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Name Index


The Population of Sidmouth from 1260 to the Present Time

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 7 (1875). pp. 203-208.


P. O. Hutchinson

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, read at the Association's July 1875 Torrington meeting provides estimates of Sidmouth's population for each decade from 1260 to 1871. In addition, a comprehensive list of the names of Sidmouth residents who were tenants of the former priory of nearby Otterton in 1260 is presented. These names have been extracted from the Cartulary, or accounts book of the priory. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Abet, Robert 205
Albede 205
Ascertone, Henry de 205
Ascertone, Jordan de 204
Ascertone, Margaret de 204
Ascertone, Nicholas de 204
Asherton, Robert de (also Ascertone) 204
Baldewyn, Semer 205
Ball, Eddoart 206
Ball, Nicholas 205
Ballesbrigge, David de 206
Beage, Cole 205
Beage, Willielmus 205
Beccawille, Robert de 206
Bekewella, Andreas de (Bickwell) 204
Bekewelle, Rogerus 205
Berge, Willielmus de la 206
Bers, Richard 205
Beufiz, Thomas 205
Blakemolde, Roger de 205
Blonere, Alicia daughter of 205
Blouer, Jordan 205
Blouer, Walter 205
Boestart 204
Bogemore, Robert 204
Boluortone, Eddoart de (also Bulverton) 204
Boluortone, Richard de 204
Boluortone, William de 204
Bomore, William 205
Boys, Robert 205
Boys, Robert (2) 205
Bro-, Robertus 204
Bures, Jordan 205
Calli, Walter (also Calley; Cawley) 205
Carpentarius, Jordan 205
Chaunterel, John 205
Chaunterel, Walter 205
Chonterel, A 205
Christopher 204
Clappe, Roger 205
Clet, Walter 205
Cocele, Roger (or Totele) 205
Cole 205
Cole, Adam, de la Herne 205
Cole, Jordan 204
Cole, Mariota 205
Coleridge 203
Colsta, William 205
Comer, Cole 205
Cosa, Walter (or Tosa) 204
Costinere, Margareti (also Tostinere) 205
Cottemetone, Henry de 204
Cottemetone, Robert de (also Cotmaton) 204
Croch, Walter 205
Dare, Seman 205
Dic's flicta 206
Dodemair, Radulphus 205
Donol 204
Drefe, William de la 206
Duke, Mr 203
Dukes, the Miss 203
Ecclesia, Nicholas de 205
Eterura, Wonequin de 205
Fairlont, Eddoart 205
Fessewatere, Walter de 205
Ffonte, Edward de 206
Fik, Relicta 205-6
FitzWalter, Radulphus 204
Forboor, Gervasius (also Faber) 205
Forester, Philip 204
Franceis, John 205
Fridei, Jordanus 205
Froddi, Wonequin 205
Gaufridus 203
Genever, Robert 204
Goddinam, Willielmus (also Goddman) 205
Goddoll, Roger 205
Goddolle, Relicta 205-6
Godwoll 205
Gonnill 204
Guerelot, Dominus 206
Haka, Adam (also Hake) 206
Hake, Radulph 205
Hal 205
Hardi, Nicholas 204
Heccawille, Robert de 206
Henry VIII 203
Herding, Christopher 204
Herding, William 204
Herdint, Richard 204
Hoper, Jordan le 205
Hoper, Lucia 205
Hoper, Symon 206
Huytte, William 204
Hylloeia, Henry de 204
Jacob, Willielmus 206
Kinstewine 204
Knolle, William de 204
Larcher, Eddoart 205
Larcher, Philip 204
Le Bera, Richard 205
Leros, Robert 205
Lodde, Wonequin 205
Longua, Robert (also Long) 205
Longus, Thomas 205
Loois, Adam 205
Lyreis, John 205
Magister, Thomas 205
Mantel, Robert 205
Mariotta 204
Mattock, Semer 205
Medicus, Richard 204
Meles 205
Mercator, Robert 205
Molendino, Adam de 204
Molendino, Thomas de 205
Monasterio, Ricardus de 205
Opehille, Gonnill 205
Opehille, William 205
Otterton, Gervasius de 204
Otterton, Tholomew de 204
Passemer, John (also Passmore) 205
Peke, Katerina de 204
Pistor, Adam 205
Pistor, Eddoard 205
Plessante (also Pleissante) 205
Poele, Alicia 205
Pope, Eddoart 205
Pordeu. Eddoart 205
Pore, Robert 205
Porta, Gonnill de 205
Prot, John 205
Radway, Adam de 204
Renile, Richard 205
Rufa, Ysebel 205
Salemey 205
Scade, Walter 204
Segere, John 205
Sibella 205
Sinkere, Roger 205
Spede, William 205
Suete, Kinstewine 205
Suette, Thomas 204-5
Susanna 205
Syage, John 205
Symon, Philip 206
Tarenti, Holyot 205
Taylor 203
Thefania 204
Tholomew 204
Thomas 204
Toddewelle, Jordan de (Tidwell) 206
Todewine 204
Torneham, Robert 205
Traci, Jordan 205
Turbot, Martille (also Martillus) 205
Tureward, Richard 205
Vicarii, Willielmus filius 205
Wakeman, Walter 206
Walter 204
William 204
Wise, William 204
Wygan, John 205
Ybermene, Johannes 205
Ysebel, Gervasius 206
Ysebel, Robert 204