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Notes on the history of a North Devon parish: Aissa, Rose Ash

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 32 (1900), pp. 212-228.


Helen Saunders

Prepared by Michael Steer

ROSE-ASH is a village and parish in South Molton district. The village stands 6 miles E S E of South Molton, and 9 E N E of Eggesford railway station; and was formerly called Ralph-Esse. The parish also contains the hamlet of Yard and part of Ashmill; and its post town is South Molton. The living is a rectory in the diocese of Exeter. The church is ancient. There are a Brethren's chapel, a school, and charities. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

An extensive pedigree for the ownership of Esse Rafe is presented between pp 214-5.

A pedigree showing eight generations of the Southcomb family is presented on p. 219.

Abbot, Mrs216
Adams, Mr F215
Alley, Bishop218
Altham, Lord215
Anglesea, Lord215
Anne, Queen221
Anne of Denmark, Queen221
Annesley, Dorothy215
Annesley, Richard215
Ayre, Mr G215
Ayre, Mr H215
Ayre, Mr William216
Aysche, Sir John218
Babbage, Mr216
Baker, Thomas227
Baldwin the Sheriff212-4
Benson, Miss216
Berie family214
Birie, Nicholas217
Birifilde, Sir John218
Brantyngham, Bishop217
Bray, Mr John223
Bray, Mr Thomas223
Bretton, Robert de213
Brion, Gilbert Earl of212
Bronescombe, Bishop212, 214, 217
Browing, George226
Burniberge, Richard218
Bury, John217
Bury, Thomas218
Bytton, Bishop214
Capra, William (also Chievre)214
Charles II224
Charnys, Walter217
Chilcot, Ammory226
Clark, Mr Thomas220
Cole, John227
Collard, Sir John217
Colyn family214
Colyn, Thomas217
Cotton, Bishop218
Courtenay, John de213, 220
Crook, John218
Crowke, William215
Culme, Rev John220
Davy, Miss Anne223
Davy, Colonel & Mrs216, 228
Davy, Dorothy215
Davy family214-5
Davy, John Tanner223-4
Davy, Mr R215
Davy, Mrs Tanner220
Dennis, Dorothy218
Dennis family214
Dennis, John218
Dennis, Nicholas215
Dennis, William218
Devon, Earl of217
Dodge, John222-3, 225
Down family214
Down, Nicholas227
Downe, Henry215
Eastmond, George227
Edmonds, Rev Canon228
Edward the Confessor212-3
Elizabeth I218
Esse, Sir Allen214
Esse, Bartholomew de213
Esse, Elizabeth de214-5
Esse family213
Esse, George de214
Esse, Giles214
Esse, Henry de214
Esse, Ingaret de214-5
Esse, J de214
Esse, Margaret de214
Esse, Nicholas de214
Esse, Oliver de214, 217
Esse, Sir Ralph de213-4, 217
Esse, Richard de214, 217
Esse, Thomas de214
Esse, Walter de214
Evans, William223
Ferrar, N220
FitzPagan, Ralph214
Fleming, Baldwin the214
Fraxinus, Simon214
Fry, Mr215
Gaydon, John218
Geare, Mr W F224
George I221
George III225
Gex, Rev A F de215
Giffard, Andrew de214, 217
Giffard, Elizabeth214
Giffard, Ingaret214
Giffard, John214
Gifford, Hannaball218
Glynn family214-5
Glynn, John215
Glynn, Susan215
Glynn, William215, 218
Grandisson, Bishop212, 217
Gyfford, Stephen217
Hals family214
Hals, Margaret214
Hals, Richard214, 218
Henry II213
Henry III213-4
Henry VIII217
Hingeston-Randolph, Prebendary214
Hogge, Sir John217
Hosegood, Rev J H213, 215
James I221
Jutsum, Mr228
Keats, Captain215
Keats, Mr215
Kerket, John226
Lacy, Bishop217
Lamplugh, Bishop218
Lane, William212, 217
Langdon, Thomas215
Langdone, William217
Lavington, Bishop218
Lewis, Margret225
Loosemore, Mr J A F215, 228
Loosemore, the Misses215
Loosemore, Mr213
Lovel, Robert214
Lysons, Daniel213, 222
Marchant, Sir Adam217
Marshel, Henry227
Mason, John227
Merson, Miss222
Nevylle, Bishop218
Nicholas IV, Pope217
Norrish, Mrs215
Nott, John225
Oglander, Edmund John215
Oglander, Sir John Bt215
Oglander, Susan215
Oldam, Bishop218
Parkhouse, Mrs224
Partridge, Mr216
Payne, Robert218
Pearce, John G218
Peaster, Mr W227
Perk, John227
Phillpotts, Bishop218
Pickard, Philip227
Ponte, Henry de217
Pope, Mr216
Portsmouth, Lord215
Prideaux family214
Prydeaux, Humphrey218
Prydeaux, Robert218
Raby, Thomas de213
Reichel, Rev J O213, 228
Reve, Richard217
Rew, Mr216
Robert the King's son213
Ross, Bishop218
Shoolbred, Mr & Mrs220
Shortridge family213
Slader, Roger227
Smith, Dorothy215
Smith family214-5
Somer, Sir Alexander218
Southcomb, Anne225
Southcomb, Edmund218
Southcomb, Mis Elizabeth224
Southcomb, Miss Emily215
Southcomb family213, 218, 221
Southcomb, George gent218
Southcomb, Mr G H215
Southcomb, Mrs Grace224
Southcomb, Rev Henry Granger, MA215, 217-8, 221, 224, 228
Southcomb, Jane218, 224
Southcombe, John snr (the Rector)218, 222
Southcomb. John Ladaveze Hamilton218
Southcomb, Mr Lewis, snr215, 218, 225
Southcomb, Lewis jnr222
Southcomb, Rev Lewis219-20, 222-3, 226
Southcomb, Miss M A224
Southcomb, William T & Mrs218, 220, 224
Spencer family213
Stabback, Mr John223
Stafford, Bishop212, 214, 217
Stapledon, Bishop214, 217
St Aubyn, Mr220
Storm, Sir Simon217
Sturnell, Peter218
Tanner, Mr H215
Tanner, Jonathan223, 225
Tanner, John W223
Tanner, Mr L215
Tanner, Miss Mary223
Tanner, R225
Temple, Bishop218
Thomas, J A223
Toms, Rev H216
Trosse, Mr Roger218, 224
Varley, Mr215
Venner, John218
Veysey, Bishop218
Veysey, Mr F A215
Vicary, Miss Anne223
Vicary, Mr W216
Wadling, Mr220
Wainwright, Mr228
Wales, Prince of221
Walker, Thomas218, 218
Watkins, Mr215
Weston, Bishop218
Wilkins, Mr J F, JP215, 217
William I213
William III219
Woolton, Bishop218
Worsley, Rev E215
Yarde family213
Yarde, Henry de213
Zeal, Henery225