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Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

Date of BurialNameAbodeAgeComments
1 January 1810Ann SAMSON  an infant
7 January 1810William KINGDON   
21 January 1810Elizabeth GILLARD   
23 January 1810Susanna ODAM   
28 January 1810Edward PEARSE  an infant
1 February 1810Elizabeth SHORT  an infant
5 February 1810Thomas NIBBS   
6 February 1810Anthony BOND   
11 February 1810Catharine WIDGERY   
11 February 1810Abraham REW  an infant
11 February 1810Arthur SNOW  an infant
14 February 1810Betty DREWETT   
21 February 1810Betty BADCOCK   
25 February 1810Joan TAPP   
25 February 1810Rebecca BADCOCK   
4 March 1810Sarah WIDGERY   
8 March 1810John THORNE   
9 March 1810Mary GAY   
18 March 1810John BOWDEN   
19 March 1810Elizabeth WHITTER   
23 March 1810Elizabeth FORD  an infant
25 March 1810Mary HEWETT   
25 March 1810Edward ALLEN  an infant
27 March 1810William SCOTT   
28 March 1810Margarett TRIX   
11 April 1810Betty LEWIS   
13 April 1810William WARREN   
22 April 1810John MANLEY   
27 April 1810Catharine TEPPER  an infant
1 May 1810John KINGDON   
4 May 1810Joan PARTRIDGE   
9 May 1810William HAYDON   
9 May 1810Mary HODGE   
13 May 1810Richard AVERY   
14 May 1810Mary THORNE   
17 May 1810Mary HUXTABLE   
20 May 1810Joan HARRIS   
25 May 1810Mary ALLEN   
27 May 1810Jeffery HOBBS   
3 June 1810Joan ELWORTHY   
13 June 1810Margarett TRAWIN   
13 June 1810Catharine UPHAM   
14 June 1810Robert PHILLIPS   
29 June 1810William KINGDON   
1 July 1810Oliver KINGDON   
2 July 1810Charlotte STAWELL   
8 July 1810Grace MATTHEWS   
29 July 1810Jane WILMETTS   
19 August 1810John BRIGHT   
24 August 1810William KINGDON   
7 September 1810James COMINS   
9 September 1810Hannah BAKER   
23 September 1810Margarett CLARKE   
3 October 1810William HUXTABLE   
28 October 1810Nicholas HUXTABLE   
28 October 1810Mary BARNES   
30 October 1810William MARSH   
15 November 1810John CHIPMAN   
18 November 1810Elizabeth SAUNDERS   
16 December 1810Mary ROWDON   
20 December 1810Thomas WESTERN   
23 December 1810John CRUTE   
23 December 1810John NOTT   
31 December 1810Thomas NOTT   
1 February 1811Susanna WIDGERY   
7 February 1811Richard SHEEN   
12 February 1811Joanna LOOSMORE   
22 March 1811Elizabeth SAUNDERS   
5 May 1811William WILLIAMS   
8 May 1811Francis HAYDON   
10 May 1811Grace ELWORTHY   
12 May 1811George TEPPER   
16 June 1811Sarah HOLE   
5 July 1811William FRY   
7 July 1811William BADCOCK  an infant
7 July 1811John EARNS  an infant
10 September 1811Ann TURNER   
11 October 1811John DUNN   
27 October 1811Peggy ALLEN  an infant
10 November 1811Bathsheba BISHOP  an infant
15 November 1811John TRIX   
17 November 1811Eleanor ELLIOTT   
19 November 1811Elizabeth SKINNER   
20 November 1811Philip MOORE   
4 December 1811James WIDGERY   
12 December 1811Elizabeth PEARSE  an infant
12 January 1812Agnes THOMAS   
13 January 1812Alexander STEMPSON   
22 January 1812James HUXTABLE  an infant
9 February 1812Mary KINGDON   
9 February 1812Ann BOSSON   
13 March 1812Ann DUNN  an infant
16 March 1812Robert CLEAR  an infant
20 March 1812Ann KEMP   
22 March 1812Mary GILLARD   
10 April 1812Thomas KINGDON   
16 April 1812Joshua BRYAN   
17 April 1812Rebecca MOXEY   
19 April 1812John DADDS   
26 April 1812William THOMAS   
12 May 1812Simon WOOLCOTT   
20 May 1812Agnes WILLS   
24 May 1812Elizabeth HILL  an infant
28 May 1812Elizabeth MANNING   
14 June 1812Maria WOOLAWAY  an infant
21 June 1812Hugh CROOK   
28 June 1812Mary SMALE   
3 July 1812Elizabeth MULLINGS   
27 July 1812Grace MANNING   
5 August 1812George PIDLER  an infant
7 August 1812William MOXEY   
9 August 1812John JENKINS   
11 August 1812Sally EYRE  an infant
21 August 1812Richard CLARK   
21 August 1812John BADCOCK  an infant
23 August 1812Ann TOUT  an infant
23 August 1812Joseph HUXTABLE  an infant
28 August 1812James AGGOT  an infant
31 August 1812George RIZZI   
4 September 1812Ann EYRE  an infant
6 September 1812Ann WIDGERY  an infant
11 September 1812William TOUT  an infant
15 September 1812Elizabeth PEARSE  an infant
20 September 1812Mary RIDLER  an infant
23 September 1812Charlotte DUNN  an infant
24 September 1812John MORRIS  an infant
27 September 1812Elizabeth HUXTABLE   
27 September 1812Ann GILLARD  an infant
19 October 1812John CHAPPLE  an infant
23 October 1812Agnes GAY   
23 October 1812Jane DOWNMAN  an infant
23 October 1812Elizabeth NUTT  an infant
29 October 1812John MEARLS  an infant
1 November 1812Mary GLOYEN   
1 November 1812Thomas LAKE   
11 November 1812Mary MARSHALL   
20 November 1812Margarett SMITH   
25 November 1812John IRONMONGER   
6 December 1812Ann HOBBS   
8 December 1812Richard MARSH   
27 December 1812Elizabeth BEER  an infant
5 January 1813William TAYLORof Hill5 weeks 
6 January 1813Elizabeth Dale TANNERof High Street9 months 
8 January 1813William WEEKSof High Street38 years 
10 January 1813Mary HILLof South Street7 years 
15 January 1813John TEPPERof High Street24 years 
7 February 1813William WARRENof South Street96 years 
9 February 1813John CHAPPLEof Barnstaple Street2 months 
14 February 1813Joseph WARRENof East Street18 months 
17 February 1813Mary HILLof South Street63 years 
7 March 1813Sarah KINDONof Barnstaple Street4 months 
14 March 1813George BERRYof South Street18 years 
28 March 1813Mary SCOTTof Hill63 years 
1 April 1813Mary PEARSEof South Street4 years 
2 April 1813Susanna TEPPERof East Street71 years 
4 April 1813Ann BURGESSof Vernons Lane17 years 
4 April 1813George CROCKERof South Street14 years 
5 April 1813Hugh GILLof East Street67 years 
9 April 1813Charity SNOWof South Street24 years 
13 April 1813Elizabeth ROWCLIFFEof South Street39 years 
21 April 1813Thomas MAIREof Barnstaple Street59 years 
5 May 1813Joseph BENDLEof East Street70 years 
30 May 1813Thomas THORNEof East Street73 years 
11 June 1813James GOULDof South Street70 years 
6 July 1813Squire JONESof Barnstaple Street63 years 
21 July 1813Jane HITCHCOCKof East Street19 months 
25 July 1813Samuel ELLIOTTof South Street20 weeks 
25 July 1813Elizabeth BLACKMOREof Barnstaple Street65 years 
2 August 1813Edwin KINGDONof South Street7 months 
6 August 1813William HUXTABLEof South Street71 years 
27 August 1813Betty MACCYof Barnstaple Street50 years 
29 August 1813John WATTSof South Street30 years 
2 September 1813Ann TREBLEof Barnstaple Street63 years 
7 September 1813Ann SCOYNSof South Street3 years 
10 September 1813Martha ODAMof Barnstaple Street53 years 
1 October 1813John CONEYBEERof East Street52 years 
7 October 1813William HUXTABLEof South Street27 years 
22 October 1813John MARSHof South Street8 years 
25 October 1813Frances HITCHCOCKof East Street4 months 
26 October 1813Elizabeth BRALEYof East Street69 years 
2 November 1813John THOMASof Fore Street66 years 
3 November 1813James DUNNof South Street79 years 
10 November 1813James Jebbett RIDDof East Street4 months 
23 November 1813Sarah WINDSFORDof East Street63 years 
28 November 1813Thomas OWENof South Street49 years 
4 December 1813Grace PHILLIPSof South Street1 week 
5 December 1813Mary WESTACOTTof Barnstaple Street2 years 
5 December 1813Joan DUNNof South Street84 years 
5 December 1813Mary LEWISof Shallaford60 years 
9 December 1813Richard MANNINGof Fore Street5 years 
13 December 1813Ann CONEYBEERof South Street52 years 
14 December 1813Richard WOOLCOTTof South Street15 years 
22 December 1813Edward KEMPof Maryansleigh1 year 
24 December 1813Mary PRIORof Barnstaple Street25 years 
3 January 1814Mary COLEof Blackpool81 years 
4 January 1814Mary OLIVERof Back Lane64 years 
6 January 1814Eleanor CLARKEof South Street61 years 
7 January 1814Mary Ann DUNNof Barnstaple Street1 year 
9 January 1814William FORDof Mile House66 years 
12 January 1814William HEWETTof South Street72 years 
17 January 1814Mary WILLIAMSof East Street66 years 
23 January 1814Elizabeth MANLEYof Barnstaple Street85 years 
2 February 1814Tryphena WARRENof East Street68 years 
20 February 1814Mary SNOWof South Street65 years 
11 March 1814John BURGESSof Vernons Lane81 years 
12 March 1814William KINGDONof East Street2 days 
15 March 1814Ann WEBBof South Street3 months 
25 March 1814William SMYTHof East Street6 months 
29 March 1814William TUCKERof South Street1 year 
10 April 1814Eleanor NOTTof Vernons Lane73 years 
10 April 1814Mary Ann MOLEof Barnstaple Street1 year 
15 April 1814James TEPPERof East Street71 years 
20 April 1814Joseph ROOKSof Barnstaple Street60 years 
21 April 1814John SCOTTof Barnstaple Street61 years 
24 April 1814John SMYTHof South Street53 years 
24 April 1814John CARTERof Barnstaple Street2 years 
26 April 1814Margaret HUXTABLEof Bishops Nympton62 years 
29 April 1814Elizabeth LATEYof East Street2 years 
22 May 1814Mary Ann COMINSof Barnstaple Street2 years 
7 June 1814Elizabeth HUXTABLEof South Street73 years 
12 June 1814William WIDGERYof Vernons Lane1 year 
20 June 1814Jenny PALMERof Barnstaple Street77 years 
23 June 1814Mary COCKRAMof East Street27 years 
23 June 1814Elizabeth PHILLIPSof South Street79 years 
26 June 1814Hugh PRIDEAUXof Barnstaple Street74 years 
8 July 1814Sarah LYDDONof East Street58 years 
28 July 1814Joseph HUNTof South Street26 years 
1 August 1814Samuel HUNTof South Street2 years 
3 August 1814Grace CONEYBEERof East Street61 years 
12 August 1814Joan BADCOCKof East Street68 years 
23 August 1814Elizabeth HUXTABLEof Hill85 years 
30 August 1814John GOULDof South Street62 years 
30 August 1814Thomas BAKERof East Street1 year 
19 September 1814Hannah CUTCLIFFEof High Street58 years 
20 September 1814Ann PHILLIPSof East Street4 years 
16 October 1814Grace TEPPERof Barnstaple Street12 years 
16 October 1814Richard FISHERof Shallow Ford68 years 
8 November 1814Mary FISHERof Shallow Ford62 years 
18 November 1814Joseph WOODof East Street87 years 
28 November 1814susanna LYDDONof East Street24 years 
13 December 1814Sarah QUANTICKof South Street77 years 
21 December 1814Elizabeth LEACHof East Street7 years 
5 January 1815William WOOLCOTTof South Street20 years 
19 January 1815Richard MULLINSof Church Yard79 years 
19 January 1815Daniel WILLSof Gunswell Lane67 years 
20 January 1815John MOXEYof Barnstaple Street57 years 
1 February 1815Sarah COBLEYof White Hall79 years 
5 February 1815John ELLIOTTof East Street1 year 
12 February 1815Agnes BOWDONof Barnstaple Street55 years 
20 February 1815Susanna HOBBSof Barnstaple Street67 years 
6 March 1815John WEBBof South Street1 week 
15 March 1815Thomas LAKEof South Street63 years 
30 March 1815John CHAPPLEof East Street12 years 
6 April 1815Ann KEMPof Maryansleigh44 years 
6 April 1815William HAYDONof East Street3 days 
6 April 1815Richard HAYDONof East Street3 days 
13 April 1815Nancy PASSMOREof Rock24 years 
14 April 1815Mary WIDGERYof Barnstaple Street76 years 
26 April 1815Sarah TRAWINof East Street50 years 
3 May 1815Elizabeth WIDGERYof East Street77 years 
23 May 1815Mary Ann LATEYof East Street5 months 
31 May 1815Sarah HELEof Mill Lane88 years 
7 June 1815William HOWELLof East Street86 years 
22 June 1815Elizabeth BRAYLEYof East Street67 years 
11 August 1815George HUXTABLEof Bishops Nympton25 years 
18 August 1815James CROCKERof Church Lane26 years 
27 August 1815Andrew PASSMOREof South Street65 years 
28 August 1815John TRIXof South Street74 years 
28 August 1815Samuel AVERYof South Street64 years 
29 August 1815Elizabeth CARTERof Barnstaple Street45 years 
31 August 1815John BALLof New Ground76 years 
3 September 1815Grace WOOLLAWAYof Mill Lane1 year 
10 September 1815Nicholas HARRISof Chulmleigh43 years 
13 September 1815Grace PAIGEof South Street4 years 
1 October 1815Mary Ann HARRISof Chulmleigh3 years 
1 October 1815John COMINSof Barnstaple Street31 years 
3 October 1815Jane AMORYof South Street60 years 
18 October 1815Elizabeth UPHAMof Barnstaple Street77 years 
28 October 1815William BARTLETTof South Street3 days 
10 November 1815Richard WILLIAMSof Barnstaple Street3 years 
14 November 1815Sarah HODDERof North Molton49 years 
14 November 1815William HATCHof Mill Lane48 years 
17 November 1815Prudence BULLEDof East Street26 years 
26 November 1815James PHILPOTTof East Street62 years 
5 December 1815Samuel CROCKERof Vernons Lane95 years 
17 December 1815Mary CANNof South Street67 years 
21 December 1815Hannah WIDGERYof East Street64 years 
25 December 1815John DAMBLEof East Street45 years 
9 January 1816Grace HARRISof Barnstaple Street42 years 
25 January 1816John BADCOCKof Barnstaple Street52 years 
14 February 1816George GREALYof South Street30 years 
28 February 1816Hannah CHALLACOMBEof East Street2 years 
4 March 1816Ann COMINSof Parsonage Lane1 day 
7 March 1816Elizabeth GOULDof South Street69 years 
7 March 1816William HOSIERof South Street2 years 
10 March 1816Betsy HARRISof Barnstaple Street15 weeks 
15 March 1816Mary TAYLORof East Street55 years 
17 March 1816Sarah PHILPOTTof East Street19 years 
20 March 1816Edward SYMONDSof South Street67 years 
26 March 1816Thomas BLAKEof East Street50 years 
31 March 1816William SHAPLANDof Barnstaple Street3 months 
31 March 1816Mary MOOREof Maryansleigh7 years 
7 April 1816John WILLIAMSof Parsonage Lane2 months 
8 April 1816Thomas PRESCOTTof Barnstaple Street3 weeks 
14 April 1816Ann ALLENof Barnstaple Street86 years 
21 April 1816Mary HILLof South Street9 months 
24 April 1816William ALLENof South Street73 years 
12 May 1816Susanna FUKEof Barnstaple Street50 years 
14 May 1816John HILLof South Street10 months 
14 May 1816Elizabeth JONESof East Street9 months 
15 May 1816Mary WATTSof Barnstaple66 years 
21 May 1816Mary JONESof Vernons Lane66 years 
21 June 1816James SAMSONof Vernons Lane49 years 
23 June 1816Jane LEWISof Shallow Ford55 years 
12 July 1816Grace SMYTHof South Street61 years 
14 July 1816Jane MARSHALLof Church Lane62 years 
16 July 1816Paul THOMASof Barnstaple Street66 years 
31 July 1816Mary Ann NICHOLLSof East Street3 months 
31 July 1816Jane CONEYBEERof Vernons Lane1 day 
12 September 1816John BURGESSof Vernons Lane58 years 
22 September 1816Henry ODAMof East Street72 years 
1 October 1816John THOMASof Back Lane66 years 
3 October 1816Hannah CURDLEof Turnpike Gate68 years 
17 October 1816Francis TRIXof East Street2 days 
23 October 1816Peter PEARSEof East Street45 years 
29 October 1816John MARSHof Church Yard48 years 
3 November 1816Elizabeth HILLof South Street51 years 
5 November 1816Ann AVERYof South Street6 weeks 
6 November 1816Ann ADAMSof East Street67 years 
13 November 1816Lewis VERNONof East Street1 day 
17 November 1816Elizabeth HUXTABLEof Barnstaple Street80 years 
19 November 1816Dorothy FUKEof Barnstaple Street78 years 
29 November 1816Margarett ALLENof South Street75 years 
12 December 1816Mary TEPPERof King's Street24 years 
18 December 1816John CARTERof East Street28 years 
20 December 1816John WIDGERYof High Street17 years 
29 December 1816Anthony STEVENSof South Street70 years 
2 January 1817Mary MARSHof East Street78 years 
3 January 1817Jane PASSMOREof East Street62 years 
19 January 1817Mary WOOLCOTTof Barnstaple Street25 years 
19 January 1817Sarah BATTSof Highbray3 months 
13 February 1817Oliver KINGDONof South Street75 years 
14 February 1817Grace TREBLEof South Street32 years 
16 February 1817Samuel ODAMof Barnstaple Street2 years 
2 March 1817John GILLARDof East Street84 years 
4 March 1817Grace NORTHAMof South Street12 years 
16 March 1817Mary SCOTTof East Street79 years 
16 March 1817Melliar FISHERof Barnstaple Street67 years 
18 March 1817Elizabeth THOMASof Barnstaple Street66 years 
21 March 1817Rachel CARDERof South Street89 years 
21 March 1817Caroline TAYLORof King's Street2 years 
4 April 1817James FRYof Highbray19 years 
11 April 1817Honour VERNONof East Street69 years 
16 April 1817Ann OWENSof South Street64 years 
23 April 1817Mary AYREof Barnstaple Street29 years 
25 April 1817Francis BUZZACOTTof King's Street4 years 
1 May 1817George LINDSEYof East Street2 years 
5 May 1817Daniel PRINGof Barnstaple Street40 years 
1 June 1817Henry THOMASof Barnstaple Street24 years 
19 June 1817Elizabeth LEACHof East Street1 year 
31 July 1817Sarah SMYTHof South Street66 years 
14 September 1817George DAVEYof Barnstaple Street43 years 
17 September 1817Mary DUNNof South Street66 years 
1 October 1817Thomas SHAPCOTTof South Street28 years 
2 October 1817John COLLACOTTof Church Lane74 years 
19 October 1817William SHAPLANDof Barnstaple Street10 years 
3 November 1817William NOTTof South Aller80 years 
3 December 1817Henry WOOLCOTTof Parsonage Lane61 years 
7 December 1817Mary CHAPPLEof Barnstaple Street1 year 
7 December 1817Sarah VERNONof South Street8 years 
16 December 1817Herbert MAUNDERof East Street3 weeks 
21 December 1817Elizabeth HOBBSof East Street69 years 
11 January 1818Elizabeth TAPPof Fursbray94 years 
13 January 1818Samuel SOUTHCOMBEof Church Yard2 years 
16 January 1818Mary TRIXof East Street3 years 
25 January 1818Elizabeth WOOLLAWAYof Mill Lane38 years 
27 January 1818John HEALof West Ford54 years 
30 January 1818William HOSEGOODof Bishops Nympton67 years 
8 February 1818mary WOOLCOTTof South Street57 years 
15 February 1818Elizabeth KINGDONof Clatworthy1 year 
25 February 1818Ann JONESof East Street2 years 
25 February 1818Ann PILEof High Street72 years 
4 March 1818John TURNERof East Street74 years 
4 March 1818John GOULDof South Street86 years 
6 March 1818Jane RUMBELOWof Barnstaple Street32 years 
11 March 1818Elizabeth RADENBURYof Parsonage Lane96 years 
15 March 1818John WATTSof South Street2 years 
15 March 1818Ruth COCKSof East Street45 years 
23 March 1818Charlotte LINDSEYof East Street1 year 
25 March 1818William MOORof South Street2 years 
25 March 1818Sarah LATEYof East Street4 days 
27 March 1818Elizabeth BURNALLof Barnstaple Street2 years 
1 April 1818William LYDDONof High Street1 year 
17 April 1818Mary WOOLCOTTof South Street3 weeks 
22 April 1818Ann RIVERSof Barnstaple Street74 years 
23 April 1818Harriott TUCKETTof Blackpool7 years 
30 April 1818Ann MOORof Poor House1 year 
5 May 1818Sarah Secker WILSONof South Street1 month 
17 May 1818William HITCHCOCKof East Street4 days 
18 May 1818Elizabeth CROCKERof East Street81 years 
19 May 1818George HITCHCOCKof East Street36 years 
20 May 1818John TAPPof Highbray70 years 
31 May 1818James BARBEYof King's Street26 years 
3 June 1818Ann CARTERof East Street3 years 
7 June 1818Mary WILLMETTSof East Street75 years 
8 June 1818Abraham UPHAMof Poor House79 years 
10 June 1818Mary CURDLEof Barnstaple Street40 years 
11 June 1818Walter ROBBINSof Littleham79 years 
28 June 1818Elizabeth CARTERof Barnstaple Street18 years 
12 July 1818Samuel WIDGERYof Vernons Lane1 year 
20 July 1818Bettey PRIORof King's Street61 years 
26 July 1818Grace HILLof South Street1 year 
12 August 1818John FUKEof East Street70 years 
17 August 1818Elizabeth GILLARDof South Street29 years 
20 August 1818Mary REWof South Street18 years 
21 August 1818Elizabeth MOORof South Street21 years 
21 August 1818James TAYLORof King's Street35 years 
30 August 1818Hugh ROWCLIFFEof Barnstaple Street49 years 
6 September 1818William BRAYLEYof South Street74 years 
15 September 1818Elizabeth PRIESTof South Street66 years 
17 September 1818William HITCHCOCKof East Street64 years 
22 September 1818John GRATERof Barnstaple Street76 years 
23 September 1818John PASSMOREof Barnstaple Street14 years 
3 October 1818Humphry ELLIOTTof Bishops Nympton36 years 
13 October 1818Sarah REWof South Street48 years 
16 October 1818Elizabeth PEARSEof South Street37 years 
23 October 1818Robert DUNNof Barnstaple Street50 years 
30 October 1818Elizabeth SMYTHof East Street31 years 
1 November 1818Charity SMALEof East Street57 years 
2 November 1818John GREENSLADEof South Street35 years 
11 November 1818John ALLENof Back Lane66 years 
17 November 1818Ann HARRISof Barnstaple Street9 years 
25 November 1818Joanna SMYTHof East Street26 years 
29 November 1818Agnes BLACKMOREof South Street33 years 
1 December 1818Thomas SMYTHof South Street69 years 
6 December 1818Jane THOMASof Mill Lane1 year 
10 December 1818Grace BRAYLEYof Church Lane59 years 
18 December 1818William THOMASof Back Lane10 weeks 
18 December 1818Henry THOMASof Poor House82 years 
18 December 1818George GILLof Molland60 years 
25 December 1818Betty HODGEof South Street70 years 
21 January 1819Mary RICHARDSof Gunswell Lane35 years 
1 February 1819Sarah FLEEDof Poor House70 years 
18 February 1819James Chilcott THORNEof South Street20 years 
24 February 1819Elizabeth KINGDONof Poor House34 years 
26 February 1819Grace BLAKEof East Street44 years 
28 February 1819Mary JONESof Poor House37 years 
2 March 1819Susanna ROWLEof East Street52 years 
12 March 1819Susan HARTof Poor House55 years 
19 March 1819George BADCOCKof High Street43 years 
21 March 1819Ann MILTONof Barnstaple Street63 years 
23 March 1819Robert AMORYof South Street72 years 
26 March 1819Joseph THORNEof South Street18 years 
31 March 1819Mary SAUNDERSof Poor House60 years 
6 April 1819Mary COLEof Barnstaple Street90 years 
12 April 1819Grace BAKERof East Street39 years 
12 April 1819Nathaniel THOMASof South Street70 years 
13 April 1819Amey VERNONof Barnstaple Street33 years 
18 April 1819Elizabeth TAPPof Hill1 year 
21 April 1819Ann LOCKof Chittlehampton83 years 
30 April 1819Philip HUNTof South Street69 years 
16 May 1819Hannah LAKEof South Street84 years 
20 May 1819Martha OLIVERof Barnstaple Street1 year 
20 May 1819Ann BORNERof Rose Ash28 years 
24 May 1819Dorothy MAIREof East Street71 years 
25 May 1819Mary LEWESof Poor House1 year 
27 May 1819Mary SMYTHof Chittlehampton40 years 
1 June 1819John SKINNERof East Street51 years 
9 June 1819Sarah DUNNof East Street10 years 
20 June 1819George BURGESSof Hill90 years 
27 June 1819Elizabeth MARSHof Black Meadow48 years 
11 July 1819Susanna ODAMof East Street78 years 
14 July 1819Elizabeth Mary Ann LIFFORDof Barnstaple Street48 years 
14 July 1819Elizabeth BADCOCKof South Street67 years 
17 July 1819William BINFORDof High Street51 years 
20 July 1819Elizabeth Manley THOMASof Barnstaple Street1 year 
21 July 1819Mary ODAMof Barnstaple Street1 year 
28 July 1819James BRAYLEYof Poor House69 years 
28 July 1819Elizabeth WILLIAMSof Tepper's Water52 years 
12 August 1819Frances mary MAUNDERof East Street8 months 
17 August 1819Sarah ELLIOTTof South Street2 years 
30 September 1819William TOUTof East Street20 years 
1 October 1819Mary CHAPPLEof Barnstaple Street6 months 
4 October 1819Richard BARTLETTof South Street1 year 
4 October 1819Mary WILSONof South Street1 month 
8 October 1819Ann TOUTof East Street58 years 
10 October 1819Susan SMYTHof Fursbray6 weeks 
21 October 1819Philip MOOREof South Street1 year 
24 October 1819Ann HARRISof Barnstaple Street2 years 
24 October 1819Joshua RICHARDSof Mill Lane4 years 
7 November 1819William FUKEof East Street1 year 
7 November 1819Mary SHAPCOTTof South Street70 years 
7 November 1819William WARRENof Poor House32 years 
11 November 1819Elizabeth REEDof East Street6 years 
21 November 1819Thomas WONACOTTof Barnstaple Street12 years 
30 November 1819Eliza HITCHCOCKof East Street1 year 
7 December 1819Ann SAMPSONof South Street68 years 
12 December 1819Squire BALLof South Street89 years 
12 December 1819John QUANTICKof South Street2 years 
14 December 1819Sarah MOOREof East Street3 years 
19 December 1819Elizabeth KNIGHTof East Street80 years 
19 December 1819Charity DOWNMANof Shallaford48 years