Name Index


Devon Slave-Owners

Extracted from the Legacies of British Slave-Ownership Database

Prepared by Peter Selley


The records of the Slave Compensation Commission, set up to manage the distribution of £20 million compensation, provide a more or less complete census of slave-ownership in the British Empire in the 1830s. Researchers from University College London have compiled a database of those who attempted to claim compensation.

In July 2020 I extracted all the names that are connected with Devon. Please note that this is an ongoing project and the data may be added to or corrected from time to time. It does not necessarily follow that these individuals lived in Devon, or actually “owned” slaves.
Please visit the UCL project website for access to the full database and more details about the project. My understanding is that the researchers are happy to receive biographic information about those who sought compensation when slavery came to an end.



Name Address in Devon Colony Compensation Sought
[Number of Slaves]
Eliza Abell Alphington Jamaica Manchester £287 16S 4D [17 Enslaved]
Thomas Maxwell Adams Duryard Lodge, Exeter Barbados £4400 8S 7D [216 Enslaved]
John Anderson Kenton, Devon Jamaica St James £4866 16S 3D [252 Enslaved]
      £5586 9S 4D [285 Enslaved]
Robert Hilton Angwin St Marychurch, Devon    
John Otto Baijer or Bayer St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter    
John Foster Barham the elder Exeter, Devon    
Hannah Barnes Barton Cottage, Dawlish, Devon Jamaica Kingston £157 8S 0D [9 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Catherine £4775 17S 4D [267 Enslaved]
Mary Ann Barnett (née Brennand) Newport, Barnstaple    
Dr Henry Baston 10 South Promenade, East Budleigh    
  5 Bouverie Place, Exeter    
John Bent Weaton House, Devon British Guiana £14904 0S 5D [285 Enslaved]
  ? Weston House, Totnes    
Anna Binny (née Marshall) Fore Street, Tiverton    
John Nelson Bond Torquay Jamaica Manchester £5794 18S 7D [308 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Andrew £3855 11S 6D [182 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East £3831 12S 9D [199 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East £586 10S 10D [29 Enslaved]
William Bovell North Hill Place, Plymouth Barbados £567 0S 10D [37 Enslaved]
      £100 19S 7D [6 Enslaved]
      £2165 5S 2D [102 Enslaved]
      £2846 17S 7D [129 Enslaved]
      £2165 5S 2D [102 Enslaved]
      £2122 10S 10D [88 Enslaved]
    Trinidad £64 0S 1D [1 Enslaved]
William Bremner MD Plymouth    
James Lee Brodbelt Plymouth? Jamaica Clarendon £2683 18S 8D [144 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Catherine £1704 9S 1D [98 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St John £115 0S 8D [8 Enslaved]
Alexander Scott Broomfield Torquay Trinidad £2410 12S 0D [45 Enslaved]
Elizabeth Bryan (née Rodon) Montpelier Terrace, Ilfracombe Jamaica Clarendon £128 0S 3D [6 Enslaved]
Mary Elizabeth Pennant Bryan Barnstaple    
John Dennis Burdon Kenton Jamaica St Elizabeth £1946 9S 10D [109 Enslaved]
William Gardner Burn Exeter Jamaica St Elizabeth £1242 12S 8D [57 Enslaved]
  Byrleigh House, (Bradninch) Jamaica St Elizabeth £1242 12S 8D [57 Enslaved]
Sarah Oxley Cadogan (née McIntosh) Northbrook House (near Exeter) Barbados £4691 14S 5D [211 Enslaved]
      £2693 9S 2D [133 Enslaved]
      £3864 9S 2D [171 Enslaved]
Ward Cadogan   Barbados £2693 9S 2D [133 Enslaved]
      £3864 9S 2D [171 Enslaved]
John Campbell Budleigh Salterton Jamaica Hanover £4009 2S 3D [204 Enslaved]
George Stanley Cary Follaton, Plymouth Road, Totnes St Kitts £3482 17S 6D [205 Enslaved]
      £3613 0S 11D [233 Enslaved]
Mary Bucknor Clark (née Mowatt) Bideford    
Caroline Haughton Clarke (née Haughton James) Sidmouth Jamaica Trelawney £5541 1S 11D [289 Enslaved]
    Jamaica Westmoreland £5725 2S 4D [324 Enslaved]
John Tharp Clarke 9 Clarence Road, Withycombe Rawleigh Jamaica Westmoreland £754 19S 0D [34 Enslaved]
George Cole Dawlish Trinidad £1074 18S 9D [21 Enslaved]
      £2060 7S 7D [41 Enslaved]
      £1168 5S 4D [23 Enslaved]
      £2140 8S 5D [38 Enslaved]
Richard Collins Exeter Jamaica St Andrew £4821 7S 7D [247 Enslaved]
Mary Cornish (née Mackenzie) Exeter    
Philip Cornish Exeter    
Grace Cosens (née Thomson) Exeter    
Hon. Henry Cox Devonport Jamaica St Mary £3762 13S 10D [193 Enslaved]
      £6121 10S 10D [324 Enslaved]
John George Cox East Street, South Molton St Vincent £44 17S 10D [2 Enslaved]
Caroline Fanny Crawford (née Wallen) 2 York Terrace, Babbicombe, Torquay    
James Cunningham Sidmouth Jamaica St Catherine £93 5S 7D [5 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St James £1860 8S 4D [94 Enslaved]
      £3798 9S 3D [179 Enslaved]
      £1408 3S 3D [68 Enslaved]
      £579 18S 7D [28 Enslaved]
      £1911 4S 5D [92 Enslaved]
    Jamaica Trelawney 43 £3870 16S 8D [184 Enslaved]
      £4688 3S 10D [229 Enslaved]
Mary Cure (née Willis) Exmouth    
Mary Elizabeth Stewart D'Urban (née Mitchell) Newport House, Topsham Grenada £3013 12S 7D [113 Enslaved]
Lieutenant General William James D'Urban      
Mary Elizabeth Dalzell (née Harding) 2 Down Place, Ilfracombe Barbados £3825 12S 5D [176 Enslaved]
Thomas Daniel Stoodleigh 60 estates, mainly Barbados Total c. £250,000
Thomas Davy Raleigh House, Mill Street, Ottery St Mary Jamaica Manchester £1101 3S 8D [59 Enslaved]
Frances Dent Officers Row, Devonport Dockyards Nevis £2606 8S 4D [147 Enslaved]
Charles Devon Lodge, Rackenford Jamaica Clarendon £4205 6S 2D [225 Enslaved]
Christiana Sophia Dixon (née Hall) Stoke Damerel    
Admiral Sir Manley Dixon Exmouth Jamaica St Andrew £1809 3S 5D [91 Enslaved]
John Hyde Doyle Exeter Antigua £1704 6S 11D [102 Enslaved]
  Withycombe Rawleigh    
Elizabeth Charity Drake (née Collard) Colyton    
Thomas Drane Melville Lodge, Tormoham Mauritius £159 3S 9D [5 Enslaved]
      £3660 5S 9D [107 Enslaved]
Nathaniel Elliot St Sidwell, Exeter    
John Ellis junior Mamhead House, Kenton    
John Fisher Tidswell House, Otterton    
Rev. John Campbell Fisher Merton Parsonage, Merton Jamaica St Elizabeth £4037 17S 5D [214 Enslaved]
      £2543 12S 5D [145 Enslaved]
Dame Mary Floyd (née Murray) Powys, Sidmouth    
John Dicker Inglett Fortescue Buckland Filleigh Jamaica Clarendon £2468 8S 8D [124 Enslaved]
    St Vincent £2425 10S 10D [88 Enslaved]
John Nugent Fraser Exeter Jamaica Port Royal £630 17S 1D [28 Enslaved]
Mary Fraser (née Rowland)      
William Fraser      
Tobias Frere I Shute    
Nicholas Russell Garner St Sidwell, Exeter Barbados £141 17S 1D [9 Enslaved]
      £2239 1S 0D [112 Enslaved]
      £1042 13S 10D [44 Enslaved]
      £1068 1S 5D [40 Enslaved]
Francis Glanville Eggbuckland Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East £5842 13S 2D [334 Enslaved]
Joseph Graham West Emma Place, Stonehouse Trinidad £54 3S 10D [1 Enslaved]
Sir Alexander Cray Grant 8th Bart. Bowringsleigh Jamaica St Elizabeth £3294 14S 9D [198 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Mary £6103 18S 10D [348 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale £2790 2S 1D [157 Enslaved]
      £1808 8S 0D [92 Enslaved]
Capt. Charles Grant Holcombe Barton    
Rev. John Thomas Grant Butterleigh    
Catherine Campbell Griffith (née Shakespear) 1 Newport Terrace, Bishops Tawton Jamaica St Elizabeth £685 8S 11D [37 Enslaved]
Moses Gutteres Belmont House, Sidmouth    
James Hackett Newton Abbot British Guiana £4113 1S 10D [77 Enslaved]
Thomas Hall Exmouth Jamaica St James £4998 15S 1D [270 Enslaved]
      £3629 5S 8D [189 Enslaved]
      £866 19S 7D [44 Enslaved
Rev. Walter Stevenson Halliday Countisbury Jamaica St James £3168 12S 8D [165 Enslaved]
Sir Alexander Hamilton The Retreat, Topsham    
Alexander Hamilton Hamilton formerly Kelso   Grenada £2862 5S 3D [102 Enslaved]
      £922 10S 0D [38 Enslaved]
Henry Hamling Rattery    
Philip Haughton James the younger Sidmouth Jamaica Hanover £3401 10S 8D [187 Enslaved]
      £3018 6S 9D [155 Enslaved]
    Jamaica Trelawney £5541 1S 11D [289 Enslaved]
Mary Haverfield (née Ross) Great Torrington Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale £4511 2S 2D [260 Enslaved]
Henry Adolphus Hawkins Victoria Terrace, Exeter Jamaica St Catherine £364 14S 4D [17 Enslaved]
      £19 10S 10D [1 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St John £1969 8S 3D [84 Enslaved]
  High Street, Bideford Jamaica St Catherine £364 14S 4D [17 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St John £19 10S 10D [1 Enslaved]
      £1969 8S 3D [84 Enslaved]
Edmund Haynes Exeter Barbados £5649 1S 10D [272 Enslaved]
William Hudson Heaven Isle of Lundy Jamaica Hanover £2506 11S 2D [146 Enslaved]
      £3595 1S 5D [200 Enslaved]
      £3674 19S 6D [196 Enslaved]
      £12 16S 2D [1 Enslaved]
      £1921 13S 2D [94 Enslaved]
Elizabeth Mary Hewitt 2 Clifton Terrace, Sidmouth Jamaica Clarendon £414 12S 4D [24 Enslaved]
William Kellett Hewitt senior Exeter    
James Modyford Heywood Maristow House, Bickleigh    
Henry Stogden Highatt Little Cleave, Drewsteignton    
  Brampford Speke    
John Stogdon Highatt Little Cleave, Drewsteignton    
Mary Ann Eliza Highatt then Pierse (née Tharp) Brampford Speke Jamaica Trelawney £512 13S 1D [25 Enslaved]
Elizabeth Thornhill Hinds then Howell (née Rock) Rectory House, Bridestowe Barbados £798 0S 2D [38 Enslaved]
Rebecca Montague Hodgkinson (née Barker) Swiss Cottage, Highweek    
John Hooper Holder Tormoham    
Robert Houston Torquay Grenada £5383 18S 11D [216 Enslaved]
      £4967 13S 7D [193 Enslaved]
      £5024 8S 11D [194 Enslaved]
Rev. Hinds Howell Parsonage, Shobrooke Barbados £38 16S 9D [1 Enslaved]
      £242 14S 10D [13 Enslaved]
      £3155 12S 10D [160 Enslaved]
  Rectory House, Bridestowe   £242 14S 10D [13 Enslaved]
      £3155 12S 10D [160 Enslaved]
Edward Rodon Huggins Lipson, Plymouth Jamaica St Catherine £325 6S 5D [19 Enslaved]
      £59 13S 9D [4 Enslaved]
  Laira Green, Plymouth    
      £325 6S 5D [19 Enslaved]
      £59 13S 9D [4 Enslaved]
John Inglett Fortescue Buckland Filleigh St Vincent £2425 10S 10D [88 Enslaved]
Elizabeth James Mont le Grand, Heavitree, Exeter Jamaica Manchester £893 3S 8D [37 Enslaved]
      £657 17S 1D [20 Enslaved]
Euphemia Kerr Johnston Tormoham    
Robert Jordan Teignmouth Jamaica Portland £2809 10S 1D [141 Enslaved]
Samuel Trehawke Kekewich Peamore Park, Exeter Grenada £3013 12S 7D [113 Enslaved]
William Brooks King The Hennons, West Teignmouth Jamaica Kingston £214 6S 9D [9 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Andrew £948 14S 4D [54 Enslaved]
      £965 3S 10D [53 Enslaved]
Alexander Lamb Totnes Grenada £3718 17S 7D [146 Enslaved]
Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes Maristow House, Bickleigh    
Emanuel Lousada Peak House, Sidmouth Barbados £165 1S 3D [9 Enslaved]
      £122 6S 10D [6 Enslaved]
      £1879 16S 1D [81 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Ann £2536 18S 0D [120 Enslaved]
    Jamaica Vere £4194 18S 1D [208 Enslaved]
Emanuel Baruh Lousada Sidmouth Barbados £155 7S 1D [8 Enslaved]
Edmund Pusey Lyon Staplake, Kenton    
Amelia Mais Plympton House Lunatic Asylum, Plympton St Mary    
John Martell Ker Street, Devonport Jamaica Port Royal £63 16S 1D [3 Enslaved]
Ann Clarke McClery 4 Violet Terrace, Seaton Jamaica St George £179 13S 5D [12 Enslaved]
  The Elms [now White House], Old Beer Road, Seaton    
Samuel Mitchell Newport House, Topsham Grenada  
Martha Moody (née Clement) Bycroft Terrace, St David, Exeter British Guiana £35 9S 10D [1 Enslaved]
Rt. Hon Humphry Morice Werrington    
Ann Napier (née Stirling) Verney Place, St Sidwell, Exeter Tobago £2576 12S 7D [123 Enslaved]
John Neave Exeter    
Frances Herbert Nelson formerly Nisbet (née Woolward) Exmouth    
Rev. Henry Nembhard Bideford Jamaica St Elizabeth £181 13S 0D [12 Enslaved]
      £779 9S 10D [36 Enslaved]
James Langford Nibbs senior Beauchamp, Washfield    
Ellen O'Halloran (née Adlam) Torquay    
William Adlam O'Halloran Adlamville Lodge, Torquay    
Clementina Perry Ogilvie Totnes    
Rebecca Ann Palmer then Weekes (née James) Sidmouth Jamaica St James £1697 7S 10D [80 Enslaved]
      £2239 13S 2D [108 Enslaved]
Rev. James Parkin Oakford    
Samuel Parr Knowle Cottage, Clyst St George Grenada ) £3013 12S 7D [113 Enslaved]
Anne Rebecca Passley (née Bayley) Teignmouth    
John Panton Passley East Teignmouth Jamaica Portland £48 13S 11D [2 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St George £5932 8S 8D [349 Enslaved]
      £448 6S 6D [28 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East £1006 7S 11D [50 Enslaved]
George Pearse Bradninch Jamaica St Elizabeth £2489 1S 11D [129 Enslaved]
      £1242 12S 8D [57 Enslaved]
      £1496 18S 11D [80 Enslaved]
John Randal Phillips Torville, Teignmouth Road, Tormoham Barbados £19 8S 4D [1 Enslaved]
      £1576 16S 11D [86 Enslaved]
      £4901 8S 11D [232 Enslaved]
      £1829 6S 2D [86 Enslaved]
Philip Lovell Phillips   Barbados £4105 4S 10D [219 Enslaved]
    British Guiana £4044 17S 6D [73 Enslaved]
Rt Rev. Henry Phillpotts Exeter Jamaica Clarendon £5480 13S 1D [304 Enslaved]
      £2412 6S 8D [125 Enslaved
    Jamaica Vere £4836 4S 7D [236 Enslaved]
Sir John Pole 5th Bart. Shute, Axminster    
Sir John William de la Pole 6th bart.      
Sir William Templer Pole 7th Bart. Shute House, Shute, Axminster St Kitts £2784 8S 4D [170 Enslaved]
      £2512 8S 0D [170 Enslaved]
Henry Porter Winslade House, Clyst St Mary British Guiana £35960 14S 8D [709 Enslaved]
Thomas Porter II Rockbeare House, East Budleigh British Guiana £19295 8S 0D [385 Enslaved]
      £19295 8S 0D [385 Enslaved]
Thomas Porter I      
William Porter      
James Potter Heavitree    
Rebecca Cresse Potter (née Evans)   Jamaica Westmoreland £135 19S 9D [8 Enslaved]
Catherine Prentice 14 Beacon, Exmouth Barbados £19 8S 4D [1 Enslaved]
John Prettejohn of Exmouth Exmouth Barbados £3559 14S 2D [244 Enslaved]
Sophie Louisa Ratcliffe later Ketelhodt (née Colleton Graves) Buckerell, Honiton    
Jane Agnes Wilhelmina Fraser Rich (née Fraser) Stoke Damerel British Guiana £6437 7S 3D [124 Enslaved]
James Richards Ilfracombe    
Robert Robertson of Auchleeks Membland    
Caroline Robley (née Blake) Tiverton St Vincent £5110 6S 7D [195 Enslaved]
      £3120 1S 7D [120 Enslaved]
    Tobago £1260 11S 10D [65 Enslaved]
      £1074 1S 7D [59 Enslaved]
      £7016 8S 8D [354 Enslaved]
      £5213 10S 5D [252 Enslaved]
      £3832 8S 2D [187 Enslaved]
      £4475 19S 2D [241 Enslaved]
      £624 5S 4D [39 Enslaved]
      £2574 4S 5D [139 Enslaved]
John Rolle, Baron Rolle of Stevenstone Stevenstone House, St Giles in the Wood Bahamas £4333 6S 9D [377 Enslaved]
  Bicton House, Bicton    
Thomas Rossiter Tiverton Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale £1064 9S 4D [55 Enslaved]
Charles William Rowe Mont le Grand, Heavitree    
Elizabeth Williams Rowe (née Johnson) Rectory, Morchard Bishop Jamaica Manchester £893 3S 8D [37 Enslaved]
  Exeter   £158 13S 4D [7 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Elizabeth £449 9S 7D [23 Enslaved]
George Herbert Rowe Mont le Grand, Heavitree    
  Angotti, Manor Road, Torquay    
James Rowe of Great Torrington Great Torrington    
John Sayers Totnes    
Charles Schaw Torquay Jamaica St Andrew £196 11S 11D [8 Enslaved]
Rev. John James Scott Barnstaple Jamaica Clarendon £2515 11S 0D [122 Enslaved]
    Jamaica Port Royal £851 0S 8D [48 Enslaved]
    Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East £3986 5S 11D [201 Enslaved]
Catherine Seaman 1 Carlton Place, East Teignmouth Jamaica St Andrew £185 18S 6D [8 Enslaved]
Robert Shedden junior Tormoham Jamaica Trelawney £6259 8S 10D [288 Enslaved]
Isabella Hannah Shiffner (née Spooner) East Budleigh    
William Sloane Exeter Tobago  
Mrs Elizabeth Smyth Exeter Jamaica St Elizabeth £1946 9S 10D [109 Enslaved]
Francis George Smyth or Smith senior Exeter    
Houston Stewart 8 Dockyard Terrace, Devonport Tobago £2998 8S 8D [143 Enslaved]
  Port Admiralty House, Mount Wise, Devonport    
Maria Manuella Strickland Dawlish Trinidad £2876 10S 1D [58 Enslaved]
  1 Prospect Place, Littleham    
Henry Stuart Cotmaton House, Sidmouth Dominica £20 7S 5D [1 Enslaved]
    Grenada £1935 2S 5D [70 Enslaved]
Rev. John Swete ne Tripe Oxton House, Exeter    
Edward Butler Taylor Teignmouth Barbados £1079 14S 5D [45 Enslaved]
Margaret Taylor Dawlish Jamaica Kingston £29 3S 1D [1 Enslaved]
Frederick William Teschemaker 22 Beacon Hill, Littleham    
  Peter Street, Tiverton    
Joan (John) Teschemaker Ilfracombe British Guiana  
  9 Claremont Terrace, Littleham    
Thomas Teschemaker 22 Beacon Hill, Littleham British Guiana £345 1S 6D [7 Enslaved]
  Peter Street, Tiverton   £5709 17S 9D [105 Enslaved]
      £652 1S 3D [13 Enslaved]
      £1978 19S 8D [37 Enslaved]
      £109 1S 0D [3 Enslaved]
      £36 7S 0D [1 Enslaved]
      £65 4S 10D [1 Enslaved]
      £8627 3S 6D [62 Enslaved]
      £5293 6S 1D [106 Enslaved]
Thomas John Teschemaker 22 Beacon Hill, Littleham    
  Peter Street, Tiverton    
Thomas Reid Tharp Topsham Jamaica St James £2236 3S 7D [99 Enslaved]
William Tharp Heavitree Jamaica St James  
George Tobin Teignmouth    
Anne Toby Plymouth Tobago £2070 9S 2D [107 Enslaved]
Isaac Toby   Tobago £2070 9S 2D [107 Enslaved]
Constantine Estwick Trent Durnford Street, East Stonehouse Barbados £3384 15S 11D [161 Enslaved]
      £2441 0S 4D [109 Enslaved]
      £1945 16S 7D [83 Enslaved]
Rev. George Trevelyan Colyton Grenada £4499 16S 1D [168 Enslaved]
      £356 1S 3D [14 Enslaved]
      £4195 6S 10D [143 Enslaved]
      £5552 10S 4D [208 Enslaved]
      £5844 18S 8D [231 Enslaved]
      £6543 5S 11D [240 Enslaved]
Eleanor Amelia Tringham formerly Tarleton (née Fletcher) Tiverton Grenada £6526 2S 0D [256 Enslaved]
William Tringham Tiverton Grenada £6526 2S 0D [256 Enslaved]
George Lowman Tuckett Fore Street, Ilfracombe Jamaica St Catherine ) £128 7S 1D [5 Enslaved]
Ann Upham (née Rogers or Royers) Exeter Jamaica Manchester £1898 9S 2D [88 Enslaved]
William Vassall Berry Pomeroy Jamaica Hanover £3870 19S 8D [198 Enslaved]
Elizabeth Wade Vidal (née Allwood) Ideford Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale £2771 8S 3D [143 Enslaved]
  Newport Row, Bishops Tawton    
Elizabeth Archange Wallen Exeter Jamaica St Andrew £477 10S 10D [18 Enslaved]
Bethell Walrond Dulford House, Cullompton Antigua £3626 12S 1D [233 Enslaved]
      £2588 6S 6D [190 Enslaved]
Mary Waymouth (née Beach) Dawlish    
Alice Anne Welch (née Preston) Exmouth    
Rev. James King Went Teignmouth Barbados £605 17S 8D [26 Enslaved]
      £1790 9S 4D [80 Enslaved]
      £1033 13S 7D [67 Enslaved]
      £473 16S 8D [21 Enslaved]
Ann Williams Mont le Grand, Heavitree Jamaica Manchester £893 3S 8D [37 Enslaved]
      £119 5S 1D [5 Enslaved]
      £26 12S 2D [1 Enslaved]
Mary Willis (née Freeman) Exmouth    
Martha Euphemia Wilson Teignmouth Tobago £2458 10S 6D [122 Enslaved]
Henry George Windsor Budleigh Salterton Barbados £106 6S 2D [4 Enslaved]
      £168 18S 11D [9 Enslaved]
      4377 £262 3S 3D [13 Enslaved]
      £58 5S 2D [2 Enslaved]
John Owen Wood Berry Pomeroy    
William Wylly Budleigh Salterton    
William Rose Wynter East Stonehouse    
Sir William Laurence Young 4th Bart. Sidmouth Antigua £1691 11S 10D [114 Enslaved]