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Thomas Chafe of Doddescott, in St Giles in the Wood

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 20, (1888), pp. 398-399.


Winslow Jones

Prepared by Michael Steer

The hamlet of Dodscott was listed in the Domesday Book, when it was one of 28 manors held by Gotshelm, who had sub-enfeoffed it to his tenant Walter of Burgundy. It was the cottage of the cottar Doda before 1066, In the 16th century it was the residence of Thomas Chafe (1585-1648), brother-in-law of his neighbour Tristram Risdon of Winscott. The Chafe family had originated at "Chafecombe" (modern Chaffcombe) near Chard in Somerset. He was the third son of Thomas Chafe (1560-1604), notary public for Exeter and twice mayor. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Baylis, Thomas534
Biggleston, Dorothy532-3
Biggleston, Elizabeth530-2
Biggleston, Philip (St Olave)530, 533
Biggleston, Robert531
Bigilston, James352
Brookin, Mrs Catherine533-4
Brookin, Thomas533
Burgoyne, Arms535
Burgoyne, Clarissima535
Burgoyne, Margeriam535
Burgoyne, Philip535
Chafe, Arms537
Chafe, Dorothy531
Chafe, Elizabeth531
Chafe, John533
Chafe, Margery535
Chafe, Pascha531, 536
Chafe, Richarda531
Chafe, Thomas (St Giles in the Wood)530-6
Chafe, Thomas (Sherbourne)531
Chafe, Thomas Jnr534
Chaffe, Arms531, 535, 537
Chaffe, George531
Chaffe, James531
Chaffe, John (Chafe) (Buckfastleigh)531-3
Chaffe, Nicholas (West Buckland)531
Chaffe, Peter (West Buckland)531
Chaffe, Richard531
Chaffe, Richard jnr (Exeter)531
Chaffe, Robert (Mayor of Exeter)530-1, 533, 537
Chaffe, Robert jnr (Exeter)531
Chaffe, Thomas (Chafe) (St Olave)531-4
Chaffe, William (Buckfastleigh)531
Chaffe, William jnr531, 537
Chafomen (Chafe Combe)535, 537
Chafy Arms537
Chafy-Chafy, Rev W.K.W.537
Chafy, John (Sherborne)537
Chafy, Rev William, M.A. D.D.537
Charles I531
Curzon, Arms531
Curzon, Richarda532-3
Curzon, William (Exeter)531
Edward III530
Elizabeth I531
George III537
George IV537
Hatch, Joan537
Hearle, James536
Hearle, Joane jnr536-7
Hearle, Mrs Joan536
Holland, John536
Holland, Mary536
Iddesleigh, Lord537
Lovett, Edward (Corfe, Tawstock)537
Lovett, Joan537
Lovett, Joane (Corfe, Tawstock)537
Lovett, Penelope537
Lovett, Robert jnr537
Lovett, Sir Robert (Liscombe)537
Maddcote, John536
Mayho, Ann531
Mules, Elizabeth532
Mules, John531
Northcote family537
Northcote, Penelope537
Northcote, Sir Henry MD537
Prust, John536
Prust, Mary536
Rattenbury, Margaret536
Risdon, Arms535
Risdon, Giles536
Risdon, Margery536
Risdon, Mary536
Risdon, Pascoe (Risedon)532, 534-6
Risdon, Tristram530-3, 536-7
Risdon, William536
Rolle, Amos536
Rolle, Arthur534
Rolle, Hon Mark537
Rolle, Mary536
Ryledon, William534
Sawdy, Lawrence (Buckfastleigh)531
Sawdy, Margaret (Buckfastleigh)531
Serell, Mrs Joane534
Shorte, Dorothy (St Petrock)531
Shorte, John (St Petrock)531
Staffor, John536
Stafford, Mary436
Victoria, Queen537
William IV537
Yeo, Mrs Margaret534