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Celebration of the Queen's Jubilee in the South Hams

South Devon Gazette, Kingsbridge, June 24 1887

prepared by

Rachel Wroth


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I think a person in each village was asked to submit an account, because the style and content vary considerably from place to place. I have extracted the 361 names mentioned. Most accounts give the names of the vicar (because most held a special church service in the morning), the local organising committee members and gentlemen farmers whose fields were lent for the day. Malborough had quite a lengthy account, but no names were mentioned at all. Stoke Fleming had a minimal entry of five short sentences, and although 600 parishioners enjoyed dinner and tea, sports and other amusements 'on a most enthusiastic scale', none of their names were given.

The Dodbrooke and Salcombe accounts included the results of various sports (flat races for adults, boys and girls, sack races, long and high jump, barrel race, hurdle race, jockey race, egg race, tug of war, etc) and at Dodbrooke there were prizes for a singing contest and a conundrum winner. The names of the winners were mostly given just a surname, and many of these individuals were probably farm workers and children. At Charleton 'the most interesting item in the list of sports was a race for men 68 years of age and over' and the first three to finish were named.

At Dodbrooke about 1000 sat at tables in Ebrington Street, and 'those who could not attend were supplied at their houses'. There was no shortage of meat ('about 44 gentlemen kindly acted as carvers') and other items - to 1000 lbs of beef and 50 lbs of pork were added 3 bags of new potatoes, 480 lbs of bread, 715 lbs of plum pudding, 48 bottles of pickles, also salt and mustard, 72 gallons of beer, 10_ gallons of cider, 20 dozen large bottles of lemonade and 37 dozen of ginger beer. After the sports, everyone sat down again at 5.30pm for tea, and what was provided reflects the fact that this was dairy farming country - 18 lbs tea, 60 lbs sugar, 60 lbs butter, 10 lbs cream, 14 gallons milk, 1,500 half-penny tough [sic] cakes, 80 lbs bread and 420 lbs currant cake.

At Salcombe, between 1500 and 1600 sat down to dinner, 'the tables were laid in double rows . . . representing about 1200 feet of tabling and double that quantity of seating'. Families took their own plates, knives and forks, etc and were served with roasted and boiled beef, baked potatoes, pickles, bread, salad and plum puddings with the usual drinks (no quantities given). This correspondent named all 48 of the men who carved!

A few mishaps were reported, for example in Malborough:

'At 6 o'clock in the morning, a salute was fired with a 2-cwt cannon (the same gun having been fired on the Coronation Day) . . . At 1 o'clock the gun was again fired, this time as a signal for dinner; unfortunately it exploded, ploughing up the ground for yards ahead. Happily no serious injury was done.'

At Modbury:

'in the high jump Mr Frank Coyte, the winner of the jubilee cup and also of the quarter mile hurdle race, fell heavily and severely sprained one of his wrists. Medical aid was at once obtained, and he is progressing favourably.'

As more permanent memorials, in Salcombe 'it was decided to place seats about the district, and a harbour light on the pier at Orestone' and several villages planted new trees on this day.

The impression one gets from reading these accounts is echoed in the account for Thurlestone:

'The Jubilee will be remembered here as the happiest social gathering that ever took place in the parish.'

Rachel Wroth, March 2002

Name Index

Parish Surname First name Title
Aveton Gifford Lee W  
Aveton Gifford Luckraft J Mr
Aveton Gifford Pitman W D Revd
Aveton Gifford Sampson C Mr
Aveton Gifford Willcocks G Mr
Bigbury Chatterton-Orpen E Revd
Bigbury Orpen   Miss
Bigbury Roach   Miss
Bigbury Saunders   Miss
Bigbury Wroth W S Mr
Blackawton Chater D S Revd
Blackawton Chater H G Mr
Buckland-Tout-Saints Cornish E R Mr
Buckland-Tout-Saints Cornish John H Mr
Buckland-Tout-Saints Irwin   Mrs
Buckland-Tout-Saints Walters   Mr
Charleton Coaker A J Mr
Charleton Dammarell James  
Charleton Punchard Henry  
Charleton Quick Henry  
Chivelstone Dickenson J W Revd
Chivelstone Haden H Revd
Chivelstone Langworthy   Mr
Chivelstone Pitts T Harris Mr
Chivelstone Yalland   Mr
Churchstow Borlase   Mrs
Dodbrooke Bailey    
Dodbrooke Ball    
Dodbrooke Beer   Mr
Dodbrooke Beer, jun. W Mr
Dodbrooke Chase R Mr
Dodbrooke Cole E  
Dodbrooke Cope    
Dodbrooke Cove    
Dodbrooke Cove R  
Dodbrooke Crimp    
Dodbrooke Cubitt, Esq. W  
Dodbrooke Easterbrook    
Dodbrooke Ellis    
Dodbrooke Foale    
Dodbrooke Foale J  
Dodbrooke Gillard    
Dodbrooke Hurrell   Mr
Dodbrooke Inch    
Dodbrooke Inch A  
Dodbrooke Inch C  
Dodbrooke Jeffrey    
Dodbrooke Kelland W H  
Dodbrooke Kelland, sen. W Mr
Dodbrooke Luscombe    
Dodbrooke March R  
Dodbrooke Matthews    
Dodbrooke Moysey    
Dodbrooke Murch R  
Dodbrooke Newman    
Dodbrooke Oldridge A  
Dodbrooke Oldridge Ann  
Dodbrooke Petherbridge    
Dodbrooke Pinhey    
Dodbrooke Prowse    
Dodbrooke Rich E  
Dodbrooke Snowdon    
Dodbrooke Spear    
Dodbrooke Spear W  
Dodbrooke Stone Bessie  
Dodbrooke Stone L  
Dodbrooke Surridge J E Revd
Dodbrooke Surridge   Mrs
Dodbrooke Trute E  
Dodbrooke Tucker    
Dodbrooke Tucker R  
Dodbrooke Webber    
Dodbrooke Wellington    
Dodbrooke Whitell    
Dodbrooke Williams    
Dodbrooke Williams E  
Dodbrooke Williams F  
East Allington Cubitt W Mr
East Allington Fortescue H R Revd
East Allington Fortescue P Mr
East Allington Langworthy John Mr
East Allington Luscombe W R Mr
East Allington Pinhay J Mr
East Allington Tucker W H Mr
Kingsbridge Adams H T Mr
Kingsbridge Adams   Messrs & Co
Kingsbridge Balkwill Joseph Mr
Kingsbridge Beer, B.A. W Mr
Kingsbridge Bennett J W Mr
Kingsbridge Blackler John Mr
Kingsbridge Blackler   Messrs
Kingsbridge Blackler, jun. J Mr
Kingsbridge Brown   Messrs & Sons
Kingsbridge Burnard   Mr
Kingsbridge Coyte   Mr
Kingsbridge Date W Mr
Kingsbridge De St. Croix G Mr
Kingsbridge Distin J Mr
Kingsbridge Drew J Mr
Kingsbridge Elliot John Dr
Kingsbridge Elliott F Miss
Kingsbridge Foale J Mr
Kingsbridge Gay   Mr
Kingsbridge Gill   Mr
Kingsbridge Gillard   Mr
Kingsbridge Hennings James Revd
Kingsbridge Hingston P O Mr
Kingsbridge Hurrell J S Mr
Kingsbridge Hurrell John Norman Master
Kingsbridge Hurrell   Mr
Kingsbridge Kinsman J Mr
Kingsbridge Lamble H E Mr
Kingsbridge Langworthy R Mr
Kingsbridge Langworthy   Mrs
Kingsbridge Lidstone G D Mr
Kingsbridge Lidstone J H Mr
Kingsbridge Lidstone T M Mr
Kingsbridge Madge   Mr
Kingsbridge Myers J N Mr
Kingsbridge Pain   Mr
Kingsbridge Pearce W Mr
Kingsbridge Pearce   Mr
Kingsbridge Perrott S Mr
Kingsbridge Perrott   Mr
Kingsbridge Pike J F Mr
Kingsbridge Pitts   Misses
Kingsbridge Port W H Mr
Kingsbridge Rundle J H Mr
Kingsbridge Sanders E Mr
Kingsbridge Saunders   Mr
Kingsbridge Simms A H Revd
Kingsbridge Skinner   Mr
Kingsbridge Sparrow B W Mr
Kingsbridge Sparrow   Mrs
Kingsbridge Square J H Mr
Kingsbridge Square John H Mr
Kingsbridge Square   Capt.
Kingsbridge Square M B Miss
Kingsbridge Stoneman E E Mr
Kingsbridge Surridge J E Revd
Kingsbridge Tanner   Mr
Kingsbridge Tolcher   Mr
Kingsbridge Trist   Mr
Kingsbridge Veale J Mr
Kingsbridge Vickery W Mr
Kingsbridge Yalland    
Kingston Bulteel Courtenay Revd
Kingston Cox M S Mr
Kingston Hooppell   Mr
Kingston Penwell T Revd
Kingston Shilson   Mrs
Loddiswell Boultbee F T Revd
Loddiswell Coombe T Mr
Loddiswell Prowse   Sergt.
Loddiswell Tapp J Mr
Loddiswell Weymouth T W Mr
Loddiswell Wise   Col.
Modbury Andrews J Mr
Modbury Bickford E W Mr
Modbury Carveth J Revd
Modbury Connolly C W H Revd
Modbury Coyte Frank Mr
Modbury Green J C Revd
Modbury Horn Simeon  
Modbury Peason R Mr
Modbury Pitts N W P Mr
Modbury Rogers R B  
Modbury Sherwell G Miss
Modbury Sykes S W Mr
Portlemouth Bowhay    
Portlemouth Cove    
Portlemouth Cudd    
Portlemouth Elliott   Miss
Portlemouth Elliott   Mrs
Portlemouth Ford F C Mr
Portlemouth Ford H Mrs
Portlemouth Ford Henry Mr
Portlemouth Giles    
Portlemouth Giles   Miss
Portlemouth Hannaford    
Portlemouth Hannaford   Miss
Portlemouth Hannaford   Mrs
Portlemouth Hewett Harald Sir
Portlemouth Michelmore   Mr
Portlemouth Moore   Mrs
Portlemouth Mortimore   Miss
Portlemouth Oldrieve H  
Portlemouth Oldrieve John Mr
Portlemouth Oldrieve Lewis Mr
Portlemouth Pope    
Portlemouth Powlesland    
Portlemouth Putt Sampson Mr
Portlemouth Putt   Miss
Portlemouth Rowe    
Portlemouth Stone George Mr
Portlemouth Stumbles    
Portlemouth Tabb    
Portlemouth Yabsley   Mrs
Portlemouth Yeoman    
Ringmore Ash W H B Mr
Ringmore Crimp Agnes Miss
Ringmore Crimp Garland Mr
Ringmore Randolph   Revd Prebendary
Ringmore Ryder John Mr
Ringmore Secker G H Mr
Ringmore Triggs David Mr
Salcombe Adams J Mr
Salcombe Arundell Richard  
Salcombe Ash Robert  
Salcombe Ball    
Salcombe Ball R  
Salcombe Barter John  
Salcombe Bennet   Major
Salcombe Bennett A Mr
Salcombe Brown, jun. R Mr
Salcombe Browne W B Revd
Salcombe Chant   Mr
Salcombe Coad S Mr
Salcombe Cole E Mr
Salcombe Cole Edward  
Salcombe Cole J Mr
Salcombe Cole J Sergeant
Salcombe Cook Adams  
Salcombe Cook Alfred  
Salcombe Cook J W Mr
Salcombe Cook W Mr
Salcombe Cook W Sergeant
Salcombe Crispin E  
Salcombe Distin William  
Salcombe Dornom W Mr
Salcombe Dowglass   Capt.
Salcombe Dowglass   Mr
Salcombe Evans T Mr
Salcombe Fairweather J Mr
Salcombe Fairweather   Mr
Salcombe Flew J Revd
Salcombe Gillard J  
Salcombe Gunn H  
Salcombe Gunn Harold  
Salcombe Hannaford Edwin  
Salcombe Hannaford W A Mr
Salcombe Hannaford W S Mr
Salcombe Hannaford   Mr
Salcombe Hannaford, jun. J Mr
Salcombe Harnden H Mr
Salcombe Harnden   Mr
Salcombe Harnden   Mrs
Salcombe Herlihy G  
Salcombe Hill F W Mr
Salcombe Hill J H Mr
Salcombe Hutchings Fred  
Salcombe Huxham J Mr
Salcombe Jarvis A W Mr
Salcombe Jarvis Alex.  
Salcombe Jarvis T  
Salcombe Jeffrey John  
Salcombe Jones J Mr
Salcombe Kelly M Revd
Salcombe Lamble J Mr
Salcombe Manning J Mr
Salcombe Manning   Mr
Salcombe March N Mr
Salcombe Nye J C Mr
Salcombe Nyn J C Mr
Salcombe Owen G F Revd
Salcombe Patey G S Mr
Salcombe Patey J H Mr
Salcombe Patey   Mr
Salcombe Pearce A Mr
Salcombe Pearce P Mr
Salcombe Pearce   Mr
Salcombe Pepperell R Mr
Salcombe Port W Mr
Salcombe Putt Albert  
Salcombe Putt Henry  
Salcombe Putt J  
Salcombe Putt John  
Salcombe Rich A  
Salcombe Rich Albert  
Salcombe Ryder E Mr
Salcombe Ryder Norah Miss
Salcombe Saunders T Mr
Salcombe Shears   Miss
Salcombe Sherriff W Mr
Salcombe Sladen R H Mr
Salcombe Steer F Mr
Salcombe Steer W W Mr
Salcombe Stevens J Mr
Salcombe Stumbles J Mr
Salcombe Thorning A Mr
Salcombe Trute Alice Miss
Salcombe Trute N Mr
Salcombe Turner F Miss
Salcombe Twining A H Mr
Salcombe Vincent Agnes  
Salcombe Vivian J Mr
Salcombe Wood James  
Salcombe Wood W Mr
Salcombe Yabsley G Mr
Salcombe Yeoman William  
Salcombe Yeoman   Mrs
Salcombe Youlden    
Salcombe Youlden A  
Sherford Cornish   Mr
Sherford Cornish   Mrs
Sherford Fairweather   Miss
Sherford Haden H Revd
Sherford Jeffrys   Miss
Sherford Square   Capt.
Sherford Stubbs C W Revd
Sherford Wintle   Miss
Sherford Wintle   Mr
Slapton Warner H G Revd
South Huish Balkwill G Mr
South Huish Balkwill   Mr
South Huish Palfrey W Mr
South Huish Palfrey William Mr
South Huish Rundle   Capt.
South Huish Thorn James Mr
South Huish Wheeler B Revd
South Milton Crimp W Mr
South Milton Liddon H J Revd
South Pool Halifax   Capt.
South Pool Horsman Allen Mr
Stokenham Coaker F Mr
Stokenham Holdsworth A F Mr
Stokenham Stubbs C W Revd
Strete Morris C Revd
Strete Peeke   Miss
Strete Toll H L Mr
Thurlestone Ricketts H Revd
Thurlestone Square S S Mr
West Alvington Barons   Mr
West Alvington Bell   Mr
West Alvington Bell   Mrs
West Alvington Farr W Mr
West Alvington Farr   Mr
West Alvington Houghton   Canon
West Alvington Houghton   Mrs
West Alvington Ilbert   Misses
West Alvington Ilbert, Esq. J.P. W R  
West Alvington Johns   Mrs
West Alvington Luckham   Mrs
West Alvington Luskey   Mr
West Alvington Luskey   Mrs
West Alvington Lusky   Mr
West Alvington Morgan A Mr
West Alvington Morgan   Mr
West Alvington Pitts G Mr
West Alvington Prowse   Mr
West Alvington Rogers   Miss
West Alvington Rogers   Mr
West Alvington Ryder   Mrs
West Alvington Sheriff J Mr
West Alvington Smith   Mr
West Alvington Warren   Mr
Woodleigh Gillard   Mr
Woodleigh Hannaford H Mr
Woodleigh Hannaford Henry Mr
Woodleigh Lidstone   Mr
Woodleigh Ward   Mr