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Help and advice for Stockleigh English: The Stockleigh parishes, near Crediton, and some of their surroundings. (1896):

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The Stockleigh parishes, near Crediton, and some of their surroundings

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 28, (1896) pp. 354-361.


J. Erskine-Risk

Prepared by Michael Steer

At the time of writing, the author had recently been appointed Vicar of Stockleigh English and had decided to explore the history of his new parish as well as that of neighbouring Stockleigh Pomeroy. Stockleigh according to Polwhele, means "village place", while the suffixes in each case refer to the ancient families of English (de Engleis) and de Pomeroy. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Anstell, Joan 357
Anstell, John 357
Anstell, Margaret 357
Archer, Fanny 356
Arundel family 357
Bellew arms 356
Bellew, Mrs Elizabeth 356
Bellew family 354-6
Bellew, Henry 355-6
Bellew, Camilla Prestwood 356
Bellew, Captain Henry RN 356
Bellew, John 355-6
Bellew, John Froude 356
Bellew, Miss M A 355
Bellew, Mary 355
Bellew, Mary Ann 356
Bellew, Mary Ann Carrington 356
Bellew, Philippa 355
Bellew, S P Esq 360
Bellew, Thomas 356, 360
Bellew, William 355
Bellew, William (2) 355-6
Bellew, William Henry 355
Blackmore, John 360
Black Prince 358
Bottreaux, Dionese 354
Bottreaux family 355
Bottreaux, William 354
Bronescombe, Bishop 356
Brutton, Robert 360
Carew, Lord 358
Carew, Mary 356
Carrington, James 360
Champernon, Dionese 354
Champernon, Dionese (2) 354
Campernon family 355
Champernon, Henry 354
Champernon, William 354
Dally, Sarah 359
Davie, Sir John Bt 356
Davis, Stephen 360
Davy, Hugh 359
Dixon, Thomas 360
Dorset, Marchioness of 356
Dourishe, William de 358
Dowrish arms 355
Dowrish, Elizabeth 355
Dowrish family (also Durie) 355, 358
Dowrish, John 355
Dowrish, Katherine 355
Dowrish, Mary 356
Dowrish, Richard 355
Dowrish, Thomas (also Dourish) 355-6
Dowrish, Thomas (2) 355
Dowrish, Walter (also Dourish) 356
Dowty, Rev George 358
Drew, John 359
Duris, Nicholas de 358
Edward I 357
Edward IV 355
Engles, Sir Hugh le (also Engleys) 356
English family 355
English, Gilbert (De Engleis) 354
Exonia, Master Philip de 356
Ferguson Dvie 356
Fitzpaine, Elias 357
Fitzpaine family 357
Fitzpaine, Margaret 357
Gray, Lord Henry 356
Harise family (also Hause) 355
Harris, John 357
Harris, William Arundel 357
Helion family 357
Helion, Hervius de 357
Helion, William de 358
Henry III 354, 358
Hill, Sylvester 359
Hodge, William 360
Hunt, John 360
Hunt, Margaret 360
Inglis 354
Ireland, Arthur Clayfield Esq 358
John, King 358
Kelly family 357
Luccumbe family 357
Lysons 354, 357
Morrish, William 360
Northcote family 358
Pine, John 360
Pole, Sir William Knt 354-5
Polwhele 358
Pomeroy family 357
Pomeroy, Ralph de 356
Pomeroy, Sir Thomas 356
Richard III 355
Risdon 354, 357-8
Rissell, Margaret 360
Shelley family 358
Snedall, John (also Snetyle) 355
Snettall family 355
Stanton family 357
Suffolk, Duke of 356
Sully, Sir John & Lady de (also de Silly) 358
Taylor, William 359
Wellington, Thomas 359
Willington, Margaret 360