South Molton 1850

                              SOUTH MOLTON

               From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

SOUTH MOLTON is a municipal borough, and well-built market town, pleasantly 
situated on the bold western acclivity of the valley of the river Mole, 11 
miles E.S.E. of Barnstaple, 18 N.W. by W. of Tiverton, 16 miles W. by S. of 
Dulverton, 28 miles N.W. by N. of Exeter, and 181 W. by S. of London. It 
gives name to a deanery, hundred, union, county court district, petty 
sessional division, and polling district; and is the chief place of 
election for the parliamentary representatives of the Northern Division of 
Devon. It is well supplied with pure soft spring water, and has gas works, 
erected in 1836, at the cost of £2200, raised in £10 shares. The principal 
streets are spacious and well paved, and contain several good inns and neat 
public buildings, and many handsome and well stocked shops. Its Parish 
comprises 6264 acres of land, many scattered farm-houses, the hamlets of 
Shallowford, High Bray, and Stag's Head; and the estates of Bremridge, 
Freynstone, Hache, North-Aller, Honiton Barton, &c., extending more than 
two miles west, north, and south of the town. The soil is generally fertile 
and well cultivated, and rises in bold undulations from the river Mole on 
the east, and the Bray on the west. The Mole, from which the town has its 
name, gives motion to several woollen and corn mills, and is here crossed 
by a good bridge of one arch, erected after the old one had been destroyed 
by a flood, in 1841. The parish had 2753 inhabitants in 1801; 2739 in 
1811; 3314 in 1821; 3826 in 1831; and 4274 in 1841; but they have since 
increased to about 4800. The manor of South Molton was part of the ancient 
demesne of the Crown; but in the reign of Edward I., it was held by Lord 
Martin, under the Earl of Gloucester, by the service of finding a bow and 
three arrows to attend the Earl when he went a hunting in Gower. It 
afterwards passed to the Lords Audley, the Dukes of Exeter, and the 
Whitmore and Squier families. In 1700, it was purchased of the latter by 
the Corporation, who are still lords of the manor; but most of the soil 
belongs to Earl Fortescue, Sir T.D. Acland, Bart., and many smaller free 
and leaseholders. The town sent burgesses to parliament in the 13th of 
Edward I., but it never enjoyed that privilege afterwards. It was 
incorporated in 1590, by a charter of the 32nd of Elizabeth, and this 
charter was confirmed by one of the 36th of Charles II. The borough 
comprises the whole parish; and under these charters, the corporation 
consisted of a mayor, high steward, recorder, and 18 capital burgesses, and 
an indefinite number of freemen, with a town clerk and other officers, and 
a court of record and quarter and petty sessions. Under the Municipal Act 
of 1835, the town council now consists of a mayor, four aldermen, and 
twelve councillors; and since that year, the borough has petitioned for and 
obtained a commission of the peace. The style of the Corporation is, the 
"Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough and Parish of South Molton, in the 
County of Devon." The income of the borough, in 1840, was £1944. 6s. 8 
¾d., arising chiefly from rents, tolls, dues, and other manorial profits. 
Its expenditure in the same year amounted to £2411, the principal items of 
which were, £987 for renewal of leases; £412 for public works, repairs, 
"c.; £180, stipends; £98, salaries; £141, lighting and cleansing; £77, 
charities; and £64 for police and constables The borough is exempt from 
county rates, except in cases of prosecution for capital offences. It has 
quarter sessions at the usual periods, and petty sessions weekly, or when 
required. Petty Sessions are also held here on the first Monday of every 
month, by the magistrates of South Molton Division, to whom Messrs. Pearse, 
Son, and Crosse are clerks. The County Court for South Molton District is 
held here on the Thursday after the first Monday of every month, and Mr. 
James Pearse is the clerk, and John Manning the high bailiff. Its 
jurisdiction extends to all the 29 parishes of South Molton Union, except 
Rackenford. (See page 603.) These courts are hold at the GUILDHALL, a 
handsome building of Portland stone, on the south side of Broad street, 
projecting on arched pillars over the causeway, and having a commodious 
court room, a council room, and a large and elegant assembly room, where 
balls, banquets, &c., are occasionally held. The building is crowned by a 
turret and cupola, containing a bell and clock. The Borough Gaol, in East 
street, was built about twelve years ago, at the cost of about £2000, and 
comprises dwellings for the gaoler and the superintendent of police, and 
six cells, two large day rooms, and an airing yard for prisoners. The 
following are the present Town Council, Borough Magistrates, &c.:
Mayor, Thomas Brown, Esq. || Recorder, W.M. Praed, Esq. 
High Steward, Earl Fortescue.
Borough Justices, Earl Fortescue, Viscount Ebrington, and H.J.N. Bawden, 
Wm. Binford, and Wm. Hole, Esqrs.
Aldermen, Wm. Flexman, Wm. Tapp, Jas. Maunder, and P. Tapp.
Councillors, Messrs. W.G. Smyth, J.E.J. Riccard, J.E. Cutcliffe, John 
White, Wm. Binford, Thomas Brown, John Brown, John Tanner, F.M. Hitchcock, 
E. J. Riccard, Wm. Thorne, and E.J. Riccard, M.D.
Town Clerk and Clerk to the Justices, J.G. Pearse.
Clerk of the Peace, R.M. Riccard. || Treasurer, B. Dunn.
Coroner, James Flexman. || Deputy-Coroner, J.T. Shapland.
Gaoler and Crier, Philip Widgery. || Police Superintendent, W.H. Fisher.

South Molton was one of the places appointed as the see of a Suffragan 
Bishop, by an act of the 26th of Henry VIII., but it did not long enjoy 
that dignity. In 1357, Nicholas Fitz Martin, being then lord of the manor, 
obtained a charter for a market, to be held here on Sunday, and a fair at 
the festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The town has now a 
considerable market every Saturday, for corn, provisions, &c. The Market 
House, built by the Corporation in 1810, is a square brick building, 
standing on pillars and arches. The upper room is used for lectures, 
concerts, &c.; and corn, meat, &c., are sold in the basement story; but on 
Saturdays, the Broad street, or Market place, is lined with stalls of every 
description. Here are now two annual fairs, for cattle, &c., on the 
Wednesday before June 22nd, and the Wednesday after August 26th; and great 
cattle markets on the Saturdays after Feb. 13th and March 15th, and the 
Saturdays before April 23rd, August 1st, October 10th, and December 12th. 
The town has several wool combing establishments, and was formerly noted 
for the manufacture of serges, shalloons, and pelts. There is still one 
large woollen mill in the parish, employing about 150 hands; and in the 
neighbourhood are several other coarse woollen factories, and quarries of 
limestone, flagstones, &c. In the north part of the parish is a lead mine, 
which yields a considerable portion of silver. The Church (St. Mary,) is a 
spacious and handsome structure, in the perpendicular style, with a lofty 
tower containing eight bells. It was enlarged in 1833-'4, at the cost of 
£1400, and has now room for 1500 hearers. The interior was cleansed and 
beautified, and a new organ erected, in 1829, at the cost of about £600.
The stone pulpit is of great antiquity, and is richly carved and 
ornamented. In the chancel and aisles are several handsome mural monuments, 
one of which is in memory of Henry Kerslake and his wife and two sons, who 
were burnt to death when their house was destroyed by fire, in 1749. 
According to the parish register, Wm. Lake died here in 1754, at the 
advanced age of 104 years. In 1547, this church was given by Henry VIII. to 
the Dean and Canons of Windsor, and they are still appropriators of the 
tithes and rectorial glebe, (242A.,) and patrons of the perpetual curacy 
valued in 1831 at £157, and now in the incumbency of the Rev. T.H. 
Maitland, M.A., who built a handsome Parsonage House about eight years ago. 
The tithes were commuted in 1839 for £910 per annum, and are held on lease 
by the Corporation. At Honiton Barton, about two miles from the town, is 
Trinity Chapel, belonging to the Southcomb family. It was built in 1730, at 
the cost of more than £500, by the Rev. Lewis Southcomb, on the site of an 
ancient chapel. It is handsomely fitted up, and the founder endowed it with 
£40 a year out of an estate in the parish, and directed that it should 
never be made a sinecure; that the stipend should be paid every Lord's day; 
and that when service was omitted, the stipend should go towards the 
repairs of the chapel, in which the founder and his father were both 
buried. There are four chapels in the town belonging to dissenters. The 
Independent Chapel is a handsome fabric, erected in 1834, at the cost of 
about £1000, on the site of the old one, which was built in 1700. The 
Baptists had a congregation here before 1715; but their present chapel was 
built in 1843, at the cost of about £900, in the lancet Gothic style. The 
Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1822, at the cost of about £600. The Plymouth 
Brethren have a small chapel in South Street; and there are in the town a 
few Mormonites and Bryanites, who meet at private houses. The Rev. Samuel 
Badcock, an eminent critic and divine, was born here in 1747, and was 
minister of the Independent Chapel, at Barnstaple, from 1770 till 1778, but 
afterwards conformed to the church, and was ordained by Bishop Ross. He and 
the late Judge Buller were educated at the FREE SCHOOL here, which was 
built, with a house for the master, in 1682, by Hugh Squier, who died in 
1709, and bequeathed to the Corporation of South Molton, in trust for this 
school, and other charitable uses, Upcott farm, (52A.,) at Swimbridge, and 
the glebe and rectorial tithes of Northam. After paying reserved rent and 
fines to the Dean and Canons of Windsor, the Corporation derive from this 
property about £340 per annum. Pursuant to the founder's will, they apply 
yearly £40 to the support of the schoolmaster; and the rest of the clear 
income is divided into two equal shares, one of which is expended in 
repairing the highways, and the other is given to the mayor, to enable him 
to defray the expenses of his office. Besides the annuity of £40, the 
schoolmaster has about £18 a year from stock, money, and turnpike 
securities, derived from savings of income in former years. He teaches 
reading, writing, and arithmetic to 30 free scholars, and is allowed to 
take other day scholars and boarders. The BLUE COAT SCHOOL, in the 
Churchyard, was established by subscription, in 1711, and afterwards 
endowed by various donors with £400, of which £200 was given by Eliz. 
Squier, in 1734, and £100 by Eliz. Northcote, in 1742. It has received many 
subsequent benefactions, and its present endowment consists of £2515 new 
four per cent. stock. The two school rooms, with a house for the master and 
mistress, were provided by the Corporation. They receive £35 a year for 
teaching 36 boys and 15 girls, who are clothed in blue once a year. 
Formerly this charity clothed and educated 45 boys and 20 girls. Here is 
also a large NATIONAL SCHOOL built by the Corporation in 1833-'4, at the 
cost of about £500, and attended by about 100 scholars. Sunday Schools are 
attached to the church and three of the chapels; and there are in the town 
various charitable and provident institutions; and among the latter is the 
North Devon Annuitant Society, and a branch of the Devon and Exeter 
Savings' Bank. In New road is a neat Freemason's Hall, erected in 1846, at 
the cost of £450, by Lodge No. 610, which meets on the first Tuesday of 
every month. South Molton Union is already noticed at page 603.

CHARITIES. - By a decree of the Court of Chancery in the third of Charles 
I., it was determined that the Corporation should provide a house of 
correction for the borough at their own expense, and should pay a yearly 
rent-charge of £12 out of the Common Moor (6A.,) to the overseers for 
distribution among the poor. Two small tenements, left to the poor by Jane 
Whittle, in 1678, are now worth about £5 per annum. The poor of the parish, 
not residing here, have the interest of £130, derived from £100 left by 
Henry Harewood, in 1629. The resident poor have £12 a year from £200 left 
by Eliz. Squier in 1734; and £100 left by Wm. Hunt, in 1642, and now vested 
in turnpike securities. They have also £12 a year from £300 left by Mr. 
Rashleigh, in 1615, and nine other donors, and now vested in the South 
Molton turnpike. These sums, and the dividends, of £200 three per cent. 
stock, purchased with the gift of Nathl. Sprigg, in 1781, are distributed 
by the Corporation among the poor parishioners. For a weekly distribution 
of bread, they have an annuity of £2. 12s. from Sir John Acland's Charity. 
( See Exeter.) Out of the market tolls the poor have 27s. 6d. per annum, 
pursuant to the bequest of Robert Brett, in 1597, and about £2 a year from 
the gift of Joan Webber, in 1623. They have also the following yearly 
doles, viz., 20s. left by Thomas Badcock, in 1663; £2. 12s. left by Agnes 
Badcock, in 1641, out of 2A. 31P. of land; 28s. from Mrs. Courtenay's Gift; 
£2 from £50 left by Joseph Palmer, in 1795; 8s. from £10 left by Wm. Gould, 
in 1801; £2. 5s. from £50 left by Thomas Nott, Nicholas Palmer, and Joshua 
Hole; and 30s. from £30 left by Mary Jones, in 1822. The CHARITY TRUSTEES 
appointed for this borough, under the Municipal Act, are Messrs. W.J. Tapp, 
Samuel Pearce, Thos. Cunningham, Thos. Brown, and Wm. Flexman.


The POST OFFICE is in East street, and Mr. John Thomas is the post master. 
Letters are despatched to London, Exeter, &c., 5 minutes before 6 evening; 
to the North at 11 morning; to Barnstaple, &c, at 10 minutes past 7 
morning, and 35 minutes past 3 afternoon; and to Chulmleigh, &c, at 20 
minutes past 7 morning. Letters are delivered at 8 morning and 6½ 
evening, and there are foot posts every morning to North Molton, 
Chittlehampton, Filleigh, &c. Money orders are granted and paid.

Allen Misses, Townsend
Anthony Mrs, Townsend
Avery William, thatcher, Back lane
Bawden Humphrey John N., Esq, South street
Bawden Rev Joshua, B.A, lectrer. of Molland, East st
Binford Wm., Esq. Broad st 
Burgess Frs, gent. Broad st 
Burgess Mr John, Broad st 
Chant Robert, purser to the Exmoor Wheal Eliza Copper Mine, King street
Chapple W., par. clk. East st
Chapple Mrs A., Brnstpl st
Clarke Rev Theophilus, curate, Ivy cottage
Cock John, brickmaker, &c., Rose Cottage
Cole Jas., relvg. officer and registrar, Adelaide place
Comins J. & Co, wood turners, sawyers, &c., Molebridge; h South street
Cotty John, gas manager
Crosse Rt. Jennings, Esq, solr., Broad street
Cunningham Thomas, gent. Barnstaple street
Cutliffe Chas. Jno., gent. Alpha Cotg., Barnstpl. st
Dee Mrs Ann, East street
Dunn Mr John, Church ln
Elsworthy Mrs M., South st
Fisher W. Hy., police supt.
Froude Mrs F., South street
Furse Mrs Eliz., East street
Galliford John, clk. East st
Giles Rev Thos., (lndpt.)
Gillard G., poulterer, East st
Gould Josh., organist, East st
Hamilton S., matron, Wkhs 
Hargreaves Rev Jas., (Wes) 
Hartnoll Mr P., East street 
Haskins Wm., colt breaker, Back lane
Hearn Jas. farrier, Tnsd
Hill Jas., sergt. major N.D.Y., (late of 10th Royal Hussars,) Albert Place
Hill Mr Wm., Madder ln
Hitchcock, Maunder and Hitchcock, woollen mfrs. and merchants, Higher Mole 
Hitchcock Frs. Maunder, & Wm. Maunder, mfrs.; house East street 
Hodgkin Mrs Chtte., Sth st 
Hole Wm. Esq. Churchyard 
Holmes Jas., clk. Albert pl 
Huxtable Mrs Eliz., Sth. st
Jones Mrs Eliz., East st
Jones R., superv., Mtplr. ctg
Kay Geo. Ptr, excise, Sth st 
Kemp Miss Jane, Duke st
Leatherby Robert, turner, Mole bridge
Leatherby Wm., Prsng. ln
Lethbridge Wm., marine store dlr., East street
Leach Peter, veterinary surgeon, South street
Lyon Pasquell, jeweller, &c. Broad street
Maitland Rev Thos. H., M.A. incbt., Parsonage
Manley Mrs My., South st
Manning John, sherriff's officer, and high bailiff of County Court, Church 
Maunder Jas., Esq., Duke st
Merson Mr Wm., East st
Mills Mr John, New road
Moseley Mr Wm., Duke st
Nott Mrs Mary, East st
Orum Wm., clk,, Albert pl
Paramore Mrs Eliz., East st
Passmore Rev H,, East st
Pearce Saml. gent. South st
Pearce Mrs Sarah, East st
Pearse James, Esq, solr. and clerk of County Court, Broad street
Pearse John Gilberd, solr., town clerk, and clerk to magistrates, Broom 
Radley Mrs Mary, Tnsnd.
Redler T., gov. of Workhs.
Riccard Jas. Edw. Jackson, Esq. solr. and union clk., Churchyard
Riccard Russell Martyn, solr., (clk. of peace for the Borough,) East street
Sanders Jas. Hooper, woolstapler and fellmonger, South street
Shipley Mrs My., Barstpl. st
Smith Mrs Grace, East st
Southcomb Geo. & road survr. & toll colr., Mill ln. gate
Southcomb L., gent. East st
Southcomb Mrs S., East st
Spencer Mrs Eliz., East st
Sutch Rev James, (Wes.) South street
Tanner Misses, Townsend
Tapp Mr Philip and Mrs, Townsend
Tapp Joanna, worsted dlr., East street
Tapp Wm. Jones, accountant, East street
Tepper Mrs, East street
Tepper Wm., overs., Sth. st
Thorne Mary, pawnbroker, South street
Toms Mrs Mary, East st
Trant Mr Wm., South st
Turner Mrs Eliza, Duke st 
Venn John, excise, Albert pl 
Vile James, marine store dlr., South street
Webb Mr James, East st
Whitford Capt. Wm. Hall, inspecting agent for South Molton silver and lead 
mine, and Exmoor Wheal Eliza copper mine, Tnsnd
Widgery John, gent. Brd. st
Widgery Pp., gaoler, &c.

   (Marked * take Boarders.)
Blue Coat School, John and Ann Warren
Aggott Margt. Mill lane
* Free School, John Henry, East street
Hulland Mary, South st
Kingsland Mary A., East st
Maire Eliz., Back lane
National School, Letitia Neil, Back lane
Pearce Mrs & Miss, East st 
* Rossiter Wm., East street
* Saunders Sarah, East st
* Stanbury Eliza, Bnstpl. st
Ward Sarah, South street
Webber Jno. & My., South st 

Gillard Edw. K., Church ln 
Pease, Son & Crosse, (clks. to magistrates, and proctors,) Broad street
Riccard & Son, (& proctors,) Churchyard
Shapland John Terrell, (dep. coroner,) Broad street

Manning Andw., Broad st
Manning John, Church ln

Bowden John, Cook's cross
Bowden Wm., Cook's cross
Chapple John, East street
Clark Richard, Barnstpl. st
Hacche John, South street
Harris John, Barnstaple st
Kingdon Oliver, East street
Kingdon Wm., East street
Latey James, East street
Marsden Thos, East street
Thomas James, East street
Vernon John, South street
Vicary Thomas, Townsend
Webb John, South street

National & Provincial Bank of England, (draw on London & Westminster,) Jno. 
Longworth Dames, mngr. Broad street 
Savings Bank, Edward K. Gillard, sec., Church ln

Berry Geo., East street 
Bulled John, Cook's cross 
Kingsland Robt., Townsend 

Cardar Wm., South street 
Comins James, King street 
Dockings Wm., Clapry. Mill 
Grattan John, Hill 
Griffiths Chas., Broad st 
Harris John, Back lane 
Harris Wm., South street 
Holmes John, Barnstaple st 
Moore Richard, South st 
Sage James, East street 
Sutton Daniel, Parsonage ln 
Tepper Thos., Duke street

Dunn Bickham, Broad st 
Searle George, Broad street 
Tepper Amos, Broad street 

Adams John, Duke street 
Aggott James, South street 
Badcock G., Clappery Mill 
Bouchier J., Barnstaple st 
Cock George, King street 
Drake Thos., East street 
Eastmond Wm., East st 
Hobbs George, East street 
Hulland Wm. T., South st 
Huxtable Wm., East street 
Mairs Thomas, East street 
Mairs John, Barnstaple st 
Mole John, East street 
Nott John, Cook's cross 
Nutt Wm., East street 
Thomas John, East street 
Widgery Wm., New road 
Williams John, Cook's cross 

Bowden Wm., Adelaide pl 
Bright James, New road 
Cock George, South street 
Cole Wm., East street 
Dunn Robert, Townsend 
Eastmond John, East st 
Fuke Richard, East street 
Harris Wm. G., Duke st 
Hill Edw. Steppa lane 
Skinner Wm., Knight's Bray 
Veysey John, South street 

Hacche John, Cook's cross 
Kelly Richard, East st 
Kingdon Oliver, South st 
Mountjoy Wm., King st 
Snow Robert, King street 

   (* are builders)
* Baker Henry, Duke street
* Baker Thomas, Back ln
* Cock Jno., Rose ctg., Sth. st
Crispin George, Mill lane
Hacche John, Cook's cross
Hacche John, jun. South st
* Smith John, South street 

Attwater A.H., Broad st 
Dunn Henry, Broad street 
Paige John A., South street 
Tanner John, Broad street

Bentley J.M., Barnstpl. st
Gill Wm., Townsend
Kingdon Oliver, Mill lane
Lewis Thos., Cook's cross
Lewis Wm., East street

Fuke Simon, Cook's cross
Latey James, East street
Marsden Thomas, East st
Oram Wm., East street

Collacott Joshua, East st
Collacott John, Back lane
Leatherby Wm., (& turner) Parsonage lane

Haskings Joseph, Bonner's 
Redler John, Mole mills 
Redler Ts. & Geo. Hayne's 

Bentley Jas. M., Barnstpl. st 
Cole George, Queen street 
Reed Wm., East street 
Vernon John, South street 

Barnes Wm. North Cockram 
Buckingham Jno. Clotworthy 
Burgess Wm. South Aller 
Bussell Hy. Daws Blackpl 
Chapple Jas., Neilds Town 
Clerk Rd., Barnstaple st 
Cridge Richard, Rock 
Dale Wm., East street 
Densem John, Townhouse 
Dunn Wm., South street 
Dyer Edw., North Woodhs 
Eastmond John, East street 
Elworthy John, Freynston 
Elworthy J. Honiton Barton 
Elworthy John, Hernamans 
Elworthy Rt., Kingsland 
Elworthy Wm., Sth. Woodhs 
Fry Wm., East street 
Hancock Robt. South Hill 
Hancock Wm., Lwr. Blkpl 
Harris Eliz. East Hache 
Lock Mary, Ford 
Manning Chas., West Hill 
Manning Henry, Stone and Combrew 
Perryman Wm. Ford Down 
Phillips Thomas, Coombe 
Shapland Geo. Freyston
Shapland James, Snurridge
Skinner John, Brembridge
Skinner John, Meeth
Skinner John Alexander, North Aller
Skinner Henry, West Ford
Skinner Wm. Knigh's Bray
Smith Henry, Mill lane
Smith Wm. W. Clotworthy
Trix Wm. sen. & jun. Great Hele
Tucker John, Ley
Widgery John, Dowerlands
Winnacott John, South st
Yendell Saml, Mid. Blkpool

Atlas, Jno. T. Shapland, B. st
Clerical, Medical, & General, John Gallaford, East st
County Fire and Provident Life, John Comins
English & Scottish Law Life & Loan, Geo. Searle
Freemasons', J.T. Shapland
General, Rt. Sawtell, B. st
Globe, Rd. Tepper, Broad st
Legal & Coml., Alex. H. Attwater
Norwich Union, Jas. E.J. Riccard
Phoenix, George Searle
Palladium, Cstn. Saunders
Royal Exchange Jno. Cock
Royal Farmer's, B. Dunn
Sun, Wm. Jones Tapp
West of England, Sl. Pearce

Leatherby John, Adelaide pl
Rowland Ts., Barnstaple st
Sage Wm. Lucas, Brnstpl. st
Sanders Jas. H., South st
Tapp Joanna, East street
Vernon John, East street
Vicary Thomas, Townsend

Kingdon Sarah, South st
Sanders Jas. Hooper, South st

Buckingham Ts. Broad st
Chant Robert, King street
Dakin John, South street
Dale Ann, Broad street
Deagon Wm., Queen street
Hancock Josias, East st
Kingdon Abm., Broad st
Latey James, East street
Radley James, South street
Sheppard Rd., East street
Smith John, South street
Tanner John, Broad street
Vernon Henry, South street 

Burgess Francis, Broad st
Chapple Thomas, Broad st
Dunn John, King street
Quick John, East street

Aggott Henry, Barnstpl. st
Doherty Susan, East street
Pearce Wm., East street

Anchor, Geo. Snow, South st
Barnstaple Inn, My. Mountjoy, Barnstaple street
Exeter Inn, Wm. Vickery, South street
Fortescue Arms, John Bater, Broad street
George, (posting,) Christian Saunders, Broad street
Golden Lion, Jno. Fry, Sth. st 
Half Moon, Ann Hill, Sth. st 
Hare & Hounds, Thomas Barrow, East street 
King's Arms, Wm. Thorne, King street 
New Inn, Philip Baker, South street 
North Country Inn, James Lake, Townsend 
Red Cow, W. Aggott, East st 
Red Lion, John Graddon, Barnstaple street 
Ring of Bells, Wm. Gaydon Harris, Duke street
Rose & Crown, Hy. Searle, South street 
Star, Eliz. Dunn, Broad st 
Tiverton Inn, John Vernon, East street 
Town Arms, Jas. Mountjoy, East street 
Unicorn, Geo Cole, Queen st 

Dockings John, Cook's cross
Fry Wm., East street
Knill Charles, Cook's cross
Leatherby John, Steppa ln
Osmond John, Back lane
Prescott John, East street
Tout James, Townland
Wotton Abm., East street 

Breayley Wm., Barnstpl. st 
Comins James, King street 
Comins John, South street 
Griffiths Charles, Broad st 
Powell Lewis & Son, Sth. st 
Thorne Wm., Broad street
Trawin Henry, East street

Burgess Wm South Aller
Cridge Richard, Rock

Brown John, Broad street
Farley John, Broad street
Haydon John, Broad st
Hodge Thomas, Broad st
Huxtable Robert, Broad st
Radley James, South street 
Sawtell Robert, Broad st
Trawin Mary, East street
Webber Mary, King street
White John, East street
Wilmets Wm., East street

Cole George, Queen street
Hooper Grace, East street
Sanders James, East street
Shapland Wm., Duke st
Skinner John & Alexander, North Aller
Winnacott John, South st

Bowden Wm., Cook's cross
Collacott Wm., Back lane
Collacott Wm, Churchyard 
Gloyn John, East street 
Kingdon Wm., East street 
Nott John, East street
Phillips Robert, Adelaide pl
Shapcott Henry, Alfred pl
Thomas John, Churchyard
Thomas Wm., Back lane

Allen Mary, South street
Carter Jane, South street
Greenslade Eliz., East st
Griffiths Ann, Broad street
Harris Joanna, East st
Hill Jane, Townsend
Holloway, Maria, Queen st
Hulland Mary, Cock's yard
Huxtable Sarah, South st
Macey Mary, Cock's yard
Manley & Lockyer, East st
Marsh Eliz, Queen street
Matthews Eliz., Cook's cross
Mole Eliz., East street
Mole Maria, South street
Nutt Elizabeth, South st
Rowcliffe My. Ann, Broad st
Shapland Eliz., Duke st
Tapp Grace, Duke street
Webb Harriet, East street

Comins John, South street
Gillard George, East street
Powell Lewis & Son, Sth. st
Prescott John, East street
Trawin Henry, East street

Riccard Edward Jackson, East street
Thorne James Wilkins, Broad street

Bartlett Richard, Mill lane
Bennett Giles, Steppa lane
Bishop Wm., Barnstpl. st
Phillips John, Townsend
Sparkes Robert, South st

Flashman Ann, Barnspl. st
Holmes John, South st
Packer John, South street
Smyth Wm., Broad street
Tepper Richard, Broad st

Bishop Wm., Barnstaple st
Blackford John, Mill lane
Bowden Mgt., Cook's cross
Chanter Thomas, South st
Coles Jas. Matthews, East st
Dale Ann, Broad street
Davies John, East street
Drake Robert, Barnstaple st
Dunn John, King street
Kingdon John, East street
Kingdon Wm., East street
Hobbs Elizabeth, East st
Huxtable John, Townsend
Lyddon Wm., Broad street
Manning Mary, Townsend
Mayne Ann, Barnstaple st
Nott John, Cook's cross
Odam George, Church lane
Perry Thomas, East street
Thorne John, Duke street
Tuckett Wm., Barnstaple st

Clark Jane, Barnstaple st
Griffiths Ann, Broad st
Matthews Eliz., Cook's crs
Nutt Eliz., South street
Parsons Sus., Steppa lane
Rowcliffe M. Ann., Broad st
Shapland Eliz., Duke st
Webb Harriet, East street

Brown Thomas, Broad st
Cutcliffe John Elworthy, Broad street
Flexman James, (coroner,) Duke street
Flexman Wm., Duke street
Furse Robert, East street
Southcomb Wm. Thomas, South street
Tanner Richard Elworthy, East street

Blackford John, Mill lane
Hodge John, East street
Huxtable Wm., Barnstpl. st
Huxtable Wm. jun., Sth. st
Joslin Richard, Steppa lane
Kingdon John, South street
Manning Charles, South st
Moore Samuel, South street
Norman James, South st
Odam George, Church lane
Pearce John, East street
Selley Amos, Churchyard
Sheppard George, East st
Thorne John, Duke street
Vernon Henry, South street 
Wilmets Wm., East street 

Deagon Wm., Queen street 
Mogridge (Wm.) & Odgers (John Johns,) South st

Furse George, East street
Smyth Wm. Gould, East st

Harris Thomas, East street
McKelvie John, East street
McKinnel Rd. (dpr.) East st
Tremeer Joseph, South st

Bidder John, East street
Bidder Thos., Barnstaple st 

Bickell Rd. John, (& jeweller,) Broad street
Foster Henry, East street
Mills Sl. G., Barnstaple st 

Chapple Wm., Barnstpl. st
Griffiths Charles, Broad st
Moor Frank, South street
Moor Henry & Son, South st
Smith James, Clotworthy
Smoldon George, Hill
Taylor Wm., Steppa lane

Chant Robert, King street
Deagon Wm., Queen street 
Huxtable Rt., Broad street 
Tanner John, Broad street 

Goole George, Back lane
Kingdon John, Cook's cross
Parsons John, Steppa lane
Nutt Humphry, New road

Mails, &c. to BARNSTAPLE, Ilfracombe, &c. from the George Inn, at 7 morning 
" 3 & 5½ afternoon; & to TlVERTON to meet trains for London, Bristol & 
Exeter, at 9½ & 11½ morning, and at 5½ afternoon.

To Barnstaple, Jas. Chapple, from the Unicorn daily; Wm. Deagon Queen st., 
daily; & Pp. Baker, New Inn, Friday.
Chumleigh, Wm. Shaddick, South st. daily, (on foot.)
Exeter, Thos. March, Mill lane, Mon. & Thursday
Exeter, Crediton, Plymouth, &c., Pridham & Lake's Van, from the Union, 
Plymouth, Wm. Osmond, Townsend and Rt. Letherby, Mill lane, Mon.
Tiverton, Saunders & Hawkes from the George; & Thos. Avery, from Town Arms, 
Tues. Thurs. & Sat.; & Philip Baker, (New Inn,) Tuesday
Waggons, &c. to all parts of N. Devon, from the George Inn, whence goods 
are forwarded to Tiverton Station

 Brian Randell, 26 Aug 1999