Will of Walter Ilford [Elford], Gentleman of Sheepstor

Proved 24 June 1648

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/204/588, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Kathleen Noye

In the name of god amen. I Walter Elford of Shepistor in the County of Devon Gentleman being of perfect remembrance thankes bee to God and being desirous to sorte my Estate, have thought good to take this profont [profound] time which God in mercie hath afforded mee And doe make this my last Will and Testament for the disposing and ordering of my Estate in manner and forme folowing And I doe revoke all former Wills heretofore made by mee ffirst therefore I doe commend my soule into the hands of Almighty God beseeching him thorough the merits and Passions of his sonn Jesus Christ my onelie Saviour and Redeemer to receive the same when it shall bee separated from the Bodie into his heavenly Kingdome And my Bodie I committ to the earth to bee buried att Shepistor in the Cele commonly called Elfords Cele Item I give vnto the poore people of Shepistor aforesaid ffortie shillings sterling Item I give vnto the poore people of the parish of Meavy twenty shillings sterlyng to bee in both parishes distributed according to the discretion of the executor of this my last Will and Testament. Item I give vnto Elizabeth Langworthy my grand child if she shall marrie by and with the Consent of her Mother and my executor Tenn Poundes sterlyng Item I give vnto all my Children and to everie one of their Children twenty shillings apeice to bee bestowed in gold Rings for each of them Item I give vnto ffrancis Elford the wife of my sonn Hugh Elford deceased Twenty shillings a gold Ring for her Item I give vnto John Syms Vicar of Deane Pryor Twentie shillings sterling to bee bestowed in a gold Ring Item I give vnto my Apprentice William Flack One house Orchard and Garden lying in Shepistor aforesaid wherein one Jeffrey Tre?inian nowe dwelleth To have posesse and enioye for Tearme of his life after the decease of one William Spurvill of Shepistor aforesaid paying and doing what the said Spurwill for the same nowe doth Item and vppon the Consideration that all my Childrens Portions are paid and my sonn hath a great Charge, it is my Will and desire That my wife shall have Twenty poundes a yeare to bee paid her quarterlie by even portions during her life by my executor and her owne with her Maid servantes diet freely during her life Vppon Condition That she doe yeild vpp to my sonn John Elford all those Landes Tenementes and Leases which I have convayed to her for her Joynture or otherwise Item all the rest of my goodes and Chattels Moveables and vnmoveables as well reall as personall of what nature qualitie or Condition whatsoever they bee not before given nor bequeathed I give and bequeath vnto my sonn John Elford whome I make my sole executor, vppon the especiall trust and Confidence reposed in him that hee shall therewithall pay my debts and Legacies and discharge my funeralle which I desire maie bee in a privat way In Wittness whereof I the said Walter Elford have hereunto putt my hand and seale, and made and published the same Yeoun the second Daie of May In the Three and Twentith yeare of the Raigne of our Sovereigne Lord King Charles Anno Domini One Thousand Six Hundred fortie Eight. Walter Elford Signed Sealed declared and published by the said Walter Elford the Daie and yeare above written In the presence of John Syms Cler[ic] Dorothy Wollacombe Joane Watson. /

Memorandum That the fyve and twentithe daye of Auguste Anno vicesimo quinto Elizabethe Regine nuc [in the 25th year of Queen Elizabeth] I the aforenamed John Elford Doe by this present Codicil annexed to my laste will and testament Doe for the furder [further] p[re]ferment and advancem[en]t of William my younger sonne give graunt will and deuise vnto the saide William, all my Messuages Landes and Tenementes in Shipsstor nowe in the tenure or occupacion of John Stutworthe for terme of his lyffe, To haue and to houlde the same premisses with th'appurtennaces vnto th'afforesaid William my sonne for and duringe the full ende and terme of ffowerscore and Tenne yeares yf the saide William so Longe happen to lyve. The saide terme to commence and beginne ymmediatly from and after the daie of my deathe. Yealdinge and payinge therfore yearelye to my heyres and assignes Tenne shillinges of lawfull monney of Englande at fower daies termes of thee yeare moste vsuall, And furder [further] to repaire the premisses. In witnes wherof I the saide John Elford haue herevnto sett my seale in the presence of those whose names are here vnder written, the daie and yeare abouesaide. Thomas Elford, Thomas Snellinge, Thomas Elford Junior, Christopher Martyn, Robert Moore.

Probatum fuit Testamentu[m] suprascript[um] apud London cora venerabili viro Josepho Martyn Leg[um] Doctore Surrogato venerabilis viri Domini Nathanielis Brent Militio legum etiam Doctor Curia nostro Prerogative Magistro sivo Custode legitime constituto Vicesimo Quarto Die Junij Anno Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo Quadragesimo Octavo Juramento Johannis Elford filij et execut[or] in hu[ius]mo[d]i Testament[um] nominat Cui Commissa fuit administratio omniu[m] et singulorum Bonoru[m] Juriu[m] et Creditoru[m] ejusdem defuncti de bene et fideliter administrand eadem Ad Sancta Dei Evangelia Jurat.

Translation: The above-written will was proved in London before the venerable Sir Joseph Martyn, Doctor of Law, surrogate for the venerable Sir Nathaniel Brent knight, also Doctor of Law, Master, Keeper or Commissary of our prerogative court, lawfully consitituted, on the twenty-fourth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred forty-eight, by the oath of John Elford, son and executor named in the same will, to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods, rights and credits of the same deceased, sworn on the Holy Gospel to well and faithfully administer the same.