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Report of the First Meeting of the Devonshire Association (Exeter 1862)

London: Taylor & Francis; Plymouth: W Brendon (1863), illus. 84 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Devonshire Association was founded in the great age of Victorian optimism when so much was being discovered and explored for the first time. The work of the British Association for the Advancement of Science provided the model for it. In 1861, William Pengelly FRS, advocated the establishment of a local association to be organised like the British Association but focused on Devon. He put the idea to two friends as they walked along Millbay Road in Plymouth on a geological expedition. This casual conversation resulted in the formation of the Association and the holding of its first meeting in Exeter in the following year. Membership was just 69. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the University of Princeton Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abraham, R T EsqCouncil, 8
Agricola, Rudolph78
Appleton, Edward FLRA, AICE53
Angelo, Michael14
Austen, Mr Godwin49-50
Balkwill, ArthurMember
Balkwill, FredMember
Barham, T F Esq MDCouncil
Barnes, Rev Reginald, MACouncil
Bastard, S SMember
Bate, Charles Spence Esq, FRS, FLSOfficer, 6-7, 42
Baudin, Dr25
Beeche, Sir Henry de la49-50
Berry, RichardMember
Bonet, John Paul78
Bowring, Sir John, LLD, FRS, FLSOfficer, 5
Brent R, MD MemberMember
Brewster, Sir D60, 62
Brown, Dr Thomas75
Bucknill, J, MDMember
Cann, WilliamMember
Carpenter, Dr60
Chignell, Rev T WMember
Colley, JMember
Coutts, Miss Burdett30
Cresswell, C HMember
Dabb, JamesMember, 7
Danney, George, MDMember
De Gerardo82
De L'Epée78
Divett, John, EsqMember, 30, 36
D'Urban, Major GeneralMember
D'Urban, W S M EsqCouncil, 6, 45
Dymond, Robert, JnrMember
Elizabeth I11
Elliot, W HMember
Ellis, Henry S Esq, FRASOfficer
Ellis, Mr W58
Fairbairn, Mr11
Falconer, Dr30, 37
Follett, JohnMember
Franklyn, Benjamin63
Gamlen, W HMember
Gatcombe, Mr51
Gray, Professor Asa48
Hagulstad, Bishop John of (Hexham)77
Hamilton, A H A EsqOfficer
Harpley, Rev W, MAOfficer
Hatchett, Mr35
Hearder, Jonathan N EsqCouncil, 63
Heer, Professor (Rev Dr)35, 37
Hine, James, CEMember
Hooker, Dr J D30, 34
Hooker, Sir William47
Horne, F B, FRCSMember
Howard, Luke12
Hunt, Holman12
Ingle, Rev John, MAMember
Jennings, Mr George54-6
Jones, WinslowMember
Keeping, Mr H30
Kendall, William EsqOfficer
Luther, Martin16
Lyell, Dr Charles37
Mardon, Rev B, MAMember
Matthews, Mr52
Miles, WMember
Moggridge, Captain, RE42
Moore, W F EsqCouncil
Murchison, Sir R L49
Ormerod, W S, Esq, MA, FGSCouncil, 49
Owen, Professor15
Oxland, Robert, FCSMember
Palk, Sir Lawrence, MPOfficer
Pappé, Dr46-7
Parfitt, EdwardMember, 8, 58
Peacock, GeorgeMember
Pengelly, William Esq, FGSCouncil, 6, 29, 48
Pollard, W, Jnr, FRCSMember
Ponce, Father Pedro78
Pycroft, GMember
Rainey, Mr61
Ridgway, C, PhDMember
Risk, Rev J Erskine MACouncil, 6, 39
Rogers, WMember
Rooker, AlfredMember
Roper, C HMRCS
Rowe, J Brooking, FLSMember, 7, 51
Rue, de la61
Scott, W R, PhDCouncil, 6, 8, 22, 74
Searle, JamesMember
Sedgwick, Professor49
Sercombe, RupertMember
Shapter, Thomas Esq, MDOfficer
Sheppheard, A BMember
Shute, RobertMember
Stewart, C, MRCSMember, 60
Teesdale, C SMember
Templeton, James, MA, FGSMember
Thomas, James LMember
Trotter, Caleb Esq64
Turner, TMember
Vicary, William EsqOfficer, 8, 50
Vivian, E D EsqCouncil
Widger, WMember
Wilde, Professor23