Ninth Report of the Botany Committee

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 49, (1917), pp. 99-108.


W.P. Hiern. (Ed.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Committee’s Ninth Report was presented at the Association’s Barnstaple meeting, 25th July, 1917. Botany refers to the scientific study of the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants. The Association’s Botany Section was founded in 1908 to promote the study and enjoyment of Devon's wild plants, including bryophytes (mosses), lichens and fungi. Their Report can be found in a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal that can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Committee Members.

Miss Rose E. Carr-Smith,
The Hon. Mrs. Mabel Colborne,
Miss Chichester
Mr G.T. Harris
Mr. W. P. Hiern, (Secretary)
Miss C.E. Larter
Mr. C. H. Laycock,
Mr. H. G. Peacock,
Miss C. L. Peck,
Dr. A. B. Prowse,
Mr. A. Sharland


Agardh, J.108
Ascherson, Pal Friedrich August100
Babington, John Cardale101
Bary, Anton de108
Batsch, August Johann Georg Karl106
Bennett, John Joseph105
Borbás, Vinczé von103
Beeby, William Haddon103
Beijerinck, Martinus W.107
Bohlin, Knut Harald108
Bracken, Mr C.W.107
Brébisson, Louis Alphonse de102, 107
Bridel, Samuel Elisée von100
Brokenshire, Mr F.A.100
Brown, Addison101, 107-8
Brown, Robert103
Bucknall, Mr C.106
Candolle, Augustus Pyramus102, 104
Chodat, Robert Hyppolite107
Cobbe, Miss M.E.100
Curtis, William100-1, 104
Deane, Augusta T.104
Dahlstedt, Gustav Adolf Hugo102
Desfontaines, René Louiche102
Dilwyn, Lewis Weston107
Donn, James100, 102
Douglas, David101
Druce, George Claridge100-1, 104
Duby, Jean Etienne106
Dufft, Adolf104
Ehrenberg, Christian Gottfried100, 107-8
Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von106
Foucaud, Julien104
Fries, Elias Magnus101, 103, 106
Gaertner, Joseph104
Gray, Asa100
Gregory, Eliza Standerwick104
Hackel, Eduard105
Harris, Mr G.T.105-7
Harvey, Rev H.H.101, 105
Hayne, Friedrich Gottlob102
Hicking, Mr J.100
Hiern, Mr W.P102
Higgs, Mr Horace100
Hoffman, Georg Franz101
Holmes, Mr E.M.101, 105
Hudson, William100
Hunnybun, Mr J.H103
Jackson, Dr Daydon101
Jordan, Claude Thomas Alexis99, 101
Karsten, Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann106
Klebahn, Heinrich108
Koch, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm102
Kützing, Friedrich Traugott107-8
Lagerheim, Nils Gustaf von108
Larter, Miss100, 102-6
Ledebour, Carl Friedrich von102, 104, 106
Lepechin, Ivan Ivanovich101, 106
Liebmann, Friedrich Michael108
Linnaeus, Carl99-108
Linton, William James100
Marshall, E.S.99, 102
Meneghini, Giuseppi Giovanni Antonio107-8
Miller, Philip101, 104
Mitten, William105
Moyle, Rogers, Rev. W102, 106
Müller, Otto Friedrich101
Murr, Josef99
Nägelli, Karl Wilhelm von101, 105, 107-8
Nylander, Wilhelm101
Palla, Edouard102
Paulson, Mr R., F.L.S.105
Peacock, Mr H.G.105
Peck, Miss104
Pershore, Miss Louisa101
Persoon, Christiaan Hendrik105
Philippi, Rodolfo Armando106
Prain, Sir David101
Quélet, Lucien105-6
Rabenhorst, Gottlob Ludwig107
Ralffs, John105, 107-8
Raphael, Mother Francis104
Reinsch, Paul Friedrich107-8
Reuter, George François104
Robinson, Mr F.104-5
Rossall, Mr J.H102-3, 106
Rouy, Georges104
Saint-Vincent, Jean Baptiste Bory de108
Scheele, George Heinrich Adolf104
Schmidel, Casimir Christoph104
Schrank, Franz Paula von102, 105
Schultz, Carl Friedrich100, 102
Sharland, Mr A.99, 103, 106
Shepperd, Miss100
Smith, Mr J.106
Smith, James Edward104, 106
Spruce, Richard100
Syme, John Thomas Irvine Boswell101
Towns, F.104
Tulasne, Louis Renée102, 106
Vollesen, Kaj Borge108
Villars, Dominique100, 104
Wallroth, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm101
Warren, Rev G.101
West, W. & G.S.105, 107-8
Watson, William101
Wedgwood, Mrs103-4, 106
Wilson, William M105
Wittrock, Veit Brecher107-8
Wood, William107
Wrey, Mr E.105