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Help and advice for South Tawton: Neighbours of North Wyke, Pt 3. 1903: index

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Neighbours of North Wyke, Pt 3.

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 35 (1903), illus., pp. 497-538 .


E. Lega-Weekes

Prepared by Michael Steer

North Wyke is the largest house in South Tawton parish. The Wyke (alias Wyk or Weekes) family occupied it in 1227. A chapel licence was granted to Richard Wyke in 1439. The most notable of the family was John "Warrior" Weekes (1524-91) whose effigy lies in the Wyke Chapel of the Church of St Andrew. He might have been responsible for some of the surviving fabric of the house. The property was sold in 1713. It was bought in 1895 by the Reverend Wykes-Finch, a descendant of the Wykes on the distaff side. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adriscote, Henry 504
Bikelg'h, William de 501
Bocland, Alan de 501
Boclaund, William de 504
Bohun, H de 505
Bond, E 497
Bosco Roardi, William de 502
Bray, Rad de 504
Brewer family 501
Briwerr, William 501
Bruton, Walter 501
Burnel, Roger 501
Burnell family 501
Chaurces, Patrick de 501
Cornwall, Earls of 498
Courtenay family 501
Courtenay, William, Knt 501
Croc, Johes 501
Croc, Walter 501
Croc, Walter (2) 501
Croc, William 501
Curtenay, Robert de 501
Danno, Godefredo 501
Daudel, Walter 501
Dollyng, Will 504
Edward the Confessor 498
Edward I 497, 505
Ferariis, Robert de 504
ffareford, Roger 505
FitzEstur, William 501
FitzHamon, William 503
FitzHenry, Roger 501
FitzRand, Anastas 501
FitzRand, Radulf 501
FitzRichard, Hugh 501
FitzStephen, Richard 501
Furnelis, Philip de 503
Galeshore, Gilbert de 501
Githa 498
Gloucester, Earl of 502
Godwin, Earl 498
Guido 503
Hamtom, Filippo de 501
Harold, King 498
Haya, Rad de 504
Henry I 498, 502-3
Henry II 498, 501, 503
Henry III 501, 505
Henry VI 504
Heriet, Richard de 501
Hokesham, Robert de 501
Hostiarius, Willelmus 499, 501
Hostio, Willelmus 499-500
Husseburn, Thomas de 501
Jacob 498
John, King 498, 502
Limesie, Richard de 501
Lysons 501
Malherbe, Richard 503
Miles, Roger 505
Milles 498
Mohun, Alic de 501
Mohun family 501
Mohun, William de 505
Moion, Reginald de 504
Moretain, Earls of 498, 503
Moretain, John Earl of 502-3
Moretain, Robert Earl of 498
Motier, Oliver 501
Mulard, William 501
Mugford, Mr 498, 500
Napier, Professor 497
Ostiarii, Juliana 500
Ostiarii, Ricardus 500
Pao, William 501
Peverel, Robert 503
Pollock, Sir Frederick, Bt 497, 500
Pomario, Radulfo de 499-500
Prideaux, W F Esq 498
Prous, Walter 503
Pultymore, Richard de 505
Reichel, Mr 497-8, 502
Roger clericus 505
Rotom, William de 501
Salisbury, Mr 498
Sele, Ailwarde de la 503
Searle 498
Talebot, William 501
Tany, Gilebert de 504
Thoeny, Alicie de 504
Thoeny, Petronille de 505
Thoney, Robert de 504
Thoney, Roger de 504
Thony, Baldwin de 504
Thorpe 497
Tone, Normanni 505
Tone, Walerandus 505
Tony, Constance de 503
Tony family 504
Tony, Isabell de 505
Tony, Ralph (Radi) de 504-5
Toriton, Hamelin de 503
Trendelber, Richard de 505
Turberuill, Mauricio de 501
Usher, Archbishop 500
Wac, Johea 501
Wake, Baldwin 501
Whale, Mr 497-8, 502
William I 498
Winchelea, Semar de 503
Wynflaed 497