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Help and advice for Shaugh Prior 1861 Census, ED 22

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SHAUGH PRIOR 1861 CENSUS, RG9/1433, Enum. Distr. 22

Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard

RG9/1433 SRD: Plympton St. Mary; EDN 22; RSD: Plympton; NoE: James Maddock
All that part of the Parish of Shaugh which lies to the South of the River from Shaugh
Bridge to Hattiscombe Farm including Nethershaugh Hattiscombe Pithill Hurstone and
No. of Schedule Road, Street, &c., and No. or Name of House Houses Name and Surname of each Person Relation to Head of Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether Blind or Deaf and Dumb
Inhab. Uninhab. Male Female
1       Hurls 1   James LAVERS Head Mar 55   Farm Laborer Lamerton Devon  
          Fanney LAVERS Wife Mar   41   South Toton Devon  
          Fanney LAVERS Daur     11   Shaugh Devon  
2   Weightborough 1   George SELLECK Head Mar 72   Retired Farmer Shaugh Devon  
          Fanney SELLECK Wife Mar   70   Shaugh Devon  
3   Weightborough 1   John M. SELLECK Head Mar 37   Farmer 140 ac emp 1 Lab & 3 boys Shaugh Devon  
          Susan SELLECK Wife Mar   37   Shaugh Devon  
          Susan W. LILLICRAP Stedau Un   14   Shaugh Devon  
          Pitta M. LILLICRAP Nephew Un 14     Shaugh Devon  
          James LILLICRAP Serv Un 16   Farm Servant Meavy Devon  
          Henry POLK Serv Un 19     Bucklegh Devon  
4   Allcombe 1   John ABOTT Head Mar 53   Farmer 70 ac emp 2 boys Shaugh Devon  
          Mary ABOTT Wife Mar   60   Meavy Devon  
          Amey E. ABOTT Daur Un   23   Shaugh Devon  
          John PULLEYBLANK Nephew Un 15   Farm Servant Shaugh Devon  
          James LAVERS Serv Un 20   Farm Servant Exeter Devon  
5   Hollowgreep 1   Margreet LILLICRAP Head Widow   72 Farmer 4 ac Devonport Devon  
          Edward HURRELL Serv Un 43   General Servant Shaugh Devon  
6   Dungan 1   Joseph JONES Head Mar 40   Game Keeper   Wiltshire  
          Selina JONES Wife Mar   32 Game Keeper's Wife Windsor Berkshire  
          Maryann JONES       7 Scholar Hungerford Berkshire  
          Maria JONES       5   Bickley Devon  
          Eamilie JONES       4   Shaugh Devon  
          Selina L. JONES       2   Shaugh Devon  
          George B. JONES     1     Shaugh Devon  
7   Lower Nethershaw 1   George RICH Head Mar 65   Farm Laborer Bratonblow Village Devon  
          Barby RICH Wife Mar   58   Shaugh Devon  
          Emanuel RICH Son Un 26   Laborer Shaugh Devon  
          Thomas RICH Son Un 16     Shaugh Devon  
8   Lower Nethershaw 1   Frances LILLICRAP Head Mar 49   China Clay Laborer Shaugh Devon  
          Jane LILLICRAP Wife Mar   42 China Clay Laborer's Wife Kingstone Devon  
          John W. LILLICRAP Son Un 17   China Clay Laborer Shaugh Devon  
          Alias LILLICRAP Daur Un   11   Shaugh Devon  
          Margreet LILLICRAP Daur Un   10 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Frances Jr. LILLICRAP Son Un 5     Shaugh Devon  
          Emma J. LILLICRAP Daur Un   4   Shaugh Devon  
          Christina LILLICRAP Daur Un   1   Shaugh Devon  
9   Higher D? 1   Edward PERKINS Head Mar 32   Farmer 85 ac Shaugh Devon  
          Mary PERKINS Wife Mar   29 Farmer's Wife Sanford Spiney Devon  
          Edwain J. PERKINS Son   5     Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Robert A. PERKINS Son   3     Shaugh Devon  
          George STONEMAN Serv Un 18   Servant Chagford Devon  
          Mary ANDREWS Serv Un   25 House Servant Cornwood Devon  
10   Hurls 1   John FOSTER Head Mar 64   Woodman Shaugh Devon  
          Jane FOSTER Wife Mar   62 Woodman's Wife Shaugh Devon  
11   Hurls 1   Johanna PARTRIDGE Head Widow   69 No Occupation Dean Prior Devon  
          Elizabeth M. PARTRIDGE Daur Un   28 Dressmaker Shaugh Devon  
12   Nethershaw 1   Richard NORTHMORE Head Mar 40   Farm Laborer   British Subject  
          Harriet NORTHMORE Wife Mar   34   Applepen Devon  
          Barbra H? NORTHMORE Daur     1   Shaugh Devon  
          Richard TUCKER Boarder Un 63   Farm Laborer Marstow Devon  
13   Lower Nethershaw 1   John MARKS Head Mar 56   China Clay Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Elizabeth MARKS Wife Mar   53   Tavistock Devon  
          Maryann MARKS Daur Un   28 Farm Servant Shaugh Devon  
          Edward MARKS Son Un 18   Farm Servant Shaugh Devon  
          Joseph MARKS Son Un 14   Farm Servant Shaugh Devon  
          Samuel MARKS Son Un 6   Scholar Shaugh Devon  
14   Purps House 1   Thomas MUNFORD Head Mar 54   Farmer 109 ac emp 1 Lab Cornwood Devon  
          Maryann MUNFORD Wife Mar   39   Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth SKELEY Serv Un   14 House Maid Cornwood Devon  
          George WALL Serv Un 15   Carter Bickleigh Devon  
          Edward FERES Serv Un 10   Cattle Boy Bickleigh Devon  
15   Bughill 1   John WORK Head Mar 66   Farmer 105 ac emp Family at home Sheepstor Devon  
          Ann WORK Wife Mar   62   Shaugh Devon  
          John WORK Son Un 30   Farmer's Son Shaugh Devon  
          Thomas WORK Son Un 22   Farmer's Son Shaugh Devon  
          William WORK Son Un 19   Farmer's Son Shaugh Devon  
          Ann LILLICRAP Grdaur Un   15   Shaugh Devon  
          Sarah MUNFORD Serv Un   14 House Servant Cornwood Devon  
          Fredrick LAVERS Grson   9   Scholar Shaugh Devon  
16   Neathershaugh 1   Edward PERKINS Head Mar 75   Farmer 120 ac emp 2 Boys Shaugh Devon  
          Peggy PERKINS Wife Mar   74   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Robert PERKINS Son Un 43   Farmer's Son Shaugh Devon  
          Bengamen PERKINS Son Un 30   Farmer's Son Shaugh Devon  
          Lavinia PERKINS Daur Un   27 Farmer's Daughter Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth LILLICRAP Serv Un   17 House Servant Shaugh Devon  
17   Faunstone 1   John EARLE Head Mar 47   China Clay Labourer Aveton Gifford Devon  
          Eliza Barbara EARLE Wife Mar   38   Shaugh Devon  
          Peter W. EARLE Son   14   Sinith Shaugh Devon  
          Lavinia E. EARLE Daur     11 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Sarah M. G. EARLE Daur     7 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth B. G. EARLE Daur     7 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          James RIDER Boarder Un 34   China Clay Labourer Stonhouse Marsh Devon  
18   Faunstone 1   Thomas BROCK Head Mar 23   Labourer Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth BROCK Wife Mar   21   Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth D. BROCK Daur     2   Shaugh Devon  
19   Faunstone 1   William N. LILLICRAP Head Mar 42   Agricultural Labourer Shaugh Devon  
          Maryann LILLICRAP Wife Mar   47   Shaugh Devon  
          Rosanna E. LILLICRAP Daur     12 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          George F. LILLICRAP Son   10   Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Edwin J. LILLICRAP Son   8?   Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Selena A. LILLICRAP Daur     8 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Jane A. LILLICRAP Daur     3 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
20   Faunstone 1   James PARKINGS Head Mar 26   China Clay Labourer Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth PARKINGS Wife Mar   24   Ermington Devon  
          Jane A. PARKINGS Daur     3   Shaugh Devon  
          Emma E. PARKINGS Daur     1   Shaugh Devon  
21   West Bugell 1   Samuel M. COLE Head Mar 67   Labourer Shaugh Devon  
          Mary COLE Wife Mar   61   Shaugh Devon  
22   West Bugell 1   Nicholas PEARCE Head Un 65   Farmer 30 ac emp 1 man Shaugh Devon  
          Nicholas COLE Serv Un 26     Shaugh Devon  
23   Cochells 1   Henry LEIVE? Head Mar 68   Farm Labourer   Devon  
          Jane LEIVE? Wife Mar   67   Shaugh Devon  
          Jane STARLING Molaw Widow   81 Widow Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth WOYCOTT Lodger Un   84 Formerly Servant Shaugh Devon  
24   Harstone 1   William BASKEVILL Head Mar 60   Farmer 60 ac emp 2 men Shaugh Devon  
          Mary BASKEVILL Wife Mar   59   Shaugh Devon  
          John T. BASKEVILL Serv Un 25   Farm Servant Shaugh Devon  
          Elias BASKEVILL Serv Un 18   Farm Servant Shaugh Devon  
25   South Hill 1   William PARKINGS Head Widr 68   China Clay Labourer Shaugh Devon  
          Henry PARKINGS Son Un 26   China Clay Labourer Shaugh Devon  
          Ruth PARKINGS Daur Un   19   Shaugh Devon  
26   Higher Hill 1   William GRIGG Head Mar 52   Carpenter Shaugh Devon  
          Sarah GRIGG Wife Mar   48   Pyworthy Devon  
          Elizabeth NICHOLLS Daur Widow   25 Servant Shaugh Devon  
          John GRIGG Son   11   Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Frances GRIGG Mother Widow   91 ? Pin Maker Shaugh Devon  
          Sarah A. NICHOLLS Grdaur     3   Shaugh Devon  
27   Lower Hill 1   Bengaman ROWE Head Mar 47   Farmer 100 ac emp 1 Lab & 3 boys Cornwood Devon  
          Sarah ROWE Wife Mar   38   Shaugh Devon  
          roda ROWE Daur Un   18   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Edward STEPHENS Serv Un 15   Farm Servant Plympton Devon  
          Andrew STEPHENS Serv Un 13   Farm Servant Plympton Devon  
          Roda STEPHENS Serv Un   14   Plympton Devon  
          William HUNT Serv Un 20   Carter Plympton Devon  
28   Lower Hillborough 1   James SANDOVER Head Mar 36   Blacksmith Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Ann SANDOVER Wife Mar   38   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Mary A. SANDOVER Daur     15 Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Susan SANDOVER Daur     12 Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          William ROWE Serv Un 20   Blacksmith Plympton St. Mary Devon  
29   Brook 1   Prudance SANDOVER Head Widow   37 No Occupation Gungs Lake Devon  
          Richard SANDOVER Son Un 16   China Clay Labourer Tavistock Devon  
          John M. SANDOVER Son Un 12   Scholar Tavistock Devon  
          John T. MERRET Neighbor Un 18   China Clay Labourer Lidford Devon  
          Henry MERRET Neighbor Un 15   China Clay Labourer Lidford Devon  
30   Brook 1   John LAVERS Head Mar 37   China Clay Labourer Egg Buckland Devon  
          Susanna LAVERS Wife Mar   21   Shaugh Devon  
          Jane A. LAVERS Daur     8 mo   Shaugh Devon  
31   Great Pithill Farm 1   Richard GRAY Head Mar 75   Farmer 90 ac emp 3 boys Sheepstor Devon  
          Elizabeth GRAY Wife Mar   65   Shaugh Prior Devon  
          Thomas E. GRAY Son Un 25   Farmer's Son Shaugh Prior Devon  
          Kezia G. SANDOVER Daur Mar   23 Farmer's Daughter Shaugh Prior Devon  
          Mary F. CLEMENT Serv Un   16 Dairy Maid Plymouth Devon  
          James CLEMENT Serv Un 14   Carter Plymouth Devon  
          Frederick HEAD Serv Un 15   Plowman Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Robert HEAD Serv Un 12   Coubory Plympton St. Mary Devon  
32   South Pithill 1   James MADDOCK Head Mar 50   Farmer 100 ac emp 1 Lab & 3 boys Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Marria MADDOCK Wife Mar   45   Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Emanuel A. MADDOCK Serv Un 25   General Servant Holbeton Devon  
          William J. BROOKS Serv Un 15   General Servant Plymouth Devon  
          George NEWMAN Serv Un 14   Boy Brent Devon  
          Susanna LILLICRAP Serv Un   10 House Maid Shaugh Devon  
          William NORTHMORE Serv Un 11   Carter Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Ruth DAMERALL Niece     4   Shaugh Devon  
33   Higher Purps 1   William FERRES Head Mar 52   Farm Labourer Exeter Devon  
          Jane FERRES Wife Mar   49   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Emma FERRES Daur Un   15 Farm Servant Bickleigh Devon  
34   Higher Purps 1   Petter GRAY Head Mar 61   No Occupation Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth GRAY Wife Mar   61   Shaugh Devon  
          Sarah M. GRAY Daur Un   24 Dressmaker Shaugh Devon