South Molton Baptisms 1791-1800

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers


5 January 1791Thomasson ofGeorge and MaryTEPPER Sergeantborn 3 September 1790; privately baptised 7 September 1790
5 January 1791Elizabethdaughter ofMr Richard and JaneCOLE   
7 January 1791Williamson ofWilliam and AnnBRIGHT   
7 January 1791Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
7 January 1791Anndaughter ofWilliam and SusannaPARSONS   
11 January 1791Horatio Heleson ofJohn and HannahODAM   
18 January 1791Josephson ofMr Thomas and JaneMARSHALL   
26 January 1791William Huntson ofWilliam and GraceBEER   
28 January 1791Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneNUTT   
31 January 1791Williamson ofRichard and MaryWOOLCOTT   
10 February 1791Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and MargaretGLOYNS   
11 February 1791Gracedaughter ofJoseph and GraceGLOYNS   
13 February 1791Marydaughter ofRobert and AnnKINGSLAND   
17 February 1791Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnWARREN   
20 February 1791Margaretdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretLUKE   
21 February 1791Edwardson ofJohn and JennyPIKE   
2 March 1791Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryMARDEN   
3 March 1791Thomasson ofCharles and SarahLAWDA   
4 March 1791Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryMARSH   
8 March 1791Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MarthaODAM   
8 March 1791Mary Anndaughter ofJames and CatherineBRAYLEY   
20 March 1791Isaacson ofJohn and MaryPATRICK   
20 March 1791Bettydaughter ofJohn and GraceBEER   
24 March 1791Johnson ofMr William and PeggyBEADLE  Born 22 February 1791; privately baptised 12 March 1791
27 March 1791Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethRED   
27 March 1791Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryBROWN   
3 April 1791Lemuelson ofLemuel and MaryHOBBS   
6 April 1791Elizabethdaughter ofMr Michael and ElizabethNOTT  Born 3 March 1791
8 April 1791Joshuason ofSamuel and ElizabethPARAMORE   
10 April 1791Mary Anndaughter ofJoseph and GraceGLOYNS   
13 April 1791William MEDDONson ofMr William and AnnBINFORD  Born 1 October 1790 and privately baptised the same day
24 April 1791Anndaughter ofJames and GraceCOBLEY   
24 April 1791Marydaughter ofDaniel and SusannaWILLS   
26 April 1791Williamson ofHumphry and AnnTURNER   
30 April 1791Marydaughter ofEmanuel and ElizabethFORD   
8 May 1791Fannydaughter ofJohn and SusannaLAKE  Born 14 January 1791; baptised 4 February 1791
11 May 1791Marydaughter ofEdward and MaryAGATE   
19 May 1791Johnson ofMr Michael and SarahTHORNE  Born 15 April 1791 and privately baptised the same day
29 May 1791Marydaughter ofRichard and AnnSAMSON   
1 June 1791Gracedaughter ofThomas and AmySMYTH   
5 June 1791Henryson ofHenry and ElizabethSHAPCOTT   
9 June 1791Williamson ofWilliam and SarahNUTT   
13 June 1791Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethSMYTH   
13 June 1791Williamson ofWilliam and NanceBLAKE   
26 June 1791Anndaughter ofWilliam and RebekahSTEPHENS  Born 28 December 1788; privately baptised 8 January 1789
26 June 1791Jamesbase son ofCatherineODAM   
28 June 1791Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCROCKER   
10 July 1791Richard Smalebase son ofSarahHOBBS  Born in Swimbridge 26 March 1791; privately baptised there 29 March 1791
24 July 1791Anndaughter ofThomas and ElizabethHYNOM   
31 July 1791Abrahamson ofJohn and MaryVAUTER   
31 July 1791Janedaughter ofRichard and MaryFISHER   
5 August 1791Williambase son ofJaneBADCOCK   
7 August 1791Anndaughter ofJohn and SarahELLIOTT   
14 August 1791Jamesbase son ofElizabethHOWELL   
23 August 1791George Gouldson ofMr John and DorothyHUXTABLE  Born 29 July 1791; privately baptised 20 August 1791
1 September 1791Williamson ofWilliam and MaryDADDS   
2 September 1791Williamson ofWilliam and SusannaSHORT   
11 September 1791Thomasson ofJohn and AnnZEAL   
13 September 1791Charlesson ofMr Charles and SusannaMARSHALL   
13 September 1791Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SusannaPRICE   
14 September 1791Williamson ofJohn and MaryHARRIS   
15 September 1791Anndaughter ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
18 September 1791Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and GraceBRAYLEY   
25 September 1791Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MellierFISHER   
27 September 1791Mariadaughter ofJosiah and GraceWOOLCOTT   
7 October 1791Henryson ofEmanuel Corin and MarySHAPCOTT   
18 October 1791Robertson ofMr William and MaryDUNN  Born 7 August 1791; privately baptised 27 August 1791
19 October 1791Marydaughter ofMr John and AnnTHORNE  Born 29 May 1791; privately baptised 3 June 1791
26 October 1791Henryson ofHenry and MaryBURGESS  Born 23 July 1791 and privately baptised the same day
5 November 1791Georgeson ofWilliam and SarahVERNON   
16 November 1791Johnson ofSamuel and ElizabethWEDLAKE, alias BRAYLEY   
30 November 1791Johnson ofGeorge and AgnesBURGESS   
11 December 1791Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBERRY   
1 January 1792John Hartnollson ofDennis and DorothyBUCKINGHAM   
3 January 1792Richardson ofMr James and RebekahDUNN   
6 January 1792Williamson ofJohn and MaryADAMS   
6 January 1792Jamesbase son ofCatherineWIDGERY   
8 January 1792Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCURDLE   
15 January 1792Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethBOWDON   
15 January 1792Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnDAVY   
30 January 1792Johnson ofAbraham and JennyCHAPPLE   
8 February 1792Johnson ofMr Thomas and MaryBROWN  Born 8 January 1792
15 February 1792Margaretdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS   
17 February 1792Thomasbase son ofMaryBRAYLEY  Born 26 September 1779
19 February 1792Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethNICHOLS   
29 February 1792Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and HannahODAM   
4 March 1792Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBADCOCK   
8 March 1792Williamson ofRichard and SarahHILL   
12 March 1792Williamson ofPeter and AnnSTONE   
16 March 1792Patiencedaughter ofRobert (deceased) and MarySNOW   
18 March 1792Hughson ofGeorge and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
25 March 1792Williamtwin son ofJohn and AgnesKINGDON   
8 April 1792Jamesson ofJames and MaryCARTER   
8 April 1792Anndaughter ofThomas and Hannah Margaret Stoey Pearsen WitheatLAKE   
10 April 1792Marydaughter ofJoshua and ElizabethHODGE   
7 May 1792Thomasson ofThomas and MargaretBOWDON   
11 May 1792Amosson ofGeorge and MaryTEPPER Sergeant 
17 May 1792Marydaughter ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
23 May 1792Theophilusson ofMr Theophilus and ThomasinALLEN   
23 May 1792Henryson ofRichard and MargaretMOORE   
27 May 1792Robertson ofRobert and MaryJORDAN   
27 May 1792Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryRUSSEL   
28 May 1792Richardson ofMr John and AnnCRUTE   
28 May 1792Samuelson ofSamuel and ElizabethPARAMORE   
13 June 1792Johannadaughter ofMr William and GraceSMYTH  Born 17 April 1792; privately baptised 21 May 1792
15 June 1792susannadaughter ofEdward and SarahREW   
17 June 1792Williamson ofRichard and ElizabethTURNER   
19 June 1792Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMACEY   
19 June 1792Mary Whitebase daughter ofElizabethLAKE   
20 June 1792Henry Cloggson ofMr John and GraceTURNER  Born 22 May 1792
21 June 1792Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryHILL   
22 June 1792Johnson ofJohn and MaryALLEN   
22 June 1792Henryson ofJohn and JanePIKE   
22 June 1792Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethTAPP   
24 June 1792Benjaminson ofBenjamin and JohannaGILLARD   
27 June 1792Georgeson ofMr John and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
27 June 1792Thomasson ofThomas and HannahBAKER   
1 July 1792Christopherson ofSamuel and SarahPEARCE   
1 July 1792Anndaughter ofRichard and JaneBRAY   
8 July 1792Anndaughter ofMr William and ElizabethLAWDAY   
8 July 1792Betseydaughter ofEdward and MaryHARVEY   
8 July 1792Williamson ofJohn and AnnADAMS  born 12 May 1792; privately baptised 15 May 1792
11 July 1792Johnson ofJohn and JennyFRYE   
29 July 1792Johnson ofThomas and NancyWESTERN   
29 July 1792Gracedaughter ofThomas and GraceMAJOR   
1 August 1792Williamson ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
5 August 1792Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
19 August 1792Johnson ofThomas (deceased) and MarthaTUCKER   
23 August 1792Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and NancyWARREN   
31 August 1792Bettydaughter ofSamuel and MaryBRICE   
12 September 1792Edwardson ofEdward and AnnSAMSON   
16 September 1792Hannahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPINCOMBE  Born 2 June 1792 and privately baptised the same day
23 September 1792Jamesson ofJames and ElizabethDADDS   
3 October 1792Willoiamson ofThomas and MaryKINGDON  Born 9 July 1792
16 October 1792Catherinedaughter ofEdward Taylor and GraceCONGRAM   
21 October 1792Bettydaughter ofJohn (deceased) and MaryFURSE   
28 October 1792Philipson ofJoseph and MaryBOWDON   
7 November 1792Williamson ofRichard and JaneCOLE   
11 November 1792Thomasson ofJohn and MargaretWOOLAWAY   
14 November 1792John Jonesson ofMr Philip and MaryTAPP  Born 11 October 1792
14 November 1792Marytwin daughter ofWilliam and AnnCLATTERY   
14 November 1792Bettytwin daughter ofWilliam and AnnCLATTERY   
16 November 1792Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SarahTHOMAS   
6 December 1792Mary Ann Handforddaughter ofMr William and AnnBINFORD  Born 1 April 1792; privately baptised 2 April 1792
9 December 1792Gracedaughter ofJohn and MarthaBRAYLEY   
12 December 1792Sarahdaughter ofMr John and SarahTRIX  Born 22 September 1792 and privately baptised the same day
12 December 1792Thomas Nottson ofWilliam and SarahLAKE   
30 December 1792Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryCOUCH   
2 January 1793Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceCONYBEAR   
20 January 1793Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethHOLMES   
22 January 1793Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMARSH   
23 January 1793Thomasson ofMr Thomas and JaneAMORY  Born 19 November 1792
27 January 1793Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethJEWEL   
29 January 1793Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarySTEEVENS   
30 January 1793Hughson ofHugh and JennyCROOKE   
30 January 1793Marydaughter ofGeorge and JoanBURGESS   
10 February 1793Johnson ofWilliam and SarahNORTHAM   
10 February 1793Sallydaughter ofPaul and JoannaTHOMAS   
12 February 1793Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryWOOLACOTT   
12 February 1793Marydaughter ofPhilip and MaryWIDGERY   
14 February 1793Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SarahLYDDON   
17 February 1793Hughson ofJohn and MaryCROOKE   
17 February 1793Jennydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSAGE   
17 February 1793Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryFURZE   
24 February 1793Janedaughter ofWilliam and JaneWIDGERY   
1 March 1793Marydaughter ofThomas and SarahFOOKE   
3 March 1793Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCROCKER   
5 March 1793Johnson ofRichard and HannahWILLIAMS   
17 March 1793Georgeson ofGeorge and MarthaODAM   
31 March 1793Bettydaughter ofJames and MaryCHAPPLE   
1 April 1793Marydaughter ofJohn and JoanHUXTABLE   
1 April 1793Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnTHORNE   
7 April 1793Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryDADDS   
14 April 1793Bettydaughter ofEmanuel and BettyFORD   
21 April 1793Jamesson ofJohn and AnnTURNER   
23 April 1793Bettydaughter ofJohn and MaryLAWDAY   
30 April 1793Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCOLLACOTT   
12 May 1793Johnson ofThomas and JaneMARSHALL   
17 May 1793Henryson ofHenry and MaryBALE   
19 May 1793Susannadaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
20 May 1793Johnson ofJohn and BettyCOLLACOTT   
20 May 1793Jamesson ofHumphry and MaryNUTT   
21 May 1793Williamson ofSimon and MarySQUIRE  Privately baptised
22 May 1793Johnson ofJoseph and GraceGLOYEN   
22 May 1793Nancydaughter ofWilliam and JennyBALL  Born 12 June 1791; privately baptised 17 June 1791
23 May 1793Anndaughter ofMr William and PeggyBEEDLE  Born 14 January 1792; privately baptised 21 January 1792
23 May 1793Henryson ofMr William and PeggyBEEDLE  Born 8 February 1793; privately baptised 12 February 1793
26 May 1793Johnson ofJohn and MaryMARDON   
28 May 1793Sarahdaughter ofMr Anthony and SarahHUXTABLE  Born 18 April 1793
29 May 1793Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryNOTT   
2 June 1793Thomasson ofJohn and MaryVAUTER   
5 June 1793Gracedaughter ofMr William and MarySHAPLAND   
7 June 1793Johnson ofRevd. Mr William and MaryHOLLAND Rector of Monkton Farley, WiltsBorn 9 May 1793; baptised in Honiton Chapple, Parish of South Molton 7 June 1793
9 June 1793Nancydaughter ofRichard and JennyWRIGHT   
20 June 1793Williamson ofMr William and AnnKINGDON  Born 22 May 1793 and privately baptised the same day
23 June 1793Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethWIDGERY   
3 July 1793Johnson ofMr Henry and MaryBURGESS  Born 7 March 1793; privately baptised 10 March 1793
7 July 1793Johnson ofJohn and BettyHUNT   
14 July 1793Margaretdaughter ofJohn (deceased) and DorothyPRIOR   
23 July 1793Susannadaughter ofJohn and MaryWATERS   
31 July 1793Mary Heledaughter ofMr James and JanePEARSE  Born 3 September 1786
31 July 1793William Ilbertson ofMr James and JanePEARSE  Born 13 July 1788
31 July 1793John Gilbertson ofMr James and JanePEARSE  Born 6 August 1790
31 July 1793Elford Fordson ofMr James and JanePEARSE  Born 28 March 1793
31 July 1793Georgetwin son ofWilliam and HannahHOSEGOOD  Privately baptised
31 July 1793Henrytwin son ofWilliam and HannahHOSEGOOD  Privately baptised
9 August 1793Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPRIEST  Born 10 June 1793
18 August 1793Jamesson ofCharles and SarahLAWDAY   
18 August 1793Annbase daughter ofJoannaLAKE   
29 August 1793Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and ElizabethSHAPCOTT   
30 August 1793Henryson ofJohn and JennyPIKE   
22 September 1793Johnson ofJohn and MaryBOWDEN   
22 September 1793Williamson ofRichard and AnnCLARK   
24 September 1793Williamson ofJno. and HannahODAM  born 25 July 1793
2 October 1793Josephson ofHugh and MargaretGLOYEN  Born 21 July 1793
25 October 1793Williamson ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Privately baptised
5 November 1793Marybase daughter ofMaryTHORNE   
25 November 1793Michaelson ofHumphry and AnnTURNER  Privately baptised
27 November 17913Elizabethdaughter ofMr William and GraceSCOTT  Born 18 october 1793
27 November 1793Lucretiadaughter ofWilliam and SusannahPARSONS   
1 December 1793Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethNICHOLS   
4 December 1793Williamson ofMr Michael and SarahTHORNE  Born 25 June 1793 and baptised the same day
26 December 1793Jamesson ofMr John and AnnCRUTE  Born 21 November 1793
29 December 1793Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnBLAKE   
31 December 1793Johnson ofMr William and MaryDUNN  born 19 August 1793; privately baptised 31 August 1793
31 December 1793Thomasson ofMr William and AnnSMITH  Born 21 August 1793; privately baptised 24 August 1793
1 January 1794Johnson ofEdward and MaryAGATE  Born 28 January 1793; privately baptised 29 January 1793
4 January 1794Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHACCHE   
6 January 1794Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryTEPPER SergeantBorn 18 October 1793
7 January 1794Henryson ofRevd. William and MaryTANNER  Born 6 September 1793; privately baptised 11 September 1793
12 January 1794Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryLEWIS   
15 January 1794Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and AnnSAMSON   
20 January 1794Johnson ofJohn and AnnMARSH   
16 February 1794Sarahdaughter ofJames and JohannahDADDS   
21 February 1794Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethCHAMPION  Born 16 February 1793; privately baptised 20 February 1793
13 March 1794Joshuason ofMr James and RebekahDUNN  Privately baptised
14 March 1794Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
16 March 1794Williamson ofWilliam and MaryVERNON   
6 April 1794Marydaughter ofThomas and JennyKINGDON   
13 April 1794Nancydaughter ofJohn and MaryRICE   
13 April 1794Bettydaughter ofWilliam and BettyBOWDEN   
20 April 1794Anndaughter ofJohn and SusannaLAKE   
20 April 1794Catherinetwin daughter ofSamuel and ElizabethAVERY  Privately baptised
20 April 1794Elizabethtwin daughter ofSamuel and ElizabethAVERY  Privately baptised
21 April 1794Sarahdaughter ofJoshua and ElizabethHODGE   
23 April 1794Margarettdaughter ofMr William and AnnBINFORD  Born 2 December 1793; privately baptised 6 December 1793
23 April 1794Johnson ofMr George and JaneMARSH  Privately baptised
4 May 1794Marydaughter ofSimon and MarySQUIRE   
6 May 1794[?]son of[?] and ElizabethMACEY   
11 May 1794Marydaughter ofRobert and AnnKINGSLAND   
14 May 1794Williamson ofPhilip and MargaretMOORE   
18 May 1794Thomasson ofWilliam and MellierFISHER   
21 May 1794Johnson ofThomas and AnnTOUT   
21 May 1794Janedaughter ofJohn and GraceBRAYLEY   
23 May 1794Johnson ofWilliam and JoanNUTT   
25 May 1794Gracedaughter ofEdward Taylor and GraceCONGRAM   
25 May 1794Anndaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
29 May 1794Jamesson ofMr John and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
1 June 1794Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnDAVY  Born 11 January 1794; private baptised 14 January 1794
11 June 1794Elizabethdaughter ofRevd. William Mogridge and CharlotteSTAWELL  Born 1 April 1794; privately baptised the same day
11 June 1794Johnson ofEdward and AnnSAMSON   
11 June 1794Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryHEAL   
15 June 1794Marydaughter ofRobert and MaryJORDAN  Born 20 April 1794
19 June 1794William Philipsson ofJohn and SallyMANLEY  Born 27 January 1794; privately baptised 10 February 1794
22 June 1794Elizabethdaughter ofAbraham and JennyCHAPPLE   
15 July 1794Richardson ofJohn and SusannaFOOKE   
20 July 1794Jamesson ofRichard and ElizabethTURNER   
23 July 1794Marydaughter ofMr William and MaryCOLE  Born 11 June 1794
3 August 1794Richardson ofRichard and SarahHILL   
3 August 1794susannadaughter ofWilliam and JennyBALL   
10 August 1794Henryson ofWilliam and GraceCOBLEY   
10 August 1794Mariadaughter ofWilliam and SarahWIDGERY   
15 August 1794Marydaughter ofEdmund and SarahREW   
26 August 1794Johnson ofJames and BettyBRAYLEY   
27 August 1794Johnson ofMr John and GraceTURNER   
28 August 1794Henryson ofJohn and MaryMATTHEWS   
3 September 1794Mariadaughter ofMr Theophilus and ThomozinALLEN   
3 September 1794Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTAPP Corporal, Worcester Miltia 
10 September 1794Anndaughter ofThomas and MargaretBOWDON   
14 September 1794Margaretdaughter ofJohn and MargaretTOUT  Born 26 May 1794; privately baptised 29 May 1794
21 September 1794Sarahdaughter ofJames and MaryCARTER   
5 October 1794Grace Hobbstwin daughter ofJames and FrancesEDDRINGTON  Privately baptised 5 September 1794
5 October 1794Mary Anntwin daughter ofJames and FrancesEDDRINGTON  Privately baptised 5 September 1794
20 October 1794Charlesson ofJohn and JennyPIKE   
26 October 1794Williamson ofWilliam and JoanLAKE  Born 17 April 1794; privately baptised 24 April 1794
28 October 1794Mary Nottdaughter ofMr William and AnnKINGDON  Born 30 September 1794
4 November 1794George Parminterson ofMr Thomas and JaneAMORY  Born 27 May 1794; privately baptised 29 May 1794
16 November 1794Johnson ofWilliam and MaryNOTT   
30 November 1794Robertson ofJohn and MaryPETHERICK   
7 December 1794Richardson ofJohn and ElizabethCURDLE   
7 December 1794Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE   
8 December 1794Jamesson ofPhilip and ElizabethWIDGERY   
10 December 1794Sarah Uphamdaughter ofWilliam and NancyWARREN   
12 December 1794Ann Wilsondaughter ofMr George and DorothyHILL  Born 1 July 1785; privately baptised the same day
12 December 1794Georgeson ofMr George and DorothyHILL  Born 15 September 1786; privately baptised the same day
12 December 1794Charles Jamesson ofMr George and DorothyHILL  Born 25 July 1791; privately baptised the same day
26 December 1794Johnson ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Born 3 April 1792; privately baptised 5 April 1792
26 December 1794Lydiadaughter ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Born 25 October 1794; privately baptised 28 October 1794
26 December 1794Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOUCH   
1 January 1795Richardson ofJno. And ElizabethSMITH  Born 29 September 1793; privately baptised 30 September 1793
5 January 1795Eleanordaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS   
5 January 1795Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethHACCHE   
6 January 1795Anndaughter ofMr Charles and SusannaMARSHALL  Born 29 March 1793; privately baptised 31 March 1793
14 Janaury 1795Sallydaughter ofRichard and MaryFISHER   
22 January 1795Williamson ofJohn and BettyCOLLACOTT   
23 January 1795Josiahson ofJosiah and NancyHOBBS  Born 31 July 1793; privately baptised 2 August 1793
23 January 1795Williamson ofSamuel and SarahPEARCE  Privately baptised 28 January 1795
11 February 1795Johnson ofMr Michael and ElizabethNOTT  Born 8 January 1795; privately baptised 5 February 1795
17 February 1795Josephson ofThomas and AgnesATHORN Sergeant West York Regiment of MilitiaBorn 25 September 1794
February 1795Alexanderson ofRobert and ElizabethHOLMES  Privately baptised; no full date given
2 March 1795Sarahdaughter ofLemuel and MaryHOBBS   
5 March 1795Williamson ofMr Henry and MaryBURGESS  Born 24 December 1794 and privately baptised 1 January 1795
18 March 1795Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethMARSH  Privately baptised 29 December 1794
22 March 1795Williamson ofJohn and MaryBARNES   
22 March 1795Johnson ofSimon and MarySQUIRE   
24 March 1795Elizabethdaughter ofMichael and SarahTHORNE  Born 20 January 1795
25 March 1795Anndaughter ofRichard and JaneCOLE   
26 March 1795Williamson ofJohn and SusannahTOMBS   
29 March 1795Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryNORTHAM   
29 March 1795Samuelson ofPaul and JoannaTHOMAS   
29 March 1795Elizabeth Clarkbase daughter ofElizabethSMALE   
5 April 1795Williamson ofJoshua and JennyRICHARDS   
6 April 1795Georgeson ofJohn and HannahODAM   
7 April 1795Johnson ofMatthew and SarahHENDLEY   
12 April 1795Susannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBALL   
19 April 1795Richardson ofRichard and JaneBRAY   
19 April 1795Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethPINCOMBE   
26 April 1795Williamson ofWilliam and MargaretLAKE   
28 April 1795Williamson ofWilliam and MaryWOODMAN  Born 3 July 1790; had been privately baptised
28 April 1795Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryWOODMAN  Born 9 January 1792; had been privately baptised
28 April 1795Johnson ofWilliam and MaryWOODMAN  Born 28 January 1795; had been privately baptised
29 April 1795Anndaughter ofElias and SarahNOTT   
10 May 1795Eleanordaughter ofWilliam and JaneWIDGERY   
13 May 1795Gracedaughter ofJames and RebeccaDUNN   
17 May 1795Johnson ofThomas and GraceLAKE   
20 May 1795Anndaughter ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
25 May 1795Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARKE   
25 May 1795Bettydaughter ofSamuel and JennyGILLARD  Born 11 February 1795
25 May 1795Williamson ofJohn and BettyMESEN   
14 June 1795Anndaughter ofRobert and ElizabethSNOWof Mole Mill  
19 June 1795Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethPRIEST   
28 June 1795Susannahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAMPION   
28 June 1795Susannahdaughter ofEmanuel and MarySHAPCOTT   
28 June 1795Marydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethAVERY   
29 June 1795Anndaughter ofAnthony and SarahHUXTABLE   
1 July 1795Williamson ofHugh and ElizabethMATTHEWS   
5 July 1795Thomasson ofJohn and BettyRIDD   
5 July 1795Williamson ofJoseph and MaryBOWDEN   
12 July 1795Thomasson ofHugh and JaneCROOK   
19 July 1795Johnson ofJohn and SusannaNICHOLS   
19 July 1795Marydaughter ofJohn and CharityDOWNMAN   
24 July 1795Joannahdaughter ofJohn and MargaretWOOLAWAY   
28 July 1795Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryBROWN   
31 July 1795Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryMARSH   
2 August 1795Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS   
9 August 1795Williamson ofEdward and MaryAGGOTT   
10 August 1795Robertson ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
19 August 1795Johnbase son ofJaneBOUCHER   
3 September 1795Marydaughter ofThomas and JaneMARSHALL   
4 September 1795Marydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethPARRAMORE   
6 September 1795Janedaughter ofRichard and JaneBAKER   
6 September 1795Marydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethSMALE   
30 September 1795Anndaughter ofRichard and HannahWILLIAMS   
5 October 1795Henryson ofGeorge and MaryTEPPER   
28 October 1795Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarySHAPLAND   
3 November 1795Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryDADD   
6 November 1795Williamson ofWilliam and AnnBINFORD   
18 November 1795Williamson ofWilliam and MaryCOLES   
22 November 1795Williamson ofGeorge and MaryTRAVISICK   
23 November 1795Frances Janedaughter ofRev. William Mogridge and CharlotteSTAWELL   
29 November 1795Sarahdaughter ofThomas and SarahFOOK   
1 December 1795Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMASON   
2 December 1795Marydaughter ofJohn and SusannahWARD   
20 December 1795Josephson ofHugh and MargarittGLOYEN   
20 December 1795Anndaughter ofHumphry and AnnTURNER   
28 December 1795Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnCRUTE   
30 December 1795Anndaughter ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK   
6 January 1796Henryson ofThomas and AnnBAKER   
13 January 1796John Petersson ofJohn and MaryRICE   
17 January 1796Johnson ofRobert and MaryJORDAN   
17 January 1796Gracedaughter ofJohn and GraceWILLACOTT   
17 January 1796Ann Williamsbase daughter ofCharityBENDLE   
22 January 1796Marybase daughter ofMaryBRAYLEY   
24 January 1796Susannahdaughter ofJohn and MaryBOWDON   
24 January 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPEL   
27 January 1796Anndaughter ofJohn and JennyTYKE   
31 January 1796Gracedaughter ofEdward and GraceCONGRAM   
4 February 1796Hughson ofJohn and SarahTRIX   
5 February 1796Susannahdaughter ofCharles and SarahLAUDY   
7 February 1796Marydaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
14 February 1796Thomasbase son ofAnnFURZE   
17 February 1796Anndaughter ofHenry and AnnSEARLS   
25 February 1796John Jonesson ofPhilip and MaryTAPP   
28 February 1796Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNAYNOR   
28 February 1796Susannahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNAYNOR   
28 February 1796Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNAYNOR   
20 March 1796Johnson ofJames and JohannahDADDS   
20 March 1796Jamesson ofJames and MarySAMSON   
25 March 1796Robertson ofJohn and MaryPHILIPS   
27 March 1796Williamson ofRichard and PeggyWRIGHT   
27 March 1796Susannahdaughter ofWilliam and AnnDAVEY   
5 April 1796Georgeson ofGeorge and JaneMARSH   
6 April 1796Sarahdaughter ofThomas and AnnTOUT   
11 April 1796Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnROWCLIFFE   
13 April 1796Charlottedaughter ofEdward and NancySAMPSON   
13 April 1796Williamson ofJoseph and HannahDUNN   
13 April 1796Williamson ofWilliam and SarahTHOMAS   
13 April 1796Catherinedaughter ofHenry and ElizabethTHOMAS   
20 April 1796Abrahamson ofJohn and JoanROWDON   
24 April 1796Marybase daughter ofElizabethHARTNOLL   
24 April 1796Marybase daughter ofElizabethCUNNINGHAM   
4 May 1796Johnson ofWilliam and AnnTANNER   
8 May 1796Sarahdaughter ofJohn and AnnADAMS   
11 May 1796Thomasson ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
22 May 1796Henryson ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
25 May 1796Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and GraceHARRIS   
29 May 1796Jennydaughter ofWilliam and JennyBALL   
26 June 1796Johnson ofJohn and GraceBEER   
3 July 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHUNT   
10 July 1796Isettdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBOWDON   
27 July 1796Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryWIDGERY   
27 July 1796Sallydaughter ofPhilip and PeggyMOORE   
27 July 1796Jamesson ofJohn and Philippa HeleQUARTLEY  Born and privately baptised 10 May 1796
7 August 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINS   
31 August 1796Williamson ofJohn, junr. and ElizabethTURNER   
1 September 1796Johnson ofJohn and SallyMANLY   
4 September 1796Mary Larkingdaughter ofRoger and SarahROWLAND   
16 September 1796Johnson ofJohn and JoannahROWDON   
28 September 1796Margaretdaughter ofWilliam and MaryHARRIS   
10 October 1796Samuelson ofWilliam and SarahNUTT   
30 October 1796Williamson ofRichard and SarahHILL   
2 November 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryMARDON   
13 November 1796Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and ElizabethBOND   
13 November 1796Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
15 November 1796Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnKINGDON   
22 November 1796Charlesson ofRev. William and MaryTANNER  Private baptised 16 march 1795
6 December 1796Johnson ofWilliam and AnnSMYTH   
26 December 1796Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCK   
26 December 1796Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MargaretBOWDON   
27 December 1796Johnson ofElias and SarahNOTT   
28 December 1796Christopherson ofJohn and MaryMATTHEWS   
28 December 1796Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK   
28 December 1796Lydiadaughter ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Privately baptised 12 August 1796
2 January 1797Samuelson ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
8 January 1797Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryNOTT   
8 January 1797Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethTURNER   
20 January 1797Samuelson ofWilliam and MargaretBEEDLE  Privately baptised 24 July 1794
20 January 1797Margaretdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretBEEDLE  Privately baptised 18 July 1796
24 January 1797Williamson ofWilliam and AnnWARREN   
30 January 1797Mary Poolebase daughter ofAnnPARAMORE   
3 February 1797Edwardson ofEdmund and SarahREW   
8 February 1797Marthadaughter ofJohn and HannahODAM   
8 February 1797Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHIGGS   
8 February 1797Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethHUXTABLE  Privately baptised 11 May 1796
15 February 1797Georgeson ofHenry and MaryBURGESS   
15 February 1797Sarahdaughter ofMichael and SarahTHORNE   
19 February 1797Williamson ofJohn and AnnHILL   
19 February 1797Richardson ofWilliam and MellierFISHER   
26 February 1797Williamson ofWilliam and AnnTHORNE  Privately baptised 14 February 1795
5 March 1797Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethNICHOLS   
16 March 1797Williamson ofRev. William and MaryHOLLANDof Monkton Farley, WiltshireRectorBorn 13 February 1797
5 April 1797Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSMYTH   
10 April 1797Susannah Huxtabledaughter ofJohn and MaryHILL   
16 April 1797Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryFRY   
18 April 1797Agnessdaughter ofMichael and ElizabethNOTT   
18 May 1797Jennydaughter ofJohn and JennyPIKE   
21 May 1797Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
28 May 1797Georgeson ofGeorge and JennySAUNDERS   
28 May 1797Sarahdaughter ofJosiah and GraceWOOLCOTT   
11 June 1797Samuelson ofWilliam and JaneWIDGERY   
14 June 1797Williamson ofEdward and ElizabethSMALE   
18 June 1797Marydaughter ofEmanuel and SusannahCHAPPLE   
18 June 1797Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOUCH   
19 June 1797Bettydaughter ofJohn and BettyCOLLACOTT   
21 June 1797Sallydaughter ofJohn and MaryCOCKRAM   
22 June 1797Marydaughter ofHumphry and MaryBUTLER   
16 July 1797Hannahdaughter ofEdward and MaryAGATE   
20 July 1797William Richard Abrahamson ofJohn and MaryVOYSEY   
23 July 1797Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryPHILIPS   
30 July 1797Anndaughter ofRichard and AnnCLARKE   
2 August 1797Johnson ofRichard and JaneCOLE   
3 August 1797Johnbase son ofElizabethKINGDON   
6 August 1797Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SarahNORTHAM   
9 August 1797Williamson ofThomas and GraceLAKE   
16 August 1797Johnson ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
20 August 1797Fannydaughter ofRobert and AnnKINGSLAND   
20 August 1797Bettydaughter ofGeorge and MaryTRAVISICK   
31 August 1797Mariadaughter ofEdward and GraceALLEN   
20 September 1797Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryTEPPER   
15 October 1797Sallydaughter ofRobert and BettySMALE   
18 October 1797Eleanordaughter ofJames and AnnSMALDON   
18 October 1797Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethLEY   
1 November 1797Anndaughter ofThomas and AnnBROWN  Born 30 march 1797
3 November 1797Catherine Meddondaughter ofWilliam and AnnBINFORD  Born 31 July 1797 and privately baptised 6 August 1797
5 November 1797Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethHACCHE   
15 November 1797Williamson ofJohn and MaryRICE   
19 November 1797Williambase son ofSusannahDUNN   
19 November 1797Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethGLOYN   
22 November 1797Jamesson ofJoseph and MaryFORTESCUE  Born 19 October 1797
26 November 1797Ann Philipsdaughter ofWilliam and AnnTHORNE   
17 December 1797Samuelson ofJohn and ElizabethMACEY   
20 December 1797Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE   
24 December 1797Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnTANNER   
25 December 1797Bettydaughter ofJohn and CharityDOWNMAN   
27 December 1797Samuelson ofJames and RebeccaDUNN   
3 January 1798Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SarahDUNN   
6 January 1798Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMILLER   
7 January 1798Margarettdaughter ofJohn and MaryLOOSEMORE   
9 January 1798Williamson ofWilliam and MaryDUNN   
10 January 1798Johnson ofThomas and JaneAMORY   
14 January 1798Susannahdaughter ofHenry and ElizabethSHAPCOTT   
17 January 1798Williamson ofTheophilus and ThomasinALLEN   
18 January 1798Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnCRUTE   
21 January 1798Janedaughter ofJoshua and JaneRICHARDS   
24 January 1798Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryMARSH   
2 February 1798Gracedaughter ofThomas and JaneMARSHALL   
4 February 1798Jamesbase son ofJaneFRY   
4 February 1798Silasson ofLemuel and MaryHOBBS   
18 February 1798Francisson ofFrancis and AnnWOOLCOTT   
21 February 1798Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryKINGDON   
25 February 1798Priscilla Nancydaughter ofWilliam and SusannahPARSONS   
8 March 1798Marydaughter ofGeorge and HarriotSHARLAND  Born 19 October 1795; privately baptised 22 October 1795
8 March 1798Harriotdaughter ofGeorge and HarriotSHARLAND  Born 17 October 1797; privately baptised 20 October 1797
14 March 1798Sarahdaughter ofOliver and SarahKINGDON   
25 March 1798Sallydaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
4 April 1798Fannydaughter ofEdward and NancySAMSON   
8 April 1798Hughson ofRichard and JaneBRAY   
8 April 1798Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOBLEY   
8 April 1798Marydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethBRAYLEY  Born 10 August 1794
9 April 1798Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryMASON   
9 April 1798Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceWOOLCOTT   
10 April 1798Janedaughter ofGeorge and JaneMARSH   
10 April 1798Anndaughter ofArthur and ElizabethBOND   
10 April 1798Johnson ofHugh and RuthCOX   
22 April 1798Richardson ofRichard and MaryWOOLCOTT   
25 April 1798Thomasson ofJames and ElizabethBRAYLEY   
25 April 1798Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethTORRINGTON   
29 April 1798Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethAVERY   
29 April 1798Johnbase son ofAnnGILL   
29 April 1798Marybase daughter ofAnnTHORNE   
6 May 1798Williamson ofThomas and JaneHAYES   
27 May 1798Johnson ofJohn and MaryKEEN   
28 May 1798Williamson ofJohn and MaryMATTHEWS   
28 May 1798Marydaughter ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
29 May 1798Samuelson ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
21 June 1798Georgeson ofRichard and HannahWILLIAMS   
11 July 1798Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS   
18 July 1798Jamesson ofJohn and SarahTRIX   
29 July 1798Johnson ofWilliam and SusannahBRAYLEY   
5 August 1798Johnson ofThomas and AnnWARREN   
12 August 1798Marydaughter ofRichard and SarahHILL   
12 August 1798Joannahdaughter ofHenry and BettyTHOMAS   
12 August 1798Johnson ofWilliam and EleanorLEY   
30 August 1798Jamesson ofJohn and SarahMANLEY   
13 September 1798Ann Thorpedaughter ofPhilip and PeggyMOORE   
23 September 1798Thomasson ofThomas and JaneKINGDON   
26 September 1798Averyson ofJoshua and ElizabethHODGE   
7 October 1798Agnessdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINS   
17 October 1798Johnson ofWilliam and MaryCOLE  born 2 June 1798
28 October 1798Johnson ofJohn and MaryBAKER   
31 October 1798Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESS   
8 November 1798Susannahdaughter ofJohn and SusannahMARSH   
11 November 1798Henryson ofEdward and GraceCONGRAM   
18 November 1798Williamson ofAbraham and JennyCHAPPLE   
18 November 1798Susannahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryDADDS   
9 December 1798Johnson ofJohn and GraceBRAYLEY   
16 December 1798Jane Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryLINTON Sergeant 62nd Regiment 
17 December 1798James Chilcotson ofMichael and SarahTHORNE   
19 December 1798Williamson ofWilliam and MaryHARRIS   
25 December 1798Philipbase daughter ofMaryLAKE   
26 December 1798Thomas Jonesson ofPhilip and MaryTAPP   
26 December 1798Thomasson ofThomas and JaneSALISBURY  Born 27 September 1798
26 December 1798Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryNOTT   
27 December 1798Joannahdaughter ofWilliam and AnnKINGDON   
1 January 1799Marydaughter ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK  Born 15 February 1798
2 January 1799Louisadaughter ofRichard and JudithFOLKES Lieut. 62nd Regiment 
5 January 1799Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCARTER   
5 January 1799Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and HannahBAKER  Born 3 March 1798
8 January 1799Georgeson ofWilliam and MarySHAPLAND   
13 January 1799Sarahdaughter ofThomas and MargarettBOWDON   
16 January 1799Samuelson ofMichael and MercillaHOGIN 62nd Regiment 
27 January 1799Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryPHILIPS   
30 January 1799Richardson ofJohn and AnnHILL   
30 January 1799Mary Clarkdaughter ofJohn and SusannahWARD   
26 February 1799Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryCROCKER   
3 March 1799Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryAVERY   
17 March 1799Hannahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryTUCKER   
24 March 1799Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryVERNON   
24 March 1799Jamesson ofJames and AnnPARMINTER   
5 April 1799Johnson ofPhilip and ElizabethWIDGERY   
7 April 1799Jamesson ofWilliam and ElizabethBADCOCK   
10 April 1799Josephson ofHenry and MaryBURGESS   
17 April 1799Jamesson ofJohn and JennyPIKE   
21 April 1799Sarahdaughter ofSamuel and FrancesSEARLS   
24 April 1799Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryMORRIS   
24 April 1799Margaret Maria Anndaughter ofWilliam and JaneRAWSON   
28 April 1799Jamesson ofWilliamm and AnnHOLIWELL 62nd Regiment 
8 May 1799Margaret Mounseydaughter ofJoseph and MaryFORTESCUE   
12 May 1799Sarah Rowdondaughter ofEdward and SarahREW   
12 May 1799Thomasson ofRobert and ElizabethHOLMES   
13 May 1799Marydaughter ofJohn and SarahJONES   
15 May 1799Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryMARDON   
16 May 1799Elizabethdaughter ofJames and RebeccaDUNN   
16 May 1799Josephson ofJoseph and HannahDUNN   
2 June 1799Philipson ofPhilip and MaryWIDGERY   
3 June 1799Johnson ofJohn and MaryHILL   
16 June 1799Henryson ofHenry and AnnSEARLS   
20 June 1799Williamson ofJohn and GraceTURNER   
20 June 1799Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHIGGS   
23 June 1799Gracedaughter ofRichard and BettyTURNER   
17 July 1799Georgeson ofRichard and JaneCOLES   
21 July 1799Bettydaughter ofRoger and GraceMANLY   
4 August 1799Marydaughter ofEdward and ElizabethSMALE   
11 August 1799Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCOLLACOTT   
18 August 1799Marydaughter ofThomas and GraceLAKE   
1 September 1799Williamson ofWilliam and MaryADAMS   
2 October 1799Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryROWLAND   
13 October 1799Susandaughter ofJohn and SusannahPRESCOTT   
16 October 1799Johnson ofJohn and MaryHEAL   
16 October 1799Mary Lovebanddaughter ofJohn and SarahDUNN   
27 October 1799Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryTREVISICK   
3 November 1799Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
5 November 1799Johnson ofWilliam and AnnWARREN   
10 November 1799Dorcasbase daughter ofMaryQUANTICK   
17 November 1799Susannahdaughter ofJames and JoanHODGE   
4 December 1799Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
4 December 1799Elizabethdaughter ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
15 December 1799Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethNICHOLS   
15 December 1799William Carderson ofRobert and BettySMALE   
15 December 1799Marydaughter ofHenry and SarahTHOMAS   
18 December 1799Thomasson ofThomas and MaryBROWN   
25 December 1799Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethTAYLOR   
25 December 1799Thomasson ofThomas and MargaretHILL   
26 December 1799Williamson ofThomas and AnnTOUT   
26 December 1799Johnson ofJohn and MaryKEEN   
1 January 1800Williambase son ofSusannahPRESCOTT   
1 January 1800John Toutbase son ofGraceVERNON   
5 January 1800Johnson ofJohn and MaryFRY   
8 January 1800Johnson ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK   
8 January 1800Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and JaneMARSH   
23 January 1800Georgeson ofAbraham and JoanROWDON  Born 5 August 1797
23 January 1800Janedaughter ofAbraham and JoanROWDON   
30 January 1800Margaretdaughter ofEdward and MaryAGATE   
5 February 1800Sarahdaughter ofEdward and NancySAMPSON   
9 February 1800Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCOCKRAM   
2 March 1800Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOUCH   
19 March 1800Samuelson ofSamuel and AliceRUSSEL  of the Surrey Light Horse
19 March 1800Thomasson ofThomas and MaryROWLAND   
25 March 1800Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCARTER   
30 March 1800Charitydaughter ofNicholas and SarahPUGSLEY   
1 April 1800William Webberson ofWilliam and MarthaBOUCHER  Born 31 July 1799
1 April 1800Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and MarthaBOUCHER   
2 April 1800Eleanordaughter ofWilliam and JaneWIDGERY   
6 April 1800Georgeson ofJohn and SarahBOWDEN   
9 April 1800Johnson ofJohn and SusannahMARSH   
13 April 1800Williamson ofWilliam and SarahNORTHAM   
20 April 1800Johnson ofWilliam and AnnTHORNE   
22 April 1800Anndaughter ofJames and AnnSMALDON   
4 May 1800Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethTHORNE   
18 May 1800henrybase son ofAnnCOUCH   
21 May 1800Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethMARTIN   
2 June 1800Johnson ofJohn and MarySHORT   
4 June 1800Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarySNOW   
4 June 1800John Jonesson ofPhilip and MaryTAPP   
18 June 1800Jamesson ofWilliam and EleanorGILLARD   
20 June 1800Anndaughter ofGeorge and AnnTEPPER   
22 June 1800Simonson ofJosiah and GraceWOOLCOTT   
25 June 1800Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarthaHAYTER   
13 July 1800Sarahdaughter ofGeorge and JaneSAUNDERS   
16 July 1800Marydaughter ofMichael and ElizabethNOTT   
23 July 1800William Nottson ofWilliam and MaryBURGESS   
27 July 1800Johnson ofWilliam and MaryLEWIS   
10 August 1800Johnbase son ofGraceTHORNE   
10 August 1800Susannahdaughter ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
17 August 1800Ruthdaughter ofHugh and RuthCOCKS   
1 September 1800Mariadaughter ofWilliam and SarahCLATWORTHY   
10 September 1800William Dunnson ofJohn and JoannahROWDON   
14 September 1800Isaacson ofIosaac and AmeyDADDS   
21 September 1800Johnson ofCharles and JaneSNOW   
21 September 1800Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethPARAMORE   
28 September 1800Jennydaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
5 October 1800Susannahdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
12 October 1800Robertson ofFrancis and AnnWOOLACOTT   
5 November 1800Marydaughter ofAnthony and ElizabethBOND   
5 November 1800Marydaughter ofGeorge and GraceHARRIS   
23 November 1800Williamson ofWilliam and MaryAVERY   
24 November 1800Johnson ofWilliam and MaryJUTSON   
26 November 1800Anntwin daughter ofGeorge and HarriottSHARLAND   
26 November 1800Elizabethtwin daughter ofGeorge and HarriottSHARLAND   
24 December 1800Francisson ofHenry and MaryBURGESS   
25 December 1800Georgeson ofJohn and MaryPOOL   
29 December 1800Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryMATTHEWS