Surname Index


Captain Scott's Antarctic Expedition: An Appeal to Devonians


R. Pearse Chope

The Devonian Year Book. London: The Devonian Asociation, illus. pp. 14-20.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

On June 16th, 1910, the London Devonian Association hosted a send-off dinner to Devonian Captain R F Scott on the eve of his ship, the Terra Nova leaving England. Speaking at the event, Captain Scott mentioned that his expedition was in need of funds to ensure that the wives and families of its members received support while remaining at home. To this end, the Association formed a committee and an Appeal was launched. The report provides information about the Appeal as well as a list of first subscribers and the amounts of their donations. This copy of the rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the University of Toronto Library collection that can be downloaded from from Google Books with a search by either author or title, and also from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers


Acland, Sir C Thomas Dyke, Bt 39
Acland, Sir Thomas 37
Bell, Major Clive Morrison, MP 37
Bernard, A F Esq 39
Borough, Steven 38
Burlace, J B Esq 37, 39
Carey, Colonel Lucius 37, 39
Chettleburgh, Mrs A 39
Chichester family 40
Chope, R Pearse Esq, BA 37, 39
Clifford, Colonel E T, VD 37, 39
Clifford, Lord 37, 39
Davie, Sir W A Ferguson, Bt, CB 37, 39
Davis, John 38
Drake, Sir Francis 38, 40
Duncan, A G Esq JP 37, 39
Edelsten, F A & Co 39
Fawkes, Admiral Sir Wilmot H, KCB, KCVO 37, 39
Fortescue, Earl 36-7, 39
Garnier, J Carpenter Esq 39
Hammick, Admiral R F 37, 39
Hearson, Professor T A, M. Inst CE 39
Hewitt, Sir Thomas, KC 37, 39
Lyons, Messrs Frank I & Co 37, 39
Markham, Sir Clements R, KCB, FRS 38, 40
Markham, Lady 39-40
Northcote, Lord, GCMG, GCIE, CB 37, 39
Oram, Engineer Vice Admiral Sir Henry J, KCB 37, 39
Pearse, Isaac Esq JP 39
Pillman, J C Esq JP 37, 39
Pinkham, Alderman C, JP 39
Radford, Sir Charles H, MP 37, 39
Sanders Stephens, S, Esq DL 37
Scott, Captain Robert F 36-40
Shackleton, Sir Ernest 38
Shawyer, John W 37
Sidmouth, Viscount 37, 39
Simmons, Sydney, Esq JP 37
Smith, Hon W F D 37, 39
Snell, Michael B Esq JP 37, 39
Spender, A Edmund 39
Speyer, Sir Edgar 36
Squire, Mr H B 37, 40
Stevens, S Sanders, Esq DL 39
Trevelyan, Lt Col W Raleigh 39
White, Sir William H, KCB 39
Willoughby, Sir Hugh 38
Yeo, John 39