South Molton Baptisms 1801-1810

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers


1 January 1801Betsydaughter ofJohn and AnnCRUTE   
4 January 1801Johnson ofJohn and GraceWOOLLACOTT   
6 January 1801Georgeson ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
6 January 1801Fannydaughter ofJohn and JanePIKE   
18 January 1801Williamson ofEdward and RachelWOONTON   
25 January 1801Hannahdaughter ofRobert and HannahMARSH   
27 January 1801Josephson ofMichael and SarahTHORNE  Born 10 April 1800
1 February 1801Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOBLEY  Born 20 February 1800
8 February 1801Jamesson ofWilliam and ElizabethRUMBELOW   
15 February 1801Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMACEY   
15 February 1801Williamson ofJohn and AnnMARSH   
15 February 1801Abrahamson ofAbraham and JaneCHAPPLE   
19 February 1801Marydaughter ofJohn and Philippa HeleQUARTLEY  Born 11 February 1800
20 February 1801Williamson ofJoseph and MaryALFORD   
25 February 1801Richardson ofGeorge and MaryTEPPER  Born 28 October 1798
1 March 1801Sarahdaughter ofRichard and SarahHILL   
22 March 1801Marydaughter ofJames and MarySAMSON   
22 March 1801Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryPHILIPS   
22 March 1801Gracedaughter ofThomas and SarahFOOKE   
5 May 1801Williamson ofJohn and MaryMARDON   
17 May 1801Francesdaughter ofEdward and ElizabethSTEVENS  Born 10 May 1799
24 May 1801Richardson ofWilliam and JaneGRATTON   
27 May 1801Jamesson ofPhilip and MargaretMOOR   
17 June 1801Jamesson ofThomas and HannahBAKER   
18 June 1801Josiahson ofLemuel and MaryHOBBS   
18 June 1801Thomasson ofSquire and MaryJONES   
4 August 1801Robertson ofRobert and EdithDUNN   
5 August 1801Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethRADFORD   
9 August 1801Williamson ofThomas and MargettBOWDEN   
11 August 1801Williamson ofGeorge and PhilippaBERRY   
20 August 1801Thomasson ofThomas and MaryBRITTON   
2 September 1801Elizabethdaughter ofDaniel and CatharinePRING   
3 September 1801Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryHARRIS   
6 September 1801Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryNORTH   
6 September 1801Elizabethdaughter ofGraceWARREN  base child
8 September 1801Anndaughter ofJames and RebeccaDUNN   
20 September 1801Johnson ofRoger and GraceMANLEY   
16 October 1801John Zechariahson ofJaneJONES  base child
21 October 1801Agnessdaughter ofGeorge and MaryCROCKER   
8 November 1801Johnson ofWilliam and MaryMACEY   
18 November 1801Georgeson ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK  born 13 January 1801
22 November 1801Williamson ofThomas and MaryCRANG   
30 November 1801William Adamsson ofThomas and GraceBLAKE  born 18 December 1799
9 December 1801Susannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
25 December 1801Anndaughter ofJames and AnnPARMENTER   
28 December 1801Mary Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryJUTSUM   
28 December 1801Alexanderson ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER   
29 December 1801Robertson ofRichard and JaneCOLE   
29 December 1801Oliverson ofOliver and SarahKINGDON   
29 December 1801Harriotdaughter ofThomas and MaryBROWN   
4 January 1802Williamson ofJohn and MaryHILL   
5 January 1802Anndaughter ofGeorge and AnnTEPPER   
21 January 1802Janedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS   
24 January 1802Margaretdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLAWAY   
26 February 1802Joshuason ofJohn and ElizabethCOLLACOTT   
19 March 1802Susannahdaughter ofJohn and JanePIKE   
31 March 1802Williamson ofJohn and SusannahMARSH   
18 April 1802Bettydaughter ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
18 April 1802Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and EleanorGILLARD   
28 April 1802Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE   
17 May 1802Georgeson ofGeorge and HarrietSHARLAND  born 30 April 1802
23 May 1802Henryson ofPhilip and SusannaREW   
23 May 1802Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryTUCKER   
30 May 1802Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MargarettPROUT   
31 May 1802Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaySNOW   
3 June 1802Marydaughter ofHenry and ElizabethSHAPCOTT   
8 June 1802Thomasson ofThomas and HannahJONES   
17 June 1802John Burchallson ofJames and AnnANDREWS  born 1 October 1801
27 June 1802Charlesson ofCharles and JaneSNOW   
27 June 1802Eleanordaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
27 June 1802Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnBRAYLEY   
13 July 1802Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
14 July 1802Marydaughter ofJohn and SusannaPRESCOTT   
18 July 1802Williamson ofHenry and AnnSEARLS   
20 July 1802Johnson ofRobert and MarySMYTH   
23 July 1802Johnson ofEdmund and SarahREW   
1 August 1802Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryTROTT   
3 August 1802Marydaughter ofAbraham and JennyROWDON   
8 August 1802Williamson ofEdward and GraceALLEN   
11 August 1802Williamson ofEdweard and AnnSAMSON   
15 August 1802Anndaughter ofSusannaTUCKER  base child
17 August 1802Johnson ofWilliam and AnnKINGDON   
17 August 1802Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and SarahNORTHAM   
18 August 1802Mary Mulesdaughter ofGeorge and JaneMARSH   
29 August 1802Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethSAMSON   
30 August 1802Susannadaughter ofThomas and MargaretHILL   
1 September 1802Williamson ofWilliam and AnnCOBLEY   
2 September 1802Bettydaughter ofWilliam and MarthaBOUCHER   
2 September 1802Marydaughter ofWilliam and EleanorLEY   
12 September 1802Johnson ofSquire and ElizabethHOBBS   
14 September 1802Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryFRYE   
15 September 1802Marydaughter ofJoseph and HannahDUNN   
22 September 1802Michaelson ofMichael and SarahTHORNE  Born 18 April 1802
26 September 1802Marydaughter ofMaryALLEN  base child
3 October 1802Johnson ofJohn and SarahCHAPPLE   
5 October 1802Jamesson ofHugh and RuthCOCKS   
20 October 1802Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethZEAL   
4 November 1802Richardson ofJohn and JoannaROWDON   
5 November 1802Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SarahJONES   
5 November 1802Susannadaughter ofGeorge and MaryTRAVISICK   
17 November 1802Anndaughter ofRobert and SarahCROCKER   
1 December 1802Williamson ofThomas and AnnWESTACOTT   
1 December 1802Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
8 December 1802Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryNOTT   
19 December 1802Johnson ofJohn and MaryPHILIPS   
24 December 1802Anndaughter ofThomas and MaryBRITTON   
24 December 1802Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethRIDD   
25 December 1802Williamson ofDaniel and CatharinePRING   
5 January 1803Josephson ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY  Born 4 August 1802
5 January 1803Bettydaughter ofWilliam and MaryAVERY   
5 January 1803Edwardson ofEdward and MaryAGGOTT   
6 January 1803Janedaughter ofGeorge and GraceHARRIS   
10 January 1803Henryson ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Born 4 June 1799
10 January 1803Charlesson ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Born 1 December 1800
10 January 1803Gilesson ofJohn and MaryBENNETT  Born 18 October 1802
11 January 1803Marydaughter ofJohn and JoannaBARNES   
23 January 1803Johnson ofJohn and SarahBOWDON   
24 January 1803Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryBURGESS   
26 January 1803Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBURGESS   
6 February 1803Robert Browningson ofAnnTHORNE  Base child
6 February 1803Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnPHILIPS   
6 February 1803Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOUCH   
9 February 1803John Marshall Cominsson ofSamuel and ElizabethTANNER   
9 February 1803Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySHORT   
16 February 1803Marydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethFLEED   
23 February 1803Joandaughter ofThomas and JoanBRIGHT   
23 February 1803Johnson ofThomas and JaneKINGDON   
27 February 1803Johnson ofJohn and MaryCOCKRAM   
27 February 1803Williamson ofMaryPENBETTY Born 25 November 1798. Base child 
27 February 1803Danielson ofMaryPENBETTY Born 22 Janaury 1800. Base child 
1 March 1803Sarahdaughter ofPhilip and MaryTAPP   
6 March 1803Philipson ofNicholas and SarahPUGSLEY   
6 March 1803Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneGRATTON   
3 April 1803Johnson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE   
10 April 1803Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnCROOK   
10 April 1803Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryDADDS   
11 April 1803Johnson ofThomas and JoannaWOOLLACOTT   
24 April 1803Williamson ofJohn and MaryHERN   
8 May 1803Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethTURNER   
18 May 1803Arthurson ofWilliam and MaryVERNON   
25 May 1803Salleydaughter ofJohn and SarahMANLEY   
29 May 1803Elizabethtwin daughter ofEdward and ElizabethSMALE  Born 12 June 1802
29 May 1803Jenneytwin daughter ofEdward and ElizabethSMALE  Born 12 June 1802
29 May 1803Williamson ofJohn and GraceWOOLLACOTT   
29 May 1803Oliverson ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
5 June 1803Jennydaughter ofGeorge and JaneSAUNDERS   
8 June 1803Janedaughter ofRichard and JaneCOLE   
12 June 1803Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryBATT   
17 June 1803Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryMACEY   
22 June 1803Elizabethdaughter ofJames and MarySAMSON   
29 June 1803Francesdaughter ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
29 June 1803Janedaughter ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
3 July 1803Bettydaughter ofJaneFOOK  Base child
10 July 1803Lewisson ofIsaac and AmeyDADDS   
24 July 1803Williamson ofJames and SarahFARNAL   
25 July 1803Jane Mogridgedaughter ofRobert and EdithDUNN   
7 August 1803Mary Anndaughter ofJames and JoanHODGE   
21 August 1803Marydaughter ofMargarettBOWDEN  Base child
28 August 1803Georgeson ofGeorge and PhilippaBERRY   
31 August 1803Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MargarethPAYNE  Born 22 September 1802
1 September 1803Sarah Eytondaughter ofJohn and AnnMARSH   
2 September 1803Jane Lateydaughter ofJohn and FrancesPARMENTER   
18 September 1803Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethJONES   
2 October 1803Anndaughter ofThomas and MaryDUNN   
23 October 1803Anndaughter ofThomas and GraceLAKE   
30 October 1803Marydaughter ofJaneHILL  Base child
5 November 1803Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethTAYLOR   
5 November 1803Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLE   
5 November 1803Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethSMALE   
November 1803Male Childson ofJacques FrancoisROBIQUETColonial Depot of Dunkirk French Prisoner of WarLieutenantChild Born on 11 Novmber 1803 at 9 o'clock a.m.; Native of Coutances in the Department of Mauche and of Ann Perette Bupot, native of Ceresnes in the same Department
16 November 1803Williamson ofJames and HonorBURGESS   
16 November 1803Georgeson ofGeorge and JaneHOBBS   
20 November 1803Nicholasson ofWilliam and MaryPOOL   
5 December 1803Sarah Verneydaughter ofGeorge and AnnHITCHCOCK   
6 December 1803Johnson ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK   
11 December 1803Margaretdaughter ofRobert and MarySMITH   
14 December 1803Marydaughter ofSquire and MaryJONES   
18 December 1803Thomasson ofThomas and MaryTROTT   
18 December 1803Thomasson ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
25 December 1803Richardson ofMaryPENBETTY  Base child
25 December 1803Johnson ofThomas and MargaretBOWDON   
26 December 1803Thomasson ofGeorge and MaryCROCKER   
26 December 1803Thomasson ofWilliam and AnnWARREN   
27 December 1803Hannahdaughter ofAnthony and SusannaSTEVENS   
27 December 1803Georgeson ofJohn and SarahODAM   
1 January 1804Thomasson ofElizabethGLOYN  Base child
2 January 1804Hannahdaughter ofJohn and HannahSHAPLAND   
4 January 1804Johnson ofWilliam and MaryHARRIS   
8 January 1804John Painterson ofElizabethEYRE  Base child
18 January 1804Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS   
25 January 1804Anndaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethZEAL   
30 January 1804Jamesson ofJohn and MaryMATTHEWS   
30 January 1804Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and AnnTEPPER   
30 January 1804Sarah Goulddaughter ofSarahLYDDON  Base child
1 February 1804Williamson ofWilliam and MaryCOLE   
5 February 1804Janedaughter ofWilliam and SusannaBRAYLEY   
8 February 1804Sarahdaughter ofThomas and HannahBAKER   
13 February 1804Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryHILL   
14 February 1804Thomasson ofRichard and AnnLYLE   
15 February 1804Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahBLACKFORD   
15 February 1804Johnson ofWilliam and MaryPASSMORE   
21 February 1804Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethSPENCER   
26 February 1804Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethPASSMORE   
29 February 1804Johnson ofOliver and SarahKINGDON   
29 February 1804Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and SusannaMARSH   
11 March 1804Samuelson ofJohn and ElizabethCOLLACOTT   
13 March 1804Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethNORTHAM   
18 March 1804Thomasson ofThomas and MargarettPROUT   
20 March 1804Richardson ofPhilip and MargarettMOORE   
26 March 1804Marydaughter ofCharles and JaneSNOW   
30 March 1804Marydaughter ofJohn and EstherCHAPPLE   
3 April 1804Harriettdaughter ofMichael and SarahTHORNE   
14 April 1804Georgeson ofJohn and SusannaPAINTER   
15 April 1804Sallydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHUXTABLE   
15 April 1804Elizabethdaughter ofSarahROWDON  Base child
18 April 1804Jamesson ofWilliam and JennyRODD   
25 April 1804Robertson ofJohn and MaryMARDON   
20 May 1804Patiencedaughter ofArthur and MarySNOW   
21 May 1804Susannadaughter ofWilliam and EleanorGILLARD   
23 May 1804Elizabethdaughter of[?] and MaryHELE   
25 May 1804Gracedaughter ofJohn and SarahLEY   
27 May 1804Williamson ofSamuel and FrancesSEARLS   
6 June 1804John Abbottson ofWilliam and SusannaREED   
14 June 1804Marydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethTANNER   
17 June 1804Marydaughter ofJames and SusannaDADDS   
21 June 1804Marydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethQUANTICK   
1 July 1804Marydaughter ofElizabethCHAMPION  Base child
8 July 1804Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnTHORNE   
15 July 1804Anndaughter ofJames and AnnANDREWS   
22 July 1804Robertson ofPhebeSHADDICK  Base child
24 July 1804Johnson ofWilliam and SarahLYDDON   
19 August 1804Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnCOBLEY   
2 September 1804Johnson ofGeorge and MaryMORGAN   
12 September 1804John Allenson ofPeter and GracePAIGE  Born 18 June 1804
13 September 1804Jamesson ofJames and AnnSMALDON   
23 September 1804James Webberson ofWilliam and MarthaBOUCHER   
17 October 1804Thomasson ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
21 October 1804Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SarahMARSH   
24 October 1804Sarahdaughter ofJames and MarySAMSON   
28 October 1804Johnson ofJohn and MaryGOULD   
4 November 1804Sarahdaughter ofAnnHOLMES  Base child
7 November 1804Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryNOTT   
19 November 1804Johnson ofJohn and CharityDOWNMAN   
20 November 1804Mary Anndaughter ofRichard and AgnesDUNN   
28 November 1804Johnson ofJohn and MaryLOCK   
9 December 1804Emanuelson ofJohn and SarahCHAPPLE   
23 December 1804William Hammetson ofMaryRIDD  Base child
25 December 1804Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryTRAVISICK   
26 December 1804Janedaughter ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
26 December 1804Johnson ofGeorge and JaneMARSH   
26 December 1804Georgeson ofGeorge and AnnHITCHCOCK   
26 December 1804Anndaughter ofJoanQUANTICK  Base child
27 December 1804Robertson ofRobert and SarahWEBBER   
28 December 1804Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethHATCH   
1 January 1805Jamesson ofJames and HannahCOMINS   
1 January 1805Gracedaughter ofWilliam and SarahNORTHAM   
2 January 1805Johnson ofGeorge and MaryBADCOCK   
2 January 1805Jamesson ofThomas and MaryBROWN   
6 January 1805Johnson ofWilliam and MaryTUCKER   
6 January 1805Philipson ofPhilip and ElizabethSHADICK   
13 January 1805Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLWAY   
20 January 1805Hannahdaughter ofScipio and MaryCROCKER   
27 January 1805Josephson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE   
31 January 1805Henrytwin son ofWilliam and MaryBURGESS   
31 January 1805Elizabethtwin daughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESS   
31 January 1805Harriotdaughter ofPhilip and MaryTAPP   
13 February 1805Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCARTER   
20 February 1805Harriotdaughter ofWilliam and JaneGRATTON   
20 February 1805Williamson ofMaryTAMLYN  Base child
20 February 1805Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MarySANGER   
20 February 1805Elizabeth Andrewsdaughter ofJohn and AnnEARNS   
24 February 1805Humphryson ofHumphry and FrancesNUTT   
24 February 1805Robertson ofJohn and MaryBENNETT   
3 March 1805Williamson ofRoger and GraceMANLEY   
10 March 1805Jamesson ofRobert and HannahMARSH   
10 March 1805Anndaughter ofEdmund and SarahREW   
17 March 1805Williamson ofJohn and SarahBOWDON   
24 March 1805Jamesson ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
31 March 1805Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnFUKE   
7 April 1805Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTAYLOR   
7 April 1805Mariadaughter ofEdward and GraceALLEN   
7 April 1805Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryAVERY   
14 April 1805Williamson ofWilliam and AnnBRAYLEY   
14 April 1805Jamesson ofThomas and MargarettHILL   
14 April 1805Joannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMACEY   
15 April 1805Marydaughter ofJohn and HannahSHAPLAND   
15 April 1805Josephson ofGeorge and JoannaBERRY   
15 April 1805Williamson ofJames and GraceBAKER   
21 April 1805Salleydaughter ofWilliam and JaneRUMBELOW   
5 May 1805Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBATT   
22 May 1805Williamson ofWilliam and MarySNOW   
27 May 1805Marydaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethMARSH   
2 June 1805Johnson ofJohn and JoannaBARNS   
2 June 1805Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT   
2 June 1805Williamson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE  Born 17 October 1804
19 June 1805Marydaughter ofPeter and JaneMACKENZIE   
19 June 1805Brodbeltson ofPeter and JaneMACKENZIE  Born 4 October 1803
23 June 1805Fannydaughter ofHugh and RuthCOCKS   
23 June 1805Edwardson ofGeorge and JennySAUNDERS   
24 June 1805Marthadaughter ofJohn and SarahODAM   
30 June 1805Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryMACEY   
7 July 1805Anndaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTACOTT   
21 July 1805Johnson ofCharles and ElizabethLEACH   
28 July 1805James Snowson ofJohn and MaryPHILLIPS   
29 July 1805Charlesson ofRobert and EdithDUNN   
30 July 1805Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryMORRIS   
30 July 1805Josephson ofHenry and MaryBURGESS   
19 August 1805Anndaughter ofEdward and AnnKEMP   
25 August 1805Johnson ofJohn and MarySKINNER   
8 September 1805Harryson ofWilliam and SusannaRAWLE   
11 September 1805William Dunnson ofGeorge and MaryBADCOCK   
22 September 1805Bettydaughter ofJohn and GraceWOOLACOTT   
25 September 1805Eleanordaughter ofWilliam and JaneHUXTABLE   
29 September 1805Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCOCKRAM   
6 October 1805Agnesdaughter ofRobert and FannyHANDCOCK   
7 October 1805Williamson ofWilliam and MarySHAPTON   
16 October 1805Sarahdaughter ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK   
10 November 1805Williamson ofWilliam and SusannaBRAYLEY   
10 November 1805Johnson ofGeorge and GraceHARRIS   
17 November 1805Williamson ofWilliam and MaryHILL   
20 November 1805Jamesson ofJames and SusannaMUNDAY 62nd Regiment 
25 November 1805Susannadaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethTEPPER   
1 December 1805Josephson ofMaryHUXTABLE  Base child
4 December 1805Sarahdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethZEAL   
5 December 1805Jennydaughter ofAbraham and JennyCHAPPLE   
15 December 1805Jamesson ofJames and SarahPARNEL   
26 December 1805Jamesson ofWilliam and EleanorLEY   
29 December 1805Catharinedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPASSMORE   
6 January 1806Williamson ofCharles and JaneSNOW   
7 January 1806Samuelson ofMichael and SarahTHORNE  Born 9 September 1805
22 January 1806Williamson ofRichard and ElizabethSAMSON   
12 February 1806Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and ElizabethYEO   
19 February 1806Salleydaughter ofJames and AnnWIDGERY   
23 February 1806Marydaughter ofJaneMOORE  Base child
26 February 1806Johnson ofWilliam and MaryDADDS   
5 March 1806Anndaughter ofWilliam and SarahBLACKFORD   
5 March 1806Anndaughter ofGraceBADOCK  Base child
11 March 1806Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnKINGDON  Born 9 May 1804
16 March 1806Mary Anndaughter ofRobert and ElizabethSMALE   
17 March 1806Edwardson ofJohn and MaryHILL   
30 March 1806Edward Eytonson ofJohn and AnnMARSH   
4 April 1806Josephson ofWilliam and AnnLARAMEY   
6 April 1806Richardson ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
7 April 1806Robertson ofWilliam and ChristianSNOW   
9 April 1806Janedaughter ofMaryDART  Base child
13 April 1806Georgeson ofJohn and SusannaMARSH   
23 April 1806Ann Amorydaughter ofThomas and SarahHITCHCOCK   
27 April 1806Ann Crookdaughter ofGraceGRIGG  Base child
4 May 1806Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryHARRIS   
5 May 1806Sarahdaughter ofJohn and AnnQUANTICK   
11 May 1806Robertson ofRichard and ElizabethTURNER   
25 May 1806Gracedaughter ofJohn and SarahREW   
8 June 1806Marydaughter ofGeorge and SusannaBERRY   
20 June 1806Johnson ofElizabethFISHER  Base child
20 June 1806Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethQUANTICK   
22 June 1806Williamson ofWilliam and MaryFRY   
29 June 1806Melliardaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOUCH   
29 June 1806Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnLAKE   
6 July 1806Williamson ofElizabethGILLARD  Base child
13 July 1806Johnson ofJames and MarySAMSON   
13 July 1806Susannadaughter ofWilliam and AnnWARREN   
13 July 1806Ann Williamsdaughter ofGracePARSONS  Base child
20 July 1806Williamson ofWilliam and EleanorGILLARD   
20 July 1806Johnson ofJaneBRAYLEY  Base child
27 July 1806Amosson ofGeorge and JaneHOBBS   
27 July 1806Georgeson ofGeorge and GraceCOURTIS  Born 25 March 1806
30 July 1806John Carderson ofJohn and MaryOLIVER  Born 17 April 1806
3 August 1806Anthonyson ofAnthony and SusannaSTEVENS   
3 August 1806Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethNORTHAM   
27 August 1806Sarah Webberdaughter ofWilliam and MarthaBOUCHER   
29 August 1806Mary Pedlerdaughter ofRichard and ElizabethHELLINGS   
31 August 1806Georgeson ofThomas and HannahJONES   
3 September 1806Anndaughter ofGeorge and AnnHITCHCOCK   
7 September 1806Henryson ofWilliam and JennyBALL   
7 September 1806Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethEYRE   
28 September 1806John Cunninghamson ofHenry and AnnSEARLS   
5 October 1806Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MaryDAVEY   
5 October 1806Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCOLLACOTT   
2 November 1806Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryVERNON   
16 November 1806Johnson ofJohn and SarahLEMON   
7 December 1806Francisson ofJames and HannahCOMINS   
10 December 1806Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnDUNN   
10 December 1806Mariadaughter ofRichard and JennyBRAY   
14 December 1806Anndaughter ofJanePASSMORE  Base child
17 December 1806Johnson ofWilliam and SarahWERRY   
24 December 1806Marydaughter ofGeorge and MargaretSOUTHCOMBE   
25 December 1806Johnson ofWilliam and JennyGRATTON   
25 December 1806Anndaughter ofSquire and MaryJONES   
25 December 1806Anndaughter ofAnnBRICE  Base child
25 December 1806Johnson ofThomas and MaryRIDLER   
29 December 1806Charlottedaughter ofThomas and MaryBROWN   
31 December 1806Williamson ofWilliam and SusannaREED   
31 December 1806Williamson ofJohn and HannahSHAPLAND   
1 January 1807Susannadaughter ofOliver and SarahKINGDON   
6 January 1807Georgeson ofEdward and MaryAGATE  Born 12 December 1804
6 January 1807Henryson ofEdward and MaryAGATE   
7 January 1807Samuelson ofSamuel and ElizabethQUANTICK   
11 January 1807Johnson ofWilliam and AnnCOBLER   
21 January 1807Elizabeth Howedaughter ofBettyWARREN  Base child
21 January 1807Anndaughter ofJohn and JaneBISHOP  Born 14 February 1805
21 January 1807Marydaughter ofJohn and JaneBISHOP  Born 6 September 1806
8 February 1807Anndaughter ofJames and SarahVERNON   
8 February 1807Marydaughter ofCharles and ElizabethLEACH   
10 February 1807Sarahdaughter ofJames and ElizabethMOUNTJOY   
15 February 1807Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryFOOK   
15 February 1807Williamson ofThomas and AnnWESTERN   
22 February 1807Salleydaughter ofGeorge and MaryTRAVISICK   
25 February 1807Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE   
4 March 1807Marydaughter ofWiliam and ElizabethSHAPLAND   
4 March 1807George Gouldson ofWilliam and SarahLYDDON   
8 March 1807Anndaughter ofJohn and JoannaBARNES   
8 March 1807Edwardson ofJohn and SarahBOWDON   
8 March 1807Williamson ofGeorge and MaryMORGAN   
11 March 1807Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryBADCOCK   
15 March 1807Marydaughter ofJohn and AgnesSOUTHCOTT   
25 March 1807Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and JoannaROWDON   
29 March 1807Williamson ofEdward and ElizabethSMALE   
29 March 1807Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLLAWAY   
31 March 1807Anndaughter ofHugh and ElizabethROWCLIFFE   
12 April 1807Johnson ofRobert and FrancesHANDCOCK   
15 April 1807Gracedaughter ofArthur and ElizabethBOND   
19 April 1807Williamson ofHannahBADCOCK  Base child
26 April 1807Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBATT   
1 May 1807Harriotdaughter ofJames and ElizabethWEBB   
10 May 1807Johnson ofJohn and SusannaPRESCOTT   
17 May 1807Philipson ofJohn and JanePEARSE   
18 May 1807Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SarahNORTHAM   
3 June 1807Williamson ofGeorge and MaryCROCKER   
3 June 1807Janedaughter ofHenry and MaryBURGESS   
17 June 1807Jennydaughter ofJames and MaryCHAPPLE   
19 June 1807Marydaughter ofJohn and SarahODAM   
21 June 1807Arthurson ofJoshua and GraceSNOW   
21 June 1807Simonson ofJaneFOOKE  Base child
21 June 1807Williamson ofJohn and SarahCHAPPLE   
1 July 1807Sarah Hobbsdaughter ofJoanQUANTICK  Base child
8 July 1807Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SusannaLAKE  Born 6 June 1799
8 July 1807Johnson ofJoseph and GraceSHAPLAND  Born 30 December 1805
8 July 1807Williamson ofRichard and HannahWILLIAMS  Born 4 July 1802
8 July 1807Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethJONES  Born 4 September 1806
8 July 1807Anndaughter ofFrancis and JaneTURNER   
8 July 1807Robertson ofRobert and SarahCROCKER   
12 July 1807Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryMATTHEWS  Born 21 December 1805
12 July 1807Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCARTER   
12 July 1807Johnson ofWilliam and MaryAVERY   
19 July 1807Williamson ofJohn and MaryLOCK   
23 July 1807Jamesson ofJohn and GraceYOUATT   
26 July 1807Jamesson ofWilliam and JennyRUMBELOW   
5 August 1807Thomas Saundersson ofRichard and AgnesDUNN   
5 August 1807Janedaughter ofCharles and JaneSNOW   
28 August 1807Sarahdaughter ofRobert and SarahWEBBER   
30 August 1807Williamson ofHumphry and FrancesNUTT   
31 August 1807Thomasson ofRichard and ElizabethYEO   
6 September 1807Johnson ofJohn and SarahMARSH   
16 September 1807Johnson ofJohn and MaryNOTT   
23 September 1807Henryson ofRobert and EdithDUNN   
27 September 1807Johnson ofAnnBRIDGMAN  Base child; supposed to be about eleven years of age.
30 September 1807Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryPASSMORE   
18 October 1807Johnson ofMaryBADCOCK  Base child
25 October 1807Solomonson ofEleanorMYLARD  Base child
15 November 1807Anndaughter ofJohn and GraceFOOK   
18 November 1807Thomasson ofWilliam and AnnBRIGHT   
29 November 1807Bettydaughter ofAnthony and RoseBEER   
17 December 1807Anndaughter ofJohn and JoannaKINGDON   
28 December 1807Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and JaneMARSH   
30 December 1807Alexanderson ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
5 January 1808Johnson ofJohn and MaryROWCLIFFE   
10 January 1808Thomasson ofThomas and MaryRIDLER   
10 January 1808Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE   
17 January 1808Marydaughter ofGeorge and MarySAUNDERS   
20 January 1808Johnson ofWilliam and MarySNOW   
27 January 1808Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWILKINS   
27 January 1808Jamesson ofJohn and MaryMARDON   
31 January 1808Georgeson ofJohn and AnnMARSH   
7 February 1808Sarahdaughter ofSarahNOTT  Base child
10 February 1808Janedaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethZEAL   
10 February 1808Johnson ofJohn and SarahMILTON   
17 February 1808Johnson ofWilliam and MaryMACEY   
17 February 1808Elizabethdaughter ofCharles and ElizabethLEACH   
24 February 1808Richardson ofWilliam and ElizabethWILLIAMS  Born 1 June 1807
24 February 1808Edwinson ofJohn and AnnBENTLEY   
28 February 1808Georgeson ofGeorge and ElizabethBENDLE   
28 February 1808Ann Huxtabledaughter ofElizabethEYRE  Base child
1 March 1808Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryOLIVER  Born 11 October 1807
13 March 1808Johnson ofJohn and MaryCOCKRAM   
13 March 1808Anndaughter ofJames and ElizabethNORTHAM   
16 March 1808Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryHILL   
20 March 1808Johnson ofWilliam and ChristianSNOW   
27 March 1808Harriettdaughter ofGeorge and GraceHARRIS   
27 March 1808Charlottedaughter ofJames and GraceBAKER   
10 April 1808Theophilusson ofHugh and RuthCOCK   
15 April 1808Williamson ofJohn and AnnMANLEY   
17 April 1808Jamesson ofSusannaPRESCOTT  Base child
17 April 1808Gracedaughter ofWilliam and AnnCOBLEY   
18 April 1808Williamson ofWilliam and SarahWERRY   
27 April 1808Sophiadaughter ofEdward and AnnKEMP   
15 May 1808Abrahamson ofEdmond and SarahREW   
15 May 1808Susannadaughter ofWilliam and SusannaRAWLE   
15 May 1808Johnson ofWillim and JaneOXLEY   
29 May 1808Georgeson ofGeorge and SusannaBERRY   
5 June 1808Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnBRAYLEY  Born 14 March 1808
12 June 1808Johnson ofMaryRIDD  Base child
16 June 1808Susannadaughter ofJoseph and ElizabethWARREN   
16 June 1808Jamesson ofJames and AnnWIDGERY   
17 June 1808Elizabethdaughter ofJoseph and HannahDUNN  Born 2 December 1807
19 June 1808Georgeson ofThomas and AnnWESTACOTT   
19 June 1808Oliverson ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
6 July 1808Georgeson ofWilliam and ThomazinWOOLEY   
17 July 1808Jamesson ofJames and MaryHUXTABLE   
20 July 1808John Zealson ofSquire and MaryBADCOCK   
24 July 1808Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethEARNS   
27 July 1808Johnson ofThomas and SarahHITCHCOCK   
7 August 1808Thomasson ofRobert and FrancesHANCOCK   
14 August 1808Marydaughter ofMichael and SarahTHORNE   
22 August 1808Edmundson ofGeorge and ElizabethTEPPER  Born 22 June 1808
28 August 1808Marydaughter ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
2 September 1808Janedaughter ofThomas and MaryROWLAND   
4 September 1808Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryPHILLIPS   
4 September 1808Williamson ofWilliam and MaryHILL   
11 September 1808Henry Thomasson ofChristopher and SarahKINGDON   
11 September 1808Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryDADDS   
18 September 1808Anndaughter ofJames and MarySAMSON   
25 September 1808Johnson ofJoseph and GraceSHAPLAND   
25 September 1808Johnson ofWilliam and EleanorGILLARD   
5 October 1808Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryWILLIAMS   
9 October 1808Anndaughter ofJohn and JoannaBARNS   
9 October 1808Jennydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethSMALE  Born 10 June 1808
25 October 1808Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethSHAPLAND   
5 November 1808Benjaminson ofGeorge and GraceCURTIS  Born 7 December 1807
16 November 1808James Verneyson ofGeorge and AnnHITCHCOCK   
27 November 1808Johnson ofMargaretBRAYLEY  Base child
30 November 1808John Cunninghamson ofHenry and AnnSEARLS   
6 December 1808Georgeson ofJohn and JennyPIKE   
11 December 1808Georgeson ofJohn and ElizabethCOLLACOTT   
14 December 1808Janedaughter ofWilliam and JaneGRATTON   
26 December 1808Jamesson ofJames and MaryCHAPPLE   
26 December 1808Johnson ofJohn and HannahSHAPLAND   
26 December 1808Sarahdaughter ofJames and SarahVERNON   
28 December 1808Gracedaughter ofJohn and BiddyBADCOCK  Born 20 July 1807
2 January 1809Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethQUANTICK   
6 January 1809Jamesson ofJames and ChristianLEWIS   
15 January 1809Jamesson ofJames and AnnSEAGE   
18 January 1809Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryALLEN   
23 January 1809James Francis Edward Blommartson ofJohn and EleanorPOLLOCK Captain 62nd RegimentBorn 21 October 1808
1 February 1809Richardson ofJohn and SarahMANLEY  Born 24 January 1806
10 February 1809Thomasson ofWilliam and SusannaREED   
19 February 1809Johnson ofWilliam and MaryAVERY   
26 February 1809Sarahdaughter ofJohn and AgnesSOUTHCOTT   
5 March 1809Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryFUKE   
5 March 1809Sarahdaughter ofJames and RachelVERNON   
12 March 1809Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT   
12 March 1809Harriottdaughter ofWilliam and SarahLYDDON   
29 March 1809Thomasson ofGeorge and MaryBADCOCK   
3 April 1809Sarah Hitchcockdaughter ofWilliam and AnnDUNN   
3 April 1809Hannahdaughter ofJohn and MaryOLIVER   
18 April 1809Ann Faithdaughter ofRevd. Richard and SarahBRYAN  Born 23 June 1808, privately baptised 30th of the same month
23 April 1809Francisson ofFrancis and ElizabethBURGESS   
26 April 1809Anndaughter ofJohn and CatharineDUNN   
2 May 1809Henryson ofSamuel and ElizabethFISHER  Privately baptised
7 May 1809Edwardson ofEdward and GraceBADKIN   
21 May 1809Marydaughter ofAbraham and JaneCHAPPLE   
21 May 1809Janedaughter ofGeorge and MaryTRAVISICK   
28 May 1809Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryTOUT   
30 May 1809Henryson ofOliver and SarahKINGDON   
1 June 1809Ann Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and Ann MariaRAYMOND  Born 21 May 1799
1 June 1809Edward Hankinson ofWilliam and Ann MariaRAYMOND  Born 23 December 1800
1 June 1809William Francisson ofWilliam and Ann MariaRAYMOND  Born 10 June 1804
1 June 1809Henry Phippsson ofWilliam and Ann MariaRAYMOND  Born 21 December 1808
11 June 1809Anndaughter ofHugh and MaryBLACKFORD   
12 June 1809John Skinnerson ofThomas and JaneMAIRES   
22 June 1809Marthadaughter ofWilliam and MarthaMARSH  Born 20 February 1806
25 June 1809Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethEYRE   
25 June 1809Williamson ofWilliam and JaneSMYTH   
9 July 1809Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethTAYLOR   
23 July 1809Johnson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE   
25 July 1809Michaelson ofWilliam and ElizabethCARTER   
25 July 1809Bettydaughter ofJames and ElizabethWEBB   
30 July 1809Williamson ofSquire and MaryJONES   
4 August 1809Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and ElizabethKINGSLAND   
4 August 1809Jamesson ofJohn and SarahODAM   
6 August 1809Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryHAMBETTON  Born 31 May 1808
16 August 1809Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and GraceYOUATT   
20 August 1809Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryNOTT   
20 August 1809Williamson ofJames and AnnANDREWS   
20 August 1809Edwardson ofEdward and GraceALLEN   
22 August 1809Johnson ofWilliam and JoannaMORRIS   
27 August 1809Johnson ofElizabethSMYTH  A base child
27 August 1809Johnson ofJohn and GraceFUKE   
3 September 1809Johnson ofAnnTURNER  A base child
3 September 1809Marydaughter ofPhilip and ElizabethPEARSE   
3 September 1809Johnson ofThomas and HannahJONES   
17 September 1809Eleanordaughter ofRobert and HannahMARSH   
24 September 1809Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySHORT   
8 October 1809John Briceson ofJohn and SarahCHAPPLE   
15 October 1809Jamesson ofWilliam and JennyRUMBELOW   
22 October 1809Marydaughter ofElizabethBARNS  A base child
3 November 1809Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethSAMSON   
10 November 1809Marydaughter ofHumphry and FrancesNUTT   
23 November 1809Robert Carterson ofRobert and Ann SaundersCARTER  Born 25 August 1809
17 December 1809Robertson ofThomas and MaryRIDLER   
17 December 1809Anndaughter ofGeorge and GraceHARRIS   
26 December 1809Johnson ofWilliam and MaryVERNON   
26 December 1809Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLAWAY   
26 December 1809Gracedaughter ofJohn and JoannaKINGDON   
23 January 1810Johnson ofJohn and JaneBISHOP  Born 29 May 1808
28 January 1810Catharinedaughter ofWilliam and MaryTREBLE   
30 January 1810Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and ElizabethROWCLIFFE   
30 January 1810Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and SarahTHOMAS   
4 February 1810Jamesson ofEdward and MaryAGGOTT   
4 February 1810Richardson ofGeorge and MaryMORGAN   
28 February 1810Johnson ofWilliam and MaryDAVY   
4 March 1810Henryson ofAbraham and MaryKINGDON   
11 March 1810Williamson ofWilliam and GraceGIBBINS   
11 March 1810Johnson ofJohn and MargarettPHILLIPS   
16 March 1810Charlesson ofCharles and ElizabethLEACH   
18 March 1810Williamson ofGeorge and GraceCOURTIS   
25 March 1810Johnson ofEdward and ElizabethSTOYLE   
1 April 1810Anndaughter ofJames and AnnWIDGERY   
1 April 1810Annbase child ofMarySKOYNS   
22 April 1810Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryTHOMAS   
23 April 1810Jamesson ofAlexander and MarySKINNER   
6 May 1810Jamesson ofRobert and FrancesHANDCOCK   
6 May 1810Williambase child ofHonorVERNON   
13 May 1810Sallydaughter ofJames and HannahCOMINS   
13 May 1810Richardson ofGeorge and ElizabethTEPPER   
20 May 1810Jamesson ofGeorge and MaryCROCKER   
21 May 1810Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and AgnesDUNN   
10 June 1810Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and JaneSAUNDERS   
11 June 1810Thomasson ofRichard and ElizabethHILL   
15 June 1810Marydaughter ofJames and HannahLAMB   
24 June 1810Jamesson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE   
26 June 1810Williamson ofLewis and ElizabethPOWELL   
26 June 1810Janedaughter ofNicholas and MaryGOULD  Born 21 September 1809
1 July 1810Richardson ofWilliam and ElizabethMARSH   
1 July 1810Jamesson ofJames and AliceCOURTNEY   
4 July 1810Janedaughter ofWilliam and GraceSMITH   
15 July 1810Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryHILL   
15 July 1810Johnson ofHugh and BettyPRIDEAUX   
22 July 1810Georgeson ofJohn and SarahMILTON   
24 July 1810Bickhamson ofRobert and EdithDUNN   
5 August 1810Georgeson ofJoseph and GraceSNOW   
5 August 1810Edwardson ofEdward and ElizabethSMALE   
5 August 1810Anndaughter ofGeorge and SusannaBERRY   
12 August 1810Williamson ofGeorge and ElizabethBENDLE   
12 August 1810Henryson ofHenry and SarahTHOMAS   
19 August 1810Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnMANLEY   
19 August 1810Matthewson ofHugh and RuthCOCK   
26 August 1810Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnBRAYLEY   
31 August 1810Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and CatharineDUNN   
2 September 1810John Scampbase child ofSusannaPRESCOTT   
2 September 1810Jamesson ofJames and MarySAMSON   
2 September 1810James Hooperson ofJames and SarahSAUNDERS   
3 September 1810Joshua Willoughbyson ofHumphry Aram and ElizabethBRYAN   
3 September 1810Richard Humphy Syndercombeson ofRev. Richard and SarahBRYAN   
15/07/2016William Cohamson ofWilliam and Phillipina PhillisMULES  Born 20 April 1807
7 September 1810Robertson ofWilliam and Phillipina PhillisMULES  Born 17 December 1808
9 September 1810Annbase child ofMaryTHORNE   
16 September 1810Jamesson ofWilliam and MarySNOW   
3 October 1810Williamson ofGeorge and AnnHITCHCOCK   
9 October 1810Charlottedaughter ofEdward and AnnKEMP   
10 October 1810Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethQUANTICK   
14 October 1810Anndaughter ofWilliam and EleanorGILLARD   
28 October 1810Charlesson ofWilliam and SarahWERRY   
28 October 1810Mary Anndaughter ofJames and ElizabethKINGDON   
5 November 1810Josephbase child ofMaryHUXTABLE  Born 31 January 1807
5 November 1810Henrybase child ofAnn [Hannah]THOMAS   
7 November 1810Mary Anndaughter ofRichard and MaryTANNER   
25 November 1810Georgeson ofGeorge and JoannaCONGRAM   
7 December 1810Abrahamson ofThomas and AnnKINGDON   
7 December 1810Williamson ofJohn and MaryCOCKRAM   
26 December 1810Amelia Mary Coledaughter ofHugh and MaryGILL   
27 December 1810Williamson ofJohn and AnnGIBBS