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Memoirs of the Rev John Pyer


K.P. Russell

London: John Snow (1865) illus. pp. xvi, 336, advts, pp. 32

Prepared by Michael Steer

Rev John Pyer was Methodist Minister of South Molton, then Devonport in the first half of the 19th century. He was a revivalist who came of age as a preacher in the tent Methodist movement. His daughter as an act of devotion published this celebration of his life. Much of the book records his intensive (almost daily) correspondence with her. The Methodists began as a revivalist movement within the Established Church, influenced by the evangelical preaching of John Wesley from the 1730s onwards. They were labelled 'violent enthusiasts' and increasingly refused access to their own parish churches. Methodism broke with the Church of England and split into several doctrinal groups, divisions that in many cases persisted until a general union in 1932. The most significant branch of Methodism in North Devon was the Bible Christian movement, founded at Shebbear in 1815. The North Devon Record Office holds records of a number of North Devon nonconformist congregations. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Addison, Hon J53, 98
Ainslie, Mr238
Allen, Rev J P235, 315
Alliot, Dr R253, 329
Allon, Henry333
Arriv, Mr105, 114
Arundel, Mr160
Ash, Mr264, 269
Ashton, Rev R273
Aveling, Mr237
Bacon, Lord143
Balfour, Clara Lucas331
Barber, Rev J30
Barnett, Rev J133, 327
Beale, Mr William8-9
Bennet, John Dr11, 158, 161, 178
Benson, Mr50
Bevis, Mr239
Binney, Mr237-8, 260, 271
Birrell, Mr264
Birt, Mr105, 114, 116, 128, 137
Blackburn, Mr148, 158, 196, 238
Bond, Mr48
Botham, Anne195
Bradburn, Mr11
Brenton, Captain177
Bridges, Mr27, 234
Bright, Mr233-4
Briscoe, Mr. MP162
Brock, Mr245
Brookes, Mr114
Brougham, Lord259
Bryant, Mr242
Buckley, J33
Bunting, Mr31
Burden, Dr260
Burnet, Rev John (also Burnett)162, 175, 209, 211, 219, 238, 345
Burritt, Elihu241
Bury, Mr114
Butterworth, Mr, Junr22
Buxton, Mr181
Buzzacott, Mr198, 202
Campbell, Dr John247, 335
Candlish, Dr234
Carpenter, Eliza146
Carter, William47
Charlotte, Princess (and Queen)49, 54
Charlton, Rev J M, MA235, 294
Chater, Rev J315
Clarke, Dr J B (and Mr)24-5, 124, 145
Clayton, Mr G175
Coke, Dr43
Collier, Mr ___233-4
Coombs, Mr137, 141, 145, 152
Cowe, Mr234
Cowper36, 81
Cox Dr158
Cromwell, Oliver2
Cudlip, J S319
Davie, Rev J C247
Davies, Brother198
Dawson, George331
Dunn, T & C257
Dyer, Mr157
East, Timothy119
Edwards, Brother John198-9, 333
Ely, Rev John120, 147, 152-3, 237, 239
Entwistle, Mr25
Fletcher, Alexander119
Fletcher, Rev Joseph156, 158, 237, 260
Fletcher, Mr R238
Fox, Mr W J233
Gaud, T S319
Geden, Rev G77, 289
George III69
George IV69, 159
Glass, Rev Norman235
Graham, Rev J308
Griffiths, Mr W H55, 331
Gwyther, Mr147
Hadfield, Mr George103, 105-7, 111-2, 116
Hadfield, Mrs106-7, 132
Hall, Mr89, 91
Halley, Dr237
Hamilton, Mr (and Dr)231, 237-8
Hampson, Rev Aspinall286, 289, 314, 318
Harbottle, Mr103, 106-7, 116, 305
Harper, Mr Thomas9-10
Harris, Dr251, 253, 262
Harrison, Mr253
Haynes, Mr238
Hesketh, Mr105
Heuderbourck, Brother199
Hewitt, Rev D251
Hine, Mr & Mrs T C324
Hinton, Rev J H251, 253
Hood, Edwin Paxton324
Hood, Lavinia P324
Horton, Rev J273
Horton, Rev Thomas293
Horwood, John89, 91-3
Hudson, Mr147
Hyatt, Rev Charles119, 163-4, 195
James, Mr243
James, Rev Mr J A191, 213, 238, 276
James, Mr, QC231
Jarrold, Mr Douglas (also Jerrold)128, 258
Jeffery, Mr J R263
Jocqueville, Monsieur et Mme de244
Jones, Mr10, 253
Jones, Rev Eliezer239, 310, 322
Kelk, Mr11
Kershaw, Alderman237
Kent, Brother199
Knight, Rev George30
Knill, Rev R221
Kossuth, Louis & Mme258
Laity, R J Esq293
Lane, Brother199
Latimer, Mr258
Leader, Mr234
Legge, Mr196
Leifchild, Mr144, 148, 308
Lewis, Rev W235
Lister, Mr123
Logan, Mr210
Lomax, Mr10
Luscombe, Mr242
Mackillan, Dr234
Mackinson, Mr141
Mackintosh, Sir J259
MacNaughten, Mr231
Main, Mr234
Marshall, Mr105, 238
Martin, Mr11, 47-8
Martyn, Henry176
Massie, James W328
Matheson, Dr237
M'Call, Rev R S (also M'All)120, 123, 131, 133, 135-8, 145-50, 153, 164
M'Donald, Mr196
Milton, John53
M'Lean, Rev J178
M'Mullen, Mr213
Moon, Mr19-20
Morrison, Dr237
Mount Edgecombe, Earl of186
Moyes, Mr55
Newth, Mr Samuel262, 329
Normanby, Lord245
O'Connell, Mr D181, 259
Oliphant, Mr2
Pack, Mr10
Parsons, Rev James123, 237
Paull, William Major316
Paulton, Mr233
Payne, Mr George (also Rev Dr), LLD147, 209, 235, 260, 313
Pearse, Henry44
Peek, Mr242
Pennington, Rev W C245
Perry, Sir Erskine320
Petty & Son, Messrs114
Phillips, Dr148
Pocock, Miss65
Pocock, Mr George20, 36-8, 47-8, 51-2, 54-5, 57-59, 61, 65, 68, 74-5, 78, 82-3, 89-90, 92-3, 106, 116, 119, 177
Pollard, Mr111
Poole, Brother198
Poore, Mr237, 260
Potter, Mr J116, 123
Poyer, Colonel2
Price, Rev J235
Pridie, Mr137, 141, 152
Prust, Mr S91-2
Pye, Mary146
Pyor, George22
Pyor, Rev John (also Pyer)(throughout)
Quarry, Dr214, 219
Raffles, Dr118-9, 123-4, 147-8, 152, 237
Raphael, Dr297
Redford, Dr237
Reece, Rev R22
Reed, Mr A163, 238
Reed, Mrs19-20
Richards, George & Elizabeth2
Roberts, Mr89-90
Roberts, Mr H41, 48, 51, 53-5, 62, 119
Roberts, Mr James38
Roby, Mr & Mrs106-7, 111, 123, 132-5, 137, 139, 146, 148, 152-3,
Romilly, Sir John231
Rooker, A, Esq250-1
Room, Mr252
Royle, Henry150
Sharp, Brother199
Sherman, Mr233, 237
Short, Mr253, 271
Sidebottom, Mr237
Smith, Brother198-9
Smith, Christopher Esq28, 48, 92,114
Smith, Elizabeth49
Smith, Rev & Mrs George49, 135, 183-5, 199, 201, 209, 221, 330
Smith, Rev John134
Smith, Miss Mary27
Snow, Mr327
Somerville, Captain RN318
Spicer, Mr158, 163
Squance, Mr8-9
Steer, Joseph & Mrs336
Stock, Mr John105, 116, 317
Stowe, Mrs259-60
Stowell, Rev H128
Strutt, C231
Stuart, Lord Dudley258
Suffield, Lord181
Sutherland, Duchess of259
Tarbotton, Mr185
Taylor, Mr J11, 33, 143, 162
Thomas, Brother David198, 334
Thorn, Mr, Senr199
Thornton, Mr176
Thorpe, Rev J4, 123, 145
Tidman, Mr238
Toaze, Mr55
Treffrey, Mr11
Trotman, Robert88
Tufnell, H231, 233
Vaughan, Dr239
Wallace, Mr234
Walmsley, Mr116
Walmsley, Sir Joshua258
Wardlaw, Dr106, 131
Waring, Elijah59, 61
Watson, Mr50
Weir, Mr51
Wells, Mr237-8
Wesley, John37, 46, 50
Wilks, Mark22
William IV170
Williams, Rev John202
Wilson, Mr james320
Wilson, Joshua260
Wilson, Rev S S202
Wise, Mr258
Wood, Mr W105