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Councillor John Weare, of Silverton and the siege of Exeter 1645-1646

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 42, (1910). illus. pp.383-390.


Rev J. Heald Ward, MA

Prepared by Michael Steer

On June 16, 1645, Charles I was defeated at Naseby and General Thomas Fairfax was charged with overthrowing the king's Southwest stronghold. A third and final siege of Exeter began in the winter of 1645, with skirmishes taking place around the city.. Fairfax had taken control of this, Exmouth, Dawlish and Alphington by January 1646. Starvation began to take hold in the city, giving rise to a curious account of a flock of larks providing brief salvation as they were hunted, killed and sold. On the 3rd April, a small delegation from the Royalist defenders of Exeter, including Sir John Berkeley, and former Mayor and MP Robert Walker, rode out to Poltimore House to agree surrender terms with General Fairfax. After six long days of negotiation led by Councillor John Were, an agreement of surrender was reached on the 9th April. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Beare family 385
Beauchamp family 384
Beauchamp, John de 384
Beeching, Canon H C 389
Berkeley, Sir John 385, 387-8
Blake, Martin 388
Bourne, Bishop Gilbert 383
Bourne, Richard 383
Buckingham, Duke of 387
Burns 389
Carew 384
Carew, Dr George 383
Cary, Edward 389
Cary, George 389
Cary, Grace 389
Cary, Sir Robert 389
Channon family 385
Charles I 383, 387, 389
Charles II 383, 385
Chaucer, Geoffrey 384
Chichester family 384
Chichester, John 384
Clarendon, Lord 383
Cotton, Bishop 385
Cotton family 387
Cotton, Precentor 385
Cotton, William 384
Cromwell, Oliver 385-6
Dalkeith, Lady 385, 387
Dart, Margaret 384
Edward the Black Prince 385
Edward the Confessor 384
Edward III 389
Elizabeth I 383-4
Essex, Earl of 386
Fairfax, Sir Thomas 386-7
Froissart 384
Fuller, Dr Thomas 384, 386-7
Granville family 389
Grenville, Bridget 389
Grenville, Sir Richard 389
Gurney, Sir Matthew 384
Hawley, Elizabeth 383
Hawley, Henry 384
Hele, Thomas, Bt, MP 388
Henrietta, Princess 385, 387
Henry VIII 385
Herrick, Robert 385, 387-9
King, John 383
Lands family 383
Laud, Archbishop 389
Leland 384
Mary I Queen 383
Maurice, Prince 385
Merrifield, Counsellor 387
Morton, Countess of 387
Nanshogg, Richard de 389
Nansogg, Martin 389
Oliver, Dr 389
Parry, Sir George, MP 388
Pepys 385
Plantagenet family 384
Pole, Sir Courtenay, Bt 388
Pole family 388
Pole, Lady Urith 388
Pope, Walter MD, FRS 389
Potter, Mr Ambrose 385
Sainthill family 389
Sainthill, Mr Peter 384-5
Shapcote family 388
Shapcote, Robert, MP 388
Shapcote, Thomas 388
Shapcote, Urith 388
Skibbowe family 385
Smith, Dr James 388-9
Smith, Hon W F Danvers 383
Totnes, George Earl of 383
Tremlett family 383
Turpin, Henry 387
Villiers, Sir Edward 387
Wadham, Sir Nicholas 385
Weare family of Halburton 383
Were, Colonel 383
Were, Elizabeth 383
Were family of Silverton 383
Were, Humphrey, MP 384
Were, Councillor John 384, 387-9
Were, John (2) 384, 388
Were, Margaret 384
Were, Margaret (2) 384
Were, Thomas 384
Were, Thomas (2) 384
White family 383
Wickes, Bridget 389
Wickes, Grace 389
Wickes, Prebendary 389
Wreyford family 385
Wright 389
Wyndham, Sir Edward 389
Yard family 389
Yeats, John 383
Yonge, Walter MP 384