IPM - John KEYNES 1388

From the Moger collection of IPMs held at the Devon Heritage Centre

Transcribed by Fay Sampson Priestley

KEYNES, John.               12 Richard II. [1388]

Miscell. Inquisitions. 241 (65).


m.1. Writ directed to the steward of the Court of Bradenench, on the complaint of John Keynes that he is wrongfully required to do suit at that court for land in Weryngiston.
Dated at Westminster 23 June 12 Richard II. [1388].

m.2. Devon.
INQUISITION taken at Bradeneche at the Court leet held there Saturday the morrow of St. Denys 12 Rich. II. [Saturday 10 Oct. 1388], before John Copleston, steward; by the oath of Roger Polyforde, Roger Vacy, John Brompston, Thomas Olyuer, William Smyth, Ralph Typet, Thomas Petyt, John Russel, John Persoun, Thomas Scote, Gregory atte Shute & Ralph Shephurde: who say that John Keynes ought not to do suit at the court of Bradeneche, none of his ancestors, tenants of Weryngeston, were ever wont to do suit for lands held there of the lordship of Bradeneche. Such suit has been exacted as well of said John as of Thomas his father, but not done.