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Name Index


Family of Walrond of Bovey

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries Vol. 11:1, (1920), pp. 18-24.


A.J. Skinner

Prepared by Michael Steer

Bovey House was a seat of the Walrond family from about 1670 when they bought it from Sir William Pole, although they are believed to have been in tenancy from a considerably earlier time. It remained in the family until it passed by marriage to the Rolle family in 1778 and then onto Lord Clinton, again by marriage. The property was owned by Sherborne Abbey up until the dissolution of the monasteries when Henry VIII gave it to Catherine Parr as part of her dowry in 1543. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Alford, Daniel Pring 22
Alford, Frances Oak 22
Alford, Henry 20
Alford, Henry (2) 22
Alford, Henry DD 22
Alford, Rebecca 22
Alford, Samuel MA 22
Baker, George 24
Baker, Mary 24
Baker, Sarah 24
Blagdon, Sarah 19
Bridge, Elizabeth 20
Bridge, Mary 20
Bridge, Robert 20
Broughton, Dinah 20
Buckland, Anne 21
Buckland, Charles 21
Buckland, Elizabeth 21
Buckland, Samuel MA 21
Buckland, William 20
Buckland, William (2) 21
Charles I 22
Charles II 22
Cheeke, Alexander armig 21-2
Cheeke, Susannah 21
Drake, Elizabeth 19
Drake, Sir William, Knt, Bt 19
Drewe, Francis 23
Drewe, Rev Herman AM 19, 23-4
Drewe, Mary 23
Drewe, Sarah Mary 23
Duke, John, MP 21
Duke, Susanna 21
Enchmarch, Francis 22
Everett, Elizabeth 20
Gerrard, Richard 19
Gill, Susanna 21
Gill, Susanna (2) 21
Gill, William 21
Hatherleigh, W 23
Hatherley, Elizabeth 23
Hatherley, Narcissus gent 24
Hatherley, Sarah 24
Hatherley, Sarah Mary 23
Hatherley, Rev William 24
Heath, John 21
Heath, Susannah 21
Horndon, David 20
James, Rev C Lister 24
Mallock, Anne 21
Mallock, Richard 21
Manning, Rev James 20, 22-3
Manning, Maria 22
Oke, Dinah 20
Oak, Elizabeth 20
Oak, Frances 22
Oke family 20
Oak, Frances 22
Oak, John 20
Oak, Maria 22
Oak, Mary 20
Oak, Rebecca 22
Oak, Sarah 19-20
Oak, Sarah (2) 21
Oak, Sarah (3) 21
Oke, Walter (1) 20
Oke, Walter (2) 20-1
Oak, William 20
Oak, William (2) 21
Passemer, George, BA (also Passmore) 21-2
Passemer, George (2) 22
Passemer, Sarah 21
Passemer, Susannah (also Passmore) 21-2
Pulman 18
Rolle family 18
Rolle, John Esq, MP 20
Rolle, Lady 20
Rolle, Lord John 18-21, 23
Rolle, Judith Maria 18, 21, 23
Rose, Mary 23
Rose, Thomas 23
Shute, Frances 22
Shute, Thomas 22
Stirling 18
Vivian 18
Walrond, Courtenay William 20
Walrond, Elizabeth 19
Walrond family 20
Walrond, Henry 18
Walrond, Judith Maria 18-21, 23
Walrond, Sarah 19-20
Walrond, Sarah (2) 20
Walrond, William Esq (1) 19
Walrond, William (2) 19-21
Walrond, William Esq (3) 19
Walter, John 19
Way, Lewis 23
Way, Mary 23
Weston, Mary 24
Weston, Stephen 24
Worthy 18