From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

STOKE-CANON, a small village near the confluence of the rivers Exe and Culm, and near the Bristol and Exeter Railway, 4 miles N.E. by N. of Exeter, has in its parish 490 souls, and 1217 acres of land. The manor was given by King Athelstan to Exeter Cathedral, and still belongs to the Dean and Chapter, who also own a great part of the soil, and are appropriators of the tithes and patrons of the perpetual curacy, valued in 1831 at £221, and now enjoyed by the Rev. Wm. T.N. Penoyre, for whom the Rev. T.H. Knight, of Exeter, officiates. The Church (St. Mary,) was rebuilt about 1836, except the tower, at the cost of £1000. The interior is neatly fitted up, and the tower has a clock and four bells. In April, 1847, a hot cinder, blown from one of the railway engines, ignited the thatched roof of a row of cottages, and the fire spread till 24 dwellings, including the Parsonage House, were destroyed. The damage was about £10,000, half of which was recovered from the Railway Company. Six double cottages, in the Swiss style, were erected in 1848. A new Parsonage House and school are about to be built. R. Barnes, Esq., and several free and copy holders have estates in the parish. Oakey or Oakhay, now the residence of Mr. Chas. Cole, was long a seat of the Rodd family, and is held under the Dean and chapter by M. Parker, Esq. The poor parishioners have about £5. 15s. per annum for distribution in linen from Grace Bampfylde's Charity.(See Pinhoe.) They have also three other yearly doles, viz., 21s., left by Richard Clarke, in 1635, out of Bridwell estate; 40s. left by Emanuel and Nicholas Warren, out of land at Rewe; and 39s. 2d. from £65. 7s. 9d. three per cent. stock, purchased with £50, left by J.D. Worthy, in 1797.

Bond Rev John, M.A. rector of Romansleigh, &c.
Bonner Wm. baker
Bucknell Isaac, maltster & hop mert
Carnell Samuel, vict. King s Arms
Chamberlain Sarah, bntcher
Cragg Eliz. boarding school
Crook Wm. tailor
Dewdney John, beerseller
Dewdney Wm. & Richd. paper mkrs
Elmore John, flax grower & butcher
Melhuish Rev Richard
Penoyre Rev Wm. Timy. Napleton, M.A. incumbent
Staddon Chas. shoemkr. & par. clk
Trimlett Wm. blacksmith
Webber Thos. wheelgt. and smith

Ramsey Wm.
Barber Heny, Bennett's
Cole Chas., Oakey
Greenslade Pp.
Hodge John
Hunt John
Hill Chpr.

Bonner Thos.
Greenway Thos.
Price Wm.

Frost Jno., Post Office
Richards John
Shildon John

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1998