From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

SHEBBEAR, the village which gives name to this hundred is on the northern acclivity of the Torridge valley, 7½ miles W.N.W. of Hatherleigh, and has in its parish 1160 souls, and 5826 acres of land, including many scattered farms, and the hamlet of Cott. Lord Clinton is lord of the manor, but most of the soil belongs to the Rev. T. H. Kingdon, and the Hearn, Hayset, Reed, Walter, Stevens, Coham, and other families. The Church (St Lawrence,) is a small structure, with a tower and five bells, and was appropriated to Tor Abbey. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at £11. 8s. 4d., and in 1831 at £285, with Sheepwash annexed to it, is in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor, and incumbency of the Rev. P. D. Foulkes, B.A., who has a thatched residence, and 3A. of glebe. The tithes were commuted in 1846, the vicarial for £288. 11s. 8d., and the rectorial for £216. The latter belong mostly to the freeholders, and the Heyset, Brent, and Braund families. The Baptists, Wesleyans, and Bible Christians have chapels here, and there is a National School in the parish. The Parish Lands, for repairing the church and relieving the poor, comprise about 100 acres, and 20 tenements, let for only about £30 a year, subject to fines. The poor have 23s. a year, left by Thomas Walter, and one Smallacombe.

Bale Mrs. Shebbear Grange
Besley Francis, surgeon
Edmunds John, parish clerk
Foulkes Rev Peter D., B.A. vicar
Herring Miss || Gressell Edward
Mills George, maltster
Thorne Samuel, printer


Crocker John
Crocker Hugh
Larkworthy John
Paige Robert
Still James
White Charles


Acland George
Acland Wm.
Hocking Wm.
Most Wm.
Underhill Richd.


Balkwill Isaac
Callaway John
Callaway Robert
Pett Wm.
White James


Damarel James
Slade Wm.


Abraham Isaac
Abraham John
Abraham Thos.
Adams Wm.
Ball John
Balkwill Isaac
Balkwill Thomas
Balsdon Daniel
Balsdon James
Berry Matthew
Bird Samuel
Blackford Grace
Bridgman John
Bridgman Wm.
Callicott Wm.
Cobbledick Hugh
Copp Thomas
Dunn John
Durrant John
Fowler Bartw.
Frain Mary
Hearn John
Hearn Pp.
Hocking Wm.
Jeffery Wm.
Johns Samuel
Larkworthy Wm.
Leach George
Ley John
Locke Richard
Mills George
Mills Robert
Millman Wm.
Moore John
Paige George
Paige Robert
Parsons J. & R.
Penhall Wm.
Quance Richard
Reed John
Sherwin John
Spear Isaac
Spear Wm.
Spearman Abm.
Still John
Taylor John
Thorne Samuel
Walkin David
Walter Edward
White John
Williams George


Acland John
Blight Robert


Balkwill Thos.
Griffin Edward
Mills Robert


Mountjoy John
Spear James

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