IPM - John RADFORD 1478

From the Moger collection of IPMs held at the Devon Heritage Centre

Transcribed by Fay Sampson Priestley

RADFORD, John, esq. 18 Edw.IV. [1478]
Chancery Inq. pm. File 67(41) Abstract.

m.1. Writ dated at Westminster 14 Dec. 18 Edw.IV [1478]

2. Devon.
Delivered into court 5 May by Martin Ferys.

Inquistion taken at Exeter 21 April 19 Edw. IV [1479], before William Forterscu, eascheator; by the oath of Roberet Pomeray, John Holbeme, Edward Fokeray, esquires, John Aisshe, Edmund Yerde, William Smyth, William Dolbeare, John Raddon, Thomas Bernehous, John Esyngwold, Nicholas Clerke, John Belamy & Hugh Quyk: Who Say that Nicholas Radeford was seised of the manor of Poughill, held of the prior of St Nicholas, Exeter, by 20s rent & fealty; worth by the year, clear 30s:- 36 messuages, 1 mill, 1 dovecot, 27 carucates and 430 acres, and 30s rent in Cadelegh, Uppecote, Stokleghluccomb, Stoklegh Englissh, Wynkelegh Tracy, Westechadeldon & Witherugge; where of Cadelegh & Uppecote are held of William Courtenay, Knt., of his manor of Cadelegh, by knight's service; worth by the year, clear, 13s 4d; Stoklegh Luccomb held of Margaret late wife of William Seynt Jon, by fealty; worth &c 3s 4d; Stoklegh Englissh held of Thomas Dourissh of his manor of Stoklegh Englissh, by fealty & 5s rent; worth &c 5s; Wynkelegh Tracy, by knight's service; worth, &c, 5s; Weste Chadeldon held of William Caileway, by fealty, in free socage; worth &c, 6s 8d; Withrugge held of William Mountagu, in free burgage, by fealty & 1d rent; worth &c, 20d.
A fine was levied Hilary 33 Hen VI [1454/5] between William Bonville, Knt, Nicholas Aissheton, James Chudlegh, esq, John Cheyne of Pynne, esq, Robert Wilfforde, esq, John Lyndon, clk, Thomas Dourissh, John Way, John Radforde named in the writ, & John Nitherton, plaintiffs, and the said Nicholas Radeford, deforciant. Nicholas acknowledged the premises to be the right of John Lyndon, as that which plaintiffs have of the gift of Nicholas, & quitclaimed the same to plaintiffs & the heirs of John Lyndon for ever.
On 16 March 38 Hen. VI [1459/60] John Lyndon released his part in the same to John Radeforde & his heirs for ever.
By deed dated 16 Oct 7 Edw. IV [1467] Thomas Dourissh granted his estate in Stoklegh Englissh to William Stapelhill, who is yet seised thereof.
After the deaths of William Bonville, Nicholas Aissheton, James Chuddlegh & John Way, John Radeford remained seised of John Lyndon's part therein in his demesne as of fee & John Cheyny, Robert Wilfford, Thomas Dourissh, John Radeford & John Nitherton were seised of the residue in their demesne as of free tenement.
By deed dated 14 Nov 13 Edw. IV [1473] the said John Cheyny, &c, demised to Joan daughter of Gilbert Yerde, esq, all their estate in 4 messuages & 3 carucates, parcel of the manor of Poughill, which Thomas Kympelond, Henry Hill, otherwise Southcomb, Richard Hunt & Robert Grendon severally hold there, for her life; she is yet seised thereof.
Robert Wilfford & John Radeford afterwards died, & John Cheyny, Thomas Dourissh & John Nitherton survive & are seised of their estate as of free tenement.

     John Radeford died 21 Nov 18 Edw. IV [1478]
     Humfry, son & heir, aged 5.