IPM - William KEYNES 1458

From the Moger collection of IPMs held at the Devon Heritage Centre

Transcribed by Fay Sampson Priestley

KEYNES, William.            36 Hen.VI [1458]

Chancery Inq.p.m. Hen.VI. File 167 (7)


m.1. Writ dated at Westminster 2 May 36 Hen.VI. [1458]

m.2. Devon.
      Delivered into Court 23 Oct.

Inquisition taken at Chepyngtoryton, Michaelmas Day 37 Hen.VI. [29 Sep.1458] before Thomas Botryaux, escheator, by the oath of Stephen Gyffard, John Munke, William Floyer, John Spekcote, Gilbert Denys, William Wollecomb, Richard Spenser, Ralph Crewes, John Coblegh, John Fayrefeld, John Bylhole, John Colewyll, John Doccomb & William Bysshopp: who say that William Keynes held no lands in Devon.

      He died on St. Mark's Day last past [25 Apr.1458].

      John, son & heir, aged 1 year & 10 weeks.