White's Devonshire Directory of 1850


Transcribed by Sheila Jones

(E-mail: sheila.jones[at]liverpool.ac[dot]uk)

STOCKLAND is a large scattered village and parish on the bold range of hills between the Otter and Yarty valleys, about 6 miles N.E. of Honiton, N.W. of Axminster, and S.E. of Chard. It contains 1328 inhabitants, and 5850 acres of land, and with its adjoining parochial chapelry of Dalwood, formed a detached member of Dorsetshire till 1842, when it was added to Devon by act of Parliament. It has a cattle fair on the Wednesday after June 11th, and comprises many scattered farmhouses, &c. The Rev. H.W. Marker is lord of the manor; but W. Tucker, Esq., Robert Davy, Esq., Josiah Anstice, Esq., Thomas Culverwell, Esq., the Rev. Wm. Michell, and many smaller owners, have estates in the parish. The CHURCH (St. Michael,) is a fine antique fabric, with a tower and six bells. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at £15, 13s. 11_d., and in 1835 at £457, with the curacy of Dalwood annexed to it, is in the patronage of about ten of the principal freeholders and inhabitants. There were originally 56 patrons, under a grant of the 3rd of Edward VI. The Rev. H.R. Surtees is the present vicar, and has a good residence and 1_A. of glebe. The vicarial tithes were commuted in 1844 for £450 per annum. The great tithes belong to the land owners, except those on 216A. 3R. 4P., which belong to about ten persons severally. The charity lands of the parish yield about £60 a year, part of which is applied in maintaining a Free School.

Beer Jno. shoemkr. and vict. King's Arms
Berry Mr Wm., Yew Cottage
Bowditch John, cooper
Bowyer Charles, saddler, &c.
Brooks J.L. Esq. Knoll House
Fry Thos. D. grocer & ironmonger
Kite George, conveyancer
Kite Mr Wm.
Loveridge John, blacksmith
Lee Edward, gent. Broadhayes
Marshall Rev Wm curate
Mattocks Samuel, schoolmaster
Newbery Wm. shoemaker
Newton Robert, blacksmith
Parsons Thomas, beerseller
Powis Dr., Welland Cottage
Surtees Rev Hy. Ratclyffe, vicar
Turner Jas. vict. Rising Sun
Virgint Thomas Apsey, tailor
(* are Owners)
*Bowditch Jas.
Collins Wm.
Dening Richd.
*Griffin Clement, Ford House
Hardy Nathl.
*Herne John
*Herne Samuel
Honniball John
Lane James
Long George
Long Richard
*Moore Wm.
Moore Wm. Jun.
Newbery Eliz.
*Newton Isaac
Newton Robert
Pavey J.C.
Pomeroy Nichls.
Pomeroy Wm.
Pym Wm.
Rockett John
Rockett Wm.
Spiller Robert
Summers Smn.
Summers Wm.
Trivett John
Trott Henry
Trott James
Trott John
Turner Job
Vincent Alfred
Vincent Benj.
Vincent Joseph
Virgint Henry
White James
White John
White Wm.

Brian Randell, 24 Aug 2002