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Sir John de Sully KG

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 24 (1892) pp. 163-182.


Winslow Jones

Prepared by Michael Steer

Effigies of Sir John de Sully (1282-1388), KG, and his wife Isobel are among the many splendid monuments in Crediton's parish church. Sully was lord of the manor of Iddesleigh, but was said by Westcote to have had his seat at Ruxford, in the parish of Sandford near Crediton. He held Ruxford of John de Raleigh of Raleigh in the parish of Pilton, as is evidenced in the latter's deed of 1362 now held in the North Devon Record Office. Although during his lengthy life he was a warrior of high renown, he is best remembered as a key witness in the celebrated case of Scrope versus Grosvenor concerning the right of each to bear 'azure, a bend or' as their family arms. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Anstis163, 169
Aragon, King of168
Atteputte, Sir Robert (de la Pitte)176
Avene, Isabella de176
Avene, John de176
Bakeforde, Sir Richard de177
Baker, Richard Esq169-70, 179, 182
Barton, Thomas171
Batecok, Sir William177
Beltz, Mr G F164-5, 168-9, 172, 179
Bikelegh, Sir Robert170
Boger, Mr Deeble167
Bonde, Sir Roger167
Bonville, de- family175
Bothe, Bishop177
Brantyngham, Bishop170
Brewese, Elizabeth de176
Brewese, William de176
Broke, Sir Thomas Knt177
Bronescombe, Bishop170, 176-7
Byry, Master William178
Bytton, Bishop176-8
Carminow family163
Carmynowe, R170
Carter, John174
Chaucombe, Isabella de165
Chaucombe, John de165
Chedder, Isabel177
Chedder, Thomas Esq177
Cheddre, Joan170
Cheddre, Robert170
Clare, de- arms172
Clark, Mr G T166, 174-5
Cnolle, Master Alexander de la177
Cnolle, Edward de la177
Cobham, Reginald Lord168
Comyn, Sir Thomas169
Cooke, John178
Cornwall, Duke of163
Crouchback, Edmund174
Dabernoun, John167
Dayell, Sir John178
Don Pedro (the cruel)168
Dovere, Fulbert de177
Edward, Black Prince163, 166-9, 179
Edward I164, 172-5
Edward II165, 175-6
Edward II164
Edward III163, 165-9, 179-80
Esse, Giles de178
Ferrers, Sir Ralph169
FitzHamon, Robert174-5
Forster, Nicholas170
Freeman, Mr E A174
Gloucester, Earl of164, 172, 175
Gournay, Matthew de168
Grandisson, Bishop177-8
Grosvenor family169, 181
Grosvenor, Sir Robert163
Gulden, Edmund de178
Guesclin, Du168
Handlo, Robert de176
Henry III164, 174-5
Henry IV163, 169
Hext, Miss167
Hingeston-Randolph, Prebendary171, 176-8
Hog, Thomas169
Hoker, John169
Hole, Gilbert atte164
Honemanacote, Master Richard de176
Horsy, Elizabeth de164
Kentwode, John de169, 181
King, Mr R J171
Kribbe, Joan164
Kribbe, Robert164
Lacy, Bishop177
Lancaster, Earl of174
Leland, John171
Liew, Sir Hugh170, 178
Lovel, John Lord169
Luckcombe, William de177
Luketone, Hugh164
Luketone, Joan164
Luscote, Thomas de178
Lysons171, 174
Merrick, Rice174
Meyrick, Sir S R174
Monk, William170
Montacute, William de166
Moore, Mr Stuart A169, 172, 181
Morle, Thomas de169
Murimutth, Adam de169
Nicolas, Sir N H163-5, 168, 179, 181
Norwych, Sir John de169
Oliver, Dr170-1, 173
Palgrave, Sir Francis176
Peur, Alice le164
Peur, William le164
Phillips, Sir Thomas Bt174
Philpot, J Esq179
Piers, Master William170
Plantagenet, Princess Joan169
Pole, Sir William163
Pylhede, Sir John177
Quivil, Bishop Peter177
Reygni, Roger de177
Reigny, Akyna164
Reigny de family164, 175
Reigny, William de164
Reyngny, John de164
Reymound, Thomas178
Richard II (also as Prince Richard)164, 169-70, 181
Richmond, Peter Earl of173
Risdon163, 171, 173
Rogers, Mr W H H171, 173
Salisbury, Earl of166
Scrope family169-70, 181
Scrope, Henry le182
Scrope, Sir Richard le163, 181-2
Scrope, William le182
Sel, Sir William178
Smyth-Osbourne, Mr164
Smyth, Sir William178
Speccote, Thomas177
Squyer, Scipio172
Stafford, Bishop171, 178
Stafforde, Thomas de177
Stapeldon, Bishop176, 178
St Loo, John de168
Suleye, Johannes de164-5
Sully arms171-2
Sully family164, 174
Sully, Sir Henry de169, 173-4, 181
Sully, Isabella de165, 169, 178, 181
Sully, Isabella (2)176
Sully, Dame Joan169, 176
Sully, Johanne de181
Sully, Sir John de KGthroughout
Sully, Mabel de175
Sully, Lady Margery de (also Margota)169, 173, 178, 181
Sully, Sir Reginald de174-6
Sully, Reymund de176
Sully, Sir Reymond175
Sully, Sir Walter de172-3, 175
Sully, Sir William de169, 173, 181
Sutley, Sir Bartholomew de174
Swete, Sir John177
Trastamare, Henry of168
Trobrygge, Joce de178
Trobrygge, Thomas de178
Wales, Prince of179
Waleys, Ralph170
Walton, Nicholas de164
Waran, Sir John178
Wariner, Henry170
Westcote163, 171, 173
Westminster, Duke of163
Westyard, William de164
Waye, Sir John178
William II, Rufus174
Winescote, Magister Ricardus de176
Wodeloke, Bishop Henry de177-8
Wylemer, Sir William176-7