Name Listing from the South Molton Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Binford: Attorney                                               Market PlacePearse, James: Attorney                                         Church LaneRiccard, James Edw Jackson: Attorney                            Church YardSouthcomb: Attorney                                             Market PlaceTanner, Wm Henry: Attorney                                      Market PlaceClark, John: Baker                                              King StreetLetay, James: Baker                                             East StreetManley, John: Baker                                             East StreetNutt, Wm: Baker                                                 East StreetGillard, John: Bankers Agent (Barnstaple Old Bank)              Market PlaceGould, Nicholas: Bankers Agent (North Devon Bank)               East StreetMills, John: Bookseller, Stationer & Printer                    Market PlaceParamore, Wm: Bookseller, Stationer & Printer                   Market PlaceTepper, Amos: Bookseller, Stationer & Printer                   Market PlaceHobbs, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    East StreetThomas, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 East StreetTepper, Henry: Builder                                          East StreetCole, Wm: Butcher                                               East StreetDunn, Edith: Butcher                                            Queen StreetDunn, John: Butcher                                             South StreetJones, Thomas: Butcher                                          East StreetWidgery, John: Butcher                                          Cross LaneWidgery, John: Butcher                                          Town EndWidgery, Samuel: Butcher                                        East StreetKelly, Richard: Cabinet Maker                                   East StreetOram, Wm: Cabinet Maker                                         Market PlaceBrice: CarrierBrown: CarrierChapple: CarrierDallimore, G: CarrierDallimore, T: CarrierThorne, John: Clothes Broker                                    Queen StreetCollacott, John: Cooper                                         King StreetCole, John: Currier                                             East StreetCrute, John: Currier                                            South StreetDunn, Ann: Currier                                              East StreetDunn, John: Currier                                             East StreetReed, William: Currier                                          South StreetBragg, Richard: Druggist                                        Market PlaceTanner, Samuel: Druggist                                        Market PlaceThorne, Samuel: Druggist                                        Queen StreetSanders, Jas: Fellmonger                                        South StreetTepper, Geo: Fire Office Agent (Globe)                          Market PlaceLyddon, John: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)               East StreetGillard, John: Grocer                                           Market PlaceTanner, Samuel: Grocer                                          Market PlaceWidgery, Samuel: Grocer                                         King StreetBurgess, John: Hat Manufacturer                                 South StreetMarshall, John: Hat Manufacturer                                Church LaneKerr, John: Iron Monger                                         King StreetPowell, Lewis: Iron Monger                                      South StreetThorne, Michael: Iron Monger                                    Market PlaceWidgery, Elkanah: Iron Monger                                   Market PlaceCock, John: Joiner                                              South StreetMorris, John: Joiner                                            South StreetTepper, Jas: Linen Draper                                       Market PlaceBadcock, Mary: Linen & Woolen Draper                            Market PlaceBrown, Thomas: Linen & Woolen Draper                            Market PlaceCriddle, Thomas: Linen & Woolen Draper                          King StreetHuxtable, Robert: Linen & Woolen Draper                         Market PlaceParamore, Wm: Linen & Woolen Draper                             Market PlaceThomas, Grace: Linen & Woolen Draper                            South StreetThorne, W: Linen & Woolen Draper                                East StreetTrewin, Mary: Linen & Woolen Draper                             East StreetTrix, Hugh: Linen & Woolen Draper                               Market PlaceDunn, John: Maltster                                            East StreetDyer, Peter: Maltster                                           East StreetLaramy, John: Maltster                                          South StreetThorne, Michael: Maltster                                       Market PlaceHuxtable, E: Milliner                                           South StreetHuxtable, S: Milliner                                           South StreetSeaward: Milliner                                               Market PlaceSmyth: Milliner                                                 Market PlacePearce, Christopher: Painter                                    Queen StreetRowland, Thomas: Painter                                        Church YardQuick, Wm: Perfumer                                             East StreetRowcliff, John: Perfumer                                        Market PlacePowell, Lewis: Plumber                                          South StreetPrescott, John: Plumber                                         East StreetTapp, William: Post Master                                      Duke StreetDunn, James: Saddler                                            Market PlaceTepper, Wm: Saddler                                             South StreetThorne, Roger: Saddler                                          Market PlaceTurner, Price: Saddler                                          Market PlaceTapp, Wm: Serge Manufacturer                                    East StreetTrawin, James: Serge Manufacturer                               East StreetKingdon, Oliver: Skinner                                        South StreetTapp, Philip: Skinner                                           East StreetWebb, James: Skinner                                            South StreetBryan, H A: Surgeon                                             Market PlaceCuteliffe, John Elworthy: Surgeon                               Market PlaceFlexman, Wm: Surgeon                                            Duke StreetFurse, Robert: Surgeon                                          South StreetHarding: Surgeon                                                East StreetHole, Wm: Surgeon                                               Paradise CourtVenn: Surgeon                                                   East StreetMoore, Samuel: Tailor                                           King StreetPearce, Philip: Tailor                                          East StreetRumbelow, John: Tailor                                          Queen StreetSheppard, George: Tailor                                        Market PlaceWilmets, Wm: Tailor                                             East StreetDunn, Wm: Tallow Chandler                                       King StreetThorne, George: Tallow Chandler                                 Market PlaceSmyth, Wm: Tanner                                               East StreetDunn, John: Tavern/Inn                                          Market PlaceMarsh, Mary: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)                                South StreetTepper, George: Tavern/Inn (Angel)                              South StreetMountjoy, James: Tavern/Inn (Barnstaple Inn)                    Queen StreetHill, John: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                             South StreetChorley, Wm: Tavern/Inn (George)                                Market PlaceFry, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                               South StreetShapcott, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)                            South StreetCollard, J: Tavern/Inn (Hare & Hounds)                          East StreetDunn, Jas: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                             King StreetWonnacott, Jn: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                             South StreetSkinner, Margt: Tavern/Inn (Red Cow)                            East StreetBarnes, W: Tavern/Inn (Red Lion)                                Queen StreetToute, D: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                            Duke StreetSerls, H: Tavern/Inn (Rose & Crown)                             South StreetDunn, Michael: Tavern/Inn (Star)                                East StreetBadcock, Squire: Tavern/Inn (Tiverton Inn)                      East StreetBright, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Town Arms)                              East StreetHuxtable, Josh: Tavern/Inn (Unicorn)                            Queen StreetMarsh, Geo: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                             East StreetTrawin, Henry: Tin Plate Worker                                 East StreetWidgery, Elkenah: Tin Plate Worker                              Market PlaceLyddon, Wm: Watch & Clock Maker                                 Market PlaceSnell, Wm: Watch & Clock Maker                                  Market PlaceBuzacott, John: Whitesmith                                      East StreetBuzacott, Richard: Whitesmith                                   Queen StreetBragg, Rd: Wine Merchant                                        Market PlaceBawdens: Woolen ManufacturerHitchcock, William: Woolen ManufacturerMaunder, Wm: Woolen ManufacturerPearce, Samuel: Woolstapler                                     South StreetTapp, Philip: Woolstapler                                       East StreetWidgery, Philip: Worsted Spinner                                East Street
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999