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Name Index


The Hundred of South Tawton in Early Times

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 44 (1912) pp. 343-352.


O.J. Reichel

Prepared by Michael Steer

A Hundred is the name of one of 32 ancient administrative units of Devon. In most recent lists, South Tawton appears as part of Wonford Hundred. In ancient times it formed a Hundred of its own. It was then known as the Crown Lordship of Southteign or Southing. This paper, delivered at the Association's July 1912 Exeter meeting provides detailed information extracted from the great Domesday survey. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held at the Princeton University Library and is available from the Internet Archive.

A conjoint index of the names in Reichel's two papers on the Hundreds of Wonford and South Tawton is presented on pp. 353-365 of volume 44.


Alwys 346
Audley, James de 352
Beauchamp. Alice de 347
Beauchamp, Ann 347
Beauchamp family 347
Beauchamp, Guy de 347
Beaumont, Constance de 347
Beaumont, Richard de 347
Beaumont, Roscelin de 347-8
Bonvyle family 352
Bonvyle, Leva 352
Bonvyle, Thomas 352
Brantyngham, Bishop 352
Bronescombe, Bishop 347, 350
Burnel, Roger 351
Campburn, Henry de (Champernoun) 351
Chageford, Henry de 351
Chageford, Thomas de 351
Chagford, Hugh de 351
Cheseldon, Elizabeth 348
Cheseldon, Joan 348
Cheseldon, Richard 348
Cornwall, Martin, Duke of 349
Coutances, Bishop of 346
Curtelhyate, Adam de 350
Curtelhyate, Margery 350
Curtelhyate, William de 350
Damarel, Alice 350
Damarel, John (also Daumarle) 350
Doget, Simon 350
Edward I 347
Edward II 347
Edward III 350
Eleanor, Queen 347
Gidleigh, Giles de 349
Girold the chaplain 345, 351
Githa (also Gytha) 344, 346, 351
Godric 344
Godwin the presbyter 344
Grandisson, Bishop 350
Henry I 346-7
Henry II 347-9
Henry III 346-8, 350
Henry IV 348
Henry VI 347
Hole family 351
Hooker 343
Horton, Henry de 349
Horton, Petronilla 349
John, King 348-9
Knoel, Petronilla 349
Knoel, Robert 349
Lecchelade, Walter de 348
Lega-Weekes, Miss Ethel 343, 350
Leyburne, Alice de 347
Leyburne, Thomas de 347
Lysons, Messrs 351
Maine, Roscelin, Sheriff of 347-8
Malherbe, Richard 347
Matilda, Queen 347
Mortain, Count of 344
Mortain, Martin Earl of 349
Moun, Juliana de 349
Moun, William de 349
Normandy, Alice of 347
Normandy, Robert Duke of 347
Oliver, Dr 351
Poltimore, Richard de 349
Porte, Alfred de la 348
Prous family 349
Prus, Alice 350
Prus, Walter le 350
Pruz, Sir William le (also Probus; Prous) 348-50
Quivil, Bishop Peter 347
Reigny, Alice 350
Reigny, William 350
Richard I 347-9
Richard II 350
Richard III 347
Robert 345
Salceid, Osbern de 344, 350
Stephen, King 347
Tantifer, Richard 349
Tauntifer, Afred de 348
Tauntifer, Joan 348
Tauntifer, Walter 348
Tony, Constance de 347
Tony family 348
Tony, Ralf de 347
Tony, Roger de 347-8
Toriton, Hamelin de 347
Tracy, Oliver de 351
Uluric (or Ulfric) 344
Vernon, Juliana de 349
Wadham family 348
Wales, Prince of 347
Warwick, Earl of 343, 347
Warwick, Henry Earl of 347
Warwick, Richard Earl of 347
Warwick, Thomas Earl of 347
Weeks family 351
Weekes, Francis 351
Whale, Mr 350-1
Whipham, Mr A Guy 349
Wibbury, Oliver de 351
Wibbyry, Simon de 351
Wybbyri, John de 352
William I 343-5, 347
William the guestmaster 345