Name Listing from the Sidmouth Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Evans, Edward: Academy
Hall, George: Academy
Ayres: Academy (Classical)
Bryett, Margaret: Academy (Ladies)
Evans, M: Academy (Ladies)
Stone, F: Academy (Ladies)
Stone, S: Academy (Ladies)
Barrett, William: Agent (Bank)
Jenkins, James Gidion: Attorney
Stevens, Francis: Attorney
Farrant, Richard: Auctioneer
Pile, Michael: Auctioneer
Potbury, Gregory: Auctioneer
Pester, Susan: Baker
Saunders, Thomas: Baker
Stone, Joseph: Baker
Cockburn: Bank
Thiselton: Bank
Cawsey, Wm: Bookseller & Stationer
Denner, Geo: Bookseller & Stationer
Lucas, Wm: Bookseller & Stationer
Marsh, Jno: Bookseller & Stationer
Wallis, John: Bookseller & Stationer
Barnard, Ambrose: Boot & Shoe Maker
Barratt, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Berry, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker
Goddard, Edward: Boot & Shoe Maker
Stone, Charles: Boot & Shoe Maker
Taylor, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Trickey, J: Boot & Shoe Maker
Farrant, Richard: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
Pile, Michael: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
Potbury, Gregory: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
Cox, Samuel: Carpenter & Joiner
Lee, James: Carpenter & Joiner
Nichols, Wlliam: Carpenter & Joiner
Cockram, Wm: Carrier
Govier, S: Carrier
Stephens, M: Carrier
Wray, Job: Carrier
Barrett, Wm: Coal Merchant
Kingwill, William: Coal Merchant
Pidgeon, H: Coal Merchant
Pidgeon, R: Coal Merchant
Baker, John: Common Brewer & Maltster
Searle, John: Common Brewer & Maltster
Searle, Richard: Common Brewer & Maltster
Howell, Valentine: Confectioner
Russell, John: Confectioner
Webber, John: Confectioner
Avery, George: Cooper
Atkins, George: Druggist
Penn, Thomas: Druggist
Newberry, John: Fire Office Agent (Globe)
Barrett, Wm: Fire Office Agent (Guardian)
Wallis, John: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)
Pile, Michael: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)
Stevens, Frs: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)
Avery, George: Grocer
Gove, Sarah: Grocer
Harris, William: Grocer
Proutt, William: Grocer
Stone, Richard: Grocer
Bartlett, Henry: Iron Monger
Farrant, John: Iron Monger
Pile, John: Iron Monger
Nicholls, William: Lace Manufacturer
Sweetland, Margaret: Lace Manufacturer
Gale, William: Linen Draper
Hall, Matthew: Linen Draper
Payne, Joshua: Linen Draper
Wheaton, Charles: Linen Draper
Barker, John: Mason
Denby, Thomas: Mason
Kingwill, Wm: Mason
Newman, James: Mason
Strachley, John: Mason
Beavis, Abraham: Painter & Glazier
Butter, Barnabas: Painter & Glazier
Cawsey, William: Painter & Glazier
Pike, Richard Wood: Painter & Glazier
Bidgood, W: Plumber
Blackmore, James: Plumber
Turner, George: Post Master
Collacott, Thomas: Saddler
Hill, Robert: Saddler
Hodge, Thomas: Surgeon
Maguire, Richard Baker: Surgeon
Matthews, James: Surgeon
Penn, Tnomas: Surgeon
Stocker, William: Surgeon
Barratt, Reuben: Tailor
Barrett, William: Tailor
Cowd, Thomas: Tailor
Hill, Thomas: Tailor
Holwill, John: Tailor
Blackmore, Thos: Tallow Chandler
Pike, James: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)
Street, Sarah: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)
Searle, John: Tavern/Inn (New Commercial Inn)
Mapledorn, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Ship)
Stone, Richard: Tavern/Inn (York Hotel)
Mason, Thos: Teacher (Dancing)
Haseler, Henry: Teacher (Drawing)
Williams, J: Teacher (Harp)
Marsh, Stephen: Teacher (Music)
Rafarel: Teacher (Music)
Jenkins, Wm Rev: Vicar
Blackmore, James: Watch & Clock Manufacturer
Harding, Charles: Watch & Clock Manufacturer
Holowill, Robert: Watch & Clock Manufacturer
Barrett, Wm: Wine Merchant
Gove, Sarah: Wine Merchant
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999