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Help and advice for Surnames in the Trade's Directory for Seaton and Sidmouth, 1869

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Surnames in the Trade's Directory for Seaton and Sidmouth, 1869.

The Trade's Directory appears as an appendix (pp. 206-211) to the text of: Rogers, W.H. Hamilton. Wanderings in Devon, Seaton, John Newbery (printer) (1869) 204 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The full text with the Directory is available at with a search by either title or author. Street addresses are provided in the original text for all directory entries. The Google online book from which this Trade's Directory is transcribed is held at the Bodleian Library.
Akerman, H., Grocer etc 206
Alford, W., House & Commission Agent 206
Arbery, J.H., Hairdresser & Photographer 206
Beer, W.A., Boot & Shoe Maker 206
Boalch, F. Butcher 206
Chown, E. Tailor etc 206
Diment, Richard, Ironmonger 206
Farrant, Walter, Senr. Builder 206
Gage, Samuel, Grocer 206
Gaverick, Henry, Tailor 206
Good, Samuel, Watchmaker & Photographer             206
Gollop, Samuel, Builder 206
Gollop, William, Builder 206
Gould & Son, Confectioners etc 206
Hammett, Samuel, Baker 206
Hayward, Michael, Draper etc 206
Hayward, John, Boot & Shoe Maker 206
Head, William, Merchant 206
Hill, Mrs E., Milliner 206
Hill, Mrs S. Bookseller 207
Holmes, T., Draper, etc 207
Loud, F. Butcher 207
Major, Mrs. J., Grocer 207
Major, James, Builder 207
Major, T. Grocer 207
Major, Miss., Honiton Lace Dealer 207
Meech & Son., Boot & Shoe Maker 207
Newbery, John, Printer 205, 207
Oldridge, Timothy, Smith 207
Overmass, E. Builder 207
Overmass, G. J., Tailor 207
Page, Mrs. Honiton Lace Dealer 207
Perry, James, Ironmonger 207
Skinner, James, Baker & Confectioner 207
Skinner, Mrs. S. Walrond, Coal Merchant 207
Snell, J. Boot & Shoe Maker 207
Tolman, W. Junr., Tailor 207
Tolman, G. Painter & Glaizer 207
Walker, W. Tailor 207
White, T. Mason 207
Ackerman, Mrs, Post Office 208
Ackerman, Mrs W 208
Alford, Mrs 208
Anning, Mrs John 208
Arbery, Mrs 208
Bailey, Mrs 208
Bartlett, Miss 208
Batstone, Mrs 208
Beer, Mrs 208
Brown, Mrs 208
Chown, Mrs 208
Cole, Miss A. 208
Dare, Mrs Bat. 208
Dare, Mrs E. 208
Diment, Mrs 208
Drew, Mrs 208
Farrant, Mrs 208
Farrant, Mrs 208
Good, Mrs 208
Hall, Mrs 208
Hammett, Mrs 209
Harris, Mrs 209
Hayward, Mrs 209
Hill, Mrs. 209
Hill, Mrs. 209
Loud, Mrs. 209
Major, Mrs. 209
Major, Miss 209
Millar, Mrs G 209
Miller, Mrs H 209
Manley, Mrs 209
Newbery, Mrs 209
Otton, Miss E. 209
Prescott, Mrs 209
Raddon, Miss 209
Raddon, Mrs R. 209
Rowland, Mrs 209
Searley, Mrs 209
Skinner, Mrs J. 209
Skinner, Mrs S. 209
Stradling, Mrs 209
Tidbury, Mrs 209
Tolman, Mrs Senr. 209
Tolman, Mrs W. 209
Tucker, Mrs 209
Westlake, Mrs 210
White, Mrs S. 210
White, Mrs H. 210
Withall, Mrs 210
Woodgate, Mrs 210
Batstone, Clement 210
Dare, Bat. 210
Loud, William 210
Major, William 210
Oldridge, John 210
Oldridge, Timothy 210
Harris, Mrs A 210
Newton, Mrs E. 210
Abbot, William 211
Brown, William 211
Dare, Captain 211
Good, Zeno 211
Harris, Thomas 211
Hooper, William 211
Miller, Henry 211
Power, William 211
Richards, Charles 211
Robinson, Richard 211
Tidbury & Webby 211
Williams, Thornton & Co. 212
G. Gould & Son 213
Skinner, James 217
Gage, S. 213
Major, Mrs J. 214
Tolman, William 213
Overmass, Edward 214
Diment, R. 214
Perry 215
Woodgate, Mrs 215
Boalch, F. 215
Hayward, M. 216
Batstone's 216
Batstone, Cornelius 216
Tolman, G. 217
Newbery, J. 217
Smith, E. 217