton, Devon, Esq., Rear-Admiral in H. M. Navy, deceased 1838 - Next of Kin wanted.
RATCLIFFE, Samuel, who left Somerset for Ireland, where he died, 1641 - Information of his Property wanted.
RAWLINGS, Nathaniel, of Bath in 1812 - Wanted.
RICKETS, James, of Bladford, Dorset, about 40 years ago.
ROGERS, Amelia, late of Penzance, Cornwall, deceased 1833 - Next of Kin wanted.
REXWORTHY, Charles, late of Highbridge, Somerset, deceased 1824 -Heir at Law and Next of Kin wanted.
ROBINS, Mary, Native of Devonshire - Wanted.
RICH, Ann, late of Bristol, died 1778 - Next of Kin wanted.
ROBERTS, Orlando, whose Widow Maria lived at Bristol - Next of Kin wanted.



Thursday, January 15, 1846; Issue 4177
Gale Document No. Y3200676164

SPARKES, George, late of Sidmouth, Devon, deceased, 1821, Next of Kin wanted.
SOUTHWOOD, Benjamin, of Crediton, Devon, Cooper - Wanted.
SHORT, Alice, wife of Wm. S., of Topsham, Devon - Legatees wanted.
SHUTE, Stephen, late of Crediton, deceased, 1824 - Nephews and Nieces wanted.
STEPHENS, Lewis, formerly of Exeter, late of Lisbon, deceased 1704 - Heir at Law wanted.
SHEPHERD, James, son of John, of Yealhampton, Devon - Heirs wanted.
SMITH, Edward Atkins, of Devon, Frederick and Henry S., brothers os Sydney James Smith, of East Indies, deceased - Wanted.
SWEENEY, Margaret, or Purdon, late of Plymouth - Next of Kin wanted.
SABINE, Susan, formerly of Newland, wife of John Richard Churchill S., of Muckleford, Dorset - May hear of advantage.
SUMMERS, Richard, late of Curry Mallett, Somerset - Heirs at Law wanted.
SLADE, Mary Ann, widow of Jno. S., of Poole, Dorset - Wanted.
STANTON, Daniel, of Bristol - Heirs wanted. One of his Son's supposed to reside at Frome, Somerset, and another in Essex.
STEYGOULD, Margaret, formerly of Leigh, Dorset, deceased 1833 - Next of Kin wanted.
SMITH, Rev. Jno. Wm., of Woolfardisworthy, Devon - £5 reward for Proof of Death.
SILVER, Susannah - To claim as Next of Kin to Cornelius Quinton, of Devon.
SPAKE, Charles, or Sparke, who died at Devon, about 10 Years since - Next of Kin wanted.
SAILE, Owen Broughton, Esq., deceased, 1843 - His Heir at Law and Next of Kin wanted.
TAYLOR, William, died in Devonshire - Reward for Advertisement calling for his Next of Kin between 1795 and 1801.
TURNER, Thomas, son of Timothy Turner, of Selborn, Hants - Wanted.
THOMAS, William, son of W. G. Thomas, deceased, of Blandford, Dorset - Wanted.
TEAGUE, Thomas, late of Redruth, Cornwall, Merchant, deceased 1830 - Legatees wanted.
TRIPCONEY, Anthony, late of Cornwall, died June, 1838 - £5. reward for his Will.
THORPE, Charles, son of the Rev. John Thorpe, of Bristol - Information of him wanted.
TWYMAN, George, late of Portsea, Shipwright, deceased - Heir at Law wanted.
TRAVERS, Richard, late of Uploaders, Dorset, Esq., deceased 1813 - Next of Kin wanted.
TAYLOR, Charles, Esq., formerly of Maridge, Devon, deceased 1766 - Heirs at Law wanted.
THACKARD, John, late of Charlbury Hill, Dorset - Next of Kin wanted.
TOMS, Frances, late of Somerset, widow, deceased 1828 - Next of Kin wanted.
TRATHEN, John, late of Woolfardisworthy, Devon, deceased 1820 - Heir at Law wanted.
UPPINGTON, John, whose first wife was Elizabeth Higgins - Next of Kin wanted.
VACHELL, Horatio, formerly of Guernsey, after of Morebath, near Tiverton, Devon - £5 reward for information of him.
WITHERMAN, William, formerly of Bristol, died about 1834 in South Australia.
WALKE, Mary, of Plymouth, and went to America - To claim Legacies left by Mother and Brother John W.
WINDSOR, Margaretta Charlotta, of Bere Regis, Dorset - Her Nephews wanted.
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth and Mary, the daughters of Captain W., of Falmouth - Their descendants wanted.
WILLIAMSON, Dorothy, who died in London, 1780 - Issue wanted.
WARR, John, formerly of Yetminster, near Sherborne, Dorset, died about 1714 - His Heir at Law wanted.
WILLIAMS, Mary, widow of Robert, late of Winsford, Somerset, and Children - To claim a Legacy.
WOODLAND, Harry, of Bristol - His Nephews and Nieces wanted.
WELLSHER, James, died about 30 years ago at Bath - His Son wanted.
WILSON, Charles, (son of John and nephew of Anthony W., of Bristol, Esq., deceased 1824) who went to the West Indies.
WILSON, Mary Chesson, daughter of Wm. and Ursula W., of Exeter, - Wanted.
WEBB, Thomas, late of Sherborne, Dorset, deceased 1808 - Heir at Law wanted.
WAYMOUTH, George, who died at Otterton, near Exeter, 1820 - His Widow wanted.
WATT, James, of Plymouth, and Children - To claim Legacies.
WOOD, George, of Chepstown, near Bristol, Gardener - Representatives wanted.
WITHERING, William, late of Brislington, Somerset, deceased 1832 - Next of Kin wanted.
YEW, Samuel, buried at Beckington, Somerset, 1757 - Heir wanted.
YEOMANS, Joseph Proud, of Portsea, died 1816 - Next of Kin wanted.
YEOLAND, Henry, son of Robert Y., of Plymouth - Next of Kin wanted.