Name Index


A Sketch of the History of the Church and Manor of South Molton

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 36 (1904) pp. 226-256.


Helen Saunders

Prepared by Michael Steer



South Molton derives its name from the river Mole. It was chartered by Elizabeth, and subsequently by Charles II. In coaching days it was an important trade centre, but has since declined. In 1655, Sir John Penruddock was captured after a three-hour street fight in South Molton by soldiers of the New Model Army. With his capture, the Penruddock uprising came to an end and so did the 1655 plans of the Sealed Knot to restore King Charles II to the throne. The town was one of the boroughs reformed by the Municipal Reform Act 1835. It retained its status as a municipal borough until 1967, when it became a rural borough in the South Molton Rural District. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Ackland, Sir John, Bt238
Acland, Arthur gent255
Allen, Theophilus247, 250
Allon, Mr William238
Amory, John snr237
Amory, Mr Robert234, 237
Amory, Thomas238
Anne, Queen230
Anthony, Mr John246, 249
Arthur, Thomas253
Arundell, Mr William234
Audleigh, Joan de227
Audleigh, Nicholas Lord de227
Audley, Lord James227
Badcock, Agnis239
Badcock, Mr Hugh237
Badcock, Mr Samuell237
Badcock, Thomas238
Baron, Mr Robert237
Barons, Mr Anthony237
Bavaria, Duke of246
Bawden, Elizabeth231
Bawden, Joan231
Bawden, Joshua236, 238
Bawden, Richard Esq231, 236, 238
Bear, John255
Bickham, Mr James247, 254-5
Bird, Alexander249
Blackmore, Christopher237, 240-1
Blackmore, Richard246
Blake, Mr234, 247
Bleat, John242
Blinman, Mr249-50
Bodley, Mrs Elizabeth230
Boone, George253
Bouring, Robert242
Bowden, Robert237
Brag, Richard240, 245
Brantyngham, Bishop228
Bray, Mr Richard242-4
Broad, Mr Abraham237
Broad, Mr Edward232, 237-8
Broad, James237-8
Broad, Mary232
Broad, Mary (2)232
Brook, William237, 243
Brooking, Mrs Susannah236
Browning, George snr244
Bryant, Mr247
Buckenham, John (also Buckingham)237-8
Bulhard, Mrs245
Burgess, John snr237
Burgess, Mr John237
Burgess, William237
Butler, Izaack242
Call, Mr Digory237
Carpenter, Anthony255
Carpenter, Edward255
Carpenter, Thomasin255
Champion, Richard243
Chapple, Henry237
Chapple, Mr Nicholas237
Charles I235
Charles II254-5
Chester, Mary244
Clark, John (also Clarke)228, 242
Clarke, Symon242
Colombers, Philip de227
Cock, Mr228, 230-2, 255
Coke, John232
Collens, Christopher243
Collier, Colonel245
Cooper, John252
Cope, Robert229, 236
Coren, John230, 254
Corin, Emmanuell254-5
Cornwaill, John, Knt227
Crooke, William237
Croscombe, William (Crossum)242-3
Crue, John241
Cruse, Rev John230, 234, 239, 244, 248
Cutliffe, John254-5
Daw, widow249
Day, Christopher250
Day, Philip234, 243, 249
Deane, Constable242
Deane, George, gent231, 239
Deane, Hannah231
Deane, Henry237, 239
Deane, Mary239
Dennis, Nicholaus Esq254-5
Depenser, Hugh de227
Dix, John242
Doddridge, John Esq238
Downe, Oliver232
Downe, William248
Doyntz, Edward255
Dunns, Henry249
Edward the Confessor226
Edward IV227, 236
Edward VI228, 232
Edwards, Mr Anne247
Elizabeth I228, 232
Elworthy, Mr John (also Justice)230, 236, 250
Exeter, Duke of227
FitzMartyn, Nicholas226-7
Ford, Bartholomew237
Ford, John233-4, 237, 239, 243, 249
Fox, Arthur251-2
Franklyn, William228
Gamone, Joan246
Garford, Leonard240
Gaunt, Elizabeth227
Gaunt, John of227
Gay, John gent236
Gay, Richard247
Gill, William240
Gilson, John242
Gloucester, Earl of226
Goldston, Mr Robert237
Goold, John248
Goold, Silvester237
Gorford, Leonard (also Gowford)242-3
Gorfort, Simon245
Gorwell, Mr Robert254-5
Gould, Nicholas Esq235
Grandisson, Bishop228
Gregory IX226
Gregory, George247
Gribble, Margaret249
Growden, John242
Grubb, Adam237
Guy, John237
Hacche, Ann231
Hacche, Anne231
Hacche, Arthur231, 239
Hacche, Edward231
Hacche family230-1, 242
Hacche, John Esq231, 237-9, 243
Hacche, John (2)231
Hacche, John (3)231
Hacche, Mrs236
Hacche, Robert228
Hacche, Mr William239
Hackley, Matthew248
Halworthy, Robert238
Handford, Mr250
Harder, Mr246
Harding, Mr228, 236
Harewood, Henry238
Harris, Thomas243, 245
Hawkins, Mr245
Hellier, John (also Hellyer)248-9
Helliers, Anthony245
Henry IV227
Henry VI227
Henry VII230
Henry VIII227-8
Hill, Amos246
Hill, John229
Hill, Mr Philip236
Hobbes, George237
Hobbes, Richard snr237
Hodge, Richard H234, 237
Hole, Mr John238-9, 243
Hole, Rev Joshua232
Hole, Sarah239
Holes, Justice240
Holland, Elizabeth de227
Holland, Henry227
Holland, Earl John de227
Holland, Richard227
Hollyer, John241
Hooper, Henry (also Hoops)240, 250
Hornabrooke, John253
Hornaman, Luke237, 239
Huchenson, Dr231
Huchenson, John231, 255
Humes, George gent255
Hunt, John237-8
Hunt, Richard246
Hunt, Mr Thomas237
Hunt, Mr William239
Huntingdon, Earl of227
Huntingdon, Elizabeth Duchess of227
James I231-2
Karslake, Henry231
Karslake, Sarah231
Karslake, William238
Kelland, Phillip237
Kent, Andrew240, 244, 250
King, Mrs256
Kingdon, John240
Kingdon, Mary249
Kingford, Robert253
Knight, John Gay Edward233-4, 237, 239-40, 243
Lacy, Bishop229
Lake, Thomas249
Langdon, John255
Lewes, John gent238
Lock, John237, 240
Lovett, Ann231
Lovett, Edward231
Lovett, Elizabeth231
Lucy, George gent232, 246-7
Lugg, Mr George254-5
Marker, William249
Marlborough, Duke of246
Marsh, Thomas255
Marshall, Thomas228
Martyn family227
Martyn, Joan227
Martyn, Lord227
May, P237
Melhuish, Mrs254
Merring, Elizabeth254
Merring, Robert254
Molford, John Esq231, 239, 250
Molford, Mrs Ursula239
Molfords, Roger Esq238
Moutlow, Thomas244
Musgrave, Mr Richard234, 237, 239, 243
Newcombe, Mrs253
Nicholas IV229
Northcott, Mr245
Nott, Hannah231
Nott, Mrs245, 249
Nott, Thomas231
Nott, William237
Oatway, Mr238
Oliver, John236
Oliver, Mr253
Oliver, William237
Osmonde, Mr John247
Packington, John228
Paget, Elizabeth231
Paget, William Esq231
Palmer, Joseph gent236, 238
Park, John227
Parker, Edmundus229
Parker, William237
Passmore, Mr245
Paule, Anthony gent237, 239
Paule, Mr Henry237
Pawle, Mr245
Pawle, Mrs245
Pearse, Phillip241
Pearse, Roger237
Peion, William227
Perkin, Mr William240
Pierce, Elizabeth231
Pierce, Peter gent231-2
Pollard, Arthur gent231
Pollard, Hugh gent232
Pollard, Joan231
Pollard, John237
Pollard, Mrs244
Pollard, Robert255
Poyntz, Matthew228
Rashleigh, Mr238
Ray, John234
Reichel, Mr226, 229
Reigny, Ibota227
Reigny, John (also Reyny)227
Rew, Robert249
Reyny, William227
Richard II227
Richard, Mr247
Richmond, Margaret, Countess of227
Rumbolow, Mr Richard237
Sage, Elisha230, 248
Saint Leger, Sir Thomas227
Sanders, Mr H256
Saunders, George238
Scores, Ed250
Scot, Thomas237
Seller, Abraham230, 233, 248
Serle, John255
Shapland, Mr A E254
Sharland, Arthur238
Sharland, Mr George237, 239
Sharland, Mr Oliver238
Shepheard, John241
Shobrooke, Mr Humfrey230, 237
Skinner, Joan236
Skinner, Thomas236
Skinner, Mr William237-8, 250
Smith, Mr William246, 248, 250
Snow, Miss E256
Snow, Henry237
Southcombe, Mr Hugh239
Southcombe, Mr Lewis234
Sprague, John237
Spurle, Bartholomew237
Squier, Christopher gent228, 237, 239
Squier, Hugh Esq230, 239
Squier, Mary239
Squier, William gent238-9
Squier, William (2)239
Stonman, Thomas240
Stole, John250
Stoole, William238
Stowman, Constable241
Strong, John242
Sueneysia, Thomas226
Tapp, James249
Tepper, Anthony237
Tepper, John237-8
Tepper, Oliver237
Thomas, William250
Thomson, Mr John244
Thorne, Mr John237, 245
Thorne, William238
Tiller, Mrs Anne245
Tiller, Mr Jeffery237
Tralawney, Colonel244
Treable, William243
Tucker, Christopher237
Tucker, Mr Emanuel snr237
Tucker, John237
Turberville family226-7
Turner, John242
Victoria, Queen235
Wainwright, Mr255
Waklin, Joseph250
Ward, Hugh248
Warner, Thomas230
Webber, Mr John234, 238
Webber, Robert238
Wesscombe, William gent255
Whitmore, Sir George228
Whitmore, Sir Thomas228
Whittle, Jane249
William I229
William II, Rufus226
Willis, Mr226
Woolcott, Henry250